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Simple Ways To Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Spread Some Happiness As shared by the children of St. James Schools, London

Simple Ways To

Spread Some Happiness As shared by the children of St. James Schools, London


Spread Some Happiness


Love Milli


Spread Some Happiness


Happiness does not involve grand gestures. Sharing with friends and family, good food, dancing, singing, laughter, sunshine, a warm smile and a big hug. Walking, stillness and fresh air. Giving time, knowledge and daily gratitude, being told you are loved and just being exactly who you are. This book is filled with wonderful examples of what it means to create happiness, as shared in the words and pictures of the magnificent children of St James Schools, London.

Milli Kaushal


Spread Some Happiness


• Lucy Hipshon •

“Being in a garden makes me happy and in the park riding my bicycle” • Adam Hepburne-Scott •


Spread Some Happiness


• Mary Buchanan •

“I would play music” • Joshua Eker •

• Pearlin Guillon •


Spread Some Happiness


• Anna Wills •

• Andrew Peachey •

• Eve Perry •

• Elika Norowzian •


Spread Some Happiness

• Sabrine Law •


Spread Some Happiness


Favourites: Pastime: Walking in the countryside. Song: I will always love you – Whitney Houston and

Laura Hyde, Senior Girls’ Headmistress What makes you smile?

Watching young children play. Watching Michael McIntyre. Happy memory

Standing in the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in Cap Ferrat looking out onto the gardens as fountains cascaded to the sound of Vivaldi’s music.

Miserere – Allegri. Book: Jesus the Teacher Within - Fr Laurence Freeman.

What makes you smile?

Seeing people happy in each others’ company.

Happy memory

Riding the hills around Goa in India on a scooter with my wife. Perfect day…

Waking up in a beautiful hotel in Derbyshire. Walking the hills with my wife, a pub lunch and then watching Chesterfield F.C. win in the evening.

“Happiness is… holding my grandson in my arms.” Paul Moss, Director of Development

Book: The Bible. Colour: Blue. Pastime: Watching Chesterfield, my home football team.


Favourites: Movie: Casablanca. Food: Bread and oil. Song: Jerusalem.


Spread Some Happiness


“I would draw them a picture like this”

• Noa Goovaerts •

• Gabriel McConnell-Ipekci •

• Daisy Tod •


Spread Some Happiness


• Georgia Brown •

“I would give them a present and make them a paper boat” • Zachary Bowden •


Spread Some Happiness


“Say hello and play with them”

• Isaac Gill •

• Bo Williams •


Spread Some Happiness

• Seia Grant •


• Maanya Patel •


Spread Some Happiness

• Gemma Cselko •



Spread Some Happiness

• Ayushi Patel •

• Catherine Jones •


• Romy Robertson •

• Zoe Robinson •


Spread Some Happiness


Catherine Thomlinson, Junior School Headmistress “Happiness is… a cashmere poncho!” Smile at them! Happy memory

Walking round Trafalgar Square at dusk with my dad when I was four and flying over the Grand Canyon this summer. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony” Mahatma Gandhi.

Food: Eggs and bacon. Pastime: Reading in the sunshine with a glass of wine.

Perfect day…

working in the garden or kitchen together and seeing my children. Going out for a wander with no plans and just seeing what the day brings.

“Happiness is… no worries or pressures. Being content with ones self. Being with my husband.” Helen Williams, Junior Matron

Thousand kisses Deep - Leonard Cohen. Book: Wild Swans. Colour: Blue.

Favourites: Colours: Orange and pink... but not together! Song: Sultans of Swing.

What do you do to make people happy?

Favourites: Movie. Pretty Women. Food: Double cream. Song:


Spread Some Happiness


“I gave Olivia a Youhoo when she was sad”

• Nadia Ivanova •

• Sebastian Vidal •


Spread Some Happiness

• Dania Khan •



Spread Some Happiness


“I would draw something” • Ava Kennedy •

• Rachel Stepanowski •

• Brittany Hsiao •


Spread Some Happiness


“Playing with my Daddy in

• Freddie Bucher •

“Play a new game

the park and

like table tennis”

he tickles me” • Theodore van Tienhoven •


Spread Some Happiness


“My real dog really likes catching my toy dog”

• Asiyah Neave •

• Edith Gill •

Spread Some Happiness



Andrew Bedford, Deputy Head “Happiness is… the aroma of a great burgundy” What makes you smile?

The innocence and humour of children.

Favourites: Song: The piano sonatas of Beethoven – a never ending

What do you do to make people happy?

Try to be helpful, attend to detail and keep a sense of humour/proportion – not always easy! Happy memory

Being in the mountains and finding the tranquillity of great space. Perfect day…

A bit of pottering about in the morning followed by playing the piano; a classy aperitif and a light lunch of salad, fresh bread and cheese; going for a walk and birdwatching; cooking whilst listening to music, and perhaps enjoying a glass... Having friends to supper.

source of interest, joy, wonder and challenge. Pastime: Playing the piano

TS Eliot’s Four Quartets We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. Through the unknown, unremembered gate When the last of earth left to discover Is that which was the beginning; At the source of the longest river The voice of the hidden waterfall And the children in the apple-tree Not known, because not looked for But heard, half-heard, in the stillness Between two waves of the sea. Quick now, here, now, always— A condition of complete simplicity (Costing not less than everything) And all shall be well and All manner of thing shall be well When the tongues of flames are in-folded Into the crowned knot of fire And the fire and the rose are one. A favourite poem - Mr Bedford


Spread Some Happiness

• Sophia MacKenzie •


• Scarlett Goodburn •


Spread Some Happiness


• Nikolaos Brook •

“Otto was sad so I am going to play basketball with him” • Massimo di Gleria •


Spread Some Happiness


• Geetanjali Biswas •

“I would take them to the seaside and give them an ice cream” • Aminah Neave •


Spread Some Happiness

• Rosie Lim •



Spread Some Happiness

• Aisha Shah •

• Beatrice Tompkins •


• Chanon Yaucan •

• Georgie Guterman •


Spread Some Happiness


“Making my friend Simon feel better”

• Nathaniel Lister •

• Angelica Conran •

Spread Some Happiness


Penny Moss, Y1G “Happiness is… cuddling my baby grandson.” What makes you smile?

Watching year 1 girls playing together. Perfect day…

A day spent in the company of my family.

What makes you smile?

My grandson.

Happy memory

Walking my daughter up the aisle. Perfect day…

Morning walk on the Heath, delicious lunch with family and a good glass of champagne or bottle of wine, open theatre in the evening.

“Happiness is… peace” Peter Weigall, Head of Drama

Song: Shubert. Book: Enjoy. Colour: Blue. Pastime: Music, singing, playing the flute.


Favourites: Movie: A good adventure. Food: Pasta or pizza.


