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Boris Kitty Raises Money

World News Roundup: Animals In The News And The Movies

by @romeothecat

originally published 3 April 2010


by @CheshireK originally published 31 July 2010


Huntyr (@kyba) examines a waterlogged street

he floods in Iowa and around Chicago have affected some of our anipals, like @Niqqi, @pierrethepoodle and @kyba, and probably quite a few more who live in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and along the big Midwestern rivers. Countless other animals have been affected by the flooding. The Lake County Animal Protection Association will not be helping as many humans spay and neuter their pets because of the flood waters. The group was ready for a fundraising garage sale in Keeneyville, Illinois, but the water ruined all the stuff that had been donated, according to the Daily Herald. Anipals, we need to tell our veterinarians to be careful with their money. The Republican American in Connecticut (http:// reported that a woman EMBEZZLED $99,000 from the veterinary hospital where she did the books. She was charged with crimes and the vet is suing her in civil court. He thought she was his friend. Let’s all give our vets a big, wet lick or a head bump the next time we see them! A teenager has started a movement for the world to stop eating animals. The campaign started July 24 , care2 news network ( reported, and is slated to continue for 365 years. Nadia Masoudi, of Ontario, Canada, has the support of some big celebrities like Woody Harrelson and continued on page A7

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SPECIAL BARKWORLD INSERT STARTING ON PAGE B1 The Anipal Times - - is a daily online newspaper dedicated to animals and animal lovers. It’s written, edited and produced by and for anipals (Tweeting/Facebooking/blogging animals). We’re all volunteers and all advertising monies are donated directly to animal charities.

s we all know, there are so many animals in need out there. As a community, we’ve accomplished amazing things by each contributing a little bit so that together we make a big impact. There are lots of anipals who do great things on their own, too! I’ll be featuring them to celebrate and inspire others to make a difference, however small or large, in their own community. Our friend @boriskitty had been doing lots of things to help other animals and even has dedicated his blog, Boris Kitty – 4 Paws For a Cause,

(http://boris kitty.blogspot. com/) to helping others. I asked him about it recently and here’s what he told me: Boris enjoys spring! When did u wanna do all u can ta halp. I you decide to commit to wuz greatly influenced by ma helping? palz @Romeothecat and I always tried ta do sumfin @FrugalDougal n everyfing even if it just a lil sumfin fur dey doz fur anipals each n anipals wot iz less fortunate every month. Romeo haz den me. I fink I really started FURPOWER n FrugalDougal wif da first visit to da Animal Rescue League wif donashuns. doz PawPawty bot werks hards at raisin moneys for When u can see n feel da gud dem donashuns doz it makes continued on page A3

Social Media Conference and Expo for Pets, Pet Lovers and Pet Businesses Arrives in Atlanta by @mattiedog

originally published 4 August 2010 media for your pet/pet businesses: 1. “Twitction” – why pet owners choose to tweet for their pets arkWorld Expo, a 2. The anipal language – what three-day event focusto say and how to make ing on using social friends media to communicate for, 3. Blogging and search engine about and to pets, pet owners optimization and pet-related business, is 4. Distinction and engagetaking over Atlantic Station ment in Atlanta, Georgia, August 5. How to get started and find 20-22. BarkWorld is offering the best platform for your numerous keynote sessions for social media strategy you to attend: one session will 6. Finding your pet’s voice and help you with how to get starttips on branding your pet ed using social media; another 7. Charity involvement and covers branding/PR/marketfundraising ing; another includes cutting8. Barking Out Loud – an edge technology and tools; one interactive networking covers blogging, podcasts and challenge analytics; and there will be a The community involvement and non-profit track as well. There Venue will be numerous presentaYou’ll tions, vendors and even a live experience Central Park at Twitter tweet-up concert. Atlantic Station, a city within a At BarkWorld, you’ll city sitting on 138 acres. This experience and participate venue houses 2 million square in various presentations and feet of retail and entertaininteractive workshops that will ment space, and has numerous help explain how to use social indoor and outdoor restaurants


and movie theaters, as well as 11 acres of public parks (don’t forget to scoop your poop, you crazy animals you!). The official BarkWorld hotel, Twelve, is located inside Atlantic Station, steps away from Central Park and the meeting space for BarkWorld. “This convenience will allow our out-of-town guests to visit Atlanta stress free, stay in the hub of the city and walk to all of the attractions,” said BarkWorld organizer, Ms. Denise Quashie. “Twelve is a pet-friendly, all suite hotel equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary computers with unlimited access, LCD flat screen televisions, full-size kitchens with stainless steel appliances including a microwave, toaster and coffee maker, a separate living room area, numerous restaurants and a lovely swimming pool.” Another option is the Hotel Artmore, which is just a short stroll or complimentary shuttle ride to and from BarkWorld. continued on page A4

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The Active Dog… That’s Huntyr! by @cosmohavanese

originally published 6 June 2010


Huntyr’s first ribbon

recently caught up with our pal Huntyr who many of you know as @Kyba on Twitter. I sniffed out Huntyr after hearing about his many active pursuits. As a four-yearold, male Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), Huntyr competes in lots of sports.  Jack Russells are very energetic little fellows. They love to run and chase and even have sports specially designed for their breed that reward them for barking, whining and digging! Wow! How great would that be? Huntyr, who’s from Freeport, Ill., near the Wisconsin border, woofed with me about some of his favorite sports. Thanks so much for taking time out from your activities to chat with us

at The Anipal Times! Thank you! I’m excited and humbled to be interviewed for this fantastic new anipal newspaper. How and why did you get started in performance doggie events? When I was six months old, momma found a Jack Russell Dog Club. We went to check out the trial that was happening. It was almost over but one event was still open–Lure Coursing. One at a time,  you enter a big track that has four turns and is about 400 to 500 feet  from start to finish. It’s like a big square race course! A plastic grocery bag is tied on a string–that’s the “lure”– and you chase it all the way around the track. It’s a timed event and I took first place in

the puppy category! From then on, I was hooked on blue ribbons. Sounds like a blast! Tell me a bit about some of the other Jack Russell events you compete in. First off is JRT Racing. There is nothing like it! There are six dogs per race and I compete with other male dogs in my age category.  We are all in a starter gate just like race horses, and we all have to be muzzled for racing because we get just a little excited. BOL! We again chase something tied to a string called a lure. We race down a 220-foot track to a tiny nine-inch hole between some hay bales! The first dog to come out on the other side of the hay bales is the winner. Besides the muzzle, we also wear a “clown collar” in a bright color. We go so fast, that the judges can only spot the color as we fly through the hay bales! We do both flat racing and hurdles. In hurdles we use the same track, but we add four jumps we must go over on the way to the hay bales.  Wow! I’ve always been amazed watching you guys dive through that little hole in the hay bales!  Does it make you or your momma nervous to see all those Jack Russells racing to one tiny nine-inch hole? Nervous? No! We are very focused on catching that lure. But sometimes more than one of us will try to squeeze through the hole at the same time.  I can remember on a championship race once, where Cruiser entered the hole

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Pierre Carney Sanjee the Cat Tildatoo

