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ASP.Net A Frontrunner in Web Development

Launched in 2016 ASP.Net Core 1.0 release

Release Highlights  Optimized for Cloud  Increases modularity  MVC framework interation  To run on  Windows  Linux  Mac

The Predictions for 2017

 To make mobile development exciting  To develop apps compatible with iPhone and Android  More releases to come out in 2017

ASP.Net Offering A Technology Edge

A wide array of features making it one of the best development platforms today

The Advantages of the new ASP.Net Core  Simplification of modern web development  Flexible hosting with IIS or self-host  Dependency injection built-in support  Environment configuration making it Cloud Ready  Single aligned web stack supports Web APIs and Web User Interfaces  Razor markup better aligned with HTML

Ease of Development Multiple tools C# Visual Basic Visual Studio Offers the best possible development environment Components need not be registered

Xamarin for Crossplatform Development

Integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio & C# CCode conversion & import is simple Build applications compatible across multiple platforms

Superior Performance Efficient and optimized application performances The new Kestrel web server offers flexibility


Application level configuration Built-in Windows authentication

Easy Maintenance The HTML and source code bound together making the pages easy to maintain & write The runtime also keeps a close eye on running processes

Cloud Based Applications Easy deployment of muliti-tier Cloud based applications ASP.Net MVC front end Azure SQL database

The Future with Unity Towards Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


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ASP.Net A Front Runner in Web Development  

ASP.Net will continue to evolve in the coming years, supporting new technology frontiers and businesses. In this era of mobility, while Wind...