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Handout 6.1 – Planning and carrying out an investigation Planning 1. What am I trying to find out? Turn this into a question 2. What is the timescale? Lesson Number

Target for the lesson

3. What data do I need to collect to answer the question? 4. What are the dependent and independent variables? 5. How will I control these?

Setting up and handling equipment 6. What equipment will I need to collect data?

Making measurements and observations 7. How will ensure accuracy? 8. What are the possible sources of error? 9. What are the limits to precision? 10. What safety precautions do I need to take?

Recording and presenting observations and data 11. How will I record data as I collect it? 12. How will I present my results? Tables and Graphs? 13. How will I display my calculations and reasoning?

Analysing data and drawing conclusions 14. How will I analyse my data? 15. Do I need to collect more data?

Evaluating procedures 16. Are my conclusions warranted from the data collected? 17. What are the limitations of the data collection methods? 18. Are there alternate approaches to data collection?

Evaluating conclusions 19. Are my conclusions valid?

Workshop Six: 6.1  

24. Handout 6.1