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CONSORTIUM 2012 VNIT’s Annual Business and Management Festival This Month

A CANDID WISH Yet another way to look at Business

NEW DELHI AT 100 A Century of Lutyens Ruling the Heart

IT’S AN AD MAD WORLD Two Articles that take a deeper look on Advertisement & Branding

The Entrepreneurs’ Express Design Coordinator: Pratik Das Content Editor: Ankur Mathur Content Coordinator: Sanchit Agrawal Stock Market Analyst: Vedant Bang (Ankit Kumar for shadow)

The Entrepreneurship Cell VNIT, Nagpur is an initiative of some visionary students of India. It was established with a noble aim of reducing the industry-institution divide by making the rift, seem that lesser. Thus would be done by making the interaction between the two parties for viable through increased frequency and taking effective measures to continue to foster a healthy relationship between them.

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New Delhi At 100……...


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Embracing Change……. Adi Godrej

The E-Cell Fest……….. CONSORTIUM 2012

The Abstract Noun.. A Candid Wish

Brand Management….. ‘Shehzad Dhuliawala

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NEW DELHI AT 100 -Ankur Mathur

A glimpse around would be enough to reinstate the fact that in a country like India, with life hanging by a thin thread from a precipice over an expanse from where none has returned, quality of life is an ever dwindling parameter for most Indians. But are we being unnecessarily cynical about our capacity to build better cities or is it that we are actually condemned by some inherent power to live in cities that well, are nothing but urban sprawls that don‟t have any future? So, even if we treat life as a commodity, we do have to recognize that it is the investment in it that would yield returns in the long runs – and these are parameters hard to quantify, as any actuary may testify – including productivity, longevity, happiness. These investments can be categorized – albeit with a very thin line differentiating them – into seven major core groups. These are: Physical & Civic Infrastructure, Peace of Mind, Social Infrastructure, Environment, Leisure Facilities, Commuting Ease and

Socio-Cultural Values. A major study conducted by a leading media house recently concluded that on these bases, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai & Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata rank in that order of decreasing liveability. While Ahmedabad scored an „excellent‟ (Liveability Index, LI, of 0.8 or more out of 1.0), Kolkata finished at a dismal 0.4; Mumbai and Delhi scored „above average‟ with 0.7 each. However, this has opened the Pandora‟s Box on several issues regarding city life in India in light of international standards – especially the evergreen Delhi-Mumbai divide. Given that the data was collected using a questionnaire of 30 questions, respondents said that Delhi had the best Social Infrastructure, largely fuelled by its schools and sought after colleges, while Mumbai ranked numero uno on the Leisure Facilities parameter, thanks to the numerous restaurants, pubs and a buzzing night-life. Both cities were ranked equally and on top in the Ease of Com-

mute aspect – all thanks to Delhi‟s swanky, clean Metro and Mumbai‟s ever-so sanguine, but sardine-packed Local trains. The divide was the maximum between the two cities in the Environment area with Delhi up by a margin of 14%. This may be attributed to the large, open spaces like the several parks, Diplomatic Enclave and the Ridge in Delhi while the handful of parks in Mumbai are left unprotected and susceptible to rampant degeneration. Overall, the same ranking of the two cities diplomatically steers away any controversy.

tamarind trees even as structures, some as grand as the Connaught Place flank it when it meets later with five of its cousins. If there is any, this has been Lutyens‟ single biggest contribution to magnificent town-planning. He learnt also from a certain Baker who was instrumental in designing Pretoria, South Africa‟s political capital and reprised the model in Vijay Chowk. Interestingly, Lutyens was to make the Council House (Parliament House) octagonal but Baker suggested that it be made circular to complement Connaught Place‟s circularity. Thus the Master plan was ready by 1914 and ready for implementation.