Spread Some Happiness


• Heather Flynn •

“Hug them” • Yada Yauvan •

• Lucas Saunders-Aroma •


Spread Some Happiness


• Mary Keswick •

“Taking care of my mum when she is sick” • Maya Lewin-Branch •

• Joseph Nicholas •


Spread Some Happiness

• Milica Agbaba •



Spread Some Happiness


“My sister was sick so I took my whole family to the jungle”

“I can play with them”

• Aniyanth Kannan •

• Aryan Moaven •


Spread Some Happiness


“I’m at the swimming pool and I saw lots of pictures” • Phoebe Guterman •

• Zoë Walker •


Spread Some Happiness


Therese Glover, Deputy Head and SENCo

“Happiness is… a coastal walk with the family” What makes you smile?

Seeing people realise their talents. What do you do to make people happy?

I listen to them. Happy memory

Having a glimpse of the Infinite. Favourite pastime

Writing/playing music, Golf, Bird watching.

Tony Knox, Y4B


Spread Some Happiness


• Sofia Morales •

“I would take them to the seaside” • Bassie Ruiijs •

• Sahiba Singh •


Spread Some Happiness

• Hayley Page •



Spread Some Happiness

• Amy Worlock •

• Radhika Badiani •


• Eve Kinder •

• Jenny Sim •


Spread Some Happiness


• Roksana Seif •

“I would give them a bag of chocolates” • Sergio Hundal •

• Milan Adzic •


Spread Some Happiness


“Let people play with you when they don’t have anyone to play with” • Connie Derangi •

• Joseph Lee •

Spread Some Happiness


Favourites: Movie: Wonders of the Universe. Food: Anything my wife cooks! Song: My sweet Lord. Book:

Warwick Jessup, Sanskrit teacher “Happiness is… being completely peaceful.” What makes you smile?

Speaking sanskrit.

What do you do to make people happy?

Tell stories. Happy memory

Getting married (though immediately after I felt violently ill!). Perfect day…

Purnam adah purnam idam!

What makes you smile?

Immature jokes. Perfect day…

Every day is a perfect day.

“Happiness is… having no worries.” Elena Jessup, Sanskrit Teacher The Upanisads. Colour: Saffron. Pastime: Walking in the countryside.

Long Walk to Freedom. Colour: Blue. Pastime: Writing, Walking and translating sanskrit.


Favourites: Movie: Blade Runner. Food: Fruit. Book:


Spread Some Happiness

• Jessica Cselko •



Spread Some Happiness

• Abigail Kerry •


• Kirana Carter Shaw •


Spread Some Happiness


“I like going in the swimming pool” • Henry Miles •

• Lola Pashouros •


Spread Some Happiness


“For me to make other people happy is I tell jokes” • Zaza Sunthornsarathun •

• Milos Kosanovic •


Spread Some Happiness

• Tamara Reviakin •


• Habiba Littlehales •


Spread Some Happiness


• Ella Hill •

• Philomena Bleyleben •


Spread Some Happiness


Favourites: Movie: Groundhog Day. Food: Anything I don’t have to cook. Book: Nevil Shute’s ‘A Town Like

Angela Bowman, Y5G “Happiness is… spring arriving with a black bird singing on a sunny morning” What makes you smile?

The funny things very little children do or say. What do you do to make people happy?

Listen to them, give them space to be themselves. Happy memory

Easy, this one! Holding each of my sons as new born babies. Favourite pastime

Talking with friends in a nice location indoors or out. Your favourite subject at school

Anything at primary school but not much at secondary!

Alice’ and “Jude The Obscure’ and ‘Dogger’. Colour: Reds.

Happy memory

Watching a couple of wild elephants bathing, they were playing around, not just the serious business of bathing but splashing each other, smiling away, just like kids. “Happiness is… other people laughing.” Stuart Young, Physics - Senior School


Spread Some Happiness


“Me and my friends went to the playground and played on the monkey bars” • Mila Stankovic •

• Megan Stefanowski •


Spread Some Happiness

• Amy Pezzin •



Spread Some Happiness


“I would give them

“I would take them

a present”

to the seaside”

• Blake Packshaw •

• Alicia Robson •

• Oliver Todd •

• Elica Askari •


Spread Some Happiness


“I’m giving the Ben 10 watch to my brother Ben”

• Felicity Whelan •

• Luke Saunders •


Spread Some Happiness

• Betty Wright •


• Maia Duchnowska •

Spread Some Happiness


Richard Hithersay, Caretaker Happiness is… the inevitable consequence of an appreciation or experience of unity, which is also known as love. What makes you smile?

Mostly people, particularly young children, but also the wonder of nature and the universe. What do you do to make people happy?

Connect with them, usually by eye contact and then smiling and saying ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’. Sometimes making a deeper connection is possible and then love can be acknowledged. Happy memory

A day spent in the company of someone for a whole day without speaking but knowing everything. Perfect day…

Being in good company; either alone or with other people.

What makes you smile?

Sunny days. Happy memory

Hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara in Kenya.

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘what about lunch?’” A.A. Milne, Winnie The-Pooh Margie Ford, School Secretary

Snuggling up on the sofa and reading a good book.


Favourites: Book: I dreamed of Africa - Kuki Gallmann.Pastime:


Spread Some Happiness

• Lucy Morris •



Spread Some Happiness


“I love when we go skying – it makes me happy” • Ella Harris •

• Harlan Plant •

• Grace McNeill •

“I will smile if someone is sad” • Sidharth Asoka •

• Sophia Boddy •

• Lily Robertson •


Spread Some Happiness


• Nerosha Mathiy •

• Hanna Youngblood •

Spread Some Happiness


• Zene Sunthornsarathun •

• Lyla Naseem •



Spread Some Happiness


“We are all together having picnics on the beach by the seaside”

“Jamaal and me went down the water slide and made a big splash”

• Campbell Walker •

• Sandeep Premnath •


Spread Some Happiness


• Evie Harris •

• Jamila Fredriksson •


Spread Some Happiness


• Millie Graham •

• Vaidehi Patel •

• Maithili Pittea •


Spread Some Happiness


Favourites: Song: The Summer Winds; Sinatra. Movie: La L’actrice. Pastime: Riding and generally messing

Caroline Leach, PR What makes you smile?

My children make me smile. What do you do to make people happy?

Feed them. Happy memory

I can’t single one out, but all involve giggling with people I love.

What makes you smile?

Random acts of kindness by strangers.

“Happiness is… sharing a nice pot of tea with a friend in need of comforting.” Catherine Ramsey, Y1B Asst. Teacher .

about with horses, dogs, daughters, husband (not necessarily in that order!)

Favourites: Pastime: Singing and enjoying my favourite albums.


