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Seung Taek Kim IB ENGLISH B H2 Mrs. Mirecka Period 8

What career will you pursue and why? When I graduate from university, I want to work in IT related jobs and become like Steve Jobs. Even before elementary school student, I have been fascinated about computer games and creating new things out of clays or Legos. Not only IT related jobs are my choice but it is also a job that is expected to grow in the future. However as I deeply thought about myself working in IT related jobs, there was a major issue regarding university application. Most of the universities require physics as compulsory course to take in high school; however I didn’t take physics course at all during my high school life. Even so I believe there is some way to be permitted in the university. In my opinion I have a quiet, calm personality, and fascination about the job, which make me fit for IT job.

Seung Taek Kim Jakarta International School Bekasi, Lippo Cikarang JL. Dago Indah 37 September 01, 2011 Ms. Maria Lopez California Institute of Technology 341 Annenberg MC 305-16

Dear Mrs. Lopez My name is Seung Taek Kim, a senior in Jakarta International School. While I was searching for technology universities I would like to attend, I read about the Caltech University. I visited the official Caltech website for possible course I would be interested in. Out of 16 major courses, I am intrigued about Computer Science course the most and since I have some questions regarding applying to this course, I would like to ask you some questions. I have been interested in Computer programming since I was in 8th grade and hence took Intro to Comp Lang, Comp App, Int Robotics, and AP Comp Science courses during my high school career. I have built some knowledge on using Java language and how to systemically solve simple tasks using simple commands such as making simple calculator program. Not only that, I had an internship at SK-telecom Company for two months in Korea, last summer vacation and learned several simple techniques used to program cell phone’s applications, for example making a simple game where the user must avoid all the obstacles falling from the sky. I wonder if these kinds of experiences and skills I have would be an advantage in applying to the university. I would be grateful to hear your opinion about my situation. Also I found out that in order to apply for Caltech University, 4year of math, 1 year of physics, 1 year of chemistry, 3year of English, 1 year of U.S history, TOEFL, SAT, SAT Math, SAT Physics are required. However I didn’t take 1 year of U.S history class, and I am late to take that course now since I am senior. Will it be a burden in applying to Caltech University? I hope to hear an advice from you about how fit I am to be Caltech University’s student and what should I do from now to be accepted in the university. Thank you for your patience. Your Sincerely

Seung Taek Kim

Respect graduates, Inspect undergraduate, Prospect future The most difficult questions for students (below high school graduate) are: Who do you like more, mother or father? How much calories did you consume today? What kind of subject would you like to major in? Which university would you like to go, and why? Among them, questions regarding their future specifically are difficult to answer. Especially for international school students, deciding whether they should continue their education at foreign country or at home land is the most difficult question, for it will decide not only their university lives but also future career. I am Korean who is living in Indonesia and graduate of Jakarta International School. In my case I applied for Korea University, despite opposition of my parents who insisted me to continue study abroad. In order to decide which country’s university I would go, I have thought of pluses and minuses of studying abroad, and compared the benefit of studying abroad and studying at home land. Then I came up with a conclusion that studying at home land would make me easier to get a job than studying abroad. These days, many part of the world is suffering from financial crisis due to continuous housing bubbles, currency crisis, leverage, fraud, contagion, and recession. Hence getting a job is a huge problem in many parts of the world. Also it is hard to say that it won’t happen again in the future. Moreover, as more students graduate universities and apply for jobs, higher the competence between job applicants become and lesser the chance to get into the job become. Then here is a question. Who will you pick? Native applicant who graduated in the top university in foreign land, native applicant who graduated in the top university of native land, foreign applicant who graduated in the top university of native land or foreign applicant who graduated in the top university of foreign university. Logically, people would pick native applicant who graduated in the top university of native land as priority. The reason being, they are quick to adapt to new environment (job environment), familiar working with same native country’s people, and assumption that they would be reliable and trustworthy since they graduated from top university of native land. In fact, more than 50% of recruiters preferred native applicant with native university graduates. Applicant who is native and graduate of national university cost less, performs better, communicate well, and cost effective. However foreigners cost more, requires some time to perform to the fullest and takes time to communicate naturally. For native with foreign university graduate, the recruiters assume that they aren’t familiar with native country’s culture since they stayed abroad for a long duration. Recruiters of other countries’ companies are the same. They want to hire someone from their country, unless the foreigner has amazing techniques or skills. Hence, if I was to graduate from foreign country’s university, then it would be hard to be hired in either home land or overseas. Another factor that affected my choice is pluses and minuses of studying abroad. Even though I already experienced studying abroad, I don’t have experience of being in university,

