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Health We request that all cancellations for the Health Centre are advised at least 24 hours prior to the appointment otherwise the FULL fee will be charged. Prices may be subject to change.




The Buteyko breathing method is a safe, effective and drug-free way to help you manage breathing-related conditions and breathe more efficiently. Recommended in national guidance for control of the symptoms of asthma. Suitable for adults and children.

Energy Healing is mostly a ‘hands off’ treatment working with the Chakra energy system to release blocks in our physical, emotional and spiritual energy and restore a more harmonious flow. Often sought for anxiety, depression, trauma, physical injury or spiritual crises.

Our body holds our physical and psychological experience. Drawing on Swedish oil-based massage techniques we are encouraged to relax taut muscles, to let go and inhabit our being more comfortably.

Osteopathy views balanced motion as key to our wider health and aims to remove barriers to function. Treatment might include massage techniques, stretching and joint mobilisation and altogether it aims to make your skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues work smoothly together.


Stress relief targeting the head, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and face. Sought for conditions such as RSI, insomnia, headaches, eye-strain, sinusitis and posture. Combining Swedish massage, Acupressure and specialized Ayurvedic techniques you can receive treatment seated, fully clothed without oils, or lying down, partially clothed with oils.


Acupuncture* Acupuncture is recognised as clinically effective for conditions as diverse as osteoarthritis of the knee, back pain, headaches, nausea and dental pain. Many people also come for acupuncture to get support when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Diagnosis via tongue and pulse facilitates a healthy physical and emotional balance. 1st appointment Follow up

60mins £60 45-60mins £50

* Chinese Herbal Medicine 1st appointment Follow up

30mins £40 20mins £25

*Often used in conjunction with acupuncture and sought for a wide range of conditions.

Alexander Technique A self-help technique that restores natural poise and balance. Problems such as back pain, ‘postural’ and breathing difficulties as well as stress and fatigue can sometimes be rooted in, or aggravated by, our unconscious habits of holding excessive muscle tension. The teacher uses gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanation to help you find more ease within yourself. 1st appointment Follow up

60mins £40 45mins £40

Bowen Technique An empowering therapy which aims to realign your body from within rather than through external physical manipulation. Gentle rolling movements over precise parts of the musculature encourage realignment and healing. Particularly good in treating back and neck pain, RSI, joint problems, sports and other injuries. A course of 3-6 is generally advised for longer term benefits. Appointments


60mins £60

60mins £50

Coaching Coaching is a process that helps you to access your own inner expert and use your power to create the life you want to live. It supports you towards producing deeply satisfying results in your personal development, career or business. Appointments

60mins £55-£60

Counselling & Mediation For further information please visit our website.

Cranial Osteopathy Cranial osteopathy is a refined form of osteopathic treatment which uses very subtle manipulation to encourage your innate healing abilities. Often sought by adults for back, neck and joint problems, its delicate, non-invasive nature allows treatment of all ages (including babies), in all states of health. 1st appointment - Adults Follow up

60mins £60-£65 30mins £45-£55

1st appointment - Children Follow up

60mins £55-£65 30mins £45-£55

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) A subtle yet powerful treatment that helps to resolve physical and emotional stresses. Commonly sought for anxiety and depression, headaches, insomnia, immune system disorders, digestive problems and dental trauma. CST is also well known for its effectiveness in treating babies as well as providing pre and post-natal support. Appointments - Adults 1st appointment - Children Follow up

60mins £60 60mins £55 30mins £35

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping acupuncture points whilst identifying negative & overwhelming emotions. This effective technique enables the body’s energy system to be unblocked, thereby addressing many chronic conditions including anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. 1st appointment Follow up

60mins £60-£70 45-60mins £50-£70

Face Lift Massage Amazing combination of pressure point stimulation, Ayurvedic principles, Swedish massage, lymph drainage and Reiki to free facial restrictions, reduce the appearance of wrinkles helping to restore the skin’s vitality and radiance. Appointments

60mins £75 90mins £105

Facial Rejuvenation

(‘Therapie Chi Rejuvenation Facial’) This sublime massage-based facial combines lifting strokes, acupressure, lymphatic drainage and luxurious aromatherapy skincare to restore a radiant complexion, plump fine lines and redefine facial contours, while restoring balance to the body within.