Spread Some Happiness

“I play games with them to cheer them up” • Simon Stefan •


“Give them some toys” • Daniel Pesin •


Spread Some Happiness


If only I were a bee, So I could live With happiness around me, in gold and silver stripes. No use for duplicity, when all is work And work is intrinsically bound To our collective life cycle Of happy life’s round. Let us be like the bee; not confined By these limbs we preserve But let us go up in the nine’s and give To all, in all simplicity Gold and silver revelry. Live a bee’s life. Written by Lauren Shapiro

“I would make them laugh” • Sofia Jamieson •

• Lauren Shapiro •


Spread Some Happiness


“I can make a cake for them” • Saif Alaidarous •

“Always say kind things to one another” • Cosmo Derangi •


Spread Some Happiness


• Katya Thomas •

“I would give them a kiss and a cuddle and bring them to the pet shop and buy them a cat” • Reya Khan •


Spread Some Happiness

• James O’Donohoe •


• Luca Bricusse •


Spread Some Happiness

• Hala Arif •



Spread Some Happiness


• Jonathan Ward •

• Gabriel McConnell Ipekci •


Spread Some Happiness


Angela Peel, Y2G “Happiness is… total contentment, feeling free and at peace, sitting outside in the summer with a large glass of white wine, feeling loving and loved, driving fast, listening to my heart” What makes you smile?

Favourites: Subject: Philosophy. Pastime: Having

What do you do to make people happy?

Listen fully with an open heart when they need to talk, and remember the little things that matter to them. Happy memory

Sitting on my mum’s lap when I was little and having a huge cuddle.

a really good chat with an old friend.

What makes you smile?

Reading poetry.

Happy memory

Going to the cottage in northern Ontario, hiking in the hills, exploring the caves, and fishing. There was no TV or running water. I saw the northern lights too.

“Happiness is… friends for dinner, small babies, skyscrapers in New York, sunsets and geometry.” Barbara Ryan, Y1B

Holiday: Sailing in the Greek isles. Pastime: Swimming.

Other people smiling, children playing together, sunshine, chocolate, listening to great music.

Favourites: Things: Science and history.


Spread Some Happiness


• Isabella Clark •

• Stephanie Clarke •


Spread Some Happiness


“Be kind and invite someone for a swim”

“Christmas makes me feel happy making snowmen with my dad” • Stanley Jarvis •

• Joe Perry •


Spread Some Happiness

• Lula Packshaw •


• Jovana Radojicic •


Spread Some Happiness

• Lakshmi Mani •


• Katharina Scott •


Spread Some Happiness


• Katrina Khaw •

• Zara Latif •


Spread Some Happiness

• Helena Maitland Jones •



Spread Some Happiness


“This is me riding my bicycle. It makes me happy” • Elizabeth Holloway •

• Matthew Saunders •

Spread Some Happiness


Georgina Melville, Y2B “Happiness is… being surrounded with friends I love & trust” What makes you smile?

Reception boys with short trousers below their knee caps! Favourites: Subject: English. Movie: A man for all seasons. Song:

What do you do to make people happy?

Love them. Happy memory

My daughter’s wedding.

La Mer. Pastime: Walking by the sea.

What makes you smile?

Warm, loving friends and family. Happy memory

Travelling for 2 ½ years. Favourite pastime

Tennis, Diving, Family / Friends.

“Happiness is… warm, loving friends and family” Martin Kettle, Y5B

Song: Cecilio and Kapano - About you. Book: One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich. Colour: Yellow.


Favourites: Subject: Sport! Movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy. Food: Eggs.


Spread Some Happiness

• Isabel Hepburne-Scott •


• Erin Edgerton •


Spread Some Happiness


“I would invite them to my party” • Jamie Nunan •

• Max Frazier-Kim •


Spread Some Happiness


• Noor Jaafar •

“I would give them a balloon” • Lydia Vaughan •

• Mira Modi •


Spread Some Happiness


“I would share my pretend microphone” • Imogen Brownlee •

• Anastasia Oppenheim •

“I would give a smile” • Gabriella Gleeson •

• Joseph Munden •

• Myla Webber •


Spread Some Happiness


“I am tidying my bed for my mummy” • Isis Kemp-Welch •

• Grace Oliphant •


Spread Some Happiness

• Sandy Parkinson-Smith •


• Lakshya Ravikumar •


Spread Some Happiness


“I would give a lollipop” • Milly Preston •

• Claire Li •


Spread Some Happiness

Clara Waters, RG “Happiness is… walking in huge open spaces with my family in the countryside or by the sea and listening to exquisitely beautiful singing or music” Happy memory

Watching the ladies in my neighbourhood gather in the shade of a big tree every afternoon to chat, sew and begin preparations for the evening meal. “I was given the poem Desiderate in my early teens by a beloved cousin who passed away recently. I have always treasured it. My Favourite line is ‘.You are a child of the universe...’.”


Desiderata Go placidly amidst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.


Spread Some Happiness

• Maia Galberg •



Spread Some Happiness


• Olivia Kenyon •

“I would make funny faces” • Oliver Ingall •


Spread Some Happiness


“I make people happy by telling jokes”

• Elis Moaven •

• Noah Nissim •


Spread Some Happiness


• Eleni Kourtis •

“Give them a flower”

• Lucas Imlah •


Spread Some Happiness


• Iris Conran •

• Alia Derriey •

• Charlotte Peachey •


Spread Some Happiness

• Zaynab Moghal •


• Anaya Rafiq •


Spread Some Happiness


“Play with a friend on the rock climbing wall in the playground” • Theo Morrissey •

• Lily Misa Dafter •

Spread Some Happiness


The Thing Hid Inside a Man Rudyard Kipling Once upon a time, or rather, at the birth of time, when the Gods were so new that they had no names, and Man was still damp from the clay of the pit whence he had been digged, Man claimed that he, too, was in some sort a God. The Gods weighed his evidence, and decided that Man’s claim was good. Having conceded Man’s claim, the legend goes that they came by stealth and stole away the Godhead, with intent to hide it where Man should never find it again. But this was not so easy. If they hid is anywhere on Earth the Gods foresaw that Man would leave no stone unturned till he had recovered it. If they concealed it among themselves they feared Man might batter his way up even to the skies. And while they were all thus at a stand, the wisest of the Gods said: “I know. Give it to me”. He closed his hand upon the tiny unstable light of Man’s stolen Godhead, and when that great hand opened again, the light was gone. “All is well. I have hidden it where Man will never dream of looking for it. I have hidden it inside Man himself.”

I am inspired by Rudyard Kipling.

“Happiness is… a good day’s skiing, live music, sunshine and the seaside” Lucy Story, Y3B

– makes me smile and adds to happiness! Pastime: Playing the guitar.


