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Tangram Floor Coverings Overview

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FLOORING OVERVIEW Tangram Fabricators offers an outstanding variety of floor coverings and flooring systems with maintenance programs to keep them performing at their peak. SERVICES ACCESS RAISED FLOORING ALL HARD SURFACE VINYL AREA RUGS BROADLOOM CARPET CARPET TILE CORK FLOORING FLOOR MAINTENANCE RUBBER PRODUCTS WALL BASE WOOD PLANK FLOORING + MORE...

Tangram Fabricators offers Southern California’s most extensive range of carpet (broadloom and modular), as well as every imaginable hard floor covering (wood, cork, stone, rubber). Tangram Fabricators works directly with end users, A&D and General Contractors. Our expertise includes the most current floor technology systems — raised floors that accommodate cabling and underfloor HVAC. We are dedicated to furnishing flooring products at significant cost savings without sacrificing quality or service. Our installation professionals deliver superior finished results, and we follow up with ongoing maintenance programs that ensure your floor maintains its integrity for up to 15 years. State License# 835539

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The sophistication and beauty of broadloom carpets has been the industry benchmark. Providing style and performance, this product offers a wide variety of backing options.

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Technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally sound, modular floorcoverings give customers flexibility to change, and a style that lasts.

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Versatility is the hallmark of vinyl flooring, offering a winning combination of resilience, aesthetics, maintainability and value.

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Timeless beauty, classic look and outstanding value.

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Transparent, translucent and room darkening roller screen shades provide optimum solar protection with the functionality and design aesthetic architects and designers prefer.

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OFFICE FURNITURE LIFT SYSTEM The Lift System enables you to re-carpet your occupied office without the need to disassemble your furniture. As a result, you will realize significant savings in time and cost. Using a series of custom-designed tools, systems furniture is lifted, old carpet is torn out and new carpet tiles are installed smoothly and safely.

Savings in Excess of 50% Minimal Downtime No Furniture Damage No Staff Disruption A Coordinated Approach No More Logistical Nightmares!

1. Custom designed mechanical

2. Trained flooring specialists remove

3. With minimal downtime and great

tools are placed underneath existing

the existing carpet and install the

cost savings, the carpet installation

furniture. This “no jolt�

new carpet tiles

is completed


raises the furniture off the ground in one smooth controlled motion

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Providing preventive care and restoration of your carpets, upholstery, textiles and stone surfaces. CARPET CARE with the EcoTex Cleaning System • Restoration • Custom preventive care programs • Meets LEED standards SPECIAL SERVICES • 24-hour dispatch • Flood damage control • Janitorial training and monitoring • Protective fabric treatments • Wood surface care • Mini-blinds (ultrasonic cleaning) • Odor control • Carpet repair • Static electricity control OTHER INTERIOR TEXTILES Care of: • Workspace (cubicle) panel fabrics • Wall fabrics • Upholstery (fabric and leather) • Delicate fabrics (silk, wool) • Area rugs COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES • Carpet • Hard floor surfaces • Windows • Awnings • Pressure washing • High dusting • Construction cleanup • Flood / fire damage cleanup Tangram Fabricators offers preventive care and restoration of interior surfaces for corporate and retail facilities in the United States. Together, we maintain the appearance and prolong the life of carpet, fabrics and upholstery for companies with commercial facilities or multiple locations. We can preserve and restore hard floor surfaces (stone, tile, wood) and handle water damage. Our C02OL Carpet cleaning program, featuring the EcoTex System, simultaneously achieves superior cleaning quality, and conserves valuable water resources while protecting human health and the environment. EcoTex H, our primary cleaning agent, has already earned the cleaning industry’s highest environmental credential: Green Seal Certification.

