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Popotniško združenje Slovenije Hostelling International Slovenia

Travelling with a group?! Youth Hostel Debeli rtič is waiting for you!


Hostelling International Slovenia



Hostelling International Slovenia Hostelling International Slovenia (HI Slovenia) is the only national representative of Slovenia in the International Youth Hostel Federation (Hostelling International – HI). HI is a non-governmental and non-profit organization active in about 90 countries in the world. The organization works closely together with UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization), WTO (World Tourism Organization) and other important international organization – also it was proclaimed the sixth largest organization that offers overnighting. With 4 million members it is one of the largest youth organizations in the world and is the only network of youth hostels with about 4.000 objects for spending the night, 1.5 million beds and 30-40 overnight stays annually. HI has high standards for youth hostels, based on the treatment of the guests, security, cleanliness and privacy. But it is not its only role. Since it was established in 1932 it encourages young people for better intercultural understanding through informal education and peace, global friendship and environmentalism. The international organization, with a strong support of its national members, it offers interaction among youth of various nationalities and cultures, exchange of experience, getting to know their peers and after all themselves. For this the organization has international programs for youth, above all the ones with lesser chances, through which we spread the mission of Hostelling International, which remained the same since 1932: To promote the education of all young people of all nations, but especially young people of limited means, by encouraging in them a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside and an appreciation of the cultural values of towns and cities in all parts of the world, and as ancillary thereto, to provide hostels or other accommodation in which there shall be no distinctions of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex, class or political opinions and thereby to develop a better understanding of their fellow men, both at home and abroad. HI Slovenia, with more than 40 hostels around Slovenia, ensures safe, budget friendly and quality boarding for all types of groups. This includes the educational field trips with various themes (history, art or language courses) as well as extracurricular activities for schools, students, sporting and other groups – or simply friends who want a joint active holiday. All Slovenian hostels meet the international demands, with most of them having special offers for the groups: • Private rooms for group leaders and drivers • Bus parking • Study rooms, game rooms and joint areas • Ensuring full meals and possible lunch packets • Personal that understands the needs of any group Hostels are placed as well in the urban centres as in nature, but all can be perfect base for discovering the country side. Do you want active holidays with rafting, skiing and hiking? Maybe something more relaxing as sightseeing of cultural and historical sights? Or would you just spoil yourself in the thermal and natural baths? PZS as part of Hostelling International is the organization to contact for any of these great experiences in a budget friendly way.


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Hostelling International Slovenia

Ankaran - Youth Hostel Debeli rtič Hostel Debeli rtič

Jadranska cesta 73 6280 Ankaran +386 (0)5 909 70 00

Boarding is possible in 43 nice rooms with bathrooms (shower, toilet, hairdryer). Most rooms have balconies with a view of the sea or the vineyards. There are also group rooms (96 rooms with 4, 12, 14, 15 beds) that share bathrooms, kitchenette and a common room with a TV and a lot of space for socializing. Hostel Debeli rtič also has access for wheelchairs. You don’t need to worry about linen or tower, for rooms already include them. Guests can also use the laundry with a drier. In our experience centre you can choose between swimming in the large indoor or a children swimming pool with a filtered and warmed seawater and water massage in two whirlpools. There are also five different types of saunas to relax in: finish, Turkish, bio, infrared and Kneip bath. All year around we’re trying to provide a rich recreational programme, including relaxing hours of recreation, water exercises, Nordic walks and the use of trim path with 17 stops. From spring to fall you can – apart from our open swimming pool also use the vivid soccer, basketball and volleyball courts. You even get a rich healthcare programme, for all probable health problems there’s the hostel ambulance, with expertly guided physiotherapy and working therapy.


Hostelling International Slovenia

The surroundings of the Hostel When you enter Debeli rtič, you enter the world of sea, sun, green Mediterranean park, and above all the relaxing ambient of our boarding facilities. Imagine standing on a charming peninsula, far from the town hustle and bustle, where all your senses can be wide awake, forget the worries and enjoy the surroundings. If you like Mediterranean, this is the right choice for you, to have an unforgettable relaxing experience. We offer many additional activities, programmes and activities. Debeli rtič is also a great starting point for many walks, trips and nature excursions to get to know the cultural and natural heritage sights of the Slovenian coast, or even Croatian and Italian, as well as the whole region of Primorska (Kras, Lipica, Piran, Koper, Izola, salting plant Sečovlje, Slovenian and Croatian Istra, Trieste, Grado, Venice, Cividale and Aquileia…). The rich hostel tradition on the idyllic green and Mediterranean charming Debeli rtič always impress and charms many guests.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner All the meals are prepared on basis of health food, the staff is trained – in cooperation with the paediatric clinic Ljubljana – to provide diet nourishment.