That’s Huntyr on the left

first but I came out first. I went right over him to get the lure. Blue ribbon! Cosmo: BOL! You fellas don’t seem to need much personal space! We DO need personal space! That’s why most all events are done one dog at a time. Except racing, in which case, we wear muzzles. Of all the sports you do, what’s your favorite? As much as I love racing…I love the JRT rat events more.  These events make use of our Terrier natural ability to follow the scent of quarry. And by quarry, I mean rats!  And even though we do use live rats in our events, they are safely tucked away in their little cages and we are very careful to take care of them. I’ll explain a few of the events! First, I’ll tell you about GTG (go to ground). In this event we enter a man-made square tunnel that’s just nine inches around. It’s pitch black in there and sometimes it is actually underground. The judge can set it up as they want but it must have at least two turns and it can have as many as six turns.  We race to the exit point of the tunnel where there are one or two live rats in a cage! The judge times us on how fast we can crawl through the tunnel and find the rat. Then, even though we can’t get it…grrrr!, we must attempt to for a full minute. This is where we are rewarded for all sorts of barking and carrying on. Then there is barn hunt. Three identical PVC tubes are hidden in a pile of hay bales, and one of the tubes contains a live rat!  It’s a timed event to see how fast you can find the tube with the rat in it. BUTTTTT there is a twist! Momma must tell the judge to stop the clock when SHE thinks I found it! There is another similar

one call brush hunt. But that one is all up to me. Momma cannot go into the brush area with me and the judge stops the clock when I find the rat. Again it’s a timed event. I also have done a little agility, some conformation (but that bores momma), high jump and ball toss. What is it about the nature of JRTs that makes your type of doggie suited for these types of events? As you can see all our events are fast and timed. Jack Russells were bred to go with the fox hunters. The horse riders would hold the Jack Russell while the fox hounds hunted the fox. When the fox went down a hole too little for a fox hound, the Jack Russell was then set on the ground and sent down the hole to flush the fox back out. Jack Russells are not known to back down to anything. JRTs can be curious little fellows. Every gotten yourself in trouble with oh, say an opossum or any other outdoor animal? Funny you should ask, just last week I had a possum in my yard! Taught him whose yard it is! Anything more you would like to tell me? I traveled a long way to compete at trials the first few years, but last year and this year we are staying closer to home. My club, the Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club, ( either meets once a month for a fun day trial, or twice a year as a sanctioned trial event. Momma and daddy are very involved in helping the club. And while I love my blue ribbons, momma said to tell you that what’s most important is that we all have fun! Thank you Huntyr for sharing your active lifestyle! I look forward to hearing more about your athletic pursuits.

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The Clay Litter Controversy by @romeothecat


originally published 23 June 2010

wo years ago, my staff manager decided that Pugsley and I would switch to all-natural, non-clay litter. All-natural refers to litter made from, well, all-natural ingredients and does not have added chemicals like crystals or fragrances. Most clay litters are laden with harsh chemicals, dust and perfumes. At first we were like, “uh…what the FURR is this?” but the staff tried a few different kinds and we eventually grew accustomed to the new stuff and now we’re all living happily in a clay and chemical-free litter box environment. There is a lot of controversy around this topic so I thought I’d share with you the reasons we made the change to all-natural, non-clay litter and provide some options for you to try if you’re interested. The biggest reason my staff made the change was that she was working to create a household environment that has as few chemicals as possible. This includes cleaning solutions, smelly candles, air freshener and a host of other products that have ingredients in them that no one really knows what kind of impact they may have on our health and our earth. So the fact that there was an alternative to heavily scented, dusty clay litter was a nobrainer to her. In addition, although there is no scientific proof of this (yet), the staff suspected that it probably wasn’t healthy for Pugsley and me to be ingesting all of that silica dust and chemical-laden clay. While heavily debated, the common concerns about clay litter include:

Silica Dust

Most clay litters contain silica dust, tiny particles of glass, which is a known respiratory irritant and is blamed for many respiratory illnesses in people working in mining, stone cutting, quarrying, etc. So not only is the dust from clay litter bothersome and hard to breathe, it could have much more serious consequences for kittehs who are constantly breathing in the dust while using their litter box.

Sodium Bentonite

Sodium Bentonite, a highly absorbent clay, is what causes most clay litters to form clumps. When Sodium Bentonite gets wet, it swells to up to 15 times its size. Manufacturers warn consumers against flushing litter clumps containing Sodium

Technology: Microchips Save Lives by @Snick_the_Dog


originally published 3 April 2010 icrochips are a very important technologybased tool for keeping animals out of rescue. unfortunately, they are also misunderstood by many Microchips are the size of a grain of rice peeples. just getting your pet cards, and more. to identify a microchipped is not enough pet, a non-transmitting RFID to help him find his way back chip is put in a glass capsule to you should he get lost. you – about the size of a grain haz to also make sure your of rice – along with a little contact information is associ- antenna.  that gets injected ated with that chip! under the skin. it does not actively transmit anything so How Microchips Work no power supply is needed. the microchip haz someif scanned, the scanner will thing called RFID (radio fre- activate the chip and it will quency identification) in it. briefly transmit its special these same kind of chips are identification number via in stuff like key cards, credit radio waves.

BORIS KITTY RAISES MONEY from A1 shelters n dey gets so much supports from da anipal comBentonite munity. because Thanks, Boris! Do you of inhave a specific plan for your evitable ongoing good work? problems I really dunt haz a game with plan so far….just gettin ma plumbing. paws wet here, but I hopes ta So, this begs do what I can whenever I can. the question: Rite nao I werks ta raise/save what happens when moneys to takes stuffs into da we cats lick our paws shelters purrsonally. Whether and ingest the Sodium it comes out of ma own pocket Bentonite? What happens or if I can gets a sponsor like to our plumbing? Nothing’s in November when Ourpets been proven but it’s cause donated lots of goodies for ma for pause. cause. (I fink dat iz probably Not Environmentally when I officially changed da Friendly course of ma bloggy to be Bo Finally, clay litter is strip ris Kitty – 4 Paws for a Cause. mined, thus placing yet another burden on our beautiI gonna werks towards gathful little planet. It’s also not biodegradable so once it’s pulled erin donashuns at least every from the earth and mixed with various additives and scents and other month…more iffen I whatnot, it’s here to stay. Clumps and all. can. I have even talked ma If you’d like to make a switch or at least test-drive some all- human into volunteering at da natural alternatives, there are lots of options. Each litter has its Humane Society (baby steps own unique benefits and, of course, it ultimately comes down fur herz). to preference. Some natural litter users’ staff members actually What advice do you have mix up their own concoction from several different brands to for others who want to help make a custom blend for their cats. their local animal rescues? Personally, I think this level of service is outstanding. Do sum researches. Check out da local shelters website or Here Are Several Of The Best-Selling call dem ta sees wot dey needs All-Natural Brands: and give wot u can. Every Feline Pine – An all-natural litter made from pine reclaimed little bit halps. Check out other from lumber production and is dust, chemical and perfume free. resources or anipals n see wot World’s Best Cat Litter – An all-natural scoopable litter predey iz doing. Many gib helpcisely milled from renewable whole-kernel corn and is 100% ful tips on der sites n blogs. biodegradable. If u can no halp wif moneys Swheat Scoop – An all-natural scoopable litter that’s made donates your times. Da list of from naturally processed (non-food grade) wheat. fings you can do iz endless. this is the part that confuses peeple: this special ID number does not mean anything by itself.  the vet or shelter cannot get you home because your chip says “12500004883!” they will not magically know where you live. BUT when they haz that number from the chip they can tell what kind of chip it is and contact the registry. the peeples at the registry can look up the number in their ‘puter!! then you can go home safe and sound.

they also charge a small fee for information changes. PETtrac only registers Avid chips in their database. PETtrac can be contacted by telephone at 800-3362843 ext 4. they do not have an online registration option. HomeAgain is their own

registry. they charge a yearly fee for registration, which includes extra stuff like 24/7 emergency medical advice by phone and lost pet emergency medical insurance. they will register chips from any manufacturer in their

continued on page A6

Chip Manufacturers And Registries

there are four main manufacturers of microchips for use in pets in the United States: Avid, HomeAgain, 24PetWatch and Trovan. the kind of chip you have determines which registry the vet or shelter will call when they scan you. the registry for Avid chips is PETtrac. PETtrac charges a one-time chip registration fee for the life of your pet.

