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: IBM 000-789


: IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager V1.2 Implementation

Version : R6.1    

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1. To push a Windows ITSRM agent, the target machine belongs to which of the following? A. DNS B. Workgroup C. NT domain D. DHCP Answer: C 2. What should be configured to notify the enterprise SNMP manager of an ITSRM event? A. alert dispositions B. event forwarding C. alert forwarding D. scan agent administration Answer: A 3. What is the default SNMP community name for ITSRM? A. ITSRM B. SNMP C. public D. private Answer: C 4. You have a mounted SAN attached filesystem. How do you verify connectivity? A. lsdev -Cc B. sping C. df D. netstat Answer: C 5. What is the default retention period for alert log records? A. 30 days B. 90 days C. 6 months D. 1 year Answer: B 6. What report uses the information collected by a probe? A. Availability B. Asset C. Storage subsystems D. Usage    

Answer: B 7. What alert type is used to check for a "ram decreased" condition? A. Storage SubSystem alert B. Computer alert C. Filesystem alert D. Directory alert Answer: B 8. What are two possible factors that should be considered in troubleshooting the network connectivity between the ITSRM server and agent? (Choose two.) A. Port availability B. Firewall C. CRC errors D. HBA malfunction E. Malfunctioning GBIC Answer: AB 9. Where in the navigation tree do you define filesystem extensions? A. Alerting B. Filesystem C. Administrative Services D. Policy Management Answer: D 10. How do you determine the port number being used by SNMP in Unix? A. cat /etc/inetd.conf B. netstat -a C. cat /etc/SNMP.conf D. cat /etc/services Answer: D 11. What report displays the association of computers and filesystems to LUNs? A. Reporting->Storage SubSystems B. Reporting->LUN List C. Reporting->Storage SubSystems->By Computer D. Reporting->By Disk Answer: C 12. What are two names of ITSRM services listed in the ITSRM user interface? (Choose two.) A. Websphere    

B. Server C. Scheduler D. Chargeback E. Database Answer: BC 13. How are the agent logs accessed? A. Administrative Services->Services->log B. Administrative Services->Agents->right click and select view log C. Administrative Services->Agents->click on view log D. Administrative Services->Services->right click on view log Answer: B 14. Which reports provide good pre-assessments of storage prior to deploying Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)? A. Batch Reports->Capacity-> Storage SubSystems B. System Reports->Storage Modification Times C. Backups->Computer-> D. Reports->Capacity->Storage Modification Times Answer: B 15. Which two reports are available for reviewing an Alert Log? (Choose two.) A. Filesystem B. OS user group C. Login exceptions D. File E. Security group Answer: AB 16. You are setting up a web browser in Windows. What is the default directory path to the ITSRM home page? A. \program files\TSRM\gui B. \program files\tivoli\TSRM\gui C. \tivoli\TSRM\gui D. \user\local\tivoli\gui Answer: B 17. Once in DB2 Control Center->Databases, how do you create a database using the wizard? A. left click Databases... Selected... Add B. Create->Database using wizard    

C. Tools->create Database using wizard D. Start Programs->Create Database Answer: B 18. You are using online execution for ChargeBack. Where does the generated output file go? A. It is displayed immediately on the screen. B. It goes to a printer. C. It goes to an output file which you enter each time. D. It goes to the default output file specified. Answer: D 19. Where are the messages from the agent installation stored on a Windows system? A. x:\Program Files\tivoli\TSRM\log\TSRM_Inst.log B. x:\Program Files\tivoli\TSRM\log\installyyyymmdd####.log C. x:\Program Files\tivoli\TSRM\log\TSRM_Agent.log D. x:\Program Files\tivoli\TSRM\log\Install.log Answer: B 20. What are two new features of ITSRM V1.2? (Choose two.) A. LUN provisioning B. ESS Reporting C. SCSI provisioning D. Java GUI E. NetWare support Answer: AB 21. Which command is used to install a Linux agent from the command line? A. ./ -g -s <servername> B. ./ -s <servername> C. ./ <servername> D. ./ -s <servername> Answer: D 22. Which two output formats are available parameter definitions for ChargeBack? (Choose two.) A. Invoice B. CIMS C. Portrait D. Landscape E. Duplex Answer: AB    

