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Instituto Guatemalteco Americano IGA 6º. Secretariado “A” Computación

Astrid Melissa Flores Montesdeoca 10 Glenda Marisol Jolón González 14 Ana Isabel Valenzuela López 24

Salón: 310

Is a document used by individuals to present their background and skillsets. Resumes can be used for a variety of reasons but most often to secure new employment. A typical resume contains a summary of relevant job experience and education. The resume is usually one of the first items, along with a cover letter and sometimes job application packet, that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment. The resume is comparable to a curriculum vitae (CV) in many countries, although in English Canada, the United States and Australia a rĂŠsumĂŠ is substantially shorter than CV.


Ana Isabel Valenzuela Lopez

Place and date of birth:

Guatemala, City August 18, 1993



Relationship Status:



Street “E” 5-09, Zone 7 Col. 6 of October


Guatemala city


EDUCATION Primary education

Colegio Mixto San Juan Bosco (2001 to 2006)

Elementary Schoo

Colegio Mixto San Juan Bosco (2007 to 2009)

High School

Instituto Guatemalteco Americano (2010 to 2012)

OTHER STUDIES Free typing course

Academy of Typing POPOL-WUH (2009)

Basic typing course

Academy of Typing POPOL-WUH (2009)

Computer Course

Intecap (2007)

English course

Instituto Guatemalteco Americano (2010-2012)

Spelling Course

Colegio Mixto San Juan Bosco (2008-2009)

REFERENCES Vilma Reyes Typing Teacher 8a. Avenida 16-44, Zona 7 Colonia Verbena Guatemala City Ruth Lopez Secretary of Excel Automotriz, S.A. Calzada Aguilar Batres 27-20, Zone 11 Guatramala City Veronica Gonzales Secretary of Excel Automotriz, S.A. Calzada Aguilar Batres 27-20, Zone 11 Guatramala City

A letter of application, also known as a cover letter, is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. A letter of application typically provides detailed information on why are you are qualified for the job you are applying for. Effective application letters explain the reasons for your interest in the specific organization and identify your most relevant skills or experiences.

March 23, 2012 Mr. José Hernandez Personnel Manager Seguros “El Roble” 7 Avenue 5-10 Zone 4. Torre II Guatemala City Dear Mr. Hernandez: Your advertisement in the current issue of the “Prensa Libre”, states you are seeling for a secretarial bilingual.

I am 18 years old, graduated as a Bilingual Secretary from Instituto Guatemalteco American My speed in Shorthand is 80 words per minute, Typing 90 words per minute and computer skills. I have had experience in translating into English - Spanish.

I am enclosing my resume for your knowledge. Any reference or additional information you need I will be glad to furnish it to you. could you grant me an interview at any date and time y consider convenient. Sincerely yours, Isabel Valenzuela Manager Enclosure Copy: File Isabel V.

Is a very sensitive process since it addresses the trouble between the consumer and the institution. This follow up letter should be carefully written since it could elicit a negative response, which could affect customer relations. Many institutions have a high regard for the saying “The customer is always right.� This is completely true since the consumer is the lifeline of a business. The letter should be written without taking sides. The issue should be tackled on neutral grounds to prevent favoritism. Companies usually discuss the issue by first stating the facts while taking consideration the feelings of the consumer. The consumer should be given almost respect when writing the letter.

Queens Boulevard 5 Avenue 45-90 Zone 12 Telephone: 24406784 Guatemala City

May 14, 2012

Ms. Astrid Melissa Flores Administral Secretary 6 Avenue 12-90 Zone 4 Guatemala city Dear Ms. Flores: Thank you for the time and consideration you extended to me during my interview with you yesterday. I appreciate having had the opportunity to speak with you about my experience in related fields and my future goals. I shall look forward to hearing from you and wish to thank you again for your courtesy.

Sincerely yours, Glenda Jolon Manager Copy: File Isabel V.

A reference letter is provided for an employee by people who are familiar with his or her work or character and who have positive remarks to make. The reference letter can be employment-related, personal, or it can attest to the character of the individual. Employees will request a reference letter for a variety of reasons that include both employment and personal needs.

NATIONAL ORGANIZATION 2120 Oak Terrace Guatemala, City April 30, 2012 Ms. Alicia Herrera The Vasquez Travel Agency 1402 Broadway Guatemala, City Dear Ms. Herrera: Is a pleasure for me to provide the information you requested regarding Melissa Valenzuela, and I hope that this information will be kept confidential. Ms. Gonzales is a excellent person and has been a stock clerk and then a sales assistant in my agency since November 1996. She always was punctuality in ours work hours, including Saturday and sometime holidays, and has proven to be a hardworking and trustworthy employee. Sincerely yours Melissa Flores Proprietor Copy: File Isabel V.

Is a letter in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individual’s ability to perform a particular task or function.

Recommendation letters are almost always specifically requested to be written about someone, and are therefore addressed to a particular requestor. Letters of recommendation are typically related to employment, admissions to institutions of higher education or scholarship eligibility.

AHMED ABUDAN TRAVEL, INC. 312 Lexington Avenue Guatemala, City April 30, 2012 Ms. Alicia Herrera The Vasquez Travel Agency 1402 Broadway Guatemala, City Dear Ms. Herrera:

Astrid Flores was a student in four years in my institute during the 2006-2007. She always was a good student and with a personality very good.