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Natalie Malaszenko, PETCO, Keynote Speakers Director BarkWorld is offering some of Social of the most seasoned social Media & media experts and animal lovComers gathered together in one merce. At PETCO, Natalie (@ place to share tips and stories natalieatpetco) is responsible Sloane with attendees. Whatever you for developing and driving Kelley, do, don't miss the keynote strategies to grow PETCO’s BFG speakers who will arrive from Lynn Commu- social channels in 2010 as far away as the UK, just to Haigh nications, and beyond. Since joining share their stories at Barkthe company in 2008, she is the DirecWorld. This Expo and the has played a leading role in creator/ tor of keynote speakers will motideveloping PETCO’s social owner of Interactive Strategy. At BFG vate attendees to explore the media strategy, including the the ever Communications, Sloane (@ electronic world with a whole popular sloanekelley) focuses on bring- launch of the company blog, new outlook, full of amazing, PawPawty Twitter charthe PETCO Scoop, its ofing content to life in the evernewly learned skills! ficial Facebook and Twitter ity fundraising campaign changing social media world (@petco) page and the award for the anipal community. and developing digital strateCarie winning social movement, Starting a career as a window gies for brands like Coca-Cola Lewis, Generation Natural Pet. Prior dresser, Lynn learned early on and Moet-Hennessy.  BFG is The to joining PETCO, Natalie that creativity and marketing an award-winning full-service Humane held a position at Dell, and can make or break a brand. marketing agency with offices Society of From there she moved into was part of the group that led around the U.S. Their focus the United the financial services industry on digital and social media has and managed the industry reStates nown Social Media Program. and was instrumental in imgained worldwide attention, (HSUS), Director of Emerg- plementing a series of InterShe was also responsible for most recently for a job search ing Media at The Humane successfully launching Dell’s net banks. Today Lynn is an that asked for applications Society of the United first viral marketing campaign, independent project manager via Twitter. Sloane is also the States. Carie (@cariegrls) with a passion for pets and founder of the Savannah chapter Project Nerd Buddy, which leads social media and online using the Internet to help save of Social Media Club, @smcearned a Silver ADDY. She advertising campaigns for the their lives. With #PawPawty also has a patent pending, savannah, and a co-founder of nation’s largest and most pow- Lynn is able to help animals submitted during her time Geekend, an annual southeast erful animal welfare organiza- all over the world. In under interactive conference. Her dog, at Dell, for a concept that tion. Carie plans, implements two years Lynn raised nearly a Beagle/Basset mix, is James improves online navigation to and evaluates these campaigns $35,000 US for pet charities, Bond, @jamesbondthedog. find symptom-based solutions.  for the purpose of list growth worldwide! Her savvy tweets, Sloane speaks on Saturday Natalie speaks on Friday at and fundraising. Within HSUS through her beloved dog BarkWorld. at BarkWorld.

Petie’s Story

(@humanesociety), Carie helps departments market their campaigns, issues and events online. Carie has developed a strong passion for using social networks, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, for the purpose of community building. Carie speaks on Friday at BarkWorld.

@frugaldougal, garnered her a second place finish in the Shorty Awards for the best online nonprofit activists making a real live difference in the world. Lynn speaks on Saturday at BarkWorld.

the vet three months later. Mama was so hopeful that I by @morriscat had gained weight.But when originally published 17 April 2010 we went to the vet I had lost any readers will was wrong. even more weight. Mama be familiar with It started was devastated again. The @Petiethecat a out with me vet at that point increased the 15-year-old Canadian man cat rapidly losing amount of food I could have. and dear friend of mine who weight – over I understand that your was diagnosed last year with the course of most recent vet visit caused a kidney failure. I interviewed a week and a bit of a stir? Petie to find out more about half it ap Yes it did. On Saturday April his illness, how it has affected peared that I 3rd I went to the vet for my him, and why his recent vet had lost half three month checkup and I visit is the talk of Twitter. my body weight. I was drink- my appetite, and another to gained a whole pound. Mama Hi Petie! I’m thrilled to get ing almost a litre of water a help my kidneys to function was sure that I had this time an exclusive interview with day, and doing lots of pee-pee. better at what they’re supbecause she said I was heavier you; it’s quite a coup for The In addition I was very irriposed to do. to carry and some of my saggy Anipal Times! Could you tell table; crying all the time for Now I have to eat special skin had filled out. She was our readers a little bit about no apparent reason. Mama and food, and it took four tries so happy about the weight yourself? Daddy made a vet appointto find one I would eat! It is gain   Then it was on to have Well, I am a 15 year old ment for me on the Saturday Purina Veterinary Diet Kidney blood tested. When Mama got orange tabbycat. My birthday morning and got the devastat- formulation, and I actually the results she was ecstatic – is in December. Mama and ing news that I had chronic eat it better than I did my old the blood had improved even Daddy adopted me from the renal failure (CRF). food! It has to be measured out more!  The vet said that I was Humane Society when I was Mama was absolutely devcarefully, as I can only eat just the first cat they had seen at 18 months old. I had been astated because I am her best so much. I am not supposed their clinic (we are sure there born on a farm. friend. It took her a month to to have any treats except the are others elsewhere) that had You have been with your stop crying all the time – and I prescription ones, but someactually shown improvement. mama and daddy for a long mean, ALL the time. times Mama and Daddy sneak Most just maintain or get time! They must have been I am not surprised that me little bits of chicken, and worse. The vet asked Mama devastated when you fell ill your mama was so upset. sometimes a tiny little bit of to sign a release so he could last year. How did they know What did the vet say could milk. publish my blood values! My that something was wrong? be done about the CRF? Oh, your poor mama! And next vet check is in six months Oh dear, yes Mama was Well, the vet said that the poor you! I am glad you’ve and, if I continue this way, just beside herself. She could best we could hope for was to settled into your new rouhopefully I can come off one not eat and she was throwmaintain the point that I was tine, though. What happened of the medicines. ing up all the time and crying at. He gave me two medicaafter that first visit? Mama attributes this imwhen the vet told her what tions to take: one to stimulate After I got sick I had to see provement to the Reiki heal-


Agenda and Education

BarkWorld sessions will be packed with great things to see, do, hear, feel, experience and explore. All three days of BarkWorld will have new and exciting topics and informed speakers, so make sure you study the agenda and select the sessions in which you want to participate. There are over 20 educational offerings.  Remember: get to your sessions on time, because they will fill up and you don’t want to miss any of the great information... plus, there will be gift prize giveaways here and there, scattered throughout the Expo. BarkWorld sessions will be broken in to various "types”, designed to help identify “groups” of sessions associated by interests.  These session types include Branding, PR and Marketing; Blogging, Podcast and Analytics; Collars and Leashes; and The Dog Park.  However, you don’t have to stick to one type of session. Explore the various offerings and make sure you select the variety that best matches your goals for attending the Expo.  Turn to Page B1 for the BarkWorld Expo program! ings she gives me everyday in addition to all of the wonderful prayers from all of my anipal friends. Finally, Petie’s mama has a message for his friends. If it were not for the kindess and generosity of Petie’s dear friends, I am sure we would be in a different place right now. When Petie first got sick, so sick, it was a terrible shock and a terrible expense that we were not really prepared for. Once again Petie’s dear friends rallied to the rescue and for that we are so very, very grateful. That is all OK now, because now we have planned for such things. If there is any lesson in all of this, it is to plan for your pet’s illness as you would your own. We really would like to take another opportunity to thank all of Petie’s dear friends for helping him out when he needed it most, in whatever way they could.  This all helped him to fight the good fight and live to chase another cat down the road. Thank you so much to Petie and his mama for telling his story. It’s wonderful to have a happy ending!