But as the national capital completes its century as the Capital of the world‟s largest democracy, it‟s about They also put into place a time we give credit to the tramway system, as in Calmagnificent city that 22 cutta for public (whites, million people call home. mostly) transport. Those “There is a little bit of Delhi Rashtrapati Bhawan: The Jewel of Lutyens’ Delhi charming buggies of wood, in everyone‟s life”, wrote with open frames for doors the great poet Mir Taqi Mir. Several others like and windows ran through the city and lent their Shah Jahan have found truth in Firdaus‟ words unique Europeanism to it. With double decker when he wrote the Peacock Throne verse, buses coming next, London wasn‟t far away from being recreated. This may have been burGar Firdaus barruh-e-zamin ast, lesque to some, but for most parts, it worked, Hamiasto, hamiasto, hamiast. because he didn‟t carbon it here, he adapted it That was old Delhi, replete with its charm, so well, that it has become a second skin above sights, sounds and smells. But the New Delhi – the Sultanate‟s. Notably, after a major world the new Capital that was a massive @15 million war, the British did not have enough capital to investment then – is all thanks to Mr Lutyens. fund the construction massively. So, the plan to Upholding its sangfroid made heavy with the divert Yamuna and have it flow through the weight of history, this city has seen the eras and centre of Rajpath (erstwhile, the Kingsway) was lived through each one to tell its tale through cancelled. Hence, he planned the water features the story weaved by its monuments, so magnan- one can still see on the sides of the gardens at imous and robust, yet so slender and fluid; they the India Gate – a sort of memorial to his plans almost melt into our eyes to remain in our next to the memorial for the martyrs. How memory for posterity. The red and yellow sand- thoughtful, one must say! stone presents itself as native to the region, set We Indians have unapologetically embraced all against the white marble – almost puritan in that Lutyens & Co. built for us. We must learn state – in perfect craftsmanship and humble el- the clarity of vision, uncompromising attitude egance. The uniqueness of the „squares‟ in this and farsightedness of those architects – the true new city is that they aren‟t square actually, architects of modern India. they‟re hexagonal – and so each out-stretching arm fades into the lushness of amaltas and So for all the brilliant sights, sounds and smells of New Delhi, thank you, Mr Edward Lutyens!

ADI GODREJ Embracing Change -Vignesh Venkatachalan India, today, has come to an age when myriad multinationals dot the markets, offering every conceivable product from across the world. Generations stand migrated from an era bygone - of the unforgettable Swadeshi movement- to this day, where flaunting international brands is akin to prestige and pride. Amidst this sea change, rooted by the country‟s fast changing demographics, there triumphs an Indian company, whose products have always received implausible patronage through generations, be it furniture, electrical appliances or locks, soaps and hair-dye products or almirahs and safety vaults to software and pest-management services - GODREJ. And if today, this name itself has become synonymous with quality, commanding indelible faith from its consumers, its credit primarily goes to its iconic and inspirational leader- Adi Godrej.

Moulding the Entrepreneu r Adi was born on 3 April 1942, to mother Jai Godrej-a teacher in a Godrej school, and father Burjorji Godrej-who was engaged in the family business. At the tender age of 17, he moved to the United States and completed his bachelor‟s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, before returning to join the family business.

Both his father, under whose tutelage he climbed the rungs, and Naval Godrej, his business guru, were instrumental in evoking the genius in Adi, helping him tremendously during his formative years. Through all the success, what kept Adi grounded were his middle-class values, courtesy his mother, who taught him the greatest lessons-humility and prudence.

Go drej and Adi Godrej- founded by Pirojsha Godrej and Ardeshir Godrej in 1897, manufactured locks and vegetable-based soaps (an instant success with vegetarian Hindus), replacing several foreign brands in the country. However, when Adi took over, he envisioned something larger - to make the company a global force to reckon with. His management style propelled the Godrej group to greater heights during the era of controlled economy. Subsequently, in the early 2000s, the Group completed a 10-year restructuring process, which had begun postliberalization. Each business became a standalone company with a CEO/COO from outside the Godrej family. A company built by four generations of a closeknit business family, Adi‟s passion for growth has strengthened the company‟s international presence with operations in over 50 countries.

Despite the mammoth size of the business, Adi remains organized, his ever-uncluttered desk, a testimony. The master salesman‟s home has only Godrej furniture, almirahs, locks and, of course, safety vaults, which have been there 'for generations'. The chairman of a @5,500-crore

management studies abroad. „Training‟ matters next, which his children have undergone rigorously along with other managers in the company. His eldest daughter, Tanya, is already the Executive Director and President (Marketing) at Godrej Industries Ltd., and she has earned evegroup, who can afford the best and the costliest ry bit, believes the doting father. products in the world, Adi, casually says : "We Adi has never stopped learning, a rare quality. are world class. If we aren‟t, we'd better be one - He once modestly explained – “You can learn - fast." so much from the present generation. I must

Emb racing Change A disciplined believer of punctuality and commitment, Adi is equally open to change, especially that ushered in by technology. His organization has constantly evolved, being receptive to global economic changes.

admit that it was my grandson who actually instilled the attribute of patience in me, which has helped me significantly to perform better at work. He has taught me things in management that no business school or management book can ever teach."

