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8 Step Money Making Guide- A Combination of Free Sites and Resources A Money Making Method That You Can Use for Any Niche in Order to Make Money Online

Today I will share a combination of free sites that you can use work with one another in order to make money online. By setting up these free accounts and linking them together you will be able to create several streams of income for yourself. Keep in mind that some of these steps might require some education in order to know how its done. This method is easy only if you know what you are doing. I recommend taking your time and learning everything you will be using. You can read my “First and Most Important Step in Order to Make Money Online” if you haven’t already.

Step 1: Picking Your Niche

First thing that you would like to do is pick a niche that you know a lot about and that you can educate others on. For the sake of this article we will go with “hiking” for example. After you selected a niche put together some sort of plan, jot down some ideas, and write a few articles. If you are having trouble coming up with articles you can use my free content post as a resource.

Step 2: Upload Files to ShareCash ShareCash- ShareCash is a PPD (Pay per Download) site where you can upload files and advertises pay every time someone downloads your file. The consumer has to fill out a survey before they download becomes available, that’s how you end up getting paid.

What you would like to do here is upload one or several educational eBook(s) related to your niche. You can either write one yourself or find some free ones. Here is a article on where you can get free eBooks online. It doesn’t necessarily have to be eBooks, it can be anything you can think of but the most common thing is eBooks. I have dozens of eBooks uploaded in various different niches myself. To give you a real example on how it looks from the consumer’s point of view, here is a link to where you can download 75 eBooks on how to make money online. Make sure you read ShareCash TOS before you upload anything. You can make a good bit of money here if used it properly so don’t ruin your chances by uploading material that goes against their TOS. You can check out “How to Make Money with ShareCash” to learn more.

Step 3: Write Several Squidoo Lenses Squidoo- Squidoo is a platform that allows you to post articles, or as they call them, lenses. There are several ways that they pay you. For any published lens that you have written you are thrown into a Google Adsense pool and will be given a percentage depending on how popular your lens is. The other way is you can add related products to your lens from Amazon and EBay just to name a few. When someone buys these products you will also

receive a percentage. What better way to explain it than having a actual lens talk about it. Here is a link on making money with Squidoo.

What you would want to do here is write several articles/lenses related to your niche. Like any other article you write, it should be unique and informative as possible. Write more for the reader rather than SEO, Squidoo is ranked high so chances are that if your article is unique, informative, and in demand it will receive a lot of traffic not just from the search engines but also Squids, that are what Squidoo calls its users. Start off by writing 2 or 3 lenses and you can always come back and edit them at any time. Also be sure to read Squidoo TOS as well.

Step 4: Using YouTube for Traffic as Well as an Income Stream Youtube- We all know what YouTube is so I won’t get into explaining it.

Even if you have an account with them, I suggest you create a new YouTube account based on your niche. For example: Let’s say your niche is “hiking”, so your username could be “RockyMountainHiker” and you email could be “”(This is just an example, I don’t know if it exists or not). This way you have some sort of authority and you look knowledgeable about the subject in addition to SEO purposes. Once you have created your account you can start creating your own videos. The goal here is to create an educational/how to video in regards to your niche. Keep in mind that videos have to be unique and informative just like articles. Your videos don’t have to be nothing special, you can record yourself giving advice, creating your own diagrams, charts, etc. and displaying them. Making videos is another field study altogether. I will not go into it too much here instead here is a video that talks about the subject. This guy here explains it well, I recommend watching his, or other related videos on the topic. In my opinion, your videos should be similar to this one in a educational sense. You should monetize your videos with Google Adsense in order to create an income here as well. Remember to read YouTube TOS! You should also dedicate a video for the ShareCash free eBook download. This also could possibly result in a conversion but do these after you have several how to videos.

Step 5: Create a Quick and Free Website Weebly- Weebly is a platform where you can host your site for free. It’s similar to a WordPress or a BlogSpot blog in a sense of your sites URL ending with “”

Here you can make a quick and simply website in relation to your niche. You should have it contains your how-to YouTube videos, links to your Squidoo Lenses and most importantly your ShareCash eBook download. I suggested you make your URL in relation to your niche, for example: “Hiking Resources” or something of that nature, the url will read Remember that I do not know if this exists and that I’m using “hiking” as an example. Creating a Weebly website isn’t that hard but it does require some knowledge. Here is an article on how to create a Weebly site.

Step 6: Linking Squidoo, Weebly, and YouTube to One Another Okay so here’s the fun part. After you have done the previous steps you would want to start linking everything together. Revise your Squidoo Lenses to where they contain links to your other lenses, your YouTube videos, and your Weebly website.

Make sure your YouTube videos have links in the description in relation to your Squidoo lenses for further reading. Also be sure to include a link to your Weebly site. As previously mentioned, your Weebly site needs to have your YouTube videos, links to your Squidoo lenses, and most importantly all your ShareCash download links. The goal with this is to make it make your site as informative as possible. Once you have linked all your sites together you have successfully created a profitable link wheel where it will be directing traffic to one another and hopefully generating an income from ShareCash, Squidoo, and Google Adsense (YouTube).

Step 7: Promoting Your Squidoo Lenses, YouTube Videos Once you have successfully put together this method and created a link wheel you may start to promote it.

You can use Vagex and Enhance Views to give your videos some attention. These two sites can bring you some free views, likes, and comments to your Youtube videos and give it a head start. In addition, Vagex does have forum where you can get a hold of guides and tips on how to make additional money with Youtube. You can make money from Vagex as well. Here is a Squidoo lens that contains Squidoo directories where you can promote your own lenses, create backlinks, and boost their traffic. You can also use MSocialH Forum to receive Social Shares and get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Stumble Upon, Pint rest. Etc. Which I do recommend having an account with each social network mentioned.

Step 8: Pick another Niche and Repeat This Method This method may take you a while and might require you to gain some additional knowledge depending on what stage you are on. I’ve tried to make this post as resourceful as possible in order to meet any needs you might have, however, if you happen to have any questions and need further assistance that’s what the comment section is for. :) Also keep in mind that it doesn’t have to stop here. You can always add more videos to your YouTube channel, write more lenses, upload more files to ShareCash, and do promote the further in order to increase your incomes. You may even apply the same method for another niche altogether. Imagine having this method applied to several niches and what it could do

for you. It may take some time but if you are looking for a real scam online money making ideas this is just one of the methods that you can use.

8 step money making guide  
8 step money making guide