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Hostelling International Slovenia

Additional offers of the hostel Room type Lockers in the room Baggage room Air conditioning Internet / Wi fi Linen Towels Laundry Conference room Elevator Handicap access Parking Outside recreation activities Sport hall Pool table Table tennis Table soccer Swimming pool Food Dining room Kitchen

43 two and three bedded rooms with separate bathrooms. 96 rooms with 4, 12, 14, 15 beds sharing a bathroom and a common room for social events. Guests in group rooms have the use of safety lockers on the hall Yes / Yes Included Included in two and three bedded rooms with bathrooms Yes Yes / Yes Yes Soccer and basketball field, volleyball in the sand, trim track, open swimming pool with sea water and table tennis Inner pool with sea water / Yes / Yes Yes Yes Yes

For the actual offer please send e-mail to and specify size of group, number of escorts, the desired additional services and time of stay.


Hostelling International Slovenia

Local sights and attractions Debeli rtič Debeli rtič, the tip of the Ankaran peninsula, is a natural sight of the costal preservation area in Slovenia. The unique thing about this area is the only salty meadow in the Mediterranean (near the Sv. Katarina).

The seashell graveyard – Sv. Katarina Ankaran The dune here is not made out of sand, as it would usually be, but among sand there are predominant empty sea snail leftovers. People know of this curiosity for a long time and call it školjčišče. A walk along the dune is a special experience you should not miss, for it is difficult to imagine, how so many of these snail houses got concentrated on this narrow strip of coat in such a short time! Even though exploring this interesting animal graveyard can take a lot of time, there are other things you can see. On the other side of the marina at the marshy dune near Sv. Nikolaj, is part of Natura 2000 due to the botanic curiosities, there’s the perfect sanctuary for the birds. The dune forms into a rocky wave barrier at the end and the rocks are full of life, which is closely connected to the sea tide. Learning trail Resslov gaj Resslov gaj is a protected area around the hill of Jurij in the western part of the Ankaran peninsula. There are typical tree, shrub and herbal species of an oak forest. It is dedicated to Josef Ressel, the famous forester, who also invented the ship propeller. The trail was set up in 1993 by the institute for forestation and melioration of Kras Sežana. The trail is about two kilometres long and begins at the local road connecting Barizoni and Jernej. It offers a circular or a one way excursion. It has eleven learning signs and we can see the autonomous forest along the path, we see the history of forest exploration and the life of Josef Ressel. A walk around the Resslov gaj is meant for school population as a teaching facility, but also the tourists and sportsmen.


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Hostelling International Slovenia

Local sights and attractions Natural reservation of Škocjan A unique natural reservation in Koper is the largest half salty bog in Slovenia and is of great ecological value. It is full of colourful flora and fauna.

Cycling path Parenzana The path is various and appropriate for everybody, for it is not too demanding or too long, but it is very interesting and informative. There are many resting point along the path, where you can gather new strength and get interesting information. The beginning of the path is very well marked and it begins at the very border with Italy and continues on a road towards Dekani (closed for motorized traffic), pass Koper towards Izola and all the way to Portorož. It’s idyllic and perfectly safe and awaiting you. Experiment centre Visitors of the Koper experiment centre can perform experiments and get to know how nature works. It is free of charge. Organized groups can get guided tours – if previously arranged.

Pretorian palace Koper Pretorian palace is on the south part of the town square of Koper, which got its first palace already in 1254. The city tower on Tito’s square is originally a romanic fortification from the 15th century and in the 17th century it was made into a church bell tower. It is a great lookout point, which is closed in the winter time. The city municipality of Koper gained the town hall in 2001 with the refurbishing of the palace. It still keeps the original form and function. It is a typical architectural lay out for the Mediterranean and the square reminds us of a closed hall.


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