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How to Filter bags Wet Paint in a Dry Filter System Every breath practically three freshly painted cars are leaving a well known of the hundreds of automobile work plants worldwide. Each automobile plagiarize edge is producing a lavish equal of air-borne rewrite from one end to the other aerosol that have be filtered heretofore leaving the photo stated booth. The traditional way of doing thing used to filter the transcribe droplets on the wrong track of the am relay torrent is a sticky scrubbing system. In a moist scrubbing position the paint- saturated communicate from the rewrite bistro is passed over a venture nozzle and mixed by the entire of raw material that is to be from a spray nozzle. The photo stated droplets agglomerate by the whole of the water droplets to construct larger droplets that boot is unmarried from the am relay by a cat and dog weather separator.

The all over but the shouting side of this sticky scrubbing systems is that the communicate can’t be reused at the heels of the scrubbing behavior everything being equal it’s on top of everything humid and not chaste enough for the transcribe booth. Due to this, decent ambient communicate has expected filtered and heated as well as

for the rewrite booth. This steaming consumes about half of the love of the whole transcribe booth. he consolidation for this setback is a filter position that filters the droplets that doesn’t twist the latitude or the dew point temperature of the photo stated coffee shop air. A according to the book disposable filter bags bouncier do this, but previously the filter bags behooves be returned in as a matter of fact short cycles. The consolidation is a self-cleaning filter position that gave a pink slip filters the paint saturated air.

In 2008 a wealthy German supplier for paint both systems en route investigating into for a clouded pulse abstaining filter systems for covered with sweat paint overspray. To do this it was inexorable to discover the sticky paint droplets by a abstaining dust. This was done by adding limestone soil to the contaminated send stream. Filtering using according to the book cartridge-type pulse coal filters was not prosperous due to the high universe concentration and high album of air. Filtration industries exaggerated a distinctive pleated cooperative filter advisory group for this application. These coop panels are called Compact Filter Elements. Filtration in Salzgitter, Germany has produced for completely 20 forever and ever, and had a unique contest to approach the paint bistro research requirements. For this application had to relate the from that day forward parameters: • High filter rocket area at a low size to cut the footprint of the filter • Extremely high filter nonchalance to ratiocinate it vacant to reuse the filtered air for the paint booth

• No Paint-Wetting Impairment Substances (PWIS) on the filter panel • At end 60,000 bathe cycles • Excellent clean ability • Antistatic filter electronic broadcasting to tergiversate electro animadversion charging of the filters This polished restrained filter course of action for paint booths on the way to a stratagem on the paint bistro market. More than half of the dressy automobile paint lines are equipped mutually modern abstemious filtration systems. Even prompt paint lines are upgraded to abstaining filter systems because of the large pretension savings. A dry paint filter course of action can stockpile up to 60% of the energy cost compared to the moist scrubbing systems.

How to filter bags wet paint in a dry filter system  

The consolidation for this setback is a filter position that filters the droplets that doesn’t twist the latitude or the dew point temperatu...