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Purpose - Driving Force

Mission - What must be done!

Vision - Whats possible!

Values - Direction for life


Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Section A| Opening Note AIESEC in Thapar University has come a long way in past two years. In the initial months of 2012 we had no definite structure and not much significance of AIESEC way. I saw all the Team Leaders working hard to achieve the summer cycle targets, though it eventually didn’t go so well but everyone kept working. We worked harder everyday with better hopes, August 2012 Recruitment cycle was the moment of change and happiness for AIESEC in Thapar University, we had a good membership to run and organize structure of this entity. We have talented members but they need to understand the Purpose, Mission, Vision and its values. In the next one year we need to bring our focus to the VISION of this organization by showing its PURPOSE, MISSION and VALUES to its integral members. We need to bring everyone in this organization on the same page. AIESEC values are high in meaning and they should be lived daily and not just mugged up. If we are living the values and know its purpose then we are creating an impact and leading towards the vision of AIESEC. AIESEC in Thapar University’s mission, vision and values should be closely knit to our personal mission, vision and values. Understanding the PURPOSE, MSSION, VISION and VALUES will bring following changes in the year 2013 and will lead to overall progress 

With a Powerful Purpose, they will be motivated to move themselves towards a better future.

With a Strong Mission, they will have goal to achieve.

With a Clear Vision, they will see what they are moving towards and its impact.

With integration of values in their life, they will be able to move forward smoothly.

We need to not only reach out to our members, but reach out to every single youth in Patiala to create a positive impact; that is AIESEC’s vision, and it can only be accomplished if we are focused for it. I would work towards achieving everything planned in this manifesto and make sure that above mentioned statements happen and won’t just let these plans to be merely on paper.

Regards Vaibhav Jain

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Section B| Personal Information Name: Vaibhav Jain Address: EC-511, Hostel J, Thapar University, Patiala Mobile: +91-8437167055 Email ID: Academic Achievement Bachelors of Engineering,

2011 – till date

7.78 CGPA





Electronics and communication, Thapar University Class XII Bal Bharati Public School , Pitampura, Delhi Class X Bal Bharati Public School , Pitampura, Delhi

Additional achievements & experiences 

Horse Riding team captain for 3 consecutive years in school

Won Bronze Medal in Delhi Horse Show(National Level Event)

School Perfect for one year

Winner of two interschool Programming competitions

Skills MS Office




Web Development




C, C++


Interest 

Horse Riding

Playing cards


Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Section C | AIESEC Experience

1. List all positions held in AIESEC along with duration of the role. Also briefly elaborate on your contribution/performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role. Team Member August 2011 – August 2012 I was recruited nearly one and a half year ago during the August 2011 recruitment drive. In initial phase I was assigned work by Team Leaders for promoting Information Seminars. I worked with full dedication to complete all the tasks in time. Key Learning Point: 

Working as a team member


Organizing Committee – Smokilling and Rock for a Cause Show March 2012 – April 2012 This was my first experience to be in an OC of the event which attracted nearly a footfall of 2000 students. I promoted the event in the best manner I could either through campus publicity or by word of mouth. Key Learning Point: 

Working as a team member


Manager, School Of Languages September 2012 – Present This is my first leadership experience. It was a great responsibility to deliver a successful ASL in the period September- December 2012 because it is one of the well known products of AIESEC in Thapar University. A good feeling to manage a project of 1.33 lakhs in the university and working towards the cultural diversity. This was an opportunity for me to bring innovations in ASL. I changed the schedule of classes to make it comfortable and flexible for enrolled students. Implemented student feedback system to know the areas where we lacked as there is always scope of improvement. After the overwhelming response of the ASL ending in December 2012, introduced ASL during the even semester. Currently also ASL is receiving a very good response in terms of registrations.