60mins £85 90mins £125

60mins £60

Herbal Medicine (Western)* Appointments 30mins £40 * Can be combined with Nutrition and Bio-energetic medicine (see entry below)

Homeopathy Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s inherent ability to heal and treats a wide range of physical and emotional problems. Because the remedies are safe, non-addictive, it is often sought by women during pregnancy and in the post natal period. Also suitable for babies and children. 1st appointment - Adults Follow up 1st appointment - Children Follow up

90mins 45mins 60mins 30mins

£70-£80 £50-£55 £50-£55 £30-£40

Hopi Ear Candling Sought for problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat areas. This soothing, non-invasive treatment is concluded with a pressure point face massage. Appointments

60mins £60

Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful therapeutic technique used to establish positive new patterns of thinking and behaviour. It is usually sought for anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, IBS, insomnia, fertility, birthing, motivation, weight loss and smoking cessation. Appointments

60mins £70

Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Light, manual pressure targets the lymphatic system to help combat fluid retention, recurrent infections, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, migraines, PMS and arthritis. Commonly used to speed up healing after surgery it may also promote the healing of fractures, sprains and scars. Appointments

60mins £60 90mins £85

Massage Appointments

60mins £60 90mins £85 120mins £115

Aromatherapy The gentle synthesis of beautiful aromas and sensitive touch encourage the deep relaxation that’s required to overcome stress, bring relief to muscular aches and balance your mind, body and soul.

Deep Tissue A powerful treatment aimed at releasing deeply held tensions, it focuses on breaking down painful, rigid areas – known as adhesions - in the lower layers of muscle and connective tissue. Especially beneficial if you’re suffering from chronic pain or sports injuries.

Indian Head / Upper Body


30mins £35 45mins £45

Myofascial Release (MFR) A specialised physical therapy that uses gentle, sustained pressure to release restriction in the fascial network (connective tissue) that develop as a result of injury, trauma, emotional stress or poor posture. Commonly sought by people with back and neck pain, stressrelated muscular tension, whiplash, sports and repetitive strain injuries.

Pregnancy & Post Natal Specially designed to support women through the physical & emotional demands of pregnancy and to aid postnatal recovery. Easing many pregnancy related symptoms, releasing muscular tension resulting from postural changes throughout pregnancy or from carrying & feeding a new baby.

Sports Treatment involving systematic manipulation of the soft tissue, focusing on the muscles relevant to your particular activity. Its benefits include the release of muscle tension and improved suppleness of muscles and joints. An effective training aid as well as promoting rehabilitation from injury.

Thermal Deep Tissue* Deep tissue massage incorporating hot and cold stones to soothe and invigorate working on specific muscle groups, according to need. A great boost for your blood and lymphatic circulation, while supporting your muscles and organs. Deeply relaxing. Appointments

60mins £65* 90mins £90*

Nutrition / Naturopathy & Bio-Energetic Testing Nutrition support will help you implement and maintain positive diet and lifestyle changes, whether you are aiming to lose weight, address specific health concerns or simply want to improve your performance or general health. Advanced tools for testing internal organs, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities, nutritional needs, hormonal balance, toxin response and much more. A course of treatment is recommended to correct imbalances. 1st appointment Follow up

60-90mins £60-£85* 30-60mins £45-£60*

(combined with Naturopathy/ excludes cost of herbs)

Nutrition tests from £15

1st appointment Follow up

45-60mins £60 30mins £45-£50

Physiotherapy Commonly sought for musculoskeletal problems, physiotherapy can help a broad range of problems, including cardiovascular and respiratory ailments. Manual techniques, acupuncture, and movement based approaches such as Pilates can be integrated into your treatment plus therapeutic exercises, designed for your particular condition. AXA/PPP registered. Appointments

