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Friday March 11 2:00 PM Death of the Textbook, Emergence of Games Panel Fireside Chat: Tim O'Reilly Interviewed by Jason Calacanis Dual Gamechanging: Turn Your App Into A Cooperative Game Dual Lighten Your Load: Successfully Leverage Volunteers and Interns Core Conversation Marketing Budgets Have Gone Social – Is It Working? Panel Slaying the Four Horsemen of the Social-Media Apocalypse Core Conversation The Life of the Startup Parent Core Conversation

3:30 PM App, Shmapp, Tell Me What Works Across Platforms! Solo Marissa Mayer Presentation Solo The Accidental Writer: Great Web Copy for Everyone Solo The New Frontier of Social Gaming Solo

5:00 PM Interactive Comics: Techniques to Enhance Math Education Solo Metrics for Social Media: The Net Promoter Score Core Conversation The Connected Car: Driving Technology Panel

5:30 PM Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills



SXSW Schedule

Book Reading

6:00 PM The Mix at Six presented by SapientNitro Party Aces Lounge

Saturday March 12 9:00 AM Drive A Chevy Austin Convention Center PepsiCo Innovation Station Austin Convention Center PepsiCo Playground Austin Convention Center

9:30 AM Beyond Check-Ins: Location Based Game Design Dual Diversity in the Digital Age Solo How Print Design is the Future of Interaction Solo Social Media: The Next Generation of Business Engagement Solo

11:00 AM What Comic Books Can Teach Mobile Application Designers Solo

11:30 AM What The Government Can Learn From Amazon Future15

12:30 PM Inclusive Design: Creating Beautiful, Usable & Accessible Websites Dual Mistakes I Made Building Netflix for the iPhone Solo Mobile Health in Africa: What Can We Learn? Panel Ordering Disorder: Grid Design for the New World Solo



SXSW Schedule

2:00 PM Keynote: Seth Priebatsch Keynote

3:30 PM Being Creative Takes Practice... A Good Management Practice Core Conversation Bridging the Geo-Gap to Empower Women in Technology Core Conversation Building Native Apps Across Platforms Workshop Care and Feeding of Blogs and Book Contracts Panel Five Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch Solo How Does SciFi Influence Our Future Cities? Panel Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better Solo

4:30 PM 100% Viable, 1% Visible - Minority New Media Entrepreneurs Future15

5:00 PM Augmented Reality for Marketers: Future of Consumer Interactions Dual How to Ensure a Diverse Tech Event Future15 Where Are The Women in Startups? Um, Everywhere! Core Conversation

Sunday March 13 9:30 AM Beyond the Hype: Mobile App Opportunities In Africa Panel Creative and Effective Leadership in Design Environments Solo Measuring Social Media – Let’s Get Serious Panel

11:00 AM App Savvy - Think First, Code Later



SXSW Schedule

Workshop Getting Advanced with Social Media for Social Good Core Conversation

11:15 AM Customer Service in Real-Time Future15

11:30 AM Social Espionage and CRM Future15

12:30 PM How Social Networking Is Changing Advocacy Core Conversation The Future of Touch User Interface Design Dual

2:00 PM Keynote: Christopher Poole Keynote

3:30 PM Apps vs. Mobile Web: Which to Reach Consumers? Future15 Do Tablets Dream of Electric News? Core Conversation How Social Media Fu@k'd up my Marriage Core Conversation HTML5? The Web's Dead, Baby Panel Seven Reasons Your Employees Hate You Core Conversation Toss the Projector: Redefining the Presenter/Audience Dynamic Dual Whither the Female Tech Founder Panel

5:00 PM Breaking Glass Ceiling - Fearless Women Entrepreneur Core Conversation Building with Twitter – How to Dominate the API Solo Communicating on the Web During a Crisis Core Conversation



SXSW Schedule

Where Web Typography Goes To Next Solo

7:00 PM Interactive/Film Fusion Party presented by Meebo Party Six Lounge

Monday March 14 9:30 AM Can The Games Industry Learn From Web UX Panel Legal Aspects of Online and 3D Game Development Panel You’re Dead, Your Data Isn’t: What Happens Now? Panel

10:00 AM Web Designer's Guide to iOS Apps Book Reading

11:00 AM Cryptography, Technology, Privacy: Philip Zimmermann, Inventor of PGP Solo Dealing With Internet Drama In Feminist Discourse Core Conversation Developing Futuristic Multi-Touch / Multi-Screen Applications Workshop Game Publishing Evolution from Traditional to Digital Distribution Panel Games: Tools For Mass Communication Panel How To Hire And Manage A Developer Core Conversation Understanding the Economy Using Twitter Dual

12:00 PM Next Stage: Trade Show Opening Ceremony Trade Show Exhibit Hall 3/4

12:30 PM



SXSW Schedule

Apps, APIs & Syndication: Creativity in the Post-Website Era Solo Designing a Seamless Web to Mobile Experience Panel Game On: 7 Design Patterns For User Engagement Solo How Game Dynamics Can Change Real-World Experiences Solo Net Neutrality Forever? The Very Long View Solo NPR’s API: Create Once, Publish Everywhere Solo Sentiment of Two Women: Sentiment Analysis & Social Media Solo Your Web Developer Thinks You're an Idiot Core Conversation

2:00 PM Keynote: Felicia Day Keynote

3:00 PM SXSW Meet Up with Trade Show Exhibit Hall 3/4

3:30 PM Behavior Design: Stop Being Neutral, Start Influencing Decisions Workshop HTML5 & CSS3: The Good Enough Parts Workshop Moving the Web onto Mobile Devices Panel OMG, My Customer’s Pissed and Uses Twitter Panel Switch: from Freelancer to Entrepreneur Core Conversation Voting: The 233-Year-Old Design Problem Panel

3:45 PM Future of Mobile Gaming/Entertainment Future15

4:00 PM Designing for Mobile Web



SXSW Schedule


4:30 PM Designing for Android Future15

4:45 PM Tips for Getting Your App Approved Future15

5:00 PM New Worlds: Creating Online Sci-fi and Fantasy Experiences Panel

5:45 PM Designing for iPhone Future15

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My SXSW 2011 Schedule  

This is my tenative schedule for SXSW 2011.

My SXSW 2011 Schedule  

This is my tenative schedule for SXSW 2011.