Favourites: See Rudyard Kipling story on the previous page


Spread Some Happiness


“ I would help them” • Amelia Galvin •

• Vanessa Vallance •


Spread Some Happiness


“I went to Devon with my family”

“I would get them to go to bed” • Amelie Clarke •

• Karman Campbell-Barr •

“I would do some dancing” • Tisya Misra •

• Esmond Browne-Clayton •

• Sophia Thomassen •


Spread Some Happiness

• Rebecca Munden •


• Layal Mohammed •


Spread Some Happiness


“I like ice cream – chocolate ice cream” • Sofia Imlah •

• Leila Eghtesadi-Thomas •


Spread Some Happiness

• Rebecca Cotti •


• Joseph Kourtis •


Spread Some Happiness


Name • Class

Name • Class

“I would bounce and jump around” • Fox Campbell •

• Grace Morton •


Spread Some Happiness


“I would give a rabbit. This is a rabbit behind a cage”

• Manon Ijaz •

• Ned Harris •

• Megan Dwyer •

“I would give them kisses” • Phoebe Cselko •

• Jack Taylor •

• Josephine Sall •

Spread Some Happiness



Alison Buchanan, Examinations Officer

What do you do to make people happy?

What makes you smile?

I bake a cake.

Seeing a person who is engaged truly mindfully in any activity. Thinking of my family makes me smile. Knowing a student has achieved their personal goal.

Happy memory

Backpacking to foreign countries in my twenties.

Happy memory

Being on holiday, somewhere warm, not having to think about doing anything, lying on a sunbed, reading a book, swimming in the sea.

Perfect day…

Place: Drakensberg, South Africa. Song: Where Do You Go To My Lovely

A perfect day could take many forms, but would always include family and Choral Evensong in a cathedral.

Danniella Downs, Y6 and Religious Studies

are singing, dancing, and reading.

My happiest memory as a child is being in a dance studio having a private ballet lesson. The studio was warm and bright whilst outside it was dark and cold. It was a rare moment of being completely present and content.

Perfect day…

. Past time: Sewing.

Favourites: Movie: Sound of Music. Food: Paella/Calamari. Book: Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier).

“Happiness is… watching children in a school play or concert. ”

Favourites: Pastime: My favourite pastimes


Spread Some Happiness

• Natasha Sondarjee •


• Monika Radojevic •


Spread Some Happiness


• Lucie Oliver •

“I would play with them” • Maya Ftiss •


Spread Some Happiness


“I would give a bunny rabbit” • Felix Scott •

• Elizabeth Herbert •


Spread Some Happiness

• Sasha Pulford •


• Daria Kondratyeva •


Spread Some Happiness

“I make people happy by playing with them” • Alfie Cook •


“If I was to be kind to a monkey I would give him a banana” • Alex Kourtis •


Spread Some Happiness


• Nouf Al Nedhar •

“I would make them a planet picture” • Alina Gerrie •

• Kit Maynard •


Spread Some Happiness

• Emily Horne •


• Riya Bakshi •

Spread Some Happiness


Julia Gillick, Y12 What do you do to make people happy?

Practise random acts of kindness: leaving 20p in phone boxes, for someone who really needs it; carrying old people’s shopping for them; giving up your seat on the tube; phoning a friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while; saying ‘I saw this and thought of you’; baking a cake just because. Perfect day…

A cup of tea in bed, listening to birdsong outside the window, followed by brunch. A hearty walk along the beach; blustery winds and baby-blue sky; gulls and waves and crabs in the chalk pools; clouds scudding and perhaps a storm building on the horizon. Home just in time, for a cup of tea and a biscuit, as the rain slides down the window panes. A favourite book and a cosy sofa; a good film on television. Putting the world to rights long into the night. Crawling into bed, tired and happy.

What makes you smile?

A good (clean) joke. What do you do to make people happy?

Being courteous. Happy memory

My wedding day. Perfect day…

Clear, bright, nothing to do, nowhere to go!

Nick de Mattos, Latin

Song: Blowin in the Wind. Book: I am That - Nisargadhatta. Pastime: Singing.


Favourites: Movie: Marigold Hotel. Food: Veg Shepherd’s Pie.


Spread Some Happiness


“Ask Danydal to come for a swim” • Helal Mohammed •

• Roxanne Lawson •


Spread Some Happiness

• Petronella Dodd •



Spread Some Happiness


• Imogen Syms •

• Ahana Hundal •


Spread Some Happiness


• Katherine Fallon •

• Anya Bansal-Shah •


Spread Some Happiness

• Arya Stapleton Dhillon •


• Edward Harris •


Spread Some Happiness


“Invite Anthony over to play”

“Play with someone that’s feeling left out” • Edward Holloway •

• Jamaal Darlington •


Spread Some Happiness


• Florence Webb •

• Calum Main •

Spread Some Happiness


Jane Mason, Latin What makes you smile?

Bananas, babies and sunsets. What do you do to make people happy?

Take the time to connect with them and show them that everyone is special and appreciated; simply say thank you, show interest in what they say or do or wear. Happy memory

Many of my happiest memories involve sunny days on the beach with my family, followed by fish and chips! Perfect day…

A walk in the country followed by supper with my family.

What makes you smile?

The ‘Matt’ cartoons in the Telegraph. What do you do to make people happy?

Cook for them/spend time talking to them. Perfect day…

Leisurely breakfast; coffee and papers; long walk in the sunshine with friends; happily cooking a delicious meal to share for supper.

Sarah Labram, Deputy Head and Latin

Song: It’s a Wonderful World. Pastime: Reading/walking.


Favourites: Movie: Room with a View. Food: Crème brulee.


Spread Some Happiness

• Emma Lewis •


• Dasha Amerikova •


Spread Some Happiness


“It’s my favourite time when we are next to the sea. I like it very much”

“Being on a mountain makes me happy” • Benjamin Galvin •

• Denis Nedostupenko •


Spread Some Happiness


“I would give them a present” • Maria Del Pilar Moccia •

• Jamie Brown •


Spread Some Happiness

• Serena Kullich •



Spread Some Happiness


• Grace Kettle •

“Ask a friend how they are feeling” • Arya Salukhe •


Spread Some Happiness


“I could do my special magic trick”

• Zoe Robinson •

• Matthew O’Donohoe •

• Arushi Rana •

Spread Some Happiness


Lorraine Razzell, Y10 and Dance What makes you smile?

My cats nuzzling up to me when they want attention. What do you do to make people happy?

Take time to make them feel special, a smile, a compliment, a message, a cake. Perfect day…

A picnic in the sunshine with friends and family.

What makes you smile?

Seeing kindness or any expression of love. What do you do to make people happy?

Smile and compliment them, show you enjoy their company. Happy memory

Being given a gift that I had always wanted and never thought to receive. Perfect day…

Sun shining, good friends and good company (meaning good conversations) and a long walk on cliffs by the sea.

Karin Ibbett, Y10, History / History of Art

Colour: Blue. Pastime: Sailing or reading.


Favourites: Movie: ‘A Good Year’ with Russel Crowe.