Ms. Flores always was a good student and when she worked in my institution to secretary her always demonstrated a personality very positive and with strategies very intelligent . She assignments were always executed with conscientiousness and punctuality. She was an enthusiastic participant in her work and helped to make the courses rewarding experiences for everyone else involved. I can recommend Ms. Flores, without hesitation, for the position of assistant in your travel agency, and you can contact me at 23642542. Sincerely yours, Astrid Gonzales Proprietor Copy: File Isabel V.

Inquiries: Request a Specific Type of Information (You may need copies of public records) Get to the point. Mention the REASON for your inquiry. Tell the reader exactly what type of information you need and politely ask him/her to send it to you.

Assure the reader you will pay any customary fees that are involved. Provide a brief explanation as to why you need this information.

Mahoney and Milman, Inc. 6th Avenue 13-45, Zone 8 Guatemala, City May 2, 2012 SONNY Manufacturing Company, Inc. 1951 Benson Street New York, New York 10465 Dear Sir: We intend to purchase a new office copier before the end of the fiscal year. We would like to consider an SONNY copier and wonder if you have a model that would suit our needs.

Our office is small, and a copier would generally be used by only three secretaries. We run approximately 3,000 copies a month and prefer a machine that uses regular paper. We would like a collator, but rarely need run off more than 25 copies at any one time. We would also like to know about your warranty and repair service. Since our fiscal years ends May 31, 2012, we hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely yours,

Astrid Flores Manager Copy: File Isabel V.

A letter of order is a document that confirms the details of a purchase of goods or services from one party to another. It usually includes more information about what you are ordering, like quantity, model number, or color, the payment terms, and the matter in which the products are to be shipped. When the recipient receives this letter, they will process the order and send the merchandise.

GRAND PUBLISHING COMPANY MONSERRAT SHOPPING center P.O.B 222 Guatemala, City April 15, 2012 The Nelson Company Tower Parkway New Heaven, Connecticut 06441

Gentlemen: We need urgently the following merchandise to have in stock the necessary equipment for our company. 10 boxes Pelikan Carbon Paper. 21 x 28.5 cm. 1 dozen

4 x 5 Sheets of 1/8� clear Lucite

I am enclosing a check for $175.00 to cover part of the cost of the merchandise and shipping charges. We will appreciate your prompt service. Sincerely yours, Isabel Valenzuela Purchaser Department Copy: File

Isabel V.

Once you have decided not to accept a job offer, you should decline politely in writing or by email. You want to maintain good relations with the company as you never know when you may need them as a future contact in your career. The letter should be brief and to the point. Avoid mentioning anything negative about the position or employer. The letter does not need to focus on a specific reason for not taking the offer. If you have accepted another offer it is not necessary to state whose offer you accepted and why you have accepted it.

Just thank the employer for their offer, express your appreciation for their time and effort and formally reject the offer.

Queens Boulevard Second Avenue 2-48, Zone 12 Bayside, New York May 2, 2012 Mr. Paul Smith Nguyen Agency 1133 Third Avenue Flushing, New York 11217 Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you very much for considering me for the position of Job Title with Company Name However, I would like to withdraw my application for the job.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to interview me and to share information on the opportunity and your company. Again, thank you for your consideration and the time you shared. Sincerely yours, Astrid Flores Manager Copy: File Isabel V.

A typical letter rejecting a job offer because of the salary is gracious and short but contains a clear rejection of the offered position and a brief reason. Mentioning a positive about the company, such as the pleasantness of the interview experience or the chances for career advancement, shows the employer you seriously considered the position and didn't interview with the intention of wasting his time. You can briefly mention you've accepted another offer if you don't want to receive another offer from the same employer.

Ahmed Abudan Travel, Inc. 312 Lexington Avenue Guatemala, City May 14, 2012 Dear Sir: Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your qualifications for the position of Secretary Bilingual. While we were impressed with your background and experience, we have concluded that another candidate's qualifications more closely match our requirements. We sincerely regret that we cannot offer you employment with our organization at this time.

You have our best wishes for success in locating the career opportunity you deserve. We wi retain your resume in our files to review for future openings for up to six months. In the even an appropriate available position, we will not hesitate to contact you. We appreciate your interest and the time you have invested in interviewing with Excel Automotriz Company. Very truly yours,

Glenda Jol贸n Manager Copy: File Isabel V.

Is important, because it usually isn't easy to resign and stay on good terms with the company you are leaving. Even if you hate your job and can't wait to start your new job, it can be difficult to resign diplomatically and tactfully. Well-written resignation letters can help ensure your resignation goes smoothly. A resignation letter can help you maintain a positive relationship with your old employer, while paving the way for you to move on. You never know when you might need that previous employer to give you a reference, so it makes sense to take the time to write polished and professional resignation letters.

The Vasquez Travel Agency 1402 Broadway Guatemala, City May 14, 2012 Ms. Ruth Lopez President Excel Automotriz 4a. Avenue 5 Street Zone 1 Guatemala City Ms. Ruth Lopez: My twenty years ar Excel Automotriz have been rewarding, so it is with regret that I must submit my resignation, effective May 30, 2012.

Thank you for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last five years. I have enjoyed working for the agency and appreciate the support provided me du my tenure with the company.

I am prepared to remain at my duties for the next two weeks to ease the transition for my successor. Plea let me know if this is acceptable. Sincerely yours, Astrid Flores Manager Copy: File Isabel V.

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