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Sponsorship Package 2012 - 2013

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve quality of life for people in need.Formerly known as Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Enactus Windsor is a title that represents Entrepreneurial, Action, and Us - the spirit of an organization that uses a collaborative entrepreneurial approach to improving its community. We’ve done a lot of growing up this past year by expanding our projects and further extending our reach across the Windsor community. Building new relationships has been our strength: we’ve successfully developed many new projects with local community leaders including the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator, WEtech Alliance and many more.

2011 - 2012 Awards ACE Regional Expo (1st in all categories): TD Entrepreneurship Capital One Financial Literacy Scotiabank Go-Green Challenge ACE National Expo: First Round Finalist TD Entrepreneurship (2nd Runner Up)

Enactus University of Windsor competes against other Enactus teams from across the country every year at the ACE Regional & National Expositions in a presentation of our projects. Enactus University of Windsor has placed first in all three categories for the first time in 2012 (TD Entrepreneurship, Capital One Financial Literacy and the Scotiabank Go-Green Challenge). TD Entrepreneurship empowers post-secondary students to develop and deliver projects that teach relevant entrepreneurship skills to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Capital One Financial Literacy encourages post-secondary students to develop and deliver projects that teach others relevant financial skills. Scotiabank’s Go-Green Challenge assists post-secondary students to develop and deliver projects that teach others viable solutions to relevant environmental issues. This is a true testament to the hard work and dedication contributed by our team members. Our teams return to the ACE Regional Exposition this March to defend our clean sweep.

Enactus University of Windsor is a student run notfor-profit organization that has been impacting the Windsor community since 2006. By creating and implementing innovative projects to create economic opportunity in our region, Enactus University of Windsor is truly fostering change through entrepreneurship. For the fourth year in a row, Enactus University of Windsor was named the TD Central Canada Entrepreneurship Champion. We also earned the Capital One Financial Education and Scotiabank Go-Green Championship awards for Central Canada for the first time. We have experienced tremendous success in such a short time and we look forward to the coming years as an opportunity to accomplish even more. Driven to assist the Windsor community with its struggling economy, this past year the 112 students of Enactus University of Windsor ran 10 innovative projects, impacting a diverse group of individuals and re-investing hard earned dollars back into the pockets of local entrepreneurs. With a proven track record and the support of our University administration, Enactus University of Windsor has proven that we are committed to ensuring economic growth and brighter opportunities for the people of our region! Our reach and impact as a student organization would not be possible without the incredible support that we receive each year from our community! We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors and partnership organizations who provide us with the support we need to ensure our projects reach their full potential. By investing in our organization, you’re not only investing in us, but also in a brighter future for our region and its people. Let this be my formal invitation for you to join Enactus University of Windsor as we build on our past successes and continue to have a meaningful impact on our Windsor-Essex community.

Mohamed A. Murtadi President, Enactus University of Windsor

I would like to congratulate Enactus on its many accomplishments since its inception and say how proud I am of the young men and women who have participated during that time. Enactus University of Windsor is providing young community - oriented business leaders a platform to identify challenges and create solutions which are making a difference in Windsor - Essex. Their enterprising vision, persistence and passion is inspiring the people of our region to work together to build a stronger Windsor - Essex. These innovative student volunteers will be tomorrow’s leaders, are making a true impact on our region’s future prosperity.

Dr. Allan Conway Dean, Odette School of Business

Allan Conway, PhD MBA

I am absolutely thrilled with the accomplishments of Enactus University of Windsor. Their projects are helping Windsor - Essex residence in a very real way, and I gave them a great deal of credit for that. I think one of the major strengths of Enactus is their ability to develop meaningful relationships in virtually every organization they encounter, from government to community groups, high schools to entrepreneurs. Their success in competition is a testament to the dedication, professionalism and passion they bring to each project. They act as tremendous ambassadors for the Odette School of Business and continue to move our regions economy forward

Prof. Jim Marsh, LL B MBA MA

Prof. Jim Marsh Faculty Advisor

AEnactus bout Enactus University of Windsor University of Windsor is a dedicated and motivated group of university students who work toward making a difference for the people of Windsor. The 72 - member team works on the creation and facilitation of community outreach projects focused on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and environmental sustainability. Our team has been impacting our region since 2006.

The Enactus network hosts 61 university teams across Canada. On an international level, Enactus includes 6 continents, encompassing more than 1,600 teams. Across the globe, passionate Enactus students are impacting their communities by creating economic opportunity.



Volunteer Hours in 2011/12

Judged on the results of improving the quality of life and standard of living in their respective communities, these teams compete at regional, national and international levels. At these competitions, each team presents their projects; the team demonstrating the greatest positive result is named the winner. These 18 - minute presentations are judged by the world’s top CEOs and business leaders.

Our Projects

In 2011/12, We

Ran 10 Projects That Impacted Windsor-Essex

Enactus University of Windsor runs a variety of projects which benefit the people and economy of Windsor. This year our organization ran ten projects and saw more than volunteer hours. The results of our hard work are evident through our impact in the community and the stories of the individuals and organizations we have helped. Please take a look at our community projects and initiatives on the next page.

“We are making a difference and lasting impact in our community through entrepreneurship.� ACE National Exposition 2013 Toronto, ON

Executive Vice President Kristy McLean

In May 2013, Enactus University of Windsor will be traveling to Toronto for the ACE National Exposition to compete for the ACE National Champions title. In 2012, our National team became first round finalists, while our TD Entrepreneurship team became the second runner ups - only driving our passion to aid the Windsor region further. At the Ace National Exposition, our team will join Enactus teams from the 60+ universities and colleges on the national stage where we will each present our outreach projects, which have collectively impacted a vast majority of Canada. Executives from world-renowned companies will judge the presentations and projects on various criteria. All of the teams from across the country will demonstrate their diverse array of projects while sharing the common passion all Enactus members have for making a difference.


Teams Across Canada


Motivated Student Members


Years of Making a Difference

“The entrepreneurial spirit of motivated students has such a broad reaching impact that it cannot be underestimated or accurately measured. While financial support is an important part of the equation, when it is combined with the opportunity t o engage and broaden the horizons of our community through programs such as YOUTHrive - then it becomes powerful!� Brian Yeomans, Holiday Inn 2010-2011 Package Sponsor

Supporting Enactus University of Windsor Your support provides us with the resources to continue running our great projects and further strengthen the business climate of our region and country. Your assistance translate into real results which impact Windsor and creates positive futures for us all.

20,000+ People Helped Through Projects

Sponsor Us The positive impact of your contribution goes much further than Enactus University of Windsor. You’ll be supporting high school students run their own micro-businesses, helping citizens of the Windsor - Essex county creates their own businesses, creating environmental awareness, and so much more. Your partnership helps impact the people of Windsor each year.

Odette School of Business University of Windsor Windsor, ON N9B 3P4 email:

Sponsorship Package  
Sponsorship Package  

Sponsorship Package 2012-2013