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Plugged In Summit - India July 2013

What is plugged in summit? The Plugged In Summit was a two days event on the 20th and 21st of July for smart, energetic and proactive young people in India,who want to be a part of an emerging field that works for the 4 Billion people who constitute the lower income populations of the world. The summit bought down players in the ecosystem, from entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders to young people who are a part of the field, to talk to delegates about how businesses are reaching out to and solving large scale global needs such as healthcare, housing, access to finance, sanitation etc. This summit runs in Asia and Latin America. This year we had run the Plugged In summit in Colombia, Brazil and India.


Day 1

Registration 9:30-10:00 Opening note 9:00-9:30

A brief introduction to the summit; going through the agenda and guidelines of the summit.

10:00-11:00 Getting to know the field An introduction to the BoP and the different kind of businesses in the space.

11:00-12:30 Social entrepreneurship in a nutshell Hear and engage with 3 Social entrepreneurs through powerful keynotes and a gripping panel discussion about their journey in the field of Impact Business.

12:30-14:00 Preparation for the field visit and lunch on the bus 14:00-16:00 Field visit -

See a social business in action engaging with their consumers that is the BoP

16:00-17:00 Arrive back to the venue 17:00-18:00 Closing day 1


Day 2 9:00-9:30

Opening day 2 The delegates share their reflections and learning from Day 1

9:30-10:00 Getting to know the field - II An insight to the ecosystem to understand the overall bigger picture.

10:30-11:00 Introduction to the Business Canvas Model The delegates get the opportunity to get familiar with the Business Canvas Model and how to use it to canvas your own idea with the help of an example

11:00-12:30 Canvasing your idea The delegates, in groups of 3-4 people each put down their idea of a social business in the Business Canvas Model framework across different sectors

12:30-13:30 Networking lunch break 13:30-14:30

Share your plan - Each group presents and shares their Social Business idea


What next? - The delegates get a chance to know about the different kind of career opportunities present in the field and how to be part of

15:30-17:00 Closing time and Networking time


Guest Speakers: Devi Murthy, Founder Kamal Kisan Monique Alfris, Co-founder Pollinate Energy

Moderator: Shweta Sharma, Founder Karmany

Objectives Learn about the Base of the Pyramid, 4 Billion people around the world who live on less than 2 US Dollars a day. Learn about the movement of Impact Business that aims to solve the need of people at the Base of the Pyramid. Discuss solutions for challenges across sanitation, healthcare, access to finance, housing, energy. Build your network across entrepreneurs, investors and other players in the sector. Learn about developing a career in the Impact Business field Experience and see how an Impact business functions at a field level through a day-long, reflective field trip.

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