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Ford Escort MK2: A Rallying Classic The Ford Escort series of small family cars has gone a very long way since the introduction of the Ford Escort Mark I in 1968. Although the series ended with the Mark VI in 2002, the quality of these vehicles especially those marketed in the 1970s through the 1980s is very well documented and highly sought. The Ford Escort MK2, in particular, was perhaps the most popular during its production and marketing period spanning from 1975 to 1980. The Mark II had dominated the rallying events and has taken the world by storm during its prime. The MK2 is available in four body styles. The four-door saloon and 3-door estate were highly in demand for family use. The two-door saloon and two-door panel van, on the other hand, were popular in rallying events. Configured with a 2.0L OHC Pinto straight4 engine, this classic car has left several competitors in the dust during the rallies in the late 1970s. For family use, the 1.1L and 1.3L engine variants both with straight-4 specifications had significant sales. The mechanical components of MK2 are very similar with those of the Mark I. However, the 950cc engine variant was no longer adopted in the global market except in Italy where small engines benefit from tax cuts. In 1978, a major cosmetic update was implemented particularly for the two-door model. Square headlights were easily observed on the outside. Interior upgrades for some models were also incorporated. Beneath the vehicle, the front track was widened. In the rallying arena, the 2.0L RS2000 was a highly valued classic car with a top speed of 110 miles per hour (177 kilometers per hour). The slanted polyurethane nose became the visual trademark of the vehicle as depicted in several Hollywood movies. Overall, the MK2 enjoyed the most extensive exposure all over the globe.



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