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All artwork Š Anne-Marie Eriksson.

Introduction This is the printmaking sketchbook from my first year of studying towards my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. I’ve removed some pages containing photocopies of other artists’ work that I used as reference and inspiration and have retained my own artwork. The artists were primarily H.R. Giger and Escher, as well as a few miscellaneous self-portraits by Leopold Boilly, Henry Fuseli, and Käthe Kollwitz. Year 1 of Printmaking consisted mostly of exploring different techniques such as collogram prints, silkscreen prints, monotype prints, and silverboard prints.  The sketchbook contains basic sketches, collages, and some of the experimental prints created in acquainting myself with the different techniques and processes. The theme of the course was the self-portrait. I approached this subject in several ways: • Portraying my own face with the help of a mirror • Describing my personality through my likes and wishes • Using my hand as an extension of self - the artist’s hand with its weapon of choice • Attempting to convey my frame of mind or how I felt. This was primarily done last, which was when I had also developed quite a violent cold and fever, combined with the stress of having to finish the project. The sketchbook does not contain the finished product, but rather describes the research and process to reach it. f you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at: For more artwork, see I hope you enjoy these doodles, sketches, and notes from those early days of University.


Printmaking sketchbook, Year 1