45mins £55

Reflexology Based on the theory that specific points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body. Tension or congestion in any part of the foot can highlight symptoms in the corresponding organ or system. Applying pressure to these points aims to release tension and help the body to restore its balance naturally. Appointments

60mins £60

Reiki Reiki is a healing energy transferred through the practitioner’s hands which are placed and held non-intrusively in a sequence of positions across your body. Deeply tranquil, this is excellent for easing emotional trauma, improving physical ailments and promoting inner calm. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Appointments

60mins £60 90mins £85

Shiatsu Developed in Japan, Shiatsu draws on the principles of oriental medicine. Hands-on pressure and manipulative techniques are used to adjust your body’s physical structure and inner energies, and so boost your overall health and psychological wellbeing. Profoundly relaxing, it is often used for relief from back, neck and shoulder pain, insomnia, arthritis, migraines, menstrual problems, and stress related conditions. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Appointments

60mins £60 90mins £85

Thai Massage An ancient technique that involves putting gentle yet firm pressure on your body using palms, thumbs, elbows and feet, and includes relaxing stretching of the limbs and back. Often sought for tense shoulders, poor posture, indigestion, sciatica as well as stress and lethargy. A stimulating and relaxing massage. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Appointments

60mins £60 90mins £85

Beauty We request 24 hours cancellation notice for appointments 30 mins or longer otherwise the full fee is charged. Prices may be subject to change.

Intelligent Skin Care Skin Analysis

15mins £15 45mins £45

Investigate how your skin really is and target what it needs. An in-depth examination using the Skin Scope machine using black light to look at your skin’s lower levels. Advice given on main concerns such as pigmentation and dehydration.

Advanced Skin Care Active Resurface 35(TM)

45mins £55 Course of 6 £310

Active Resurface 35 provides intensive resurfacing for ultra smooth skin. Specifically designed for advanced skin care users who need the ultimate in active treatment. Targets a range of concerns from premature ageing to pigmentation and scarring. Dermalogica’s gentler alternative to a peel but with all the benefits. Apply SPF30 afterwards or avoid sun after treatment. Not for sensitive skin


60mins £60

Shine Signature Facial An intensive massage based facial boosting circulation and releasing muscular tension. Heat from warmed basalt stones help active ingredients to penetrate the skin and smooth facial muscles while cold stones calm, close pores and reduce puffiness. Promotes better circulation, boosts cell renewal and increases radiance. Ultra Calming Treatment (Sensitized) Perfect for sensitized skin this facial calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated skin. Effective for reducing redness and inflammation.




A deep cleansing treatment to decongest and re-texturise skin prone to congestion or breakouts.The ultimate relief for adult acne and oily skin. (TM)

Chroma White


Powerful but gentle exfoliants treat pigmentation spots while anti-oxidants help boost radiance. Excellent for a clear, brightened skin tone. (TM)

AGE Smart


Addressing loss of elasticity, fine lines and targeting dull, devitalized skin this facial uses powerful peptides and collagen boosting ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate. Result noticeably firmer, smoother looking skin.

Microzone Facials (TM)

30mins £30

An ideal maintenance between facials and for areas of concern.

Flash exfoliation Maximum strength exfoliation to help reverse the signs of ageing while a nourishing cocktail of vitamins, botanical extracts and conditioning agents help soothe and restore skin to optimal health.

Blackhead relief

Delicious Digits (hands) * 30mins £28

Uses steam and extraction to eradicate congestion with this super-cleansing, purifying and clearing treatment.

Nail shaping, cuticle removal and cream application. Finished with polish.

Eye rescue Firm, tone and brighten tired eyes with our unique blend of peptides, powerful proteins and therapeutic vitamins. Targets fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and dehydration.

Body Treatment Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy

60mins £55

Start with a full ‘body brushing’ aimed at getting your lymph moving. Mineral Salts and Seaweed exfoliate while skin-conditioning enzymes/natural oils are massaged into your body to hydrate for a super smooth finish. Fantastic to combat dehydration or to prepare the skin for Summer sun.