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Catering to Kitties in North Carolina

At the Janet Thomas State Farm Agency we're the first and only choice to meet our clients' needs.

by @CheshireK


originally published 1 May 2010 n the last six weeks 74 cats and kittens have found shelter with Catering to Cats and Dogs, the December PawPawty charity and also Romeo the Cat’s FURPOWER charity for that month. “Without the Pawpawty, we were down to zero,” said Donna Weaver, the human in charge of CCD. “We weren’t providing food to our fosters because we couldn’t.” Now, Ms. Weaver said, thanks to the help CCD received from us anipals and some other grants, CCD can send kitty mamas and their babies home with foster humans along with food AND kitty litter. “You can be sure we spent the money from the Pawpawty and spent it wisely,” Ms. Weaver said. In addition to food and kitty litter, CCD has a lot of other expenses for the cats. Cats and kittens have to be tested for FIV and feline leukemia before they are placed with foster humans, and every test costs $30. CCD keeps certain medicines on hand all the time. Kitties get medical care, including spay and neuter operations, flea control and deworming if it’s needed.

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At about the same time that Romeo responded to popular demand and designated CCD his Furpower charity of the month, Ms. Weaver was waiting for word on a grant from the Petco Foundation. CCD received the grant. She is planning to apply for more grants to continue funding the work of rescuing cats and kittens. CCD hopes to have a building of its own someday. “Volunteers want a facility to go to,” Ms. Weaver explained. Now that she has learned more about grants, she is sure she will find enough grant funding to realize this goal. CCD volunteers all work jobs for a living, including Ms. Weaver. Seven or eight humans are caring for families of cats at this time. “You just pray that your fosters will be honorable,” Ms. Weaver said. The kitties, and one dog, stay in foster families until they are adopted to forever homes. Ms. Weaver’s family of one husband, one son, two Great Danes and four cats generously shares her with two



long-term foster cats and Annie, the foster dog. Every weekend CCD volunteers staff two adoption locations at nearby pet stores. This weekend, three kittens were adopted. Ms. Weaver hoped that a fourth kitten would be placed this week. A human family has also taken an interest in Annie the dog. Ms. Weaver said three things are necessary in response to overpopulation of cats. First, humans must spay and neuter their pets. Second, any organization you can volunteer with really needs your help. Finally, please keep supporting rescue work with your donations. For now, CCD has maxed out its space and energy to take in more kitties. With kitten season in full swing, Ms. Weaver needs as much help as she can get to give evfurryone a chance. If you live in or near Cornelius, North Carolina, please contact CCD and volunteer to be part of the foster and adoption team.

       

TECHNOLOGY: HomeAgain and 24PetMICROCHIPS SAVE LIVES Watch too. the vet chipped from A3 my sisfur Secret after we adopted her. she is chipped with a HomeAgain chip so database. HomeAgain can she is in the HomeAgain be contacted by telephone registry. mom haz also put at 888-551-3903 or you can register and change informa- her in the 24PetWatch regtion in their database through istry. my other sisfur Brandy was chipped at the shelter their website HomeAgain. with a 24PetWatch chip. com. mom activated the 24Pet 24PetWatch is also their Watch registration right own registry. they will regaway and also registered her ister chips from any manufacturer in their database for chip with HomeAgain. FREE. they also offer tags and pet insurance for adKeep Your Pet Safe ditional costs. they can be i hope you will not let the contacted by telephone or confusing sounding techie you can register and change stuff about microchips coninformation on their website- fuse you. the most important thing to remember is that the there are two companies chip is no good if you no haz which sell and register by @demondogsports it registered. also you haz Trovan chips. they both originally published 1 May 2010 to keep your info up to date register chips from all other with the registry. (whenever rant, Terry’s Lounge. Ruarmel-by-the-Sea, pretty good weather. manufacturers also. they are we move, mom haz to conmor has it that if a business My people reserved a along the coast in InfoPET and AKC Compan- tact ALL our chip registries ion Animal Recovery (AKC and tell them where we do in Carmel wanted Day to California, is dog room for us at the Carmel heaven! I want to move here visit, they had to allow dogs. County Inn for the weekend. CAR). InfoPET charges a be living!) here is what you one time lifetime registration Yeah! I love this woman forever, but my people say It was big, had a fireplace, most need to remember and they wouldn’t get jobs there, already! Well, over time, and on Easter morning they fee. registrations and changes do: can be done by phone (952which would mean no more businesses got super dogleft an Easter basket at our friendly. When we visited a door! I had my picture taken 890-2080 ext 100) or online 1. keep id tags on your pets fancy food for me. Whatall the time, even if they year ago, I was still a little ever! and there were always treats (InfoPET). AKC CAR also charges a one time registraare usually in the house, The actress Doris Day has puppeh and I was so happy I around for me. They have tion fee for life. registrations just in case. always been a anipal person even wagged my tail! (Now, a resident anipal there, Teand changes can be done and started the dog-friendly- as a grownup Shiba Inu, I do scher the Cat, who keeps by phone, fax, mail or on 2. always haz a permanent ness in Carmel. She opened not do this as a rule). Every guard and blogs about his the AKC CAR website. form of identification on store offered me treats. Peo- life. This was just the best up a hotel that allowed your pet like a tattoo or a ple took my picture! I was anipals called the Cypress place ever, even if Tescher microchip. Me & My Sisfurs Inn. Anipals are welcome in gonna sign autographs but didn’t want to play with me. we haz three different kind no one had an ink pad for the hotel and in the restau We went to dinner our of chips. mine is registered in 3. always keep your contact me to dip first night in town at The information up to date three databases. my sisfurs’ my paw in. Forge in the Forest. They with your vet and with chips are each registered in The beach had a special menu just for the chip and/or tattoo two databases. mom makes was so paw- us dogs! I had the Quarter registries. sure our info is always up to some! The Hounder, medium-rare, date in case we accidentally if you do these things it get losted. sand was and it was delicious. The super soft Forge had heat lamps for my i was chipped with an Avid should help keep your pet from ending up in a shelter chip when i was a baby so and fun to people and I even got some or rescue. this is just one mom registered that with run in and (free!) Milk Bones for an PETtrac. she haz since regis- way technology helps aniCarmel-by- appetizer. mals. tered my chip with This beach is paw-some! the-Sea had continued on page A8

Dog Heaven: Carmel-By-The-Sea


Anipal Times - A7 WORLD NEWS ROUNDUP from A-1 David Suzuki for Animal Freedom Day ( Every year, she’ll add another day of vegan eating for Animal Freedom by 2375. Masoudi is hoping that everyone else in the world will follow suit. On a smaller scale, police and animal control authorities in Malta rescued a kitten on 23 July, The Malta Independent ( reported. The kitten had fallen at least one story down a shaft in an apartment building. A neighbor family heard the kitten’s cries and called for help. Once the kitten is strong again, the family will adopt the little guy. Psychology Today ( reported on the benefits to humans of having us anipals around. Recent studies have looked at efurrybody from goldfish to dogs. The goldfish helped increase appetite among elderly humans in a nursing home and watching dogs in movies lowers human stress levels. I’m glad the humans are finally beginning to understand that there is much they do not know about animals. I hope my humans will read at least a few of the books and articles mentioned in Psychology Today. The psychologists promised to do a lot more research, too. At The New York Times ( humans are WORRIED that cats and dogs are too popular in movies. Columnist Neil Genzlinger said that entertainment producers have noted the popularity of cat and dog videos on YouTube and are putting us in movies and TV shows to get more attention from human viewers. He’s particularly worried about the effect on the U.S. economy of the release of  “Cats and Dogs” on July 30. Although the Psychology Today humans think people reduce stress by watching animals in films, apparently, that’s the problem. Too little stress means humans don’t work enough. Silly NYT humans. Stressed humans are no fun at all.

