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WORKSHOP 1 Science: a practical subject? Mark Soames

Can you name the scientist and match them to their area of work: Evolutionary theory Radioactivity DNA Light and radiation What do they have in common?

Why is practical work important • TASK • Read the cards, each has a reason for doing practical work in science. • Sort them into a diamond shape, with the most important reason on top and least on the bottom.

WHY USE PRACTICAL WORK? • Science is empirical. • Hands on learning is a very effective pedagogy. • It is a key element of the syllabus.

BUT It needs clear objectives that pupils understand to be effective!

CRATERS TASK Work in groups of five. Use Handout 1 and equipment to investigate the effect of dropping height of a ball bearing on the size of the crater. Think about and discuss: What skills have you used. Which assessment criteria match to this practical . How could you use the practical in school. YOUR GROUP WILL HAVE TO FEEDBACK YOUR THOUGHTS.

1. Presentation Workshop 1