Beyon d Godrej

"It's good to listen to young people," he explains. That's why he has institutionalized an If one presumed billionaires to be dreary, hopevent called the Chairman's Tea in the company ping through corporate strategy sessions, inceswhere bright young managers are called to dis- santly concerned about their elite-club rankings, meet Adi Godrej, cuss with him the who believes in living life company‟s issues. king-size. He says- “If “It‟s an enormous I‟m on business and have learning experience," a weekend free, I just are his words. walk around new destiHis young managers nations. It is something I may applaud the Tea enjoy doing. My passion and their chairman's for travel has taken me to open-door policy but what may have them around 70 odd countries. frowning is a reli- The under-construction Godrej HQ. (Courtesy: WSP Group) I‟ve made friends in varigious practice Adi ous nations, understood has maintained for many years. He is at work every morning sharp at 8. Reason: several years many new cultures and experimented with nuago, his children used to leave early for school. merous cuisines.” "So I would make sure I always had breakfast How does he manage everything? "Well, I walk with them before they leave. After breakfast, endlessly, do isometric exercises and have the there is nothing else I can do at home." Adi feels that it's absurd to not expect family willpower," he says. members in the top management. “Professionalism is not anybody's exclusive privilege," he quips, adding that what matters first is top quality education. That's why he has given his children what he considers the best education possible.

But, work for Adi is still the biggest ecstasy that life has offered. His elegantly appointed office holds an alluring fascination for him even today. In Adi‟s words – “I look forward to the challenge of yet another Monday morning. I enjoy every day spent here.”

His second daughter Nisa is in Harvard and his This soon to be septuagenarian is truly an epitoonly son has joined Godrej Properties, post his me of a pioneering entrepreneur.

A great idea starts in a great mind. However the successful execution of this idea takes a lot of people - and managing so many people in turn takes just one person - a great ENTREPRENEUR. There is one within us too and here's a festival to let it emerge to the fore. Presenting a brand new CONSORTIUM '12. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur has always been on the forefront of technological advancements in various fields of science and engineering, thus fulfilling its primary aim. But, being a dynamic unit of a changing era it has also kept pace with time. In its endeavor to excel to further heights, it has the country's only management and business festival - CONSORTIUM - in a technological institute. So get ready to immerse yourself into this ceaseless world of money and enjoy the pleasures of profits while sharing the satisfaction of a successful strategy. All this and so much more at CONSORTIUM'12 await you‌

India technically literate. We were established as the Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering and rechristened as the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. We bring together the best minds in the country and abroad to our shores and train them to be the leaders of the world. Located in the heart of the vibrant Nagpur city, the institution has seen many of the best corporate honchos and technical brains pass out of its corridors that reek of the very best of everything at the Under Graduate and Established in 1960, we are the torch bear- Post Graduate level. We aim at making every ers of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru's dream of making single student a force to reckon with and with a dream so irresistible that it is worth every single second that makes it. And now we are standing with open arms to welcome all with our very own Management Fest. We liberate minds out of the shackles of conventional thinking and resound in the words of Rabindranath Tagore ..."Into that heaven of freedom, let my country awake...." So come, live the dream and experience the freedom.

24 Crisis Management event of CONSORTIUM which has always had the most intellectually challenging questions on overcoming challenges in business...and they just keep coming on!

Sansad Mock Parliament of CONSORTIUM where we eulogize the free and federal system of Indian legislature. Change the pulse of a nation, here and now! Discuss local problems and find a global solution. Legislate. Execute. Reform.

BizMantra The next Rocket Singh is YOU! Feel the crispiness of the notes as they come into your hands. Sell a product to the maximum number of people and earn votes. Simple and democratic.

Corp Wars Fundamental to any firm. Perform all the duties of a manager and win over the heart of the judges. Perform or perish.

HR Management Love to talk and blabber random things and can live by talking. Do you swear by the spoken word? Then this one‟s for you! It‟s exactly what it is. What You See Is What You Get.

MaxX-Pro This is for ticking that little mathematics fetish within every manager. Crunch the numbers, balance the sheets and maximize profit. That‟s the art and your bread and butter.

Radio F M Old communication with a new twist. Buy the frequencies, hire RJs, city rights...and its all through auctioning. Run a Radio station and make it hot!

Kaizen The most innovative of all events at CONSORTIUM is this where the raw materials need to be managed. Don‟t stare in the store, use it!

Sosyal Manus Social entrepreneurship is the buzz word here and everywhere. Find the best way to benefit all and be the messiah of change. Happy giving!

Entrepreneur It‟s time to get back to the basics. Raise funds through mock IPOs and run a start-up. Decide what‟s best for your firm. Build. Operate. Earn.

Ad-Venture It‟s a world where the more the merrier. Get into the skin of the consumer and bag that prize off the shelf. Advertise and market a product. Let‟s do the mind-con.

Carnama Now is the time to get all your money earn for you. The stakes are high, the cars are steered. Find your way to success and it sure does pass through this event!

