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Is Use Of Green Tea Is Safe Way To Lose Weight? Ask the reader: I am a woman and a child newly born and I want to lose, adulteries, knowing that I breastfeed my baby breastfed, I have heard about green tea as a natural and safe way to lose weight, can I use it safely or no caveats? The clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University says: Already green tea drink healthy and beneficial to him a lot of health benefits, but has proven its role in the prevention of some types of cancers. Would You like to See Another Topics like Acne No More? Either during pregnancy or breast-feeding is not recommended for a great deal of it, and this is because of its high content of caffeine because of its impact on the child, it passes through the mother's milk may cause sleep problems for the child. Pointed out that the same applies to dietary supplements that contain green tea extract they contain high concentrations of it, so it is not recommended for the same former, and perhaps it can be used safely after stopping breastfeeding. He added that with the emphasis on the importance of not overwhelm the wishes of the patient to lose weight to supply the body with enough food for him to be able to maintain the health and care of her child naturally, and do not forget a lot of drinking plenty of fluids.

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