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DECEMBER 21, 2009 MOHARRAM 03, 1431

Indeed Allah is gentle and loves gentleness , and gives an approval to gentleness which he does not give to harshness. Hadith of Bukhari

HOUSE PREFECTS Maliha Irfan II-G Iqbal House Javeria Faraz II-V Jinnah House Saad Lakhani II-E Syed House

Dear Parents & Children,


Assalamu alaikum

With summers over, our students by the arrival of autumn had replenished their energies and were all geared up to explore opportunities in their new class.



Alhamdulillah, our ‗Iqra Motivational Reading Programme‘ was launched on October 12, 2009. This year‗s theme was ‗Come Alive with Books‘ and the mascot being ‗Barney‘, the Iqra song (sung to the tune of ‗I love you‘/you love me‘) was an instant hit with the students.

The orientation meetings were a great opportunity for us to discuss the curriculum and meet many of you at the beginning of the term. This year the reading workshops for Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten were planned along with the meetings. However, Nurseries had the workshop in November. A general discussion in the AVC was followed by highly interactive sessions in the classrooms.

The highlights of Iqra week were as follows:



Orientation Meeting and Workshops


A story was selected and different activities were created to make the book come alive for the students— discussions role-plays, graphs, booklets, book reports, and hot seating for characters – added zest and fun to learning.

Handwriting Competition


Interactive and entertaining storytelling sessions by parents and teachers.

Buddy Programme


Our Heroes


What’s happening in the class?


Field Trips


Safety procedure for hometime


Sports Day


Swine Flu


Inside this issue:

LOVE - Put your Heart into it! Nothing gives the heart muscle a workout quite like love — in fact, researchers are now proving that love is the route to heart health. So love hard and live long. Courtesy Reader’s Digest ( February 2009)

The highly participated and most popular ‗story in a bag‘ activity resulted in a variety of creative artwork by students. No T.V hours for two days were observed, at home. Ayesha Jamal from class - X visited the Starters assembly as an author and discussed the process of writing and publishing. ‗Literature Day‘ the closing of Iqra-where students brought an object to depict their favourite story book character, and the school was filled with the sights of Red Riding Hoods, Gingerbread men and Pinocchios moving around and chatting with their friends. Middler students performed fantastic and highly entertaining role plays around stories and involved their younger buddies in worksheets. Middlers your costume and performances were superb!

OUR HEROES Islamic and National personalities like Allama Iqbal were categorically hi ghli ghted wi th presentati ons, discussions and wall-displays to help children relate to them and have role-models to follow.

HANDWRITING COMPETITION Handwriting, if done neatly and with correct formation is a treat for eyes! The competition was held on November 06, 2009 and students eagerly waited for the day. They wrote away in their best handwriting. And the winners got certificates as appreciation.

BUDDY PROGRAMME The core purpose of the Buddy Programme is to provide opportunities for students to bond and nurture their social skills. This year, buddies were formed by pairing each student within the same age group and class. In their first meeting buddies greeted and introduced each other. They worked together and made cards, happy faces, wristwatches headbands; and made and ate burgers. Later all of them sang rhymes of friendship and love. In the second session, the Pre-nursery buddies made season greeting cards. The Nurseries worked together to create a beautiful scene using ‗patterns‘ and Kindergarteners decorated paper bags in pairs. Classes I & II made posters with slogans for their House. Not only the health messages of sleeping on time, but taking a hearty breakfast, etc. were also beautifully communicated. Bravo Buddies! Generation’s School

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What’s happening in the class?


Pre-nurseries expressed their love and devotion to their parents making a frilled heart with a special dua for parents. They went home and presented it to the parents saying ―I love you‖! Nurseries planned a picnic at school in the open air—related to the theme ‗Sky‘. The activity promoted healthy eating habits. They recited dua, enjoyed playtime and breakfast together. It was an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. Kindergarteners followed a class daily routine. Through this they learnt about time sequence. The follow up by children was amazing as they brought write ups, posters and own made books around their daily routine. Class I enjoyed self-made hot chocolate in the chilly breeze, on the school roof top. The activity was designed to help children learn to follow steps in sequence—what a fun way to warm up in the cold. Class II worked together as group experts and gathered information about different ‗minibeasts‘ in a jigsaw setting. Later each expert got a chance to share the knowledge within his home group .Learning is always fun when friends teach each other.

Parent Volunteer



Due to uncertain conditions in the city Pre-primary field trips were cancelled. However classes I and II were able to go on their excursions. Students of class I went to Pizza One to experience professional baking. The amazements of the trip were the big mixer and walking into the big freezer. The trip ended with the delicious pizza and a chance to play in the play area.

The highly anticipated ‗Sports Day‘ for Nursery & Kindergarten was held on December 04, 2009. The chief guest for this event was Mrs. Farah Saleem, the headmistress of the A level section. The young athletes enthusiastically participated in all the track and field events. Moreover, they exhibited sportsman‘s spirit, and learnt values such as tolerance and perseverance; through classroom discussions and storytelling sessions. The Starters (I & II) and Juniors Annual Sports was held on December 12, 2009 at the Asghar Ali Shah Stadium. The chief guest on this occasion was Dr. Urooj Mumtaz Khan—the captain of the Pakistan Women‘s Cricket team. Alhamdollillah both events were thoroughly enjoyed by children, parents and staff alike. Special thanks to Dr. Lubna Wahidi for her support.

This year class II went to the famous ALA chemicals. Mr. Alvi a parent graciously arranged the trip. The s t u d ent s l e ar n ed a b o ut t h e manufacturing process of different kinds of tooth paste; learnt the five golden rules to keep teeth healthy; watched an engrossing magic show, had snacks and goody bags, and returned feeling jubilant, vowing to take better care of their teeth.

SAFETY PROCEDURE FOR HOMETIME The safety measures adopted has made home time very systematic and manageable. Making special arrangements for prompt pickup on the part of the parents is highly appreciated. Last but not the least, our teaching and support staff are working very hard and carefully handing over the young ones to their guardians. Keep up the good work! This winter break invest your energies by getting know your families, conserving resources and preparing for upcoming challenges of the New Year. Make good use of your time.



Our deepest gratitude to all the parents who helped on field trips, had visited us as story tellers, guest speakers and on Sports. Jazakallah for your cooperation! Winners of English Handwriting Competition 2009—2010 of Classes I & II. HAMZA ATIF AZMI I-G MARIA AZHAR I-S ZAINAB HASAN I-E HADIYA KASHIF I-V ALI ASAD II-G MANAHIL ARIF II-S HAFSAH IMTIAZ II-E YUSRA JUNAID KHAN - II-V Winners of Urdu Handwriting Competition 2009—2010 of Classes I & II. HAMZA ATIF AZMI I-G MARIA AZHAR I-S ZAINAB HASAN I-E SYEDA MALIHA I-V MUHHAMAD DIYAN SHAHID II-G MANAHIL ARIF II-S ASFA HAI II-E JAVERIA FARAZ II-V

SWINE FLU The school nurse Mrs. Salima spoke to the Nurseries on the prevention of flu. Preventive measures emphasised were: Cough or sneeze into a tissue. Wash hands with soap and water. Stay away from affected people. Infected person must use a mask. Events Awaited PTM : December 21 / 22, 2009.

Mrs. G. Sajjad

Mrs. K. Noorani

Academic Coordinator Starter Section

Vice Principal Starter & Junior

The newsletter is made by the contributions of the Starter team.

The colour of the newsletter depicts the winning house of the Starter Section for term I.

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