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Effective E learning Techniques for Business Training


What is E learning ?

 Online education is an education which is delivered via internet. Online e learning courses is a fast mode of education. The application and processes of e learning include web based learning, computer based learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration.

E learning Techniques for Business Training

 Easy Access. Ability to Track Progress. Computer Training.

Easy Access

 Employee training program must be easy.

It will make the trainees to participate in the program. Training programs must have a log-in id and a password. The id and password must be simple.

Ability to Track Progress  E learning programs are most effective. Through the program employees want to document their progress.

So each component of the training program must include some form of quiz or contest. This will help them to judge their progress.

Computer Training

ď ą In e learning training it must be make sure that everyone must know how to use computer . ď ąLearners must also know how to use software. ď ąTherefore a brief training on how to use course material, sending online information must be given.

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E learning techniques for business training  
E learning techniques for business training  

This PDF is made by giving ideas to various e learning techniques for business training.