Nails Shape and Shine (hands or feet) Nail shaping and polish. (please come with polish free nails)

15mins £15

* For super soft, hydrated hands add on 15 min £10 Paraffin Wax treatment

Solemates Pedicure* 45mins £40

Eyelash Lift*

60mins £55

Utilising the latest silicone technology combined with tried and tested eyelash perm techniques each top lash is lifted up from the root onto a pad, adding length to your lashes and enhancing your eyes. Finished with a lash tint, the results last for between 6 to 8 weeks.

An aromatic foot soak, nail filing, cuticle removal and foot massage. Finished with perfect polish.

*New clients are required to have a patch test 24 hours before tinting and Eyelash Lift

Deluxe Pedicure*


60mins £45

Pure luxury for satin-soft feet. Includes aromatic foot soak, nail filing, cuticle removal, intensive foot scrub, masque and nourishing massage. Finished with perfect polish.

Eyebrow Shaping Lip Chin

15mins £13 15mins £10 15mins £8

NB This is a cosmetic not a medical treatment

Hair Up and Make-Up

*French polish is offered with all nail services except shape and shine add £3.00

For those special occasions including parties, important events and weddings.

Shellac Nails

Hair Up Make Up

A fantastic product creating groomed nails with an incredible shine. Half polish, half gel and cured in a way that gives it great durability. Dry within minutes and chip free for up to 3 weeks. Shellac Manicure Shellac Pedicure Removal


30mins £30 30mins £35 15mins £10 Strip wax

Full leg and bikini Half leg and bikini Half leg and high bikini Full leg and high bikini Full leg 3/4 leg Top leg Half leg Hollywood Brazilian High bikini line Bikini Full arm Half arm Underarm Lip and chin Lip or chin

£35 £25 £30 £40 £28 £23 £19 £18 £36 £32 £19 £14 £23 £16 £12 £14 £8

Hot wax £40 £30 £35 £45 – – – – £45 £40 £25 £18 – – £12 £14 £8

Eyelash tint Eyebrow tint Eyebrow shaping Eyebrow wax Eyelash and brow tint Eyebrow shape and tint


£15 £10 £13 £13 £20 £20

Salon Hair Prices





Cut and Finish Women Men Blow dry

41 32 25

46 36 30

51 41 35

56 45 40

Highlights * Full Half Quarter

90 65 50

95 70 55

100 75 60

105 80 65

50 40 -

55 60 45 50 by quotation 65 75

15-20 5

from 50 to 85 5 5


20 23 27

24 28 33


*These services include a toner where necessary

Colour Full head Roots Colour correction Bleach and toner

Deep Conditioning Hair up Fringe trim

65 55 75


Power Facial

30mins £35 45mins £45

High potency, results-driven facials to target and boost the skin’s most pressing needs. Deep cleanse, purify and detoxify the skin as well as rebalance the natural oils and revitalise the facial muscles. MicroZone (TM) Eye Rescue 30mins £30 Tone and brighten tired eyes with our unique blend of peptides, firming proteins and therapeutic vitamins.

6-12 yrs 13-17 boys 13-17 girls

28 33 38

*We only accept bookings for children Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm.

Cancellation Should a cancellation or date change be necessary, we request a minimum of 24 hour’s notice or a charge will apply. Please note all colour prices are ‘from’. Exact quotes can only be given after a consultation with a stylist.

Terms & conditions After colour services, a blow-dry with a stylist starts at £25 and needs to be specified when you book your appointment. All colour services will otherwise include a rough dry from an experienced assistant.

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Eye care Eyelash tint Eyebrow tint Eyelash and brow tint Eyebrow shaping Manicure

£15 £10 £20 £13 30mins £28

Nail shaping, cuticle removal and application of hand cream. Buffed to a perfect finish. Pedicure

Eye Treatments*

POA 60mins £45


45mins £40

Foot soak, nail clipping, cuticle tidying, rough skin filing and foot massage. Buffed to a perfect finish. Waxing Chest or back Eyebrow wax

£30 £13

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