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Anjelo Raposas

Graphic Design Year 3

F i n a l p i e c e : P i n h o l e p o r t r a it s

The remaining photographs I’ve taked that I thought were damaged during the process of developing. On the left are the scans of the negatives, as you can see, a little bit of the quality has gone.

F i n a l p i e c e : Ye a r b o o k q u o t e s

“Describe the last three years in three words.”

A few examples of the quotes I have collected for the yearbook. There are different questions and this is to make the yearbook interesting and give a sense of randomness. Quite a few people didn’t reply to me so I didn’t have anything to write as their quote so I thought because one of the question is “What are you thinking right at this moment?”, I decided to improvise and go to their Facebook account and see if they have posted any recent status because this is similar to the question I’ve asked them.

“What are you thinking at this moment?”

“What you did in the last 10 minutes.”

“Facebook status”

F i n a l p i e c e : Ye a r b o o k l a y o u t s

I have experimented with different layouts to suit the yearbook, as this is for everyone, I asked my peers for their opinions and feedbacks from there I decided what layout I would use. The typeface used for the quotes is Adobe Garamond Pro and for the students’ names is Bodoni Svty Two ITC TT. These typefaces give the yearbook a feeling like you’re looking though a book.

F i n a l p i e c e : Ye a r b o o k c o v e r

I had trouble thinking of a title of the yearbook and after doing a brainstorm, I thought I’d call it “Picture Perfect”, this describes where we all now, the last year of our degree, everything is going to plan, and our goals and ambitions in life are now even closer.

F i n a l p i e c e : Ye a r b o o k r e c o r d o f p r o g r e s s

Using the techniques and skills I have learned from the advance book binding workshop I attended, I created the last step for completing the yearbook.

Fina l piece: Finished yea rbook The finished yearbook, the actual size is A6 and is a hardback book, similar to the size of the photographs. Each students have their own portrait and a quote. I feel that I have acheived my goal by producing a yearbook that is interesting and creative in its own way.

Final Outcome  

Final Outcome

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