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“Take them to the playground”

• Joseph Preston •

• Zane Jawad •

“I would take them to the ZOO”

• Zidane Yousuf •

• Otto Bucher •

• Anna Sridhara •


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“I would take them to play in the playground”

• Samuel Campbell-Barr •

• Jake Bowden •


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• Annabel Barnard •

• Katarina Perry •


Spread Some Happiness

• Gabriella Boyle •


• Scarlett Jones •


Spread Some Happiness

• Remus Gorgevik-Trinder •


• Cecily Morrissey •


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“I would give them a kiss and a hug”

• Harry Tarsh •

• Samual O’Donohoe •

• Lucy Harris •


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• Shyal Misra •


• Satyajit Biswas •


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Selina Shah, Y11 and ICT People being kind; animals and pets; my son trying to make me laugh when he’s been naughty; pupils at St James; the lovely people I work with; beautiful sailing weather! What do you do to make people happy?

Try and help them if they need it; listen to them; tell them stories that might make them laugh; fix their computers and solve their technology problems; teach them how to use computers. Happy memory

An interview with Sai Baba with my son when he was one year old; Diwali at Prashanthi; when Theo was born; travelling around Ireland with best friend Elissa; watching an astroid shower with my sister; coming first in a sailing Regatta last year.

(Elizabeth Goodge); The Good Companions (J B Priestly); any Jane Austin;

Perfect day…

Wake up, lie in bed resting for a while, get up and pray, have a hot drink, chat to my dad and best friend in Australia, go to early communion, pack my sailing gear and take off for a regatta, helm well in the regatta - crew is happy and enjoys it, fly the spinnaker and have lots of laughs and meet up with good sailing friends. Sit by the river/lake/shore and relax during the sunset. Get home and chat and play football in the garden with my son. Have supper, paint a little and then read in bed with the cats; maybe watch a film or early night.

(Jan Garberek). Colour: Aquamarine. Pastime: Sailing.

Favourites: Movie: Les Aventures Extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc-sec. Book: The Little White Horse

What makes you smile?

North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell). Song: Legend of the Seven Dreams


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“I make breakfast for my mummy to make her happy”

• Saberi Misra •

• Oscar Lihou-Smith •

• Alexandra Pullan •


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• Imogen Willis •



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• Sophie Salloum •

• Hebe Williams •


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“Take my dad on the jet ski”

• Yahia Elhouni •

• Octavia Morrissey •


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“Eat ice cream with Xahia with nonstop refill”

• Oliver Tang •

• Monica Gleeson •

• Jeeven Sahota •


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• Ocean Holder •


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Jessica Story, Y2G “Happiness is… dinner parties with friends - delicious food, good wine and laughing so much it hurts!” What makes you smile?

Seeing other people happy. What do you do to make people happy?

Cook for them! Happy memory

Spending time with my grandparents, getting married, falling in love and having children. Favourites: Food: Sushi. Colour: Blue.

Pastime: Cooking, snowboarding, reading, being on a beach.

Perfect day…

Walking on the beach at dawn or dusk.

“Happiness is… knowing that you are loved and cherished by family, friends and God.” Lynda Jones, RG Asst. Teacher

Lord. Book: The Shell Seekers, Dragonfly Pond. Pastime: Embroidery/textiles and relaxing in the sun.


Favourites: Movie: Pay it Forward. Song: Be Still for the Presence of the


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• Marie Saunders •

• Ruby Walden •


• Maia Williams •

• Emily Morris •


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• Lavinia Calebotta •


• Maddy Ryan •


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“I was at the beach and I love to swim” • Violet Hyams •

• Eleanor Bowden •


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“ I would give a cuddle and a kiss” • Isabella Gradel •

• Christina Shaw •


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• Imogen Squire •

“I would take them for a ride in my car” • Connor Merritt •

• Mathilde Bardonnet •


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• Maddie Jeffreys •

• Chiara Eisenberg •


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• Sundaramma Maheshwaran •

• Ina Mali •


• Lisa Coiffard •

• Kalise Applicano •


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Georgie Gulliford, RB “Happiness is… laughing with friends around the kitchen table.” Champagne.

What do you do to make people happy?

Cook them yummy food! Happy memory

Aged 9 going on a family holiday to the Isles of Scilly, finding a wren nesting outside my window, eating ice creams, boat trips, sandcastles, bbqs and rock pooling. Perfect day…

A long lazy day on the beach, picnic, swimming in the sea, reading a book and then a cocktail in hand to watch the sun go down.

Pastime: Riding along a long sandy beach.

What makes you smile?

Working with the little children and delighting in their spontaneous remarks. What do you do to make people happy?

Listen to them I hope. I love people and I am really interested in meeting everyone with enthusiasm and delight (most of the time!!). Happy memory

Waking up on endless summer mornings when the world was my oyster, or so it felt.

Catherine Rimmer, Y4G

Pastime: Walking the dog and going to Saturday Sanha.

Favourites: Movie: Sound of Music. Song: Regina Spektor - Samson. Book: Mister Pip.

What makes you smile?

Favourites: Subject: Philosophy. Book: Shantaram and Crash.


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• James Gilchrist •


• Zak Kapoor •

• Tom Fowkes •

• Luca Pezzin •

• William Saunders •

• Benjamin Saunders •


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• Alice Gisard D’Estaing •

• Antonia Pavoncelli •


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“I would help them when they fall off their scooter”

• Guinivere Lese •

• Dev Chandarana •


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• Loveday Webber •


• Charlotte Williams •

“Why not take a friend on some go karts”

“If someone is not happy, I would give them a smile” • Jessica Craven •

• Ishaan Patel •

• Lili Yazdani-Wong •


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• Sophia Eng •


• David Bobby •

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Geraldine Hay, Head of Art “Happiness is… waking up and seeing a blue sky” What makes you smile?

The way my long-haired cat, Tissie, looks at me with love and full attention, hoping to be brushed. Happy memory

Walking by the canal and fields alone for miles as a child, just looking. Perfect day…

A walk in a nature reserve and coffee with John my husband, a pub lunch with my Mum, Dad and family and a good drama on TV.

“Happiness is… only in the here and now.” Peter Sawicki, Head of Sports

South – The Story about Shackleton. Colour: Rainbow. Pastime: Drawing.


Favourites: Movie: Inception. Food: Bigos. Song: Now We Are Free. Book:


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“I would give them cuddles”

• Matthew Latham •

• Florrie O’Donoghue •


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• Lydia Webb •

• Elenor Andree Wiltens •

• Aryan Rana •


Spread Some Happiness

• Sofia Ruijs •


• Emma Gilchrist •


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“Having a nice garden and talking to my pets”

• Lucas Maynard •

• Jaspa Daniels •


Spread Some Happiness

• Ella King Smith •


• Arran Yang-Cawood •


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• Javina Houri •


• Maria Shaw •

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Kate Meltzer, Lower Junior Music Teacher “Happiness is… a country walk on a warm, sunny day.” What makes you smile?

Is someone else smiling, the innocent stare of a baby, a cat chasing its tail, people squealing at the edge of the sea as they prepare to go swimming, the relief of a job well done and happy conversation with friends. What do you do to make people happy?

