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AIESEC Croatia National Newsletter October 2012


Hey, people!

Hello, AIESEC!


AFM wrap up!


World in Your Hands started


Recruitment Month


Winter is coming!


Youth to Business Forum


MC Report


Here is another AIESEC Croatia’s National Newsletter with interesting news from the previous month! October was really exciting for AIESEC Croatia— we had our first national conference AFM, our project World in Your Hands was launched, we had members & EP recruitment, we are preparing and promoting WLDC and Youth to Business and many, many other interesting things! So, the only recipe is— keep reading! :D Enjoy our October newsletter!

MCP Message

Kisses from your MC Ninja Turtles!

LC News LC Osijek Info meeting I and II was held. We had 80 applicants. • LTS and PR Impact was held. We had 23 delegates on LTS track and 16 on PR Impact. Feedback is positive! • Official opening of Action not Reaction project was held on Faculty of Economics. •

Action not Reaction workshops in process. • Ivan Krešić is OCP Equal in Diversity PBOX. Member s of OC are Bruno Eržić, Laura Platak, Vedrana Dokuš, Matej Norac and Petar Čučković. •

External member of OC WLDC is Krešimir Delač

Promotion for WLDC started.

We had LC TB this month.

Promotion of Recrutment and Action not Reaction!!

LC Rijeka

OGX is preparing for EP recruitment just after LTS •

• in pause between interviews TM is making games for assesment centre and agenda for LTS • ICX is having fun with the interns: Pier and Veronica from Italy, Justyna from Poland and Dana from Romania. •

ER raised a printing company of our Alumni -> Tiskara Karta d.o.o.

PR& M is working on promotion of recruitment and internships

IG Zagreb •

• •

Our IGP represented AIESEC Zagreb and AIESEC Croatia on EuroCo in Romania, where he had a chance to meet 220 other Presidents of the network Recruitment has finished. 24 new members ready to help the organisation to conquer the Capital city. Una (our CEEDer) has finished her experience in Zagreb very successfully, it was a impactfull experience for her as well for AIESEC Zagreb. Thank you, Una! :) One new OGX match – GIP in Mexico.



LC Varaždin •

EB and 2 OXG team members were on AFM in Split

• YEC opening ceremony was very successfull, with all the partners who are supporting the project •

YEC workshops are ongoing

• recrutiment finished successfully - we have 11 new members! •

OGX has 3 new EPs interested for GIP internship

• we had MC visit and first LC meeting with new members and our MCP • 3 new application for TLP released - OCP Y2B, OCP February project and OCP FOI Core • Global Village was in front of county, with interns from 5 different countries •

preprations for Y2B in Varaždin ongoing

• we were guests speakers at European Entrepreneurship week, workshop about social entrepreneurship

LC Split

AFM done

30 new members recruited

1 new EP RA, few more in next days :)

LTS preparation

• PBoX Future is your Playground'' started - WIYH in few days :) • And we have new team leaders: we have 3 Coordinators - PD - Danijela Mikuličić, PR&MKTG Ivan Domljanović - Biber, TM Nikolina Lukač • 3 OCPs FIYP - Paula Pavić, WIYH - Tanja Julka Zolnaić, OGX recruitment - Marin Čatlak •

and ICX TL Jelena Matenda

CHECK UP, CHECK UP, CHECK UP!!!! Dear AIESEC-ers, welcome to the little rebellion of your MCVP OGX-PR&Mktg! Every month I dedicate my time and thoughts to creating monthly newsletters and I would like to know is anybody even reading this??? Since July I received only couple of comments and feedbacks—and it was mostly from my MC team and my boyfriend so it doesn’t really count! So, please, do send me your comments, ideas, praises or critiques—share anything so I would know that I‘m not wasting my time! You’ll receive the other part of the October newsletter after I get some feedback! I’m waiting for you! :) Thank you! Anja E-mail: FB:

AIESEC Croatia National Newsletter, October 2012  

National newsletter, October

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