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STONE Restoration and care of all types of stone surfaces: • Honing • Polishing • Sealing • Grout care • Stain removal • Color enhancement


A program of preventive carpet care with Tangram Fabricators will: •

Keep your carpet guarantees and warranties in force

Ensure great looking carpet - consistently

Maximize carpet life

Protect employee health by providing a sanitary work space and good indoor air quality

Safeguard the environment through our use of non-toxic, Green Seal certified EcoTex cleaning system and other sustainable practices

Provide peace of mind by utilizing a Carpet and Rug Institute certified company

Ease administration of floor covering maintenance

Assure compliance with U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Standards for cleaning

Guarantee your satisfaction for quality and service


A comprehensive carpet maintenance plan is the key to maintaining the life and appearance of your carpets, and the healthfulness of your interior environment. Track-off areas

Pile-lift weekly, dry compound clean monthly.

Main traffic lanes

Pile-lift monthly, dry compound clean quarterly.

Secondary use areas

Pile-lift quarterly, dry compound clean semi-annually.

Private offices /low use areas

Pile-lift semi-annually, hot water extraction clean annually.

Walk-off mats

Walk-off mats to collect soil before it is tracked onto the carpet; placed at transition points from hard surfaces.

Upholstery, Wall fabrics/panels Vacuum semi-annually, spot clean annually and overall clean every 2 - 4 years. page 11 Printed on Premium Recycled Paper


STAPLES CENTER STAPLES Center is a world-class arena for sports and entertainment events. STAPLES Center is the home to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the AFL’s Los Angeles Avengers, and the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks. Owned by AEG (Anchutz Entertainment Group), the facility can hold up to 20,000 people. In 2005, 2006,2008 and 2009, Tangram Fabricators was hired to provide floor covering, including carpet for the following projects • • • • • • •

Suite Levels A, B, and C – 16,000 s/y of carpeting LA Kings Locker Room – 150 s/y Star Dressing Rooms – 300 s/y Lexus Club – 800 s/y San Manuel Club – 1500 s/y Press Level - 900 s/y LA Lakers Locker Room – 350 s/y

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Sink into the warmth and beauty of residential application carpets and bring color, texture and value into your home. At the Legacy Apartments comprising of 4 buildings, 12 and 13 story towers in Hollywood - our experts have installed carpet and vinyl plank flooring in the units, commercial carpet in the common spaces, wood flooring in the amenities areas and wood base molding throughout.

CPT-17: Shaw "Jackpot" Color: Feather CPT-18 SV-01: Parterre "Wood Vinyl" Planks Color: Clear Maple SV-01 @ Entry

Scale 1:96 (original drawing scale 1:48)

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LEGACY APARTMENTS Hollywood and Vine



A serene and friendly environment helps put patients at ease while aiding recovery. Tangram provides the perfect solution for healthcare professionals.

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CLIENT REFERENCES STAPLES CENTER 1111 S Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90015

INNERSPACE CONSTRUCTORS 2250 S. Central Ave. Compton, CA 90220

MILLER CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL 2801 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90806

SWINERTON BUILDERS 865 S. Figueroa St., Suite 3000 Los Angeles, CA 90017

THE LEGACY APARTMENTS 1600 Vine St. Hollywood CA 90028

WARNER CONSTRUCTION 6333 San Fernando Road Glendale, CA 91201

TURNER CONSTRUCTION 1900 S. State College Blvd.,Suite 200 Anaheim, CA 92806

ACTIVISION /BLIZZARD 3100 Ocean Park Santa Monica, CA 90405

THE SALVATION ARMY 180 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 1001 Long Beach, CA 90802

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DAVE TEPER General Manager (562) 787-4154

STEVE TROAST Account Executive (213) 359-1456

TONY BORKOWSKI Lead Estimator (949) 525-8645

(619) 851-5319

SANDRA TODD Account Executive (310)701-7407

JAN WINDLE Sales Assistant (562) 365-5328

FRED MCGINN Operations Manager (562) 365-5354

JESSA FINNEGAN Account Executive

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Start from the bottom  

Tangram Fabricators offers an outstanding variety of floor coverings and flooring systems with maintenance programs to keep them performing...

Start from the bottom  

Tangram Fabricators offers an outstanding variety of floor coverings and flooring systems with maintenance programs to keep them performing...