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ANKIT SHEKHAWAT A 1202, Suncrest Apts., Accolades, Louiswadi, Thane (w), India, Pin 400602

Italy +39 328 262 0612

India + 91 9833 550 536

Professional Profile

Interaction designer, passionate about new challenges brought about by technology, media, mobility, marketing, architecture of control and their intersections over anthropological scenarios. Specialist in translating research into ideas that can be implemented as products and services. Strong analytical skills, process and research driven, adaptable with understanding of business environments.

Academic Experience

Masters in Interaction Design

2007 – 2008

Interaction Design Institute, Ivrea + Domus Academy, Milan, Italy Understanding and developing conceptual structures and the mental models, user centred design, user research and graphic user interface, computation and electronics, physical interaction design, product innovation, service design, exhibition design and new media arts.

Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communications)

2006 – 2005

from KvB Institute of technologies, Sydney, Australia Brand communications, information architecture, marketing, multimedia design, business practices, entrepreneurship. Thesis project involved case study of Jazz Music in India which included vast user studies and market research. The design solution functioned as a common platform for convergence of artists, listeners and publishers with respect to their individual needs.

Diploma in Graphic Design

2002 – 2005

from Cambrian College of Applied Arts And Technologies, Canada Covering subjects like visual communications, advertising, identity, media studies, publication and print design, typography, advanced colour theory, and fine arts. Final campaign for Western India Automobile Association.

Professional Experience

Dotdotdot Studio, Milan, Italy

June 2007 –October2007

Interaction Designer, Researcher, Developer // Participated in conceptualization and development of installations for 36h exhibition in Bologna for LEA Ceramics. Worked from developing core technologies to creating full-scale high fidelity prototypes. Developed applications on modular programming language vvvv, projection on 3d surfaces, advanced camera tracking, fiducial tracking, hacking cameras to use them as motion tracking sensors.

Design Strategists One, Mumbai, India Designer // Designed and developed identity, core values, brand persona, corporate guidelines for Onyx, premium cosmetic company in India which was later on integrated into a brand manual for the company.

November 2006

Octane Communications,

July 2006

Mumbai, India Intern // Devised CRM model for company’s clients.

DC Designs,

November 2005

Pune, India Intern // Creative and concept generation, and corporate communication design.

Select Projects

// Mundane fiction project with collaboration with Fujitsu, Japan investigated the effects of surveillance in society and ways it could gain a meaningful existence. Project involved exploiting surveillance infrastructure to create products or services that could engage user into exploring information and spaces. Mundane fiction utilized surveillance to involve user into a game play Game play is used as a platform to make user explore a locative interface. // Pixel with iRomec was a project exploring robots as social mediators. A modular robotic toy designed to work as a bridge between a differently able child and social surroundings by creating opportunities of negotiation and collaboration. Pixel stimulates cognitive and sensorial abilities of a child by exploiting natural assembly play. Game play is designed to be open ended so that it could create endless possibilities. // Mobile Embodiments with Total Tool is a navigation specially adapted for needs of cyclists. Device dependent on mobile device to increase flexibility in the users can use a product by creating an open protocol device can be manipulated into tasks. Rethinking navigation system for biker, understanding user needs and adapting a product according to the environment that user uses it in the most. Producing information that is relevant to the user. Simplifying systems by streamlining the mental models. Product as a service, product // Friendly tree with Icon Media Lab, Milan is a mobile application that can network contact lists in order to simplify social networks and further visualize them as a teemap with minimum input required from a user. Design process of Friendly tree emphasized on importance of clearer and more natural mental models when designing small screen interfaces.

Personal Initiatives

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Ars Electonica, Linz, Austria, 2007 Market Study with Daimler Chrysler, Stuttgart, Germany, 2005 FrogThink Workshop with Frog design, Stuttgart, Germany, 2005 “Just in Time” with Phillips, Aachen, Germany, 2005 Workshop on Digital Media Systems with BARCO, Belgium, 2005 “Defining Image” Workshop with Mohile Parikh Center of Visual arts (NCPA), Mumbai, 2004 Printing Technologies Government Institute of Printing Technologies (GIPT), Mumbai. 2003 Acquired experience in Time Lapse Photography and Stop motion animation, working as a project co-ordinator and technical consultant for a production team working on Stop Motion Short. Experience in film as well as in digital photography. Worked as an assistant to a professional photographer. Level One in French language from Alliance Francias de Bombay  

Languages Spoken Hindi (mother tongue), English (fluent), Italian and French(rudimentary), Marathi, Gujrati

Development: vvvv, Processing, Arduino, XHTML, XML, CSS, ActionScript, JavaScript, Python (currently learning)


Adobe: Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Freehand, Flash, Director, Premiere, AfterEffects, Dreamweaver Microsoft: Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio

Others: Quark Express, Corel Draw, Discreet Combustion, Stop Motion pro, 3D Studio Max, Bryce etc... ≈

Interests Interaction Design, Internet, Reading, Writing, Jazz, Photography, Travel.

Microsoft Word - resume works  
Microsoft Word - resume works  

Interaction designer, passionate about new challenges brought about by technology, media, mobility, marketing, architecture of control and t...