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Key Learning Point: 


Selling Skills

Team Management

Decision Making

Public Speaking

Managing finances

Team Member – Finance and University Relation September 2012 – Present Managing university relation has been most challenging for me because I had to go through all together different process and adapt in accordance with the university procedures. But I enjoyed every bit of new learning that I got. Under the guidance of TL finance I had put a lot of efforts to maintain the University Relations and financial aid from University on track. We were able to get the timely approval and funds clearance of events. Key Learning Point: 

Financial management

Writing applications/ University Procedures


Meeting deadlines


Time Management

Team Member – ICX September 2012 – Present To end the winter cycle with good numbers, ICX department raised 8 ET projects. My job role was to manage the matching process for all these projects, thus it also included training the ICX members for the same. With a team of 3 members I was able to match 7 projects out of 8. I worked harder to have maximum realizations and motivated members to achieve the target. Key Learning Point: 

Writing formal mails

Member training



Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

2. What have been your main achievements and non achievements in AIESEC in the past? (Mention a max of three each)

Main Achievements: 1. Knowing WHY of AIESEC: I have been able to live six values of AIESEC and realize how wonderful it is and the impact that it can create. 2. Introducing ASL in Even Semester: Keeping in mind the response for School Of languages in Thapar University. Having it just once in a year made us refuse to so many students willing to learn cultural diversity and foreign language, thus I took a step forward and introduced ASL in even semester to impact more number of students. 3. Time Management: For working under three AIESEC portfolios I had to devote good number of hours but simultaneously I was able to balance time for college and family. Non achievements: 1. AIESEC GCDP Internship: I couldn‘t go for AIESEC internship. I plan to go for exchange in the next winter cycle.

3. Describe the experience of being a part of the Leadership Body/Management Body of AIESEC Thapar University. How do you think other members on the team would evaluate your contribution to the team & LCs organizational direction? The past five months in the Management Body have been challenging and have delivered diverse learning experience. These were the days when everyday I had something new to learn. It has made me more confident in life and improved decision making. The superb co-leaders have made this experience memorable and its amazing to see the growth of AIESEC in Thapar University. AIESEC in Thapar University has a brilliant team and everyone here has been supportive enough. The other members on the Team would evaluate me on the basis of serious about work and the dedication towards each portfolio. 4. What are your three basic Learning’s/Values for life, which you have derived through your AIESEC experience? (Answer objectively)

Enjoying Participation


Strive for Excellence

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Section D | Motivation 1. Why did you decide to run for LCC of AIESEC in Thapar University? What are the qualities required for this role & what makes you best suited for this role? My past five months of leadership experience in this organization has made me run for LCC of AIESEC in Thapar University. I have a vision to drive AIESEC in Thapar University to the height it deserves with talented members. With the right amount of membership in this entity we need to overcome the lacking part mentioned in the opening part. My day starts and ends by either thinking about or doing something for this entity. With the experience of working in several portfolios I am passionate to do justice to this entity with so many opportunities still to be achieved in all the sectors. Some co-members motivated me to take higher leadership experience in this organization. I also believe “With great power comes great responsibility” and I think I am ready to take upon this responsibility to lead AIESEC in Thapar University.

I believe following qualities are required which make me suited for this prestigious position: 

Passionate: Passion to lead this entity and create an impact

Ambitious: Ambition to become the most progressive entity

Dedication: Work with dedication for every initiative

Enjoy Participation: I enjoy whatever I am doing

Innovative: Innovations leads to progress and it helps to overcome challenges

Experience: I have experience of working in different portfolios, giving an overall idea about the focus areas for the entity.

2. Highlight your time commitment throughout the whole of next year (till Dec 2013; Academic or otherwise). Ideally, how much time should an LCC give to his role? On the Academic front, as I am in fourth semester so attending college and exams during mid March and May. Otherwise I would make myself available to handle all AIESEC responsibilities as and when the situation demands. Ideally LCC should be available at every moment of time.

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

3. What is your vision for AIESEC in Thapar University for the year ahead? What legacy would you want to leave behind? Also, frame a mission statement for the LC for 2013. Vision for AIESEC in Thapar University is to impact on every student in Thapar University and other Universities in Patiala. Creating a positive impact on youth of Patiala and all around. And also the vision to develop AIESEC in Thapar University as the first choice partner organization. I would like to leave behind a legacy where AIESEC in Thapar University will be known for developing visionary leaders leading to its immense growth in the next one year. I want that all the members in this entity should live all the six AIESEC values and understand its purpose. Mission statement for AIESEC in Thapar University for 2013: “Creating leaders with values, purpose, mission and vision"

4. Describe your leadership style? Explain how your style will be suitable for AIESEC Thapar University in it’s current state. My leadership style is based on: 

learning and implementing past experiences

taking different views and perspectives and then make decision

freedom to implement innovations

providing direction and motivating people

My leadership style will be best suited for AIESEC in Thapar University, members will be able to realize their potential and their dedication will lead to exponential growth of AIESEC in Thapar University. The freedom to do differently will make them learn from their mistakes and failures.

