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The Healing Touch of Ayur Veda

Objectives of this Presentation • The Diabetes ayurvedic pharmaceuticals Market • The consumer’s Mind • Dhathri Diavitta Plus – the brand review • The National Launch • The Brand Journey ahead

Lets study a little bit about this Market that our brand revolves in‌

WHAT ABOUT AYURVEDa for diabetes?

What’s the Cosmoceuticals Industry? • Medicinal/ Ayurvedic/ Naturopathic Cosmetics & personal Hygiene Products • Known practicing physicians, clinics, wellness centres, hospitals, spas, and by-products • Normally begins with a centre of knowledge and excellence & goes on to establish researched OTC products in the Market • Reputed, credible, result oriented and grapewine-strong presence.



In the Last 2 Years… • A Spurt in the market; new competition • A host of new Ayurvedic/ allopathic Speciality treatment healthcare clinics • Big brands exploring existing markets, esp. in Kerala • Increased involvement in Ayurveda; esp. resorts, spas with all pertinent services included in offered Services.

Lets study a little bit about a typical prospect user for our brand revolves‌

Understanding a Diavitta Plus user’s mind

Our Target Audience & Clientele • 25yrs to 60+yrs • Male & Female diabetics & potential diabetics • Higher Income Groups • High Aesthetic Consciousness • Increased Health Consciousness • Prefers Ayurveda as a Lifestyle • Not too price conscious as they are result oriented

A Typical Consumer for Diavitta • Pre diabetic: genetically prone to diabetes; Diabetes potential by lifestyle • Temporary: Gestational, expectant mothers • Pro-diabetic: already having diabetes, and undergoing treatment; already having diabetes, unaware of it.

A Dhathri User’s Ideal Regimen • 6 months only? • 2 capsules after meal, twice a day– Daily Use • Typically, a diavitta user shells out atleast INR. 1050/- a month on diavitta+ a month, apart from other regular medications for diabetes care.

Lets study a little bit about this Market that our brand revolves in‌


What IS Dhathri in the Market? • An Ayurvedic Brand that sells OTC Ayurvedic Products (in Kerala) • An array of Beauty & Personal Hygiene products • Brand ambassadors like Revathy, Kavya Madhavan, Samyuktha, Usha Uthup, with more than average recall value

Is the Public aware?... • … of our strengths and VAS we offer? • …of the typical nature of need for our range of products, and our services? • … that preventive healthcare is just as important? • … that we are the first of its kind where Ayurveda Weds Allopathics for optimized, absolutely safe prevention & treatments for Diabetes? • … know what exactly Dhathri Diavitta Plus is about?

The Public says… • “ I didn’t know that loss of sensitivity at the foot is a symptom of Diabetes gone too critical!” • “I didn’t really consider myself as a potential diabetic because my family has many others!” • “I didn’t know that I could keep myself safe from diabetes by preparing!” • “I didn’t know I could be diabetic at 25!”

• “I didn’t know that gestational diabetes!” • “I don’t really believe ayurveda ads I read about all the time…” • Are Ayurvedic health supplements better than Horlicks/ Complan/ PediaSure? Doctors don’t prescribe’em…” • “For that kind of pricing, do I really need nutritional supplements” THE KEY OPERATIVE PHRASE?

“ I Didn’t Know….”

Lets study a little bit about this Market that our brand revolves in‌

Taking new markets, creating value

A List of Core Issues • In the eyes of a typical North Indian, Ayurveda in itself is more credible than a random selection of products. • An Ayurvedic Specialist Brand, marketed by a reputed Doctor & researcher. • A whole kitty of a wide range of Ayurvedic Products for most aspects of everyday living implies expertise and a deeper connection • In contrast, credibility is diluted if a diabetes care brand comes out with a cosmoceutical range

Lets expand into new Markets for our brand Diavitta‌

Taking new markets, creating value

The Locations? • Tamil Nadu • Andhra Pradesh • Karnataka • Gujarat • Delhi • And of course, Kerala

The Launch Plan? • Ambient media advertising to Launch • Out of the usual box ideas to attract • Into the hearts of people, through interaction • Into application zones, for usage • Through the product, usage habit, community cult factor