23. The name file filter allows you to include or exclude files based on which of the following? A. File name B. User owner C. Directory name D. File extension Answer: D 24. What alert type should you use to trigger an alert when your filesystem free space is less than 10%? A. Directory alerts B. SNMP alert C. Filesystem alert D. Storage SubSystem alert Answer: C 25. You are defining a database scan. Which two tabs are available to choose from? (Choose two.) A. Profiles B. Options C. Users D. Actions E. Instances Answer: AB 26. How many license keys are used to enable the product suite in ITSRM? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 5 Answer: C 27. What is a critical task that allows you to restore the ITSRM agent? A. Reinstalling agent code. B. Restoring backend server database. C. Restoring server operating system. D. Restoring backend agent database. Answer: A 28. You are defining a database probe. Which two tabs are available to choose from? (Choose two.) A. Instances B. When to probe C. Reports    

D. Actions E. Definitions Answer: AB 29. What is the purpose of LUN provisioning in ITSRM? A. dynamically adds additional storage space B. dynamically decreases storage space C. dynamically adds tape storage space D. dynamically adds NAS storage space Answer: A 30. How do you determine if SNMP is running in a Unix environment? A. ps -ef B. cat /etc/services C. lslpp D. cat /etc/rc.d Answer: A 31. What operating system supports the pushing of ITSRM agents? A. Solaris B. Windows NT C. AIX D. HP-UX Answer: B 32. How can you determine that an application database (i.e. DB2, Oracle) has exceeded expected growth? A. Review ITSRM filesystem spaces. B. Run an ITSRM scan on database. C. Run an ITSRM probe on the database. D. Run an ITSRM ping. Answer: B 33. What is the earliest supported version of AIX for ITSRM servers? A. 3.2.5 B. 4.3.3 C. 5.1 D. 5.2 Answer: B 34. Which two databases are supported for ITSRM database monitoring? (Choose two.)    

A. Oracle B. Interbase C. Cloudscape D. DB2/UDB E. Informix F. My SQL Answer: AD 35. In the ITSRM user interface, under which branch in the navigation tree is the list of services located? A. Alerting B. Monitoring C. Reporting D. Administrative Services Answer: D 36. How often should you perform regular maintenance on the ITSRM server log files? A. Never B. Daily C. Weekly D. Monthly Answer: A 37. How do you locate the ITSRM V1.2 install directory on a Unix-based machine? A. Review the installation documentation B. Review the operations run manuals C. ls -alF D. df -k Answer: A 38. What is the maximum number of server instances supported per node? A. One B. Two C. No more than four D. Unlimited Answer: A 39. Prior to ITSRM being installed, what is a requirement for installation? A. Database manager for backend repository B. RAID C. 1280 x 1024 monitor    

D. IBM MQSeries Answer: A 40. You are using ITSRM through a firewall. What ports must be open in the firewall? A. 161/162 B. 22/23 C. 2077/2078 D. 9494/9495 Answer: C 41. Which of the following is a prerequisite for ITSRM? A. TCP/IP B. DNS C. SNMP D. LDAP Answer: A 42. Which three databases are supported for a backend repository? (Choose three.) A. Interbase B. Oracle C. Cloudscape D. Sybase E. MySQL F. Ingres Answer: BCD 43. What type of user must be supplied in the RDBMS login editor? A. Valid database user B. ITSRM user login C. Local Windows administrator D. Root login E. Valid database administrator Answer: A 44. Which two Unix filesystems are supported by a filesystem extension? (Choose two.) A. GPFS B. CIFS C. JFS D. VxFS E. JFS2    

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