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Section E | General Questionnaire 1. Make an analysis of AIESEC’s key competitors in the region (Local Chapter Geographical region) and what challenges they present to AIESEC and what can we learn from them. There are no key competitors of AIESEC in Patiala. AIESEC is the only organization in Patiala providing International Internship and Leadership opportunities.

Section F | LC Administration 1. List down the different aspects of the job role of a LCC. Local Committee Coordinator is the face of the entity. LCC is accountable for whatever is happening in the entity. Aspects of job role: 

Responsible for developing year plans

Accountable to General Body Members

Direction for implementation of plans

Representative in University

Maintaining organization culture

Final decision making authority

2. Analyze the trends of the past two years (including 2012) of AIESEC Thapar University’s strategic direction (include performance & culture). How do you see the organization direction of AIESEC Thapar University’s shaping up in the coming two years? Also, give a SWOT analysis of the LC for 2012. Past Two Years In past two years the performance and culture of AIESEC in Thapar University has changed drastically. I guess two years ago no one was aware about practical implication of AIESEC way but now the whole general body is living the AIESEC way!. The numbers have increased four folds in the past two years for exchange portfolios. 

In the year 2011 AIESEC in Thapar University had around 10 outgoing exchanges, the exchanges have increased to 21 in the year 2012.

We had around 3-4 Incoming exchanges in the year 2011 and the same has increased to 14 in the year 2012.

The General body has witnessed an increase from 14 to 40 members.

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

AIESEC in Thapar University had somewhat informal culture in the year 2011 and department based task and everyone worked collectively but the same has been transformed and it has been departmentalised in the year 2012. Next Two Years Two years from now, I see AIESEC in Thapar University full of motivated and hard working people leading with direction. Members will be living AIESEC values and they will think out of the box and implement innovative ideas. With the rightly set culture I see AIESEC in Thapar University reaching its exponential growth and becoming the most progressive entity. SWOT analysis Strengths


Good University Relation

Financial Managements in departments

High potential members

Lack of RnR

Growing Membership

Poor summer cycle

Participation in Conferences


Data Management on Podio Opportunities


Clients other than education sector

MB issues

External Relations

Wrong experience

Exchanges from other universities

EP Experiences

3. What focus areas do you propose for AIESEC in Thapar University in 2013? Give action steps that will contribute to these focus areas. Focus areas for AIESEC in Thapar University: 

Culture development and Training of Team Members: Setting the right culture and members need to be trained and inducted by the TM at the earliest after recruitment cycle. The members need to have brainstorming sessions to think about the personal benefits they are gaining.

Expanding to other universities in Patiala: Tapping onto universities such as National University of Law, Punjabi University. Coordinate with universities and establish AIESEC there, focusing on OGX summer cycle.

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Incoming Exchange: More clients in Patiala need to be tapped. Patiala has great potential

for raising GCDP and GIP internships in educational and hospitality sectors. Financial Management: Implementation of Financial Rules and Regulations for the entire

entity and department specific expense auditing.

4. Propose the organizational structure that you plan to follow for the next year including the middle level management, functional roles as well LC entities.




IR and Matching Manager

Raising Manager

Raising Manager

Matching Manager


Reception Manager

BD Manager

External Relations Manager


TL Marketing


3 Member TM Team

4 Member Team

3 Member Team

TL Finance

Finance Manager

The above evolution in the organization structure of AIESEC in Thapar University is highly recommended. 

TL OGX will have two Managers. One Manager will be responsible for covering Patiala region for raising exchange participants from all the major universities and the other one will be responsible for handling international relations and matching process of the EPs.

TL ICX will have three managers. One manager will focus on raising projects in Patiala and the second manager will be responsible for matching the projects raised. The third manager will do be responsible for reception of all the interns arriving in Patiala.

TL BD will have two managers. One Manager will be responsible for organizing the events and the other manager will be handling partnerships and sponsorship for the events.

TL TM team will be responsible for training and overall leadership development in the entity. Tracking of overall personal development and learning of members.

TL Marketing will have three members. Marketing Team will be responsible for direct marketing, Advertising, Online Marketing.

