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Deli-Licious redefines love… And angels! Angels do exist in SoCal… Just ask us! Huntington Beach, CA: There are times when we find ourselves wondering if someone ‘out there’ really cares about us. I mean, really – think about it. We’re living in incredibly difficult economic times, wrapped up in so many of our own problems, so why would we think that anyone ‘out there’ would care about little ole us? Whether or not we succeed or fail? Well – there are people ‘out there’ who care and I have proof! ‘Deli-Licious’ is often described as a ‘small, non-descript deli’. The doors opened 18-months ago; literally on a wing and a prayer. Although today Deli-Licious is still small, thanks to the goodness of one-time strangers, lives have been forever changed. Picture this… (Sounds like Sophia on Golden Girls, doesn’t it?) Huntington Beach, 2007. The dad, Wendell Ruskin Adams had a dream. A gourmet chef with a home catering business, he desperately wanted to open a neighborhood deli to share his sandwiches, soups, chili and other goodies with friends, neighbors and “friends he hadn’t yet met”. Wendell was married twice. With first wife Marge, he had two daughters, Tracey and Robin. With wife Sue, he had two daughters, Shannon and Wende. His love of cooking was inherited by all four daughters, but really took root with Tracey and Wende. Together, the three of them meticulously planned Deli-Licious and Wendell exuberantly designed the first menu. Then indescribable pain and sorrow hit the family. Wendell became very ill, everything came to a stop and then, in June, 2008, he passed away. In many families, the dream that once was could have been shelved, but in the Adams family, it became a quest. The girls were determined that the dream they shared with their dad would not die. And so it began…


Tracey and Wende found the perfect location for Deli-Licious right in the middle of a business strip-center on Gothard Street. Surrounded by Monday through Friday businesses, the half-sisters decided the deli could succeed with the builtin business from the surrounding companies during lunch hours. They got all their licensing and after a long year of building-out, passing inspections, more building-out and more inspections, they opened their doors on July 1st, 2009. Of course, business was a little bit more than slow the first few months. There wasn’t a lot of money left over for advertising because all the money the sisters raised had to go into the build-out, product, paper goods, more product and more paper goods. But they persisted; joining the HB Chamber and a few other networking groups to spread the word. The first time they made more than $100 for the day, they celebrated with champagne! When you first walk into Deli-Licious it’s like walking into someone’s first totally eclectic apartment. A hodge-podge of tables and chairs, there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Decorated in bold yellow, black, red and white colors, you sit on lawn chairs or park benches and eat off red, black or white plastic plates. It’s friendly, lively and filled with love and laughter.

Tracey is the behind-the-scenes sister. Someone has to make sure bills are paid, deposits are made, paperwork is completed and those responsibilities fell to Tracey who is really good with details. She also owns ‘BT Canvas’, a very successful canvas company that for the past 20+ years has kept her busy around the clock. She tries to work in the deli one day a week, mostly on Mondays. Wende is the ‘artiste’. She LOVES creating a sandwich that – within moments of being formed – will be in your mouth and down your throat – but in-between that time, she’s created an ‘object d’art’. Meats, cheeses and veggies are not just put on a sandwich in Wende’s world. Oh no! She coordinates each layer by color and texture. She hates soggy sandwiches, so ‘builds’ the sandwich to protect the bread from ‘wet’ ingredients. Wende believes no sandwich is too big – but she will never serve a sandwich that’s too small.