EPL Manager You think you eat, sleep, drink, speak, think Football? Follow the world‟s most popular game up close and personal as you step into Sir Ferguson‟s shoes! Choose your favourite team and begin. May the best man win!

Urbanismo This one‟s an art not many can perfect. Plan a city and all its utilities. Find the most serene place for people to reside and sell this idea. Inhabitants rejoice!

The Abstract Noun Abhirup Lahiri


nnually, million of people get into the proverbial rat –race of business and end up losing everything to fate. This poem is dedicated to them who have resigned themselves to destiny. It recognizes the fallacies of life which my manifest themselves in the most horrid of forms—poverty. Let us vow that in our endeavor to spread trade and commerce, we shall safeguard the face of humanity. -The Editor.

A CANDID WISH Those incandescent eyes look up in vain The wan, pale form sores out in pain Those ashen hands fold up to pray For Death, a blessing in every way..

Life's been a toil, a toil for subsistence A struggle every meal, a strife for sustenance Armed with mercy and hopeful pity He set out on a skirmish for some dignity.

He lived life at the will of the world The shackles of suffering had on him entwirled And when glorious Death is all to embrace To judgement day, he's in an ugly race…

The elegy of his life is a melancholy strain He lived in poverty, in deplorable disdain His sole treasure, his priced reserve Contentment, happiness, a smile to preserve…

But enough is not the same it was His will has given in, he yearns for a cause For his despicable fate. His heart cries out To relieve him of life, to end the rout…

His glistening eyes scream out in pain When he begs for a penny but all in vain Each day goes by and he is forced to be Grant him Death, Almighty, for all you see… -Abhirup Lahiri

-Shehzad Dhuliawala A Brand as many would know is some- them as though each was a separate business. thing which identifies a product or a provided McElroy‟s idea worked wonders for P&G. Reservice. So why is a brand of such huge signif- search and development soon became a hall icance? From the consumers‟ point of view, a mark at P&G. A lot of resources went spent brand characterizes the into studying the marproduct with its adket. "Find out what the vantages. A brand for consumers want and example could link a give it to them." product to a better qualFrom that small ity; moreover promising memo which McElroy a bond for post-buying wrote, brand manageservices. A good brand ment has today become image is often linked to an important branch in better figures in sales marketing. Brand Manand is often claimed to Coca Cola: One of the best classical branding. agement covers several give a product an extra tasks and strategies aimed towards the proedge over competitors. motion of the brand. Brand name, brand poBrand Management is the process of ap- sition, brand personality, brand identity, plication of marketing strategies to a brand. It brand awareness, brand image, brand loyalty includes the analysis, research and study of are few of the many attributes of the brand all the aspects of the brand and then devising which need to be constantly upheld. It is these a plan to sell it. The term was first coined by very attributes which give the product “the Neil McElroy, a Harvard Graduate, during his brand recognition”. tenure at Procter & Gambel. It was here he To sum up, marketrecognized that many P&G ing and advertisement toproducts apart from competday have evolved from ing with competitors faced what used to be a very elefierce competition from other mentary method of prodP&G products. His aim was to uct promotion to highly create a very specific team to sophisticated procedures distinctively market each which include proper reproduct without causing a searching of the niche hindrance to the other. In a market, studying the renutshell, he focused on setting Zoo-Zoos: Unconventional genius. covered data, developing up marketing teams which and designing strategies and implementing focused on individual products and marketed them in forms of ventures.


ca cho g n i t mo TE NE BI for pro en introO d T e t S a JU be cre use newly d was d a a s h an to i t h h t a T h y t a . brand at better w . Anywhere olate h w ere . And erywh duced nsport. Ev tra public

Here’s a compilation of 5 advertisements in this edition of the EE. Some have a message in them while some others are just for fun, and still others are merely taking potshots at other brands. We hope you enjoy them. All the images here are purely for entertainment purposes. Any offence in unintentional.

SMOKE IS A POISON AD 12 meter long chemical tanker that looks like a giant cigarette was used by Cancer Research UK to highlight the toxic smoke in cigarettes.

PEPSI ADVERTISEMENT The red can with a seemingly appalled straw almost wrenching for freedom is obviously what you think it is. Need we say more?

SPEED KILLS. This ad takes graphic representations to a whole new level by making the visual impact. It hit the nail where it hurts.

WOODLAND This ad absolutely too our breath away. The lace is indeed hanging from the shoe. A visual masterpiece by the famous apparel company lives up to its style, grace, and elan. Shoe with a class.


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The Monthly Magazine of the E CEll, VNIT Nagpur

EE January 2012  

The Monthly Magazine of the E CEll, VNIT Nagpur