TL IM will have three members. Information Management team will work in synergy with all the departments to manage the information. IM will be anytime available source of all the documents.

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

University Relation Manager

TL Finance will have two managers. Finance Manager will manage entity’s book keeping and cash flow. University Relations Manager will be responsible for getting the approvals for events and logistics.

For AIESEC School of Languages an organizing committee will be made headed by OC President. The finances and university relations will be handled through Finance manager and University Relations Manager.

5. Layout a synergy plan & accountability structure between different portfolios in the LC. How will you as LCC ensure you track common bottom-lines of two VPs? (Also consider LC Entities, EwA and LLC activities into account) LCC




Exchange ICX

Development through IR

Client Partnership



Marketing Project Branding

Finance Financial Policies and Budgeting

Exchange Development OGX

through Trainee


Training, EP



Promotion in



Policies and



Involvement Brand



Promotional Events




& proposal



Fund Raising, In Kind Raising

virtual space





Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Media Coverage



& Event



Monitoring receivables

Conferences Investments


Market Expansion

Promotions &



for marketing




Investments of Receivables

Planning according to budget


Promotion Partnerships


Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

6. Give an activity calendar of AIESEC in Thapar University for the year 2013.



School Of Languages


Recruitment and OGX Promotion

January - February

Induction and Training


Youth to Business


Lead Session


School Of Languages


Recruitment and OGX Promotion



August - September

Global Village


Impact Week (Social Project)


7. Critically analyze the culture of AIESEC in Thapar University. What aspects of the current culture will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming year? How do you plan to do the same? Organization’s culture depicts the face of any organization. Culture of AIESEC in Thapar University has varied a lot in past one year. It denotes commitment of members to their portfolio.

Aspects of Current culture to be retained: 

Hierarchy flow of information

Participation in Conferences

Formal Communication

Aspects to be changed: 

Number of members appearing in GBMs

Leniency of members with meeting deadlines

Rewards based on outperforming members and department

Members live the AIESEC values, awareness of practical implication of initiatives taken

Regular activities in GBMs

Participation in National Conferences

Alumni Participation

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Section G | Programmes 1. Please give your (probable) targets for the next year. Please justify the same. Portfolio






Justification Sectors to be focused: Education, NGOs Sectors to be focused: Schools, Hotel, Immigration Consultants To achieve targets focus on:



Thapar University, National University of Law, Punjabi University







To achieve targets focus on: Thapar University Two recruitment cycles

2. State your understanding of the inter-relation between the 4 ELD programs. What do you propose for 2013 that will ensure capitalization of this inter-relationship? The growth in TMP and TLP drive the growth of GCDP and GIP and vice versa. AIESEC in Thapar University has witnessed the same after the August 2011 recruitments; it led to growth in oGCDP and iGCDP. GCDP and GIP also contribute to increase in TMP and TLP. Exchange Participants tend to join TMP after returning from their exchange programs.

I propose growth in TMP-TLP through recruitments which will lead to growth in exchanges. We need to enroll EPs in TMP and TLP as they are highly motivated and will work with dedication for the entity.

3. List down any innovation(s) that you intend to bring in Program departments/teams. Innovations to be intended in departments/teams: 

Evolution in Organization Structure

Quality management by each department

Finance Management/Reports

Information Management

Year/Month/Weekly goal settings

Rotation of members between exchange and support departments

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Section H | Functions 

External Relations 1. What is your understanding of External Relations and Business Development? What all according to you falls under the purview of the portfolio?

External Relations and Business Development is responsible for sustaining the entity financially. It is responsible for partnering with clients for resource generation. Purview of the portfolio: 

Organizing Events

Resource Generation

Client Relation Management

Increasing growth of AIESEC Products

2. Give your (probable) ER target for the next year. Justify the same, considering the ground realities faced in the LC in 2012.

Product Youth to Business

Target (Rs) 2,00,000

Justification Eminent speakers will attract Partnerships and sponsorships

Global Village


Gathering 15-20 diverse culture trainee in Thapar University

Impact Week


Selling a relevant social cause through Partnerships and sponsorships

3. What sources of revenue do you propose that will bring in regular income to the LC (apart from direct exchange programs)? Sources for regular income to the LC: 

Collaborative Partnerships

School of Languages

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Financial Management 1. Describe your understanding of the role of Vice-President Finance in the LC.

