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I Oil and Gas SUMMIT Years Driving the Development of Colombia


ALL THE BASINS ALL THE PLAYS MORE PROSPERITY Bambuca Anticline, Aipe, Colombia Author: Mario de Freitas




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UPDATE AND INVITATION The First Bolivarian Exploration Symposium of the Sub Andean Basins took place almost forty years ago. Much water has run under the bridges during this time. What has happened in all walks of life has been surprising and revolutionary. The oil industry is not the exception. When we look at technological advances such as the internet, cell phones, PC’s, 3D printers, medical scanners, digital cameras, artificial satellites and many more we cannot be but amazed of the speed in which they occurred and how much they have improved the quality of life of all of us. The advances in the oil industry have been equally impressive. Just to mention three that have revolutionize the exploration and production of oil and gas we need to include 3D seismic, interactive work stations and the most innovative technique of recent: horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing with multiple stages. We have seen all these technologies advance if front of our eyes during the last 40 years. We believe that the symposium, which started as an instrument of regional integration, study and advancement of exploration in the sub Andean basins, must be updated so that it continues serving the petroleum industry of the region. We want the sub Andean basins not to be the only focus of the symposium but that it should cover all the basins of Latin America, from the Rio Grande to the Patagonia. In our symposium we want to include papers on recent exploration trends such as the promising discoveries in deep waters in

Mexico, the new hydrocarbon province of the Colombian Caribbean margin, the Perla discovery in Venezuela and other developments in the Western Caribbean, the recent Peruvian bet on the deep waters of the Pacific, the recent giant discoveries in the sub salt play in Brazil, which could extend into Uruguay and Argentina and finally the new petroleum star in Guyana and neighboring countries. Equally important we consider that a modernized symposium should include a large chapter on unconventional resources. Given the large unconventional potential in places like Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil we want to have a discussion on whether we in Latin America will be able to replicate and learn from the extraordinary history of success of the unconventionals in North America, which has brought so much prosperity to that region. A history that changed the geopolitics of petroleum in ways we yet do not comprehend completely. For all these reasons the Organizing Committee wants to expand and update the symposium. To include all the experiences and lessons learned from the previous successful symposiums: all the basins, all plays, all the technologies and the most important all the countries of the region integrated in a symposium of exploration and development. On behalf of the Executive Committee I extend you an invitation to be part

of the LATIN AMERICAN SYMPOSIUM OF EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION, which be held in Bogota, November 14-16, as part of the I OIL and GAS SUMMIT. For the realization of the I Oil and Gas Summit, our association decided to join forces with ACP-Colombian Petroleum Association, ACIPETColombian Association of Petroleum Engineers, ACIEMColombian Association of Engineers, and CAMPETROL-Colombian Chamber of Petroleum Goods and Services. The summit’s objective is to commemorate and celebrate the first 100 years of the petroleum industry in Colombia and to project it as an economic sector that will continue to contribute to the social and economic progress of the country. Thanks to their participation this symposium will become the most important oil and gas exploration event in Latin America. ALL THE BASINS ALL THE PLAYS MORE PROSPERITY

Enrique Velásquez President

AGENDA The Latin American Symposium of Exploration and Development covers a wide spectrum of activities focused on satisfying the interest of an equally varied group of industry professionals.

THEMES Recently our industry is facing the reality of low hydrocarbon prices which has brought a significant reduction in exploration and production activities. At the same time, the number and volume of discoveries has also been reduced, posing challenges for the governments of the region that see their energy self-sufficiency and finances imperiled as well as for the E&P companies that need to focus on different ways of thinking the geology of each basin with fresh ideas to search for new plays and creative ways of interpreting the same data. We intend in this symposium to include all the basins of our region and that the interchange of ideas and information will lead us to improve our exploration and production performance. The symposium also intends to bring the world’s most advanced exploration and production technologies. We have no doubts that all of this will result in wider economic opportunities and more prosperity for all the inhabitants of the region. The posters session will use the electronic format to promotes further interaction with the presenter.

The main technical themes are:

• • • • •

New and Emergent Basins Exploration and Production of Unconventional Reservoirs Exploration and Production in Deep Water Mature Basins E&P Technological Advances

This is precisely the motif of the Latin American Symposium of Exploration and Development: All the Basins. All the Plays. More Prosperity.


Our appointment is in Bogotá November 14th to 16th de 2018.

ABSTRACTS Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are limited to 250 words and should be submitted following the instructions described in the following web page: Abstracts submitted will be selected for oral and poster presentations. Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 23, 2018 Instructions:

MANUSCRIPTS Presentations approved by the Technical Committee will be published in the Memoirs of the Symposium. Presentations should be submitted ready for publication following the guidelines given in our web page. Authors will be notified via e mail before August 09, 2018

LANGUAGES Spanish and English are the official languages of the event. Simultaneous translation services will be available during the event.

VENUE AGORA BOGOTA CONVENTION CENTER Bogotá, Colombia Agora Convention Center is strategically located in the “conventions and fairs” district of Bogota and offers multiple access options along main thoroughfares including Avenida de la Esperanza, Avenida del Dorado y Avenida de las Americas.

Photography: Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

Agora Bogota is 3 km from downtown Bogota, site of the principal museums and cultural activities of the city and 8 km away from El Dorado International Airport. Agora is also close to tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels.

REGISTRATION AND FEES Detailed information on registration and fees can be found at

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I Oil and Gas SUMMIT Years Driving the Development of Colombia November 14th -16th, 2018. Ágora Convention Center· Bogotá, Colombia

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