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EUROPEAN SHIATSU AWARENESS WEEK - SEPTEMBER 17th -23rd Shiatsu unifies the spiritual, philosophical, and medical. Although Japanese in origin, it draws upon the ancient system of traditional Chinese medicine, which focuses on the flow of energy along channels, known as meridians. Each meridian is associated with different organs and emotions, and it’s believed that ill health arises when the energy flows become unbalanced. Like acupuncture, Shiatsu uses refined diagnostic skills to identify these imbalances. Where it differs from acupuncture is its use of touch, comfortable pressure and gentle manipulation, rather than needles, to hold, release and rebalance our energy. Profoundly relaxing, its power lies in its ability to free us from restrictive habits, which enables us to achieve change gently, rather than through pain. Typically, your Shiatsu treatment will start with an in-depth case history, which explores both your physical symptoms and your psychological tendencies. This is followed by abdomen (or hara) diagnosis to assess where the energy flow is healthy and where it is interrupted. You receive the treatment on a futon mat on the floor, while wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Your position will vary according to the treatment, for example, if you suffer from neck, shoulder and back problems, you’ll often need to lie on your side. Stretches and manipulative techniques may be used for joint mobilisation, pain relief and to improve your posture. People seek Shiatsu for many reasons; some for help with physical problems, others for emotional support. Most regular users consider it both a preventative and a healing remedy, which, when combined with exercise, stretching and a healthy diet, greatly improves their quality of life. For an appointment with Valeria Frank please call Shine on the Green on 020 7241 2065. For an appointment with Stephanie Goj please call Shine Holistic on 020 7241 5033. Stephanie is offering 90 min appointments during Shiatsu Awareness Week for £70 (usually £80).

European Shiatsu Week  

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