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Skill India Program – Make in India Our education system has been on the top list quite recently. All thanks to our Government and our honorable Prime Minister. Our education system churns out candidates on a high number; those who are not considered to be eligible or fit for employment. This is causing the unemployment to be on the rise. Thus the government has launched the Skill India Programming, which is encouraging all those who are considered non fit for any seat. According to a recent study and a survey, almost 93% of the workforce in India is unskilled. I am here talking about being ÍžunskilledÍ&#x; and not unemployed. These unskilled labors are not fit for certain positions but have been hired due to deficiency and the lack of skilled candidates. This is basically and normally called as misemployment. Misemployment is a major and a key factor for all who are not considered fit for any position. Thus our government has launched many Skill India Programmers pan India.

Are you aware that India is the next country to become the second largest economy by 2050, given that 55% of total population is below 25 years of age and the remaining population falls between 15 to 60 years? However, being skilled and being employed are totally different things. To provide proper training and complete guidance, Skill India Training Providers have been assigned many tasks like providing complete training to all those who have not being able to complete their studies die to various reasons. Many centers for the same have been set up by our government so that the Skill India Consultants can reach even to the remote areas. Not only the urban sector but the remote areas are also being given the benefit of Skill India programmer, given that Indian economy is expected to grow at a higher rate in the next few years. However, the government is trying to unleash better opportunities for the candidates so that the Skill India Program does not lose its identity. As we all know the candidates also need to impart their skills and ability in order to attain a new level and reach the heights of achieving newer goals. It is the Skill Development Training Provider that they have invested their time and energy in making this a successful platform so that the young India can benefit from it. This is being done to fulfill the need and to fill the gap between the organization and the candidate. More the skilled manpower pan India, more the rise in economy and lesser gap between the employer and the employees. To attain a higher level in the economy and to sustain the growth of the current economy, Skill India Program has been launched.

Skill india program – make in india  
Skill india program – make in india  

The Skill India Consultants can reach even to the remote areas. Not only the urban sector but the distant areas are also being given the pr...