Vice President Finance is responsible for handling the flow of money through the organization, incomes and spending. As discussed in OSC 2012, VPF is a key position in any entity. Role of Vice President Finance: 

Budgeting for each department


Handling University Relation

Investment in the entity

Bringing transparency and making GB members aware about finances of entity

Tracking cash flow

Auditing expenses of each department

Synergy meetings with all the departments

2. Define a financially sustainable LC. How do you envision AIESEC Thapar University in 2013 with respect to financial sustainability? Financial sustainable LC is the one which is able sell their products (ELD Programs) at price that covers their expenses and generates a profit. Financially sustainable LC needs to focus on Long term goals like delivering quality experiences. The partnership of AIESEC with Thapar University leads to financial sustainability of this entity. The Logistics for events are offered by the University free of cost. Thus the expenses incurred in comparison to the income generated from exchanges is very less leading to huge profit. Proper budgeting and accounting will ensure financial sustainability of the entity. 3. Attach an outline budget with respect to your ELD program targets, including ER income from events, collaborations etc. Inflow (Rs)

Outflow (Rs)

oGCDP: 6,30,000

OGX: 20,000

oGIP: 50,000

ICX: 60,000

iGCDP: 70,000

Miscellaneous: 1,00,000

iGIP: 70,000 ER:2,50,000

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Talent Management 1. What is your understanding of the distinction between TM as a function and TM as a program? Evaluate the performance of both in 2012.

TM as a function includes: 

Recruitment, Selection Procedures and inductions of the students

Manpower Planning

Departmentalization of members based on their capabilities

Feedback from members

Discharge of Member

TM as a program includes: 

TMP- TLP Management

TMP- TLP leading to exchange growth

In 2012, TM as a function had a good performance during the second recruitment cycle. Recruitment was well planned with the pre decided number of manpower required in each department. We lacked in the right way of discharging member, the recruit should be analysed if he fits somewhere else. TM as a program also performed well, TMP-TLP led to growth in programs. Talent Management needs to work upon the personal goal setting of the members and aligning it with that of the organization.

2. Analyze the recruitment’s conducted this year. What innovations do you propose in the existing processes to make them even more effective for next year? January 2012 Recruitment Drive: 

Low turnout of applicants

Poor branding

August 2012 Recruitment Drive: 

Major response through Lead! in Frosh Week

High OGX response due to experience sharing of EPs

Around 180 forms sold and good turnout for GDs and Personal Interview

Well planned and organized

Recruited 28 students

Activities to allocate departments to new recruits

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Innovations for 2013 Recruitment 

Promoting Experience of returned EPs (experience sharing)

Recruiting returned EPs

Lead! In other universities

Questionnaire to departmentalize recruits

February Recruitments main focus on OGX and recruit few members to meet departments requirements

Marketing 1. What emphasis does Marketing as a function hold currently for AIESEC in Thapar University? Critically analyze the same. Also evaluate its contribution to growth in ELD programs.

AIESEC in Thapar University has one of the best marketing strategies in comparison to other organizations. Marketing has helped to establish brand value of AIESEC in the university. 

The promotion of all the events is excellent and majorly it is through virtual platforms.

Till now marketing in Thapar University has been worked out collective by all the departments in promoting the events.

We lack a definite marketing team and we need to bring a change in the organization structure.

Promotion and marketing of events like Information Seminars and LEAD has lead to immense growth of ELD Programs.

Last year AIESEC in Thapar University witnessed growth in TMP applicants and winter OGX cycle because of wide-spread promotion of the Information Seminar and Lead.

We need to improve upon marketing for incoming exchanges and the same should be focused. 2. How should Marketing evolve in the LC in 2013? How do you see it contributing to ELD programs in 2013

Marketing should evolve in the LC in 2013 in following ways: 

Evolution in the organization structure to have a marketing specific team

Marketing Team needs to work in synergy BD

Focus should be laid on marketing through virtual platforms

Promotion of events should be wide spread, that is targeting youth other than Thapar University also.

Show casing Impact with Trainee experiences

Partnership with media organizations

The basic idea behind marketing is to promote AIESEC products and thus it will contribute to grow ELD Programs.

Vaibhav Jain Manifesto for Local Committee Coordinator 2013 | AIESEC in Thapar University

Manifesto Vaibhav Jain  

Manifesto for the position of LCC AIESEC Thapar University 2013-14

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