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Editorial Dear delegates, During the past 3 days you have taken part in a number of rather uncommon events. You have crawled around the gym, while screaming Aleile, you have participated in a number of Media Projects, created your own resolutions and have debated upon their relevance in the modern reality. You felt a whole spectrum of emotions and got out of you comfort zone at least a dozen of times. It feels quite good, isn’t it? To get to expand your knowledge on your abilities? Isn’t that a better way we get to know ourselves better and develop as much as we can? Another wise man once said that you can’t reach harmony when everybody sings the same note. All the different topics you discussed, disagreements you had and variety of opinions you heard throughout the previous days make this world harmonised. All the laughs, happiness, fear, fury, confusion and excitement you felt make together a balance of emotions that make harmony among us, within us, in us. And that’s the way we grow. Grow in harmony. As one of the memories you will take from this session and one of the many creative projects you took part in, the Malmö Media Team presents you the issue of the session filled with interesting and and inspiring interviews, tips and pictures from the session. Enjoy it and we will hopefully meet again somewhere in Europe! On behalf of the Malmö Media Team, Anja & Maciej

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Malmรถ Quiz



Welcome! By now you’re a fully fledged EYPer and you’re probably feeling sad and teary because your first session is now over. We thought that we should let you know how to continue your journey with us. Since you’re now an alumnus of a very active National Committee, you should stay tuned to all the announcements that the five regional boards of EYP Sweden post on their


respective Facebook pages. The first tip for you is to look up these pages and follow them, as you will be able to get the latest info on new opportunities to engage with the EYP world. It’s probably best if you pay special attention to the Facebook page “EYP Sweden South - EUP Syd”, since it’s probably the closest regional committee to you. You can also contact any of the board members if you have any questions on how

to engage, since they are always available to help you with anything you might need. If you’re not sure who they are, you actually have the opportunity to meet them (and all other Swedish alumni) at the next southern regional meeting, which will take place very soon in the lovely Turning Torso, right in the spotlight of Malmö.Show up to kickstart what will surely be an incredible journey with this organisation.


If you weren’t selected to attend this year’s nationals, fear no more! EYP Sweden has plenty of opportunities available for you to grab. With loads of calls available, you can always apply to be a delegate either at a Swedish session or in any other countries where EYP is currently present. You can also apply to be an official… you could be an organiser, journalist or even a chair… Whatever you like. If you just want to gather more

knowledge about being an official, you can always attend one of the EYP Alumni Weekends, where training and fun times will be provided. This doesn’t have to be the end. Please feel welcome and free to engage in one of the best and loveliest organisations out there. We are very happy to have you with us and we hope to see you really really soon.

EYP Exp Conall 1. What is your funniest EYP related memory? My first time chairing at the session abroad, I landed in Leipzig, Germany. When I came out of the train station I realised that I had no idea when I was going or where the accommodation was, so I spent the next 4 hours trying to ask people where the Youth Hostel was and they had absolutely no idea. After hours of walking around I found a hotel that had wifi so I sat there, frantically trying to message the president of the session who had to pick me up to take me to the place. 2. What was your most awkward EYP moment?

5. How many coffees did you have today (by 10.17 am)

It was my first national session as a delegate and I called my chair ‘mummy’ in front of the delegates from my committee. I was called ‘mummy’s boy’ for the rest of the committee work.

I have a policy that you can have as many coffees as you want before 12. I think I’m on the number 6 and a half now, because I didn’t get to finish one of them.

3. How did you learn about EYP? I was in school and I had an exam coming up in economics that I didn’t want to do, so I tried to find something that I could use as an excuse to skip class that week. Our teacher told us they were organising a debating competition for EYP and I was like – I don’t care, sign me up, whatever. So it was to get out of work and well, I ended up doing even more work in EYP. 4. How many hours did you sleep last night? 4-4.5 hours, which is perfect I think.


periences Martyna 1. I think a very funny memory for me is the RS of EYP Spain in Donostia (2015) where the whole officials team were making jokes and anecdotes about a clip from a Spanish soap opera, trying to imitate the actors. 2. During fundraising for this session when calling a big company, my call was forwarded to an Johanna 1. One time I had a delegate who drew a stick when they were trying to draw a picture of their fellow delegate - I’m not kidding when I say that tears were streaming down my face. 2. I accidentally told a cute organiser that I hate men. 3. A presentation at my school... pretty sure it sounded super lame. 4. Four - more than I expected to be getting during the session! 5. 1! If that! Just high on life.

