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Inhibitors and simulators of height growth How tall a person is can impact one’s self confidence and personality. It is commonly believed that height is determined by genetics and the height of a child’s mother and father. Also, it is believed that height cannot be grown after the age of 18-20. With no scientific evidence; these are nothing but common household myths. This article will help you discover easy methods to boost your child’s height growth as well inform you about factors that can contribute to inhibiting height growth:

Factors inhibiting height growth 1. Medical deficiencies: Thyroid, hormonal deficiencies, Down syndrome, excessive use of Cortisone are some of the most common reasons that restrict height growth. 2. Intoxication: Among adults, excessive drinking, smoking and substance abuse is clinically proven to be inhibitors to hormones that lead to muscular growth. For better height reduce intake of these substances. 3. Malnutrition: A deficiency of essential vitamin, proteins and minerals stunt height growth. When it comes to stunted height growth, common eating disorders or Anorexia have severe negative effects. When it comes to minerals, Iron deficiency impacts height growth the most. So make sure your child eats adequate amounts of green leafy vegetables, as they are rich sources of Iron. These are some common clinically proven growth inhibiting factors contributing to reduced heights

among children. But thankfully, some methods are known to increase secretion of Human Growth Hormone and Insulin which are responsible for increasing height among human beings. Some of these methods are described below:

1. Human Growth Hormone: In 2003 the USFDA or United States Food and Drug Administration has allowed usage of Human Growth Hormone and its injection to young children which increases height growth. Children who fall in the lower percentiles of height are using this method with rather successful results. A study showed that regular use of these injections among children lead to an average increase in their height by up to 3 inches. There are cases where height has increased to as much as 8 inches. With the green signal shown by FDA, the consumption of this hormone has increased tremendously. Because of its high prices, these injections will be limited to be used by the rich. 2. Yoga and Spine exercises: Regular Yoga sessions are believed to be instrumental in strengthening your spine and stimulate the release of Human Growth Hormone ,although it hasn’t been clinically proven yet. There are reports which suggest that as much as 35% of the grow height of an individual is dependent on the movements of the spinal cord. Some experts believe that regular sessions of Yoga at an early age can help you increase your height by up to 2 inches. 3. Herbs and Vitamins: A proper healthy diet, rich in Vitamins, minerals, proteins and calcium is the best way to improve your height. For increasing you height, all minerals are important, but Iron in particular has been known to work wonders. Make it a point to have iron rich diet. But the truth remains that the most important factor contributing to height growth is the genetic code. However , these methods described above can help you increase your height by a few inches.

Inhibitors and stimulators of height growth  

How tall a person is can impact one’s self confidence and personality. It is commonly believed that height is determined by genetics and the...