I try to be happy myself and offer them what they seem to need, a smile, a hug, a helping hand or a piece of cake with a cup of tea!

What makes you smile?

My sons make me smile. What do you do to make people happy?

Make them toast in bed in the morning. Happy memory

Snowball fights.

“Happiness is… music” John Cook, Y6B

Food: Spag Bol. Colour: Blue. Pastime: Play the guitar.


Favourites: Subject: Philosophy and Sport. Movie: I am David.


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• Aishwarya Chidambaram •

• India Bhaskaran •


Spread Some Happiness

• Maeve Cullinan •


• Natalya Ahmad •


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• Sofia Carroll-Orea •


• Ruby Scott •

• Jessica Spiegler •

• Anissa Se-upara •

• Aramay Robertson •


Spread Some Happiness

• Leon Sawicki •


• Sophie Webb •


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“I would give a lollipop” • Malaika Cowen •

• Lucie Slater •


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Favourites: Movie: Green Mile. Food: Bacon sandwich. Song: I Don’t Wanna Be - Gavin DeGraw

“Happiness is… on a beach in a foreign country in the hot sun. ” Happy memory

Bungy jumping in New Zealand.

Perfect day…

Sleeping in late, shopping, food with friends.

. Book: The Hobbit. Colour: Black. Pastime: With friends.

Happy memory

Family holidays in Cornwall with beach, sandcastles, sand and wind howling against the windows. Perfect day…

A bike ride and pub dinner with friends.

“Happiness is… a full stomach” Edward Murry, Art Teacher

Song: She by Jonnie Cash. Book: To Kill A Mockingbird: Colour: Blue. Pastime: Cycling.

Brian Turner, Catering Manager

Favourites: Movie: Seven Samurai. Food: Fish and chips.


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• Gabriel Barnes •


• Freddie Campbell •


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“Going to see mummy at the hospital when she had Rex” • Eliza Mousley •

• Uma Salukhe •


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“I would play with people to make them happy” • Tallulah Plant •

• Tyler Jeffreys •


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• Phoebe Carr •

• Simi Lakhani •

“I would give them

“I love riding my bicycle

a magic wand”

– I’m happy”

• William Todd •

• Daniel Rawnsley •

• Anastasia Blasi •


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“Karol would take someone up to the mountain he climbed with family in the Alps. He stopped nearly at the top (where the cross is) because it was too dangerous beyond. At that spot, he wrote postcards, which he’d carried up the mountain in his backpack, and ate apples, while looking across mountains & valleys to the huge snow-capped Mont Blanc.”

• Maya Crnogorac •

• Karol Yousuf •

“I make people happy by being really funny” • James Buchanan •


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“I am happy when we are in the mountains in Spain together, just walking”

“I am happy at home when I’m watching television” • Tomas Carroll-Orea •

• Zebedee Wilhelmsen •


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Aleks Bekvalac, Caretaker “Happiness is… love.” What makes you smile?

Small animals and babies doing silly things. Happy memory

Becoming a father twice. Perfect day…

Building and making things, while listening to music surrounded by loved ones.

Perfect day…

A blowy cliff top walk in Cornwall with the family, followed by a pub lunch then an afternoon curled up with a good book in front of an open fire.

“Happiness is… a glass of champagne!” Charlotte Kettle, Y1G


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• Claire Morton •

• Louise Raffray •

• Aisha Azizul •


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“Invite a friend over to bounce on my trampoline” • Rhea Kapoor •

• Gabriel Pomerance •


Spread Some Happiness

• Ishita Goel •


• Ellie Morton •


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“I make people happy by telling jokes” • Rahul Rajamurugan •

• Emma Gilchrist •


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“This is me walking with my family. I like walking it makes me happy - we went on lots of nice hills.”

• Pierre Esnou •

• Joseph Willis •

• Milo Jeffery •


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• Alexandra Gordon-Smith •

“I would give them a toy” • Gurveer Singh •

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Sonia Alejandra Diaz Garcia, Receptionist Favourites: Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Food Lasagne: Song: What A Wonderful World. Book:

“Happiness is… a happy face.” What makes you smile?

Love, children, babies. What do you do to make people happy?

Smile at them, give them attention in the form of care and make them feel special.

What makes you smile?

My puppy Frankie. Happy memory

Happy memory

Meeting my little sister for the first time – totally unexpected!! Perfect day…

Sun shining, peace, good company, the seaside.

Arriving in England for the first time on Christmas Eve, when it was snowing after having spent 3 weeks on a boat travelling from India. More recently, spending a day in Barcelona with my son and then watching Chelsea beat Barcelona to get into the final of the Champions League!

“Happiness is… family, friends and Frankie.” Gill Brown, Headmistress’ PA Platero Y Yo – Juan Ramon Jimenez. Pastime: Sleep and dream.

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Book: Me Before You. Pastime: Badminton and watching Chelsea play live.


Favourites: Subject: Sport. Food: Curry. Movie: Dead Poets Society. Song:


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• Mathilda Ingall •


• Anjali Shah •


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“I am happy in the water at the swimming pool” • Adam Tunikas-Fetaimia •

• Ananya Sharma •

• Camille Allen •

• Tanya Kovatchka •


Spread Some Happiness


• Millie Morrissey •

• Amalia Fredriksson •


Spread Some Happiness

• Mika Cassingham-Tourell •


• Ben Cook •


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“I’m having a party and I am having lots of presents” • Hannah Lee •

• Hari Prasad •


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Katherine Cselko, Y3G

Happy memory Favourites: Movie: Secrets and Lies. Food: Quiche. Song: Pachabal Canon.

Looking for grass snakes in Cornwall and my Grandma giving me pieces of peeled, crunchy green apple. Perfect day…

Early morning walk or swim on Hampstead Heath, breakfast outdoors overlooking the pond, coffee with friends and then I’m ready for anything.

Book: My Family and Other Animals. Colour: Sky Blue.

What makes you smile?

Watching a class of small children playing. There are always some funny comments to overhear. Happy memory

The south of France reading a book with the sound of Cicadas, while my parents painted. Perfect day…

Lunch with family and friends and an evening by the fire reading a book.

“Happiness is… that feeling of contentment that comes with a beautiful sunny day, a good glass of wine or a great conversation.” Catherine Toole, RB Asst. Teacher

Food: Cheese souf flé.

“Happiness is… the first birdsong of spring, warm rays of sunshine in autumn.”

Favourites: Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


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“I promise to do my homework at the right time.” • Helena Toole •

• Teo Pearl •


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“ A good football match makes everyone happy” • Amina Moccia •

• Gadadhara Cederberg •


Spread Some Happiness


“I would smile” • Amaya Mason •

“I would say are you ok?” • Nia Mohlala •


Spread Some Happiness

• Enshar Ghateh •


• Emma Facci •


Spread Some Happiness


“I like helping mummy and giving her breakfast in bed”

• Theodore van Niekerk •

• Gabriel Ricci •


Spread Some Happiness


• Anouska Cowen •

• Tara Vyas •

• Jessamie Walsh •

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“One of the things a poem can do is remind us what we forgot we knew” Quote from Brian Patten

What makes you smile?