employee that was on vacation and he had to interrupt my beautiful pitch about EYP to tell me he was not actually working at the moment. I felt really bad. 3. My classmate told me about it as her brother had been a part of it so I decided to try joining my schools delegation. 4. Around 4,5 5. Actually I do not drink coffee... but around 2,5 energy drinks might have been consumed so far. Dora 1. The first time I ever played the coin game: I was one of two girls in a committee of nine… 2. That weird teambuilding game where everyone has to breathe in and out in unison, and you have someone lying on your stomach: that is always awkward. 3. My teacher and mentor Anna strongly encouraged me to try out for the Regional Session in Malmö in 2014, truly a life-changing moment. 4. About 4, but I kept waking up and thinking about Oatly and coffee break… 5. 2 cups of coffee and 2 Red Bulls, but the night is still young, and resolution typing awaits!


Delegates like challenges, right? So, we gave them two. We challenged our committees to do exists in order to connect people and make them feel more comfortable with each other, just lik Malmรถ as an example fo



o the one leg kick challenge and we let them create their own memory in a picture. Teambuilding ke bridges exist to connect two different coasts, so we used the Ă˜resund Bridge which represents or making a human bridge.


“Guilty for being too fabulous”

“Rules were made to be broken”

“I love bagels”

“I told you so”


“Jail better be fun this week”

“It’s good to be evil sometimes”

“I saw the principle in sweatpants”

“The vegetarian police is here”

“They said I could be anything, so I became a disappointment”



natural and flowing. As for makeup, a pop of red lipstick, luminous eyebrows and purple shimmery eyes were spotted. Overall, the approach was minimalist with bright, sparkling bursts of colour. It’s vital to remain grounded, to take a step back from the hectic daily routine and consider the bigger picture. But how often do we notice our shoes?! They can reveal a lot about who we are.

In line with the darkening days, the style seen at the MalmĂś Regional Session was dominated by shades of grey and black. Outfits were subdued and functional. Sleek and elegant, delegates and officials alike had an air of professionalism about them. Shirts, trousers, jeans and dresses conveyed the work ethic we aimed to foster


throughout the session. Knitwear proved a popular choice. Warmth and comfort were taken into consideration, exhibited through soft and fluffy textiles. Accessories included snuggly scarves and floppy hats. Coats were an absolute necessity in the cold, with most individuals opting for parkas or faux fur-ideal to combat the cold Swedish winter. Hair was kept



of Malmรถ

The more pragmatic among us will probably opt for practical runners, whilst those who care more for aesthetics tend to wear shoes that are tricky to walk in. Are they quirky? Or conventional? Colourful or serious? Well-kept or scuffed? Of course, something as intricate as personality cannot be distilled into one single quality. But some truth may be found in the footwear spotted at the session. Tidy, practical yet stylish shoes in hues of brown, white and black denote determination, resilience and creativitytraits we most certainly observed at the Malmรถ Regional Session.


Malmรถ 2016 Quiz

01 Malmo as a third largest city in Sweden and the 6th largest in the Nordic countries has a population of: a) 318,107 b) 320,097 c) 280.120 d) 128,281 02 In Malmรถ, the argest number od immigrants comes from: a) Poland b) Denmark c) Iraq d) Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina e) Denmark 03 When Bettina Carr-Allinson founded the EYP?

a) in 1984 b) in 1974 c) in 1977 d) in 1988

04 How many EYP member organisation are there in EYP Sweden:

a) 8 b) 7 c) 5 d) 6

05 What is the theme of this session: a) Harmony of the seas b) Growing in harmony c) Growing in Malmรถ d) Growing sustainably

06 Which of these is not part of the European Union?

a) European Parliament b) Council of Europe c) The European Council d) The Council

07 In what year was the Eurovision Song Contest first broadcast? a) 1949 b) 1956 c) 1961 d) 1934 08 Which one you believe it has the highest carbon footprint? a) Paper towels b) Laundered roller towels c) All the other 3 choices have a comparable average of carbon emissions. d) Electric hand driers 09 Which of the following is the greenest source of energy? a) Electricity from coal burning b) The Energizer Bunny c) Electricity from nuclear plants d) Electricity from photovoltaic (PV) cells

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