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Local Committee President’s Address With the dynamic nature of the leadership in a diverse organization like AIESEC, Alumni play a very big role in not only the sustainability of operations in a Local Committee but with various other aspects like Legacy, Culture, History and Spirit of the entity. Our goal at the beginning of the year was to capture this dual nature of contribution from the Alumni and also set the base for credibility within the alumni network. Q2 is going to be consolidating the things that we have begun and also evolving them in order to gain maximum results from the same. We are always looking for feedback/suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or anyone from the Alumni/BD team.


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HIGHLIGHTS Alumni Chairing National Leadership Summit[NLS] Our Alumni, ADITI BHAT and IFFATH MANSOOR were Chairs for the NLS [formerly NatCong]. This conference was held in Shakunt Resorts, near the Delhi-Jaipur highway, Rajasthan.

Aditi Bhat

Iffath Mansoor

Alumni Engagement Events January |Attendees: 23


Monkey Bar

February |Attendees: 51


Monkey Bar

March |Attendees: 25


Skye Bar UB city

Q1 Local Congress- Alumni Session The LC hosted the first LCong for the year which was clubbed with the Annual General Body Meeting. A highlight in the LCong was the Alumni Session hosted by Sidharta Viswanath and Sachin Mittal. The theme of this session was “AIESEC career- Supplementing your Professional Career�. Moreover, this session proved to give the LC, a connect to the Alumni, giving a career direction the new members.

SUSTAINABILITY FUND To ensure that AIESEC Bangalore is steadily moving towards a financially sustainable future and to empower the next generation of AIESECers with the capital needed to upscale our organization, the SUSTAINABILITY FUND is set up. The aim of the LC is to have 2 lakh in the Sustainability Fund by 31st December. For which the LC will Deposit 20,000 per annum. The Sustainability Fund will be chaired by the Chair of the AIESEC Bangalore Alumni Supervising Group. The fund will be a Savings Account having three Signatories • Chair of Alumni Supervising Group • Local Committee President • Vice President Finance All decisions will be made by ‘Veto Method’. All funds generated through Alumni contributions, LC-Alumni raises, LCM spaces, , LCong spaces, et

REFERENCES The previous issues of the Monthly Alumni Newsletter can be viewed by following the links given below First Alumni Newsletter of AIESEC Bangalore Second Alumni Newsletter of AIESEC Bangalore Third Alumni Newsletter of AIESEC Bangalore If you are looking forward to reconnecting with the Local Chapter, Kindly fill the given link

CONTACT Ankith Abraham: Vice President Business Development +91 9900 265 484

Mohamed Ismail Ahmed: Alumni Relations Manager +91 9739076504

Alumni Q1 Report  

Alumni Q1 Report