I asked several graduates of Jakarta International Schools to share their experience. Oxford University’s graduate, Agnieszka Zyzanska and University of Toronto’s undergraduate Safa Sh who have been living most of their life in Indonesia, describes how shocked they were when they first moved into United Kingdom and Canada. Agnieszka who is unfamiliar with United Kingdom’s culture, describes the food as “eating sausages, scrambled eggs, beans, fried potatoes, and white bread takes my appetite away.” Also she had hard time being familiar with British accent, because she was familiar with American accent in Jakarta International School. Another factor that she still doesn’t understand is the term “cup of tea” she says “most of my peers go out every night and come back at 5am. That’s not a cup of tea.” Safa Sh who is Indian suffered quite discrimination, “The younger kids didn’t understand my background and the country where I came from. Some of them called me terrorist.” She had hard time in making friends, too. “I had to work harder at making friends, since others already had them and didn’t need to actively find more as I did.” Considering these facts, the things they experienced after immigrating were the same with how I experienced when I first came to Indonesia. I immigrated into Indonesia when I was 3rd grade. I didn’t know anyone, couldn’t understand their language and confused of their actions. Therefore, in first 2 days of my school, I cried. However, as I used to Indonesia’s culture, I became more considerate, open minded and more assertive at challenging new things. Safa Sh and Agnieszka felt the same as me, too. Safa Sh says, “I grew to love the taste of a dish called Poutine, a traditional dish from the province of Quebec.” Nevertheless, in order to reach that state, it takes time and it requires one to be quite assertive. Also considering the future job career, I recommend staying in the home land for university education for promising future.

The writer is from Jakarta International School Who is preparing for university application

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Detail Name Address Cell phone Email Date of Birth

Seung Taek Kim Bekasi, Lippo Cikarang Jl. Dago Indah 37th 0878 3201 0901 September 18th 1993

Employment History 2018~2019

Internship at English teacher at Busan, South Korea, during summer and winter vacation,


Internship at Samsung technology during summer vacation in Korea.


Part time job at SK-telecom during winter vacation in Korea.


Internship at SK-telecom Company for two months in Korea during last summer vacation

Education 2013~2019 2009~2012 2007~2009 2006~2007 2005~2006 2002~2005 2002 2001~2002 2000~2001

California Institute of Technology Jakarta International School Sekolah Pelitah Harapan Jinpyeong middle school Jinpyeong elementary school Sekolah Pelitah Harapan Gaya Elementary school Okgye elementary school Hwangsang elementary school

Academic Qualification 2013~2019: 2009~2012:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer science SAT IB English B H IB Environment systems AP Computer Science IB Math S Toefl

Language Korean (mother tongue) English (fluent) Indonesian (2years) Chinese (2years)

Interest / Hobbies It would be hard to believe but my hobby is actually reading books. I am interested in Computer technology fields. Also I have gained some experience in teaching English and working in the jobs. I am quite shy person but I adopt to situations well due to many transfer of schools.

Referee California Institute of Technology Office of Undergraduate Admissions 1200 E. California Blvd. Mail Code 10-90 Pasadena, CA 91125

Seung Taek Kim Bekasi, Lippo Cikarang, Indonesia JL. Dago Indah 37 September 29, 2019 Recruiters of Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment

Dear recruiter of Blizzard Entertainment, I have been fascinated about being able to work in the Blizzard company since I was 10 years old. I was 6years old when I first encountered Blizzard game which is DiabloII. Then I continued to play Starcraft and WarcraftIII which is my favorite games. While playing them I began to imagine myself working in Blizzard company, making people like me to feel happy when they play games. The Blizzard Entertainment is the biggest game industry in the world and contains several branches world wide. Hence, during my research on IT related jobs in Korea, I found out that Blizzard entertainment is needing more people than before due to new games DiabloIII, StarcraftII, and ongoing online game World Of Warcraft. Since Blizzard Entertainment, Korea branch is looking for web project manager which is right career for me, I am applying for this job. I am graduate of Caltech University and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Therefore I am proficient in communicating in English, cooperating with other people, and using Microsoft Office. Also after graduating, I have been working part time in Hanbit software as a web programmer so I have knowledge on web programming. Even though I am Korean, I have been studying abroad in Indonesia at Jakarta International School and have been staying in California for 4 years so I am adapt at talking to a stranger. In my university years, I have participated in several group projects in researching and creating simple programs like complex calculator or graphing program. Moreover, I am person who is easy to talk to and quite humorous in communicating. Thus I am fit at solving problems, talking to others in English, using Microsoft Office, and researching informations. I hope to hear your opinion about me able to work in the Blizzard Company. Hopefully it would be good news for me.

Your Sincerely

Seung Taek Kim

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