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The Book of Legends MYTH 9:


Written by Syra The Creative Teens Generation’s School Pakistan

Chapter 1: The Gift:

Once Upon A Time‌ In a land far, far away, there resided a tiny village, cut off completely from the rest of the world. In this village lived a poor and extremely hard working woodcutter, who spent his life cutting trees in the forest and then carrying his load to the nearest town; where he would sell them to earn some money. One night, it rained heavily causing all the trees in the forest to become wet. The next day, the hard working wood-cutter, seeing all the soggy tree barks in the forest, became quite grim. He knew that no one would buy wet wood, and that cutting down the trees would be extremely difficult. Disappointed and hopeless, the wood-cutter sat down on the forest floor with a heavy heart, pondering at what he

should do next. “Worried? Maybe I can help?” A strong deep voice echoed throughout the forest, sending a shiver down the wood-cutter’s

spine. “Don’t






help” Again the mysterious voice echoed through the trees and once again the snide and cruel tone that it adopted made the wood-cutter


woodcutter stuttered.


fear. “W-who




As if in answer, the winds around him

began to pick up pace, whipping his face, their intensity almost blowing his saw away. The winds began to swirl in front of him like a tornado, enveloping a spot about ten-feet away from where he stood, circling around the hurricane’s eye with ferocious speed. Spinning faster and faster… Until they stopped. In a second, the winds, blurred because of their speed, vanished into nothingness, leaving him staring at what they had concealed. For in the very spot they had circumnutated, stood a tall lean figure clocked almost fully in purple. The figure had a sharp, almost eagle-like wizened face with hollow cheekbones and prodding lips. His long raised nose was raised menacingly in a dark sneer. The purple cloak that lung loosely around his frame branched out at his feet, turning straight upon contact with the floor and then branching out upwards a few centimeters away, rising like a flame at the ends, in an eerie semi-circular pattern.

Yet it was not his unusual attire,

scornful expression or even his unexpected, sudden or creepy

way of appearing that managed to alarm the wood-cutter the most. No, it was in fact his eyes that seemed the most threatening to him. Narrow and slit-like with almost no lashes to speak of, they glowed like red rubies, flashing dangerously every now and then. “I,” the figure announced in that same scornful voice, “am the wizard of talents” The wood-cutter merely gaped at him, unable to say a word. “You,” the wizard announced, “have proven yourself worthy enough to inherit my dearest treasure – the gift of imagination, also known as The Power of Creativity”

The wood-cutter stared at him

wordlessly, as the wizard held out a sharp wrinkled hand with a yellow glowing orb. Gulping down his anxiety and fear, the wood-cutter reached out for the orb, surprised at the sudden warmth that engulfed him as his fingers brushed the cold glowing surface. With a shock, he realized that the orb had been absorbed into him. “You now have the very influx of human brain power at your disposal. Take care of it, flourish it and you will get to keep it, and become richer than you have ever dreamed, but only if you do so for knowledge. Use it for personal gain, for money and let it rot away, and I will take it from you – and losing such a treasure would make you the poorest man on Earth.” The wizard explained. And before the wood-cutter could say a single word, the winds around him

began to speed up, engulfing the old man and in a matter of mere seconds the wizened old wizard was gone.

Chapter 2: Decisions:

The wood-cutter soon realized the importance of his gift. No longer was his routine confined to the chopping and selling of wood. Grateful for the gift bestowed upon him by Fate, the wood-cutter set out to expand his horizons. A task that became easy, almost natural to him. He had developed a natural curiosity for the world around him, and took delight in wonder, exploration and seeking knowledge. As a result, his creativity flourished and he was able to increase his occupation – from a wood-cutter, he had managed to become a world renowned wood exporter, a great scientist and inventor who had managed to create ways to revolutionize the wood-chopping techniques,

not to mention a painter and an artist. In his own little world, he had pushed to the extremes and become a creative individual. His life was perfect, nothing could go wrong. Then, tragedy struck. Fame and fortune had gotten to the wood-cutter’s head and thinking he could do no wrong now that he had gotten creativity, he fell back and became lazy. Getting rid of his tight schedule the wood-cutter decided that he could have the world at his fingertips without hard work or perseverance and that he could just idly sit by and watch himself become one of the richest people in the world. His technique worked fine for a few weeks, but then‌ He could see himself slowly losing control of his empire. Now disorganized and messy, he could no longer handle the collapse in his fortune. His wealth began to decrease and he watched numbly as his world crumbled around him. Although aware of the situation, the wood-cutter had embedded laziness so fully into his personality that he could no longer take charge of the situation fully. Suddenly, in his panic stricken days, realization hit him hard. What was he to be worried off? He still had creativity! He could reach his way to the top even without work! Imagine the wood-cutter’s horror when he realized that even creativity had more or less left him! Not inclined to work, under too much pressure with no passion, resolve or inspiration- he could not invent a single thing!

Chapter 3: Crime and Punishment:

The wizard had heard of the wood-cutter’s demise and needless to say, he was not pleased. Despite his seemingly uncaring attitude, the wizard was extremely worried. In a millennium he had not found one single individual upon whom he could place his gift until death parts them. Disappointed, he stripped the wood-cutter of this gift. He was not worthy. And now the wizard felt guilty – how many worthy individuals had he missed out on while the useless wood-cutter played with his gift? Had he missed out on that one person for whom he was searching? He shook his head in irritation! How many

disappointments must he bear before finding him? No human seemed worthy of his gift. At least not the whole of it.. Bitterly against the entire human race, he stood up and began to walk away. He had work to do. He had a plan. Epilogue: It has been over 4000 years to this story. The woodcutter, like any other mortal, has naturally died. But legend has it that the wizard still lives. Guarding his treasure jealously, he has come up with the perfect solution. Upon birth he bestows each human child with the mere gist of the gift of creativity and then decides whether or not that human is worthy enough to retain the shadow of his gift. Some he strips of his prize, others he rewards by increasing it, yet to others he is extremely merciful, taking away the prize from time to time if they are neglectful of it but returning it if they repent. Yet legend has it that he travels alone at night, still searching for that one individual upon whom he may place an absolute trust and be relieved of his duty once and for all. He travels at night. The cloaked figure. The man of many disguises. Carrying the greatest power known to man. Still Searching...

The Book of Legend  

Book written for TQ Project

The Book of Legend  

Book written for TQ Project