Blog Review: Love Always, Bear by @Dogstoyevsky

originally published 25 July 2010


is bloggy is great becoz not only dus we get DAILY updates, it always has some great photos and funny stories bout @BearBearD too! Who dis blogger wif dis great bloggy? I hearing you arks me. is our pal Bear. Bear dus be a Golden Retriever. Dis be a doggy wot dus be golden in colour and also dus retrieve fings. I wonder if they dus retrieve gold? Now that would be great wuddn’t it? We has to ask him bout dat some time. Bear tells us about his daily life and he always seems to have somefink going on! Like da ovva day, even tho he never went to da zoo himselfs, he got a lovely present of some panda ears! Every post is accompnied wif a photo. Golly gosh dat Bear is always smilin! Bear’s bloggy also likes to make sure he involve da reader in his life! Many a post ends wif…Any

thoughts? Heehee he just waitin for you to join in. Not only dat, Bear recently moved all da way from San Diego to Memphis, wavin goodbye to his beloved beach. Didn’t seem to have too tromattic effect on im do, he still happy wif his lot! Bear has a wonderful subtle humour. I just love his bloggy! Plus he’s pretty handsome too! Skip on over dere if you gets da chance an get your daily dose of Bear. Here du be the link to da bloggy:

Cheri Swan Designs @cheriswan design for personal & professional use logos  stationary  books  ads

Home is Where the Heart Is The Anipal Times is home to all the news and entertainment that is near and dear to your heart. Anipals and their humans can enjoy this daily online newspaper that brings readers animalrelated book, music and movie reviews; advice columns; personal interviews; news features and more. In the World News section, you’ll find the heart-wrenching five-part series documenting the real-life struggles of the homeless @NoShelterDog and his owner MissD who live out of their Ford Expedition after layoffs and veterinary issues consumed their savings and force them onto the streets of San Diego. … “For a homeless dog, he’s got a most refreshing outlook and attitude. He never whines or complains or speaks ill of anyone. Instead, all his energy, love and devotion is reserved for and showered upon the one Person who, at least to him, is the most important Person on the face of the earth; this small, guarded, quiet Person struggling mightily to care for a bulldog in an SUV.”…

…“Social services wants to give her food stamps. But food is not what she’s in a great big need of. She needs gas. She can't take the bus ‘cause’a me. She can't go to a shelter ‘cause’a me, so we need to be able to get ourselves where we need to go and the car is our shelter. She has $100 in food stamps and the gas tank is empty. That’s the end of our routine. Routine is all we have left, really. Routine is the thing that gets expectation going when you open your eyes in the morning. No car means no breakfast or sack lunch or showers at Brother Bennos. No library, no Humane Society dog food pick-up-just stillness.”…

To read about @NoShelterDog and so much more, visit

At The Anipal Times, we’ve taken your interests to heart, so find yourself at home with us.

A8 - Anipal Times

Dear Henry

The Anipal Times

by @henryandfriends

originally published 6 June 2010 and 1 May 2010

Crossword Puzzle

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! by @MaggieTKat

Dear Henry,

I like to snuggle and cuddle with The Girl. But, sometimes she leaves me alone in the house! She says that she leaves because she has to “go to work” and that she would rather stay home and cuddle with me. So, why doesn’t she stay home?  What is this “work” stuff anyway? Does this mean that she doesn’t love me? Thank you for your help! *katiekisses*

deer katy

i is shor yor kwestyun dus be wun that lots anipals wud like th ansa for aswel katy. ferst i wil egsplayn wot th werk fing dus be. lots of hoomuns do leev ther ome evrryday an gow sumware els to do werk an sumtime layta they com ome agane. in reetern for dooin sumfing spesifik for sumwun els they do get munny. that dus be th importunt bit cos wiv th munny they can by fings for evrrywun at ome. an that dus meen yoo katy. if ther dussnt be no munny then yoo wuddnt av a cozy bed or foods to eet or toys to play wiv. it dus be preesysly beecos th gerl dus luv yoo that er dus gow owt to werk. be appy wiv wot yoo do av an injoy al yor snuggls an luvs wen th gerl dus be at ome wiv yoo. i shor it dus elp er aswel arfta er av bin werkin lots.

Dear Henry,


Why do my friends say horrible things about me when I overtake them on the Twitterwall? Why do all of my friends have more votes than I do. I have been criticised for voting for myself, why shouldn’t I? The rules on the voting are stupid, what can we do about it? Signed, Twitterwalled

Dear Twitterwalled,

we dus al want to be liked an to av frends cos it is nachural fing to want.  twittawal av contest ware yoo can vote for yor frends an ther dus be undrids on th twittawal an i shor menny reedas is ther aswel. i wos ther an i wos gettin votes but i did leev th wal. wot appund wiv a simla fing larst yeer wos appnin agane an i dint want to be part of it. like evrrywun els i dussnt be abel to chaynj th way th wal dus werk but i can chaynj my atittewd to it. so i did leev it. for me ther dussnt be nuffing wers than seein narsty fings beein sed bowt uvvas speshly if it dus be frend agaynst frend. th ansa dus be simpl reely  … if yoo do want to stay on th wal yoo do av to liv wiv consikwensis. we do al av to aksept that ther is sum hoo wil like us an uvvas hoo dussnt like us. yewsly them hoo dussnt like us dunt bovva torkin wiv us but if they do ther dussnt nevva be a reesun not to be powlite to them.  if sumwun dus be rood to yoo jus ignor them an tern away. yoo can eevun blok them on twitta so they dussnt tork wiv yoo no mor an then jus put ther werds owt of yor mind. av respekt for yorself an uvvas wil respekt yoo. if they dussnt then they issnt frends an sertunly dussnt disserv yor frendship. everryfing in life dus be bowt choysis an wotevva yoo do choos to do wil av impakt on yor werld.

Across  1 Baby lion, bear or tiger  5 What Pandas eat  7 Only male lions have this  8 Lion in The Wizard of Oz  10 Harry Potter’s house  11 A tiger’s coat has these  12 Type of tiger  13 African or Asiatic  14 Wrapping one’s arms around another tightly  16 Lady lion  17 Tiger hunt time of day  19 Coca‐Cola and Good Humor each have one  20 Hunts alone  22 Important for balance   

Down 1 Retract into cat paws  2 Kellogg’s spokestiger  3 Mufasa and Simba were in this  4 Black and white bear  6 “Only you can prevent forest fires”  9 What bears do in the winter  11 Bear poop  14 This animal can be brown, black or white  15 Winnie the Pooh’s tiger friend  18 Goldilocks found this many bears  19 Group of lions  21 Loud vocal sound     

Get the answers online at Get the answers online at‐lions‐tigers‐bears/  DOG HEAVEN: CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA from A6

More Dog-Friendly Places to Visit

Here are a few of the other places we visited while in town. These all get two paws up for being dog-friendly; • Laub’s Country Store: Cool stuff for people, • treats for dogs, tourists who admire anipals and take their pictures! •

Wings America Aviation Specialties: Cool airplane stuff, treats, admirers for anipals.

Diggidy Dog: Anipal store (not just for dogs!). Lots of fun stuff here and designer wear for the fashion forward anipals and treats. Yum! Galante Vineyards Tasting Room: Very anipal friendly, treats, good wine for the people.

The beach is always open and off-leash. Woof-woof!

Other information: Day set up the Doris Day Animal Foundation to “help animals and the people who love them.” Cool! Do you live in an anipalfriendly city? If so, send me a message on Twitter @demondogsports! I can’t travel to all the anipal cities since my people have to work, so I’d like to interview you about your city and the best anipal places!