The Platforms of Operation • Launch Promo Direct/ Viral Marketing • Launch Promo Offer Packaging • Promotional VAS • Corporate Tie-Ups • Online Marketing • Ambient Advertising & Marketing

Stage 1 – Pre`Launch & Launch • Microsite preparation • Redesigned packaging • Preparation of VAS infrastructure • Marketing/ Ad tools preparation • Negotiation for Alliances

Launch Promo Online Marketing • A microsite, interactive in nature, where a diavitta+ customer can integrate his diabetic chart & progress online and get reviews from medical experts, place queries and get solutions, • A flash animation web ad • Social media networking - a voice your action against Diabetes campaign where people scribe about what they do to keep diabetes under control, with inputs and tips from Dhathri.

Thru-Launch: • Marketing launch activities • Customer interaction Platforms • Distribution Access popularity enhancement

Launch Promo Direct Marketing • Live and interactive awareness camps with Kiosk in peak human traffic areas like joggers parks, malls, shopping circuit areas (Kiosk designed as informative data ridden standee design. • Carrying flyers, sample packs, Diabetes Information booklets, free sugar level testing with Dhathri sponsored Glucometer in the kiosk, live participation facilitation for the web viral videos for the world Diabetes Federation's informative website.

• World Diabetes day launch, info & promo ads in prominent media. • Brand mascots dressed as a Diavitta+ Container/ Packaging box circulating in the crowds, distributing flyers and informing about awareness camp being conducted via kiosks in various locations

Launch Promo Offer Packaging • Free gift on launch offer pack, limited stocks only. Offer pack including Free glucometer, diabetes tracking calendar, discount pricing, Diabetic ideal diet chart and Diabetic Diet Companion cook-book for veggies and nonveggies • Free CD for Daily Fitness regimen for Diabetics, pre-diabetic care, and potential diabetics

Post Launch • Communication Evaluation • Customer Interaction re-bonding • Follow – up ads. • Introduction of Brand Kitty SKUs in Pop-shops

Launch Promo Value Added Services • A Monthly interaction and consultation with a call center executive from Dhathri to keep a tab on the progress of the Diavitta+ consumer. Data exchange based on the documentation of progress as marked in the Diabetics' Calendar (free with the intro pack) • A regular diabetics check up camp

Launch Promo Corporate Tie-ups • liaison with various Corporate firms (HR departments) to introduce Diavitta+ as a HR Employee Wellness Project ( in flyers, info booklets, product samples)

Launch Promo Ambient/ Alternate Advertising • Floor stickers in front of Aisles in major supermarkets chains like big bazaar etc, in front of the Dhathri SKU, which says, "Diabetic? Take the first step to a healthy life. Live Life Diavitta+." • Branded Helium balloons • Designer SKUs in Pharmacies, supermarket chains etc.

• Branded Drop boxes in various locations across the regions of choice in marketing Diavitta+ for winning ideas for real stories of Living with Diabetes. Winning stories can be selected through filtering and put up in the website and also win nominal Branded Dhathri Glucometers and Dhathri Diabetic's Kit.

Agency Deliverables • Launch Theme • Launch Promo Marketing Communication (Print Ads, hoardings, TVC, Radio Ads) • Diavitta Promo Pack re-design options • Info Booklet for offer pack • Diabetics’ Monthly evaluation calendar

… Deliverables (Contd.) • Diavitta Microsite templates & content • Brochure & Flyer • Diabetics Camp Kiosk Design • Branding of intro offer complements • Diavitta SKU Designing

… Deliverables (Contd.) • Dhathri SKU Designing* • Redesigned packaging for all products* • Unified Brand promotion campaign* • Includes TVC, Print, Outdoor, ambient, Interactive & Social Media apart from packaging. • For both Mother Brand & Sub-brands

Let’s take

to the World!!!

Dhathri National  

The Healing Touch of Ayur Veda • The Brand Journey ahead • The National Launch • The consumer’s Mind • Dhathri Diavitta Plus –the brand revi...

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