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Moose Sans

Moose sans corporate typeface and logotype for TeliaSonera assignment In May 2011 the new identity was launched and the logotype is a version of Helvetica with some flavours from the old Telia-logotype. Very inconsequent in the stroke and relations between letters. Design a typeface, that suits the symbol and can work as a logotype, either just written or optimized for the name, and as an identity for headlines. The typeface can not be based on existing typefaces, but must be original work.

anja delbello designskolen kolding fontdesign march sixteenth


Sketches development Moose Sans started in November 2011 during Creative Typography master course at my home faculty in Slovenia. The main idea was to create a mono-line sans serif typeface


which would show a strong character in display sizes but remain readable in small sizes. This was a good predisposition to create a corporate typeface and logotype for TeliaSonera.

final lowercase a

Process development of a A mayor part of character definition process was spent on lowercase letter a. I started working on a singlestorey a. First it was quite narrow and had strong cal-

ligraphic stroke, but gradually became wider and less contrasted and more roboust. At one point it started to look too playful, so less round forms were introduced and

the tear-shaped counter replaced with more angular one. Different outstrokes were tried until deciding for the characteristic “pirate-leg� style.

changing the width

different outstrokes

different solutions for double-storey a (Stylistic alternate)

the whole process of lowecase a

nonparallel strokes


ank C X


nonparallel strokes

Design character Moose Sans is of bold weight, mono-line sans serif typeface with nonparallel stems. It has some humanistic influences, some cursive elements (single-storey a and g in the de-

fault set, double-storey available as stylistic alternates) and some serif elements (C, c and r). The x-height is relatively high, ascenders and descenders are short, forms are

open (for better legibility at small sizes). A lot of character comes from the “pirate-leg� outstrokes, the style also repeats with k, y, x, R, and K.

g ĹĄc characteristic leg


serifed c in r

stylistic sets in use

Enjoy swing dance basic

Enjoy swing dance stylistic set one

Enjoy swing dance stylistic set two

a g a g



basic set X


stylistic set 1

130 pt

Design stylistic alternates The basic set is a combination of round and straight forms which balances its character. Double-storey a and g are available in Stylistic set 1, round y and w are available in Stylistic set 2.

18 pt

a a g y w

g y w

yw yw

stylistic set 2

g stylistic set 1

Design letters in use

corporate typeface

UIn usรทรทรทe logo The dynamic rhythm which comes from nonparallel strokes fits nicely with the existing TeliaSonera sign. I kept the same size proportion between the sign and the logotype.

logo in colour

black & white logo in two lenghts

UIn usรทรทรทe ads I applied Moose Sans to existing style of TeliaSonera ads to show how the typeface works in the branding applications.

Welcome to a smarter world with TeliaSonera

TeliaSonera one of the biggest mobile operators now in Iran

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TeliaSonera one of the biggest mobile operators now in Iran*

Moose Sans

Moose Sans  

Moose Sans type specimen; description, presentation and usage.

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