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Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe 1762-1850


lizabeth Posthuma Gwillam was

born as an orphan on September 22, 1762 in England. She married John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. She is now known as Elizabeth Simcoe. Elizabeth had 6 children, 5 daughters and 1 son. Katherine her only daughter was born in Upper Canada and died in childhood of unknown causes. She is buried in Fort York, Garrison. Elizabeth was an artist and diarist. She kept a detailed diary of life in early Upper Canada. She died January 17, 1850 of natural causes at age 87.

These are some of Elizabeth’s Diary entries! “We arrived at Weymouth; I walked with Lady Collier on the Esplanade in the evening.” -September 17th, 1791 “I quite enjoy the thoughts of the long journey we have before us, and the perpetual change of scene it will afford” -march 15th, 1792 This is a picture of her original diary.

As Elizabeth was a diarist she was also an amazing artist :). She painted 595 watercolour paintings. These are some of Elizabeth’s watercolour paintings! This is of York Harbour. York is now the city of Toronto.

Elizabeth’s painting of Niagra Falls.

This is a picture of York, which is now Toronto.

There is even a school named after Elizabeth Simcoe. It is called Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School and is located in Scarborough, Ontario. Scarborough is also named after Elizabeth and her husband.

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Elizabeth Simcoe  

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