Anipal Times - A9

The Anipal Times Sunday Comics Midge The Mutt originally published 1 August 2010

Puppy Jones originally published 25 July 2010

Breathin’ Easy by @AlyaLab


originally published 6 June 2010

ir is a good thing. It’s very handy when you want to breathe. My dog sister, Tutu, has asthma; sometimes she wheezes. For that reason, I take a personal interest in the growing trend of community groups and businesses donating pet oxygen masks to local fire departments. More and more fire trucks are carrying pet oxygen masks to resuscitate anipals overcome by smoke. Chicago, Tucson, Toronto, Jacksonville (MD), Ann Arbor (MI), and Fayetteville (AR) are just a few of the many cities and towns to receive pet oxygen mask donations this year. The Wag’N O2 Fur Life Program The Wag’N O2 Fur Life Program is the main source of pet oxygen masks.  They began the program two years ago and developed three separate methods by which fire departments can acquire the masks and one program for private pet parents.  The company’s literature says, “These pet oxygen masks can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, hamsters, alpacas, wolves and many more species.”  Nonprofit animal welfare groups often purchase pet oxygen masks from the Wag’N O2 Fur Life Program and then donate them to local fire departments.  The company’s training video is available free of charge on YouTube. Invisible Fence Donation Program By far, the largest single donor of pet oxygen masks to fire departments in the United States and Canada is Invisible Fence Brands. Company literature states that Invisible Fence Brands’ Project Breathe has donated 1600 kits, each including a small, medium and large pet oxygen mask, during the last three years. I was able to go with my human to watch Rick Carthel, the owner of Invisible Fence of Arkansas, present six pet oxygen mask kits to the Springdale (AR) Fire Department. Carthel was joined by Linda Goshen and Linda Gaddy from the Humane Society of the Ozarks. He explained that the small-sized mask could be used for puppies or kitties, while the large-sized mask was big enough for Great Danes! Then Carthel’s assistant, Gabriel the Beagle, showed how to wear the mask, while his person said that between 40,000 and 150,000 pets die each year from smoke inhalation.  That scared me. Gabe and I licked each other and talked about dog food and games.  Then, he had to go with his person and the ladies from the Humane Society to present pet oxygen masks to the Fayetteville Fire Department. I wish my town, Rogers, had pet oxygen masks.

A10 - Anipal Times

Editorial: Social Responsibility


by @cokiethecat

elcome to the first PRINT edition of The Anipal Times, a special BarkWorld edition. Our mission at the AT is to raise money for animal charities via ad space, and to educate, entertain and serve the online animal loving community, and beyond… It feels different somehow to step out of the Internet onto the physical written page - to be tangible, to be ‘real.’ We’re thrilled with this opportunity to tap into a whole new community of animal lovers and supporters, and of course, animals! As our community grows and becomes closer and more intimate and cohesive with the help of the Internet and social events and gatherings such as BarkWorld, it becomes apparent how much we have in common, the power we have in numbers, and the responsibility that comes with that power. I feel it’s safe to say that most of the readers of this Editorial have allotted a significant percentage of their income through the years to charity, to helping those in need. What humans sometimes forget is that they have so many other gifts they could share to make a difference in the world. It’s not just about money – and they don’t always have money… Heck, animals never have money and look at all they have to offer humans!

There are so many other ways for humans to be generous and of service to those less fortunate, with all their different gifts: skills of all sorts, time, contacts, energy, a gentle touch, a loving word. Volunteering in the real world – fostering, helping at shelters, educating, even being a good example of how to truly love an animal – are all valuable and much needed everywhere. The Anipal Times wants to support you in your efforts to make the world a kinder, cuddlier place. We hope to encourage you and give you ideas in our Community Service articles. We want to be an education and awareness tool to assist you in the ‘real community’ you live in, to help you reach that other world of people who don’t Tweet or blog, but who have compassion and would help if they only knew how. Reach out to them: In the pet store, at the vet, at the dog park, in the pet food aisle, at work, at the gym. Show them that crazy animal people aren’t so crazy, share with them the little (and big) things you do every day, and maybe you’ll hit a nerve and without even knowing it – start a chain reaction leading to something spectacular. I know so many humans like this. You just need to help them out of the closet. Leave the closets to us. When you get home from BarkWorld, please join us at and let us know what you think, what you like, and what wonderful ideas you have! Warmly, Cokie the Cat Editor-in-Chief

Anipal Gadgets: Keeping Cool While Traveling by @tinypearlcat originally published 19 July 2010


ometimes we have to be left in the car. Don’t know why but the humans run off and leave us wondering. Sometimes even if the car is moving it gets hot, no matter how fast the car is going and all the windows are open. Not everyone has air conditioners, especially those who live in northern areas, but freak heat waves do happen. While it is a very bad idea and illegal in some places to leave your pet in the car in hot weather, emergencies do happen where the human must leave us in the car. Around here when the sun is out there is often a traffic jam, which means 20 minutes baking in the car with them. Humans don’t realize that we may not take it as well as they do. Sure our pup, Cosmo, doesn’t mind too much but just last week he was panting for the first time. I thought I was actually going to sweat, meow! I had to be in a carrier which is even less ventilated. So I felt the need to talk with you about keeping us cool in the vehicle with these gadgets.

Pet Air Conditioners

The MightyKool Pet Cooling Systems ( run with water or an ice chest full of ice water.

Cosmo showing the WinAire, WL/R

They have an adapter for the cigarette lighter (power outlet) or you can buy a spare car battery. They have several models (M400, MK3 or MK4) so its good to read up on each to see which is right for you. These are not meant to keep the whole car cool, but work in close proximity to your pet. Dogs will naturally get close to keep cool and hoses can also be bought with these conditioners for directing the cool air to those of us in carriers. Most models sit in the car, but the WinAire (WL/R) (pictured with Cosmo) sits in the partially open window. It’s too small to depend on for a still, sitting car but its great when stuck in traffic for a little while.

The KoolerAire (http://www. is a cheaper item, though I can’t find where it says it stands up to the heat in a still sitting car, it may be good enough for a short time. “The KoolerAire 12 volt air conditioner is designed for our exclusive foam ice chest or the Igloo Marine & Family 25 quart brands. KoolerAire’s unique design and precise engineering enable it to fit snug in the upper portion of 3 great ice chests!”

Car Window Screens

If it’s not super hot, just having the windows open can be enough. With BreezGuard Screens, pets can now stay in the car with the windows all the way down. Love it! “BreezeGuard Screens are powder coated, welded wire mesh panels custom made to your vehicle’s windows. They install from the inside of the vehicle so you can still roll up the window.” Hope that helps you with some cooling ideas.

Anipal Times - B1

Welcome to

Welcome to the 2010 BarkWorld Conference & Exposition at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA. We look forward to an exciting few days and we’re thrilled to host you for this inaugural event. Over the next few days you’ll have the opportunity to meet (and tweet) pet lovers from across the globe with varied interests and backgrounds. All education sessions will be located at the Atlantic Drive side of Atlantic Station on the 2nd level (across from the Bodies exhibit and DSW – above Publix). You can take the escalator or the elevator up. Follow the signs. BarkWorld Expo has a full agenda of presentations all weekend. Both Friday and Saturday will include varied discussions surrounding branding, blogging, creativity, tips & tricks and an overall understanding of pet social media. Saturday will focus more on the how’s and why’s and a showcase of pet social media. Sunday will allow for attendees to have roundtable discussions and hands on demonstrations. You can sign up for Sunday workshops at registration on Friday. If you purchased a three-day pass all activities are included with your registration. As with any event, it can be challenging to meet everyone; however we want to encourage you to network as much as possible and get to know our speakers and exhibitors. Find your Twitter pals at the host hotel and make new pals. You may also find it helpful to split sessions with your pals so you both can hear different sessions and share ideas at the end of each day.