Silence is when you can hear things


Listen to the sound of pink blossoms falling The sound of love spreading

Happy memory

My sweetest memory is receiving a tiny fluffy ginger kitten in a cardboard box for Christmas when I was about 6.

The sound of air moving The sound of butterflies flying The sound of the sun setting.

What do you do to make people happy?

Make them tea and cakes or cook them pasta with a glass of wine.

Written by Milli Kaushal

Favourites: Movie: ‘Cinema

“Happiness is… a hot and sweaty crowded back room of a pub, listening to good old rock n’ roll.” Kim Brown, Development

Krauss. Pastime: Walking on Wittering Beach on a beautiful sunny or windy day with a dog chasing the seagulls.


Paradiso’. Song: ‘One Day Like T h is’ Elbow. Book: History of Love by Nicole


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• Mimi Hair •


• Tatyana Rutherston •


Spread Some Happiness


• Nour Sarhan •

• Anushri Sharma •


Spread Some Happiness

• Matilda Clark •


• Kishar Ghateh •

“Give everyone a trophy for doing their best” • Jasmine Brown •

• Jace Edgerton •

• Lui Hilger-Ellis •


Spread Some Happiness


• Nefeli Synesion-Quay •

• Mona Haroun •

• Nathan Jones •


Spread Some Happiness


• Aditi Deb •

• Krishang Nahar •


Spread Some Happiness


• Milli Kaushal •


Spread Some Happiness




The inspiration for this book came from my daughter, who embodied true happiness. All those who knew Milli will doubtless remember her infectious giggle, inquisitive mind and joyful passion for life. Born on Valentine’s Day, Milli truly was the girl who danced as if no one were watching, sang as if no one were listening and lived each day as if it were her last.

Thank you to the children and teachers of St James for sharing their ‘happy promises’ and enriching their lives, as Milli so fully enriched ours. With deep gratitude to Mrs Hyde and Mrs Thomlinson for being so supporative of this project. To Angela Peel, Lorraine Razzell and Miriam Horemuzova for being truly dedicated to making this happen. Thanks to David Limb of PB Print UK Limited for happily agreeing to do a small print run of superior quality and to Amy at Blue Apple Design for layouts. To my son Manav who has always been a super little brother to Milli and now shows such strength and dignity in supporting his sister’s legacy and indeed to my rock Bittu. To everyone who purchased this book and in doing so supported the vital work of Great Ormond Street Hospital and Kids Company. Finally, to Milli who made and continues to make the world a happier place. I love you dearly my ray of sunshine.

Milli’s greatest wish was that the world be a happier place. The children of St. James have demonstrated what it means to spread happiness so beautifully and you will see there is such strength and power in their artistic gestures. Now I ask that you as parents and those in your circle of influence do the same. Donate against a pledge to improve your life or the lives of those around you in some small way. Every time you ‘pledge to enrich your life’ you help us to get closer to our target of raising one million pounds for charities and projects that help to make the lives of children healthier and happier; all inspired by our one in a million girl Milli.

Please get in touch with me if you can help us spread happiness books through other schools or indeed any other support you can give.


Spread Some Happiness


Index Milan Milica Natalya Nouf Saif Camille Dasha Elenor Kalise Hala Elica Sidharth Aisha

79 64-65 327 216 130 367 239 312 295 136-137 103 112 351

B Badiani Bakshi Bansal-Shah Bardonnet Barnard Barnes Bhaskaran Biswas Biswas Blasi Bleyleben Bobby Boddy Bowden Bowden Bowden Boyle Bricusse Brook Brown Brown Brown

Esmond Imogen Mary James Freddie Otto

193 164 13 345 40 252


A Adzic Agbaba Ahmad Al Nedhar Alaidarous Allen Amerikova Andree Wiltens Applicano Arif Askari Asoka Azizul

Browne-Clayton Brownlee Buchanan Buchanan Bucher Bucher

Radhika Riya Anya Mathilde Annabel Gabriel India Geetanjali Satyajit Anastasia Philomena David Sophia Zachary Jake Eleanor Gabriella Luca Nikolaos Georgia Jamie Jasmine

76 219 229 291 256 336 324 50 265 243 94 307 112 23 255 286 258 135 49 22 243 394

Calebotta Campbell Campbell Campbell-Barr Campbell-Barr Carr Carroll-Orea Carroll-Orea Carter Shaw Cassingham-Tourell Cederberg Chandarana Chidambaram Clark Clark Clarke Clarke Coiffard Conran Conran Cook Cook Cotti Cowen Cowen Craven Crnogorac Cselko Cselko Cselko Cullinan

Lavinia Fox Freddie Karman Samuel Phoebe Sofia Tomas Kirana Mika Gadadhara Dev Aishwarya Isabella Matilda Stephanie Amelie Lisa Angelica Iris Alfie Ben Rebecca Malaika Anouska Jessica Maya Gemma Jessica Phoebe Maeve

284 200 337 193 254 342 328 346 87 370 379 302 325 142 394 143 193 295 57 182 214 371 198 332 386 304 343 28-29 84-85 202 326

D Daniels Darlington Deb Del Pilar Moccia

Jaspa Jamaal Aditi Maria

317 233 399 242


Spread Some Happiness

Derangi Derangi Derriey di Gleria Dodd Duchnowska Dwyer

Connie Cosmo Alia Massimo Petronella Maia Megan


80 131 182 48 224-225 107 203

E Edgerton Edgerton Eghtesadi-Thomas Eisenberg Eker Elhouni Eng Esnou

Erin Jace Leila Chiara Joshua Yahia Sophia Pierre

159 394 197 293 12 274 306 359

Emma Katherine Heather Tom Max Jamila Amalia Maya

383 228 60 299 161 120 368 208

F Facci Fallon Flynn Fowkes Frazier-Kim Fredriksson Fredriksson Ftiss

G Galberg Galvin Galvin Gerrie Ghateh Ghateh Gilchrist Gilchrist Gilchrist Gill Gill Gisard D’Estaing Gleeson Gleeson Goel Goodburn Goovaerts

Maia Amelia Benjamin Alina Enshar Kishar James Emma Emma Isaac Edith Alice Gabriella Monica Ishita Scarlett Noa

174-175 190 240 216 382 394 298 315 357 24 43 300 164 276 354 47 21

Gordon-Smith Gorgevik-Trinder Gradel Graham Grant Guillon Guterman Guterman

Alexandra Remus Isabella Millie Seia Pearlin Georgie Phoebe

361 260 288 122 26 13 55 68

H Hair Haroun Harris Harris Harris Harris Harris Hepburne-Scott Hepburne-Scott Herbert Hilger-Ellis Hill Hipshon Holder Holloway Holloway Horne Houri Hsiao Hundal Hundal Hyams

