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INDEX • Following Thought Processes – The USP Derivation • Developing Creative Concepts – The Core Creative Ideas • The Main elements/ messages to be conveyed • The Ideal Media Mix

• The Creative Showcase.

THE ALL NEW IVY LEAGUE LIFESTYLE MANTRA A Few Creative expressions to a grand new vista of Grandeur in Home Spaces.

The IVY USPs Mantra Considered • The Resort – Like Ambience • The Life Style allure • The Attitude of an Ivy League Aspirant The basics, Mantra understands, of talking to a potential buyer is to tap into his dreams, aspirations, needs and wants.

The IVY USPs Mantra Considered • POTENTIAL BUYER PROFILE: Double income Family, aspirational with an awareness of global lifestyles, well travelled, educated, enlightened attitudes. And NRI’s who seek a familiarity of the ambiences, conveniences and feel of homes abroad.

• Needs and Desires: A Home and a community to fit in with; a reflection of status; a place to unwind in; a private micro-politan escape-land for the after-office hours.

• The Attitude of an Ivy League Aspirant: classy, well attuned to fine living, western attitudes with traditional upbringing/values.

The Creative Tracks Mantra Developed • The IVY LEAGUE Life Style – the amenities track • The True way to live – The Ivy 'an way. • The Prestige, Intelligence, comforts – choosing and Ivy Home. The Images convey the attitudes, message and allure, while copy serves to powerfully arrest the ad-audience to pay closer attention: Malayalees are more finely tuned to the power of words than others, generally. And The word serves to hold their interest while the impact of visuals slowly sink in.

The Mandatory Elements •

A Project, 7 Star-rated by CRISIL

Ivy League Logo Mnemonics

Contact Address Panel, Contact Numbers

The Detailing of Special Features

The Detailing of the four Apartments in the Community

The Ideal Media Mix •





Interactive Hoardings •

Print Media: 2 Regional Newspapers, 1





Newsletter focusing on Ivy League + Ranch •

Television: L-Bands in Asianet News, NDTV 24X7

The Ideal Interactive Media •

Internet: Interactive Ads in Manorama Online, Social Networking ads (Facebook, Twitter) IE Tweets of the day.

Radio: An SMS Contest hosted by RJ in Kochi, GCC, on IVY LEAGUE

Interactive Hoarding: placed at Traffic Islands, in Airport/ Railway Lounges, Supermarkets,

Online in

Skyline Website, Downloadable Screensavers, SMS ads

The Ideal Print Media •

Newspapers: Regional Language Newspapers, English Language Newspapers. Malayalam Papers with coverage Abroad.

Magazines: Women’s Magazines, Economy Magazines, Auto Magazines, Travel Magazines, Home and Interiors Magazines

Other Print Media: Brochure Placement in side Airport




distribution through international tours.

The Ideal Audio-Visual Media •

Television: L-Bands in Regional Language/ English News/ Business News Channels


Interactive Hoardings: Supermarkets, Lounges of Airports, Railway Stations, Traffic Islands, In Multiplex Lounges, Releasing videos in YouTube.

REF: Annexed Media Quotes for Newspapers, Magazines. Other Quotes can be raised depending upon your preferences.

THE ALL NEW IVY LEAGUE CREATIVES MANTRA A Few Creative expressions to a grand new vista of Grandeur in Home Spaces.

A campaign like this well executed and equally well supported with the right media marketing mix support, IVY LEAGUE could be the next sensational Lifestyle landmark in Kochi.



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• Following Thought Processes –The USP Derivation • Developing Creative Concepts –The Core Creative Ideas • The Creative Showcase. • The Ide...