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Communication designer

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About me

I am a graphic designer/ illustrator currently studying in Indian Institute of art design, specialising in communication design.

I am a creative enthusiast who likes to unleash her true passion through design. I am the kind of person who will always strive to achieve the best and is trained to overcome all sort of obstacles in the aspect of design. The process of designing and illustrating is an enjoyment to me.

Software skills


Illustrator Photoshop Premier Pro After affects

Indian Intitute of Art and Design, Delhi (2017-2020) BA(Hons) communication design, (with IIAD merit Scholorship)

Indian Intitute of Art and Design, Delhi (2016-2017) Foundation Diploma (with merit)


Design skills

Academic experience


Worked on projects like,


Filmaking project- a film on anxiety and depression


Advertising- TVC and Point of Purchase of biscuit Parle-G


Branding- created and worked on hypothetical brand, Big Buddy



Web designing

Web designing- recreated the delhi government website


Work experience


Worked as a freelancer


logo design - Author paradise, the people’s publisher The Frozen Words, writing blog

Nature Sketching

Mukundimages T-shirt design - Doodlewoodle


Advertising This is a college project in which we had to take one brand and do market study of the same. We had to come up with the problem statement and then came up with the concept of television commercial. We had to create story board of the TVC.

Problem Statement

After doing research, primary and secondary I came up with problems that


Not coming with any offers

No advertisement at all in t

Parle G is a chai staple in the country and most of us have also grown up having or still have it with a glass of milk.

t the Parle-G is facimg in the market

ALING Not targeting new customers



the market.

The online survey helped me to look upon some interesting memories of people. From there I chose one memory and worked on it.


Branding This is branding project where we had to create a hypothetical brand which comprises of identifying the opportunity area, research, taking out insight and creating a brand and then do branding of it.


It’s a service which helps, guides and


d supports outstation college students.

Logo Brainstorming

Digitized logos

Colored logo

Final Logo The idea of creating the logo is simple and eective, so that people understatnd the meaning of the brand. The big B is Big buddy carrying a human inside. The human is in comfortable and secure position inside Big buddy.


The orange color is being used to give the sense of warmth and friendliness.

Selection of Font Century Gothic

big buddy


Hp simplifiled

big buddy


Microsoft tai le

big buddy


Proxima sans regular

big buddy



big buddy

BIG BUDDY Century Gothic


Color palette

A quick look of how the branding could be applied to marketing collateral.


Mascot Design Mascot design is part of the campaign project. The idea was to introduce the brand ‘’Big Buddy’’ to the market. So, keeping in mind the target audience I decided to create a mascot for the brand. In addition to that I made stickers and posters for that too.

I took inspiration from letter B and then took it further.

Character model

Colored versions

Finalised Mascot

Sticker designed


Website Design In this project we had to choose one bad website and understand the information architecture of that website and then recreate the website. This module comprise of learning the order, the IA, UI and UX in website design.

Interface and look of the preset delhi government website

After analysing the information architecture of the currecnt website we created a the new wireframe and then worked on it.


You can view Prototype of the wesite

Poster design Here, I have redesigned the Mc Donald's spicy shaker fries poster.



Book cover design Here, I have redesigned the book cover of the classic novel, Train to Pakistan.


Stop Motion Animation Follow the Dot- ''Log kya kahenge’’ How many times have you wanted to do something in your life that is not normally accepted? - Drop out of college? Pursue a career as a photographer or a model? How many times has some or the other neighbor asked you when you are getting married? And deep down you wish that you could push all these judgmental hypocrites away and just follow your heart? They keep on buzzing around you. All the judgement are just like a blur reflection of ours. So ignore them and do whatever you wish to." Here is a stop motion animation that comprise the emotion and thought of a girl.

Looking at her blurry image, while bees(people) comes and irritates her.

but, supressed by society and family and going into depression

Starts self doubt herself.

wants to kill everyone out there

now trying to fit in

trying to escape

and feel suffocated

starts overthinking

but, feels restricted

People are constantly thowing criticism

she is lost in the crowd

she wants to come out of depression

She is frustated

The dot(protagonist) is being trapped by society

but in the end, she stands up, shows courage to be herself because she knows if she doesn't people will never let her live.

Click to view on the image


Storytelling via Illustrations It was a college project in which we were divided in ďŹ ve group members and had to study the tradition and culture of navratra in the city, Delhi.We took Chatarpur Temple for the study. After researching, attending and absorbing the culture of the templewe made the Pop Up book in which we documented everything we had witnessed. I did these illustrations to show the morning ritual of the place and also did character design the founder of the that temple.

Storytelling via illustrations of ritual performed in “Chatarpur temple�,Delhi.

Charachter Design Sant baba Nagpal

Graphic Novel These are personal illustrations that i did to communicate my feelings and thoughts. It was a phase when i was lost and suereing from anxiety.


Filmaking It was a four week project where we were introduced with pre-producton, Production and post production part of ďŹ lm making. In pre production we ďŹ nalised the concept followed by storyline and storyboarding, then comes the production part where we learnt how to things go on set and last was the editing part.

RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE We took the topic mental illness and chose to work on the rsolution of it. We wanted to show that recovery is possible, one can feel good and relieved from the social anxiety and depression.

Click to view on the image

see you soon!

Thank You!

Design portfolio  

I am a Communication Design student. This portfolio provides a walk through of my works that I have done so far. I'd very much like to hear...

Design portfolio  

I am a Communication Design student. This portfolio provides a walk through of my works that I have done so far. I'd very much like to hear...