Mimi Mona Ella Evie Ned Edward Lucy Adam Isabel Elizabeth Lui Ella Lucy Ocean Elizabeth Edward Emily Javina Brittany Sergio Ahana Violet

390 396 112 121 203 231 263 11 158 211 395 95 10 278-279 154 232 218 320 39 78 226 287

Manon Lucas Sofia Oliver Mathilda Nadia

202 181 196 177 364 34

Noor Sofia Stanley Zane

162 128 144 252

I Ijaz Imlah Imlah Ingall Ingall Ivanova

J Jaafar Jamieson Jarvis Jawad


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Jeffery Jeffreys Jeffreys Jones Jones Jones

Milo Maddie Tyler Catherine Scarlett Nathan


359 292 341 30 259 397

K Kannan Kapoor Kapoor Kaushal Kemp-Welch Kennedy Kenyon Kerry Keswick Kettle Khan Khan Khaw Kinder King Smith Kondratyeva Kosanovic Kourtis Kourtis Kourtis Kovatchka Kullich

Aniyanth Zak Rhea Milli Isis Ava Olivia Abigail Mary Grace Dania Reya Katrina Eve Ella Daria Milos Eleni Joseph Alex Tanya Serena

66 298 352 400-401 166 38 176 86 62 247 36-37 133 151 77 318 213 91 180 199 215 366 244-245

L Lakhani Latham Latif Law Lawson Lee Lee Lese Lewin Lewis Li Lihou-Smith Lim

Simi Matthew Zara Sabrine Roxanne Joseph Hannah Guinivere Maya Emma Claire Oscar Rosie

243 310 150 16-17 223 81 372 303 62 238 171 268 52-53

Lister Littlehales

Nathaniel Habiba

56 93

M MacKenzie Maheshwaran Main Maitland Jones Mali Mani Mason Mathiy Maynard Maynard McConnell Ipekci McConnell-Ipekci McNeill Merritt Miles Misa Dafter Misra Misra Misra Moaven Moaven Moccia Modi Moghal Mohammed Mohammed Mohlala Morales Morris Morris Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey Morton Morton Morton Mousley Munden Munden

Sophia Sundaramma Calum Helena Ina Lakshmi Amaya Nerosha Kit Lucas Gabriel Gabriel Grace Connor Henry Lily Tisya Shyal Saberi Aryan Elis Amina Mira Zaynab Layal Helal Nia Sofia Lucy Emily Theo Cecily Octavia Millie Grace Claire Ellie Eliza Joseph Rebecca

46 294 234 152-153 294 148 380 114 217 316 20 139 113 290 88 187 192 264 269 67 178 378 163 184 195 222 381 73 110-111 283 186 261 275 369 201 350 355 338 164 194


Spread Some Happiness


N Nahar Naseem Neave Neave Nedostupenko Nicholas Nissim Norowzian Nunan

Krishang Lyla Asiyah Aminah Denis Joseph Noah Elika Jamie

398 117 42 51 241 63 179 15 160

Florrie James Matthew Samual Grace Lucie Anastasia

311 134 248 262 167 209 164

Blake Lula Hayley Sandy Lola Maanya Ayushi Vaidehi Ishaan Antonia Andrew Charlotte Teo Eve Joe Katarina Daniel Amy Luca Maithili Harlan Tallulah Gabriel Hari

102 146 74-75 168 89 27 30 122 304 301 15 182 376 14 145 257 127 100-101 298 123 113 340 353 373

O O’Donoghue O’Donohoe O’Donohoe O’Donohoe Oliphant Oliver Oppenheim

P Packshaw Packshaw Page Parkinson-Smith Pashouros Patel Patel Patel Patel Pavoncelli Peachey Peachey Pearl Perry Perry Perry Pesin Pezzin Pezzin Pittea Plant Plant Pomerance Prasad

Premnath Preston Preston Pulford Pullan

Sandeep Milly Joseph Sasha Alexandra

119 170 252 212 269

Monika Jovana Louise Anaya Rahul Arushi Aryan Lakshya Daniel Tamara Gabriel Romy Lily Aramay Zoe Zoe Alicia Bassie Sofia Tatyana Maddy

207 147 350 184 356 249 313 169 342 92 384 31 113 328 31 249 102 72 314 391 285

Jeeven Josephine Sophie Arya Uma Nour Luke Matthew Marie William Benjamin Lucas Leon Katharina Felix

277 203 272 246 339 393 105 155 282 298 299 61 330 149 210

R Radojevic Radojicic Raffray Rafiq Rajamurugan Rana Rana Ravikumar Rawnsley Reviakin Ricci Robertson Robertson Robertson Robinson Robinson Robson Ruiijs Ruijs Rutherston Ryan

S Sahota Sall Salloum Salukhe Salukhe Sarhan Saunders Saunders Saunders Saunders Saunders Saunders-Aroma Sawicki Scott Scott


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Scott Se-upara Seif Shah Shah Shapiro Sharma Sharma Shaw Shaw Sim Singh Singh Slater Sondarjee Spiegler Squire Sridhara Stankovic Stapleton Dhillon Stefan Stefanowski Stepanowski Sunthornsarathun Sunthornsarathun Syms Synesion-Quay


Ruby Anissa Roksana Aisha Anjali Lauren Ananya Anushri Christina Maria Jenny Sahiba Gurveer Lucie Natasha Jessica Imogen Anna Mila Arya Simon Megan Rachel Zaza Zene Imogen Nefeli

328 328 79 54 365 129 366 392 289 321 77 73 360 333 206 329 291 253 98 230 126 99 38 90 116 227 396

Oliver Harry Jack Katya Sophia Daisy Oliver William Beatrice Helena Adam

277 262 203 132 193 21 102 342 54 377 366

Vanessa Theodore Theodore

191 385 41

T Tang Tarsh Taylor Thomas Thomassen Tod Todd Todd Tompkins Toole Tunikas-Fetaimia

V Vallance van Niekerk van Tienhoven

Vaughan Vidal Vyas

Lydia Sebastian Tara

162 35 386

Ruby ZoĂŤ Campbell Jessamie Jonathan Florence Lydia Sophie Myla Loveday Felicity Zebedee Bo Hebe Maia Charlotte Imogen Joseph Anna Amy Betty

282 69 118 387 138 235 312 331 165 304 104 347 25 273 283 304 270-271 358 14 76 106

W Walden Walker Walker Walsh Ward Webb Webb Webb Webber Webber Whelan Wilhelmsen Williams Williams Williams Williams Willis Willis Wills Worlock Wright

Y Yang-Cawood Yaucan Yauvan Yazdani-Wong Youngblood Yousuf Yousuf

Arran Chanon Yada Lili Hanna Zidane Karol

319 54 60 305 115 252 344

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