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Guide to Different types of Corporate Training Courses


What is Corporate Training

 Corporate training improves employees skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. Corporate training in India train employees with new skills Computer training is one area of corporate training.

Types of Corporate Training Courses

 Business Etiquette. Customer service.

Human Resources. Leadership Training and Management.

Business Etiquette

 This program covers professional behavior ,business dining and dressing. Workshops for business etiquette are relaxed and enjoyable.

These skills are effective when one needs to impress clients and retaining the existing ones.

Customer Service

ďƒź Workshops pertaining to customer service cover about 20 customer service communication skills.

ďƒźThis training course is applicable to a variety of training industries. ďƒźEmployees trained in customer service are mainly recruited in the customer service department.

Human Resources

ďƒź Interview skills, successful orientation skills are an integral part of this course. ďƒźSeminars, keynotes and training sessions are conducted to train professionals.

ďƒźAfter this training professionals will effectively interview candidates and manage change in the organization.

Leadership Training and Management

ďƒź Supervision skills and leadership qualities are mainly taught in this training.

ďƒźOnsite corporate training courses offer keynotes lunch programs, full day and half day workshops conducted by industry experts.

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Types of Corporate Training Courses  

This pdf is made by giving ideas to various corporate training courses.