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Academic & Professional Work Select Projects 2008- 2014

Aerotropolis for Xiamen Region

Compact Model


Project Type : Spatial Planning Date: 2014 Office: RHDHV Location: Xiamen Metr. Region,


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VS Network Model

The Xiamen New International Airport (XNIA) proposal has been born out of the demand for a new airport replacing the existing one situated within city fabric, unable to grow to meet rising demands. The goal is to upgrade the handling capacity from 18 million to 75 million passengers annually, making it one of the largest airports in Southern china. Following the growing worldwide trend of the 'aerotropolis' development, a similar strategy is desired in case of XNIA for the Xiamen-Quanzhou-Zhangzhou-region connecting the province to global trade and improve the overall competitiveness of the region. Building on the urban model of Xiamen region, instead of the currently planned compact model where the aerotropolis functions are bundled in one area, largely independent of the region. Thus, also demanding new infrastruc-

Space & Time relationships

ture catering exclusively to just airport specific flows.

The proposal follows a 'network model' which is to create an optimized satellite airport (including only targeted programs) while rest of the related facilities/spin off development is distributed in the region as strategic nodes embedding the airport flows more wholesomely with daily urban life. As a result, be able to share benefits with broader user base, encourage interactions between local-global scale and ensure flexibility in design to adapt to future changes. This strategy also reduces the reclamation of land required, in addition to preserving and enhancing the natural ecology in this region.