Then there’s David. The adopted Latino brother and family friend, he is the treasured ‘grill sergeant’ of the deli. It’s still a mystery how you can shout out 10 things to David and he remembers every one of them – and in order! It’s like watching poetry in motion when he’s working – or at the very least, the Energizer Bunny in full garb. And then there’s me. I’m Barb, the aunt who believes everyone needs one of my homemade-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies after their meal. (And sometimes before!) I’m Italian, emotional and I dole out hugs, sympathy and smiles in equal amounts. I genuinely AM interested in how your day is because we have nothing but great days at Deli-Licious so we want to share. (And yes, the rumors are true. My cookies ARE free to the patrons of Deli-Licious.) Now that you know how Deli-Licious came to be, who we are and what we do, it’s time you know why we believe in angels. In February, 2010, a trio of beautiful ladies came into the deli for lunch. Mel, Laura and Beth soon became regulars of the lunch crowd, telling everyone they met about the incredible food at the deli. Deli-Licious’s first angels. Mel is a HUGE ‘Yelper’ on the website Yelp Dot Com. On February 16th, 2010 she yelped about Deli-Licious for the first time saying “The Wild Mushroom-Bacon Chowder soup has officially been entered into my top 5 favorite soups of all time”. People looking for a place to eat and who use Yelp began reading about Deli-Licious. Word spread. More comments were added on Yelp. Laura and Beth added comments. And it snowballed. Business picked up at the deli. Soon the family celebrated $200 days. Then $300 days. Fast-forward to November 2010. It is now Laura’s birthday and the trio wanted to celebrate her special day with Yelper friends. So they reserved Deli-Licious on a Saturday and invited 40 friends. Among them was another angel named Anita. Anita is a professional ‘foodie’, loving to experience different types of foods and surroundings and then writing about them on her blog at, on Yelp or for the Orange County Register. On Tuesday, December 7th, an article entitle “Deli-Licious lives up to its name” appeared in the Lifestyle section of the Register. When the doors opened that day at 10am, people were standing in line, holding their copy of the story and ready to order. Wende, David and I were working that day and we had NO clue a story had been written about DeliLicious. By 10:30, the line of people stretched out the door, around the corner and down several businesses. All of them had read Anita’s story and as ‘fellow foodies’ wanted to experience what she referred to as ‘home-style goodness’. They didn’t even mind waiting in line. By 2pm we had run out of more than half our food – and THAT was food enough that under normal circumstances would have lasted us for a week. At the end of the day, Wendy, David and I collapsed on chairs and literally stared at each other in total disbelief. Who could believe that one article in one newspaper would have such an impact? On Wednesday, the day after the article came out in the OC Register, I was taking orders, talking with the woman in line about the article and how it impacted the deli and said, “We really wish we could thank the woman who wrote the article in the OC Register. She changed our family’s life!” The woman who had just ordered said, “Hi. I’m Anita Lau – the woman who wrote the article”. Everything stopped! I shouted for Wende and David and together the three of us descended upon Anita, showering her with hugs and praise. This woman – one woman – changed the lives of everyone associated with Deli-Licious. Her article brought attention to this small ‘non-descript deli’ that is now on the map because of what she said. 3

This angel – a one-time-stranger and now friend - gave everyone associated with Deli-Licious a whole new injection of hope. Hope in a flagging economy that maybe there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Understanding that there really aren’t strangers in our world, but people we just haven’t yet met. Belief in the American Dream. Hope for the future. So now… How can we ever thank someone who added so much to our lives? How do we say to our special Angels how much they mean to us? How can we “pay it forward”? As I write this, there are tears on my cheeks. Tears of gratefulness to our special Angels for the gift they have given to our entire extended family. These special Angels have shown us that people DO care. It’s not about the money; instead it’s about the love – the blessings. Mel, Laura, Beth and Anita… You are our special Angels. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing and encouraging the American Dream. Thank you for being in our lives and for giving us the privilege and honor of touching the lives of so many people. Your wings and halo’s may be invisible, but we see them. Thank you to all our customers who brighten our day when you walk through our door. We are honored that you’ve chosen our little deli for your lunch. Thank you to our vendors who supply us with quality materials. Thank you to our friends and family for believing in Wendell’s dream. Merry Christmas! To all of you with love from all of us at Deli-Licious.


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press release from Deli-Licious after my review of them came out on my blog and OC Register


press release from Deli-Licious after my review of them came out on my blog and OC Register