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By Chris Jony - Men and women are both plagued by yeast infections, as a result there are several yeast infection creams that are available for use to treat the infection. Most people prefer to use antifungal creams, which only affects the area it is applied to, to treat their infection rather than taking an antifungal pill orally, which affects the entire body. Another reason that people prefer to use the creams and suppositories instead of taking the pill is due to the side effects involved that usually increase the pain and discomfort they feel in addition to that of the yeast infection itself. There are some antifungal creams that are prescribed, but the majority of them are available over the counter.But rather than just go to the closest pharmacy and pick up a yeast infection cream, you should know that it is possible to save money by making a yeast infection cream yourself. Learn More About Antifungal Creams

More and more people are looking into the possibility of a home remedy for yeast infections treatments that can be found in your home and cure a yeast infection. On way to alleviate the pain and stop the itchiness is by using a topical cream that consists of sugar free yogurt. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a bacterium that can kill yeast and is contained in yogurt. To increase the effectiveness when using sugar free yogurt it is important to catch the yeast infection early. Always use sugar free yogurt for yeast infection treatment because yeast thrives on sugar.

Sugar free yogurt can also be used as a yeast infection cream for men who have yeast infections. The yogurt should be applied directly to the affected area. The treatment should be applied nightly for seven days prior to going to bed and no underwear should be worn during this time. The area that is affected requires air and ventilation and the absence of underclothing keeps the yogurt from rubbing off of the affected area and onto your clothing.

Garlic paste is another antifungal cream that can be made in your home. Making a paste from crushing garlic can be time consuming but using a blender saves you time and the results are worth the hassle. Men and women can benefit from this due to garlic's antifungal properties. Symptoms can be relieved by applying the paste daily to the affected area. Mixing apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with water and gentian violet is another way to treat yeast infections if you don't want to use the homemade creams.Victor John is a consultant of which offers cost friendly yet effective ways to treat yeast infections. Make effective yeast infection creams.

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Men and women are both plagued by yeast infections, as a result there are several yeast infection creams that are available for use to treat...

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