ACTIVITIES NOT TO MISS: Keynote Presentations: Friday: 12:15 PM - The Awww Factor & Beyond Natalie Malaszenko, PETCO, @petco, @natalieatpetco Animals have always been fun to talk about in general, it’s no wonder we’re all talking about them online now, too! Whether we’re bragging about our own pets (because ours are the cutest!), talking about new pet trends, or our pets have taken over our keyboards and started talking for themselves, pets in social media have become quite a buzz in the social media world. So, how and why should we – as pet lovers and enthusiasts – make an effort to go beyond the “Awww factor” to build awareness in this growing social media space? The online pet community definitely exists – now it’s just a matter of diving in and inviting others to the pawty!

town guests), well-behaved pups and come out for a fun night. Badges not needed. Saturday Afternoon: Exhibits open at 12:00 PM – casually stroll down to the Central Park area and view all of BarkWorld exhibitors. From pet brands to automakers they’re all waiting to show you how their brands benefit the pet industry. Pet Show & Tell at 4:15 PM – now that you’ve heard all about pet social media, this session will allow you to see first-hand what pets are doing online. Is your pet doing some cool things on Twitter or Facebook? Sign up to be part of this “un-conference” session at the registration desk.

Saturday Night: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Friday: 3:40 PM - Dealing with Social Media Meanies: Risks and Benefits Sponsored by WellPet, join us for a BarkWorld celebration with special guests: da of Putting Yourself Out in Cyberspace Carie Lewis, Humane Society of Shibbering Cheetos – the first, and only, the United States, @cariegrls and @humanesociety Twitter band. These socially savvy pets will What do you say via social media and is it worth it? Social media is a be onsite to show the world how they play great outreach tool, but the first step is to listen. For small brands, large virtually at Twitter pawties. There will be brands and even pet owners it’s important to be present in this space to light snacks, libations, great music and fun monitor both positive and negative feedback. But, in this instant world times. Pets welcomed. Badges required. you must have the tools to combat the naysayers and the know-how to relish in the compliments about you and the products and services you Sunday Afternoon: and your pets love. Exhibits are still open – day 2! Don’t forget to visit our exhibitors. Many of them have unique products for sale, demonstrations and giveSaturday: 8:30 AM – I See Fido…On Twitter?!?! aways. 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM Sloane Kelley, BFG Communications, @sloanekelley,  @jamesbondthedog BarkWay Fashion Show – Like pets? Like fashion? Infused together Has Twitter gone to the dogs, cats, frogs and hedgehogs? Since starting the BarkWay Fashion Show is surely not one to miss! We’ll have pets up a Twitter account for my dog, James Bond, it certainly seems so. The for adoption strutting down the runway in some of the most fashionanimal community on Twitter grows every day. So why would someone able pet gear. Some reserved seating will be available for 3-day conferdecide to Tweet like this? We’ll explore the many benefits of getting inence attendees. Badges required for seating. 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM volved in the animal community on Twitter, how to get started and how to manage all of your pet’s new friends. Charity Activities starting at noon: • Pet caricature artist and BarkWorld Exhibitor, Annamarie Artist, will be Saturday: 3:30 PM –  1:1 Conversation with Lynn Haigh, on hand to capture a fun rendering of you and your pup. founder of • Does your dog like burgers? Then you MUST participate in “Bobbing Lynn Haigh, PawPawty, @frugaldougal for Burgers”. Dogs will have the opportunity to bob for rubber burgers for prizes. Get on the Air! • Professional dog photos and lots more pet and family fun activities! Veterinarian Dr. Robert Forto will host his radio show LIVE at BarkWorld. He’ll be stationed in As you can see we’ve put together an abundant package of activities for the lobby of the meeting space and will proyou! This conference could not happen without the help of many dedicated vide updates to those unable to attend Barkpeople and generous donations from sponsors. Please take a moment to World. We’ll monitor the #BarkWorld hashtag read the lists of committee members, speakers, sponsors, and say thank you and answer questions from BarkWorld Twitter when you have a chance. followers, interview speakers and attendees! Friday Night: Starting at dusk, join us in at Central Park inside of Atlantic Station for a special showing of pet-friendly movie “Best in Show!” Bring your blankets (some will be provided for out of

Denise Quashie Founder of BarkWorld Expo

B2 - Anipal Times

The Power of Online Promotions by Emily Lux of EHL Creative LLC for BarkWorld Expo


nce upon a time, back in the 1970s, consumers were exposed to 500 marketing messages a day.

Fast forward to 2010. Consumers are slammed with more than 5,000 marketing messages 24/7. So, how do you compete? How do you cut through all the noise? There’s no single answer, but this much is certain: online promotions can help you meet your marketing objectives. In fact, online promotions often represent the most effective – and efficient – marketing tool available. The world of promotions is expansive, including sweepstakes, contests, sampling, rebates, premiums, coupons, loyalty programs and more. But whatever the promotion vehicle chosen, the goal is the same: to stimulate consumers to take action. Sound complicated? Well, it can be. Some promotional tactics have very specific legal requirements under state and federal law. The good news: many traditional promotional mechanisms have successfully crossed over into the online world. And now, more than ever, they are available to everyone…from large corporations to family-owned start-ups.

What’s so great about online promotions? Here are just a few of the things they have going for them: Instant gratification – Online promotions can deliver immediate results, and that has major appeal for today’s “I-want-it-now” generation. Build your sweeps the right way, and consumers will find out in seconds whether they’ve won. Create a special offer and convert casual shoppers into attentive consumers. Pretty cool. Oh, and you’ll get your sales results back sooner, too. Reach – Never before have we been able to share so much information with so many people with just a click. No longer are companies limited to on-pack violators, print ads or grocery store endcaps. How about creating a virtual incentive program to reward loyalists? Great – now Tweet with abandon and watch your promo take off… grassroots style. Accessibility – The online world is within everyone’s reach, any time of the day. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and others, anyone can take part. And you don’t need a huge marketing budget to get in on the action. Affordability – It’s true. Online-exclusive promotions are a fraction of the cost of traditional promotions that need to activate packaging, print, radio/TV, etc. to launch a sweeps or contest. Captive audience – It’s no shocker: your consumers are already online. When your brand or business goes online, you’re opting to play in


s an attendee at this year’s BarkWorld Expo we’re excited to inform you that you’ll be among the first to have access to groundbreaking new technology called XNiP, and the best part is you can try it for FREE.

XNiP is a virtual storage bin that allows attendees to save conference information in a free online account via text message, email, or directly online. This GREEN solution, available to BarkWorld attendees, will allow you to save exhibitor information and even attendee information in your personal storage bin so you can access when you get back to your hotel room or home! At BarkWorld we want you to relax and enjoy your conversations, not feel rushed to read and write down everything.

their world, a world in which they are actively engaged. Offer a head-turning online promotion and you’ll likely see a higher response rate compared to traditional promotions. Why? There’s no driving anywhere. No buying a can of something to see if the winning code is printed under the label. Consumers can participate in their jammies, from the comfort of their home. These are just some of goodies that online promos offer. There are many, many more. There’s no doubt that the landscape of the online promotional world is changing. From an emphasis on ROI to a focus on consumer engagement. From brand control to consumer empowerment. From traditional advertising to social media. Think back – it wasn’t too long ago that Pepsi ditched the Super Bowl – the traditional advertising showcase for the heavyweight brands – in favor of social media. What does this all mean? Well, very simply, this is an amazing time to be a small business owner in the pet industry. Ten years ago, these opportunities didn’t exist. You had to choose among traditional advertising communications that often carried a hefty price tag. Not anymore. So step right up and check out the online promo world. You’ll quickly discover that your consumers are not the only ones who win.

XNiP Code: 9FQYQ

When you access your virtual storage you can organize, and share this information during and after the show. This means you’ll never have to dig in your bag for a pen or to save important information during BarkWorld and this information will never be lost or thrown away. As an attendee at BarkWorld Expo you will notice XNiP codes at every exhibitor booth. When you see XNiP code, copy and save! You can copy the code by typing it in your cell phone, add it to the free XNiP iPhone app, or download the free Facebook application and automatically save all information to your virtual storage bin online! XNiP makes it easy for attendees to save and share information! Visit to learn more. For attendees at BarkWorld visit our booth and we can walk you through the steps!

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 20 – Agenda & Session Descriptions 10:00 AM – Registration Open 11:00 AM –Lunch Reception 11:30 AM – Welcome & Opening Denise Quashie, BarkWorld Founder, @BarkWorldExpo 12:15 PM – Keynote The Awww Factor & Beyond - Natalie Malaszenko, PETCO, @petco, @natalieatpetco Animals have always been fun to talk about in general, it’s no wonder we’re all talking about them online now, too! Whether we’re bragging about our own pets (because ours are the cutest!), talking about new pet trends, or our pets have taken over our keyboards and started talking for themselves, pets in social media have become quite a buzz in the social media world. So, how and why should we – as pet lovers and enthusiasts – make an effort to go beyond the “Awww factor” to build awareness in this growing social media space?  The online pet community definitely exists – now it’s just a matter of diving in and inviting others to the pawty! 1:15 PM Branding, PR & Marketing Creating a Distinctive Social Media Voice – Catherine Ventura, Venn Diagram, @catherinventura It’s easy to start a Twitter stream or a Facebook page, but with an already crowded field, how do you distinguish yourself. It’s important to create a distinctive voice that complements your overall branding. We’ll look at distinctive voices that do it well -- and that miss the mark -- in the Pet World, and in other worlds, and analyze what works, what doesn’t work, and how to determine what will work for you. 2:00 PM Collars & Leashes All Dog Parks Are Not Created Equal: Finding the Best Social Media Platform for You – Lauren Spencer, Fetching Communications, @fetchinglauren Just like there are plenty of scents to take in at the dog park, when it comes to social media the options can seem overwhelming! With so many social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, how do you pick the right one for you? We’ll help you navigate your way through the dog park, and sniff out the social media platforms that will connect you with your ideal customer. 2:00 PM Branding, PR & Marketing Using Social Media to Market Your Pet Business, or Similar – Leslie May, Pawsible Marketing, @pawsiblemktg With this new age of virtual marketing, it’s important to incorporate social media into your business marketing plan. In this session we’ll review some case studies and discuss the ins and outs of this new strategy. By arming you with branding tips, guidance on how to measure your success, and the importance of engaging and interacting both online and offline you’ll leave this session with direction on how to put these tips into place Monday morning. 2:00 PM Blogging, Podcast and Analytics It’s A Dog Eat Dog World: How Blogging Can Distinguish Your Brand – Shameeka Ayers, The Broke Socialite, @brokesocialite Join social media enthusiast and blogger Shameeka Ayers of The Broke Socialite for a session filled with tips and tricks on finding your voice through your blog, leveraging your blog to build your brand and how to use your blog to create face-to-face engagements. 2:45 PM Branding, PR & Marketing Promo a No-Go? How to Create Click-Generating Promotions with Meaningful Results – Emily Lux, EHL Creative, @ehlcreative Is this thing on? The social media arena is a crowded – and noisy – place. So how do you make sure your message gets heard? By creating

an engaging, eye-catching promotion that’s easily executable online. That’s just one of the things you’ll learn in this session. You’ll also discover pitfalls to avoid and how strong promotions can increase brand recognition while driving traffic to Twitter, Facebook…even your website. Case studies will include Halo’s Stamps To The Rescue and more. 2:45 PM The Dog Park Being “Social” to Help Your Non-Profit – Melissa Libby, Melissa Libby PR, @melissal and @adoptagolden For non-profits and volunteers it’s critical to be in the virtual space. In this session we’ll discuss the approach non-profits can take in using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to build awareness and community. 2:45 PM Collars & Leashes Charlotte Reed, Pet Expert Calling all pet owners… bring your pet questions to this interactive session with published pet expert, Charlotte Reed. Charlotte is the author of “The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette”, is’s Petiquette columnist, and is the Money Saving Pet Tips blogger for As you can imagine, Charlotte will have a lot of great tips to share with pet owners from social media to pet care to transforming your love for pets into a successful business model. Gather your questions and get ready to be informed! 3:15 PM Break 3:40 PM Keynote Dealing with Social Media Meanies: Risks and Benefits of Putting Yourself Out in Cyberspace – Carie Lewis, Humane Society of the United States, @cariegrls and @humanesociety What do you say via social media and is it worth it? Social media is a great outreach tool, but the first step is to listen. For small brands, large brands and even pet owners it’s important to be present in this space to monitor both positive and negative feedback. But, in this instant world you must have the tools to combat the naysayers and the know-how to relish in the compliments about you and the products and services you and your pets love. 4:45 PM The Dog Park Networking for Pet Lovers - The secrets you need to extend your online presence, business and brand OFFLINE – Taryn Pisaneschi, TSP Marketing, @tarynp Join networking guru Taryn Pisaneschi as she delivers the secrets to networking for success offline in a fun-filled, interactive session. Continue building relationships for fun, business and/or education in a face-to-face setting. 5:30 PM Day 1 Wrap Session 8:00 PM (or dusk) Movie in the Park Bring you blankets, popcorn and pets and join us in Central Park (inside of Atlantic Station) for a fun pet film – Best in Show! BarkWorld Track Definitions: Collars & Leashes – The nuts & bolts The Dog Park – Community involvement, networking, charity, showcases Branding, PR & Marketing – Promotion, brand development, monetizing, distinction Blogging, Podcast and Analytics – Blogging 101, 201 and analyzing statistics for sites and/or blogs

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 21 – Agenda & Session Descriptions 7:30 AM – Registration Open 8:30 AM – Keynote I See Fido...On Twitter?!?! – Sloane Kelley, BFG Communications, @sloanekelley; @jamesbondthedog Has Twitter gone to the dogs, cats, frogs and hedgehogs? Since starting a Twitter account for my dog, James Bond, it certainly seems so. The animal community on Twitter grows every day. So why would someone decide to Tweet like this? We’ll explore the many benefits of getting involved in the animal community on Twitter, how to showcase your pet’s personality, how to get started and how to manage all of your pet’s new friends. 9:30 AM Branding, PR, Marketing & Sales Making Money in Social Media – Natalie Malaszenko, PETCO, @petco @natalieatpetco, and Rick Rockhill, Natural Balance, @rickrockhill @naturalbalance 9:30 AM Blogging, Podcast and Analytics When 140 Characters Just Isn’t Enough: How a Pet Tweeter Can Become a Successful Blogger – Kimberly Turner, Regator @kimber_regator Want to blog but don’t know what makes a good pet blog? In this session we’ll discuss how a tweeter can evolve into a successful blogger and how to monitor your analytics. We’ll examine some pet blogs that are doing it right and some that aren’t hitting the mark. You’ll walk away with key tips to get your blog started successfully and even tips on how to correct some mistakes your current blog may have. 9:30 AM Collars & Leashes Pets on the Move: Utilizing Mxobile Marketing to Enhance Your Virtual Presence – Dana Runimas-Plazyk, @Niqqi By utilizing mobile applications like Foursquare, Groupon and Scoutmob business are monetizing their online brands. But, how do pet business and pet owners connect virtually with these applications? In this session we’ll uncover ways pet business can make virtual, mobile, connections and how pet owners can stay informed on brands that are leading the pack in this new age marketing. 10:00 AM Break 10:15 AM The Dog Park All I Need to Know About Social Media (and Life) I Learned From My Cat – Caroline Golon, @romeothecat There are nine truths to social media - can you guess what they are? In this session we will uncover the “keys” to social media success that align beautifully and subtly with the keys to success in life. Golon will describe the nine keys through her own experience engaging with other consumers, animal rescues and businesses in the online pet community, where she’s raised nearly $37K in a year through her blog, Twitter and Facebook. 11:00 AM Panel Session Yes My Rabbit Tweets. No, I’m not crazy! What happens when you tell a non-pet owner that your pet is on Twitter? Enough said! Join this take-charge kitchen table discussion from true social media experts as they dish about social media and pets. We’ll discuss… - How pet owners can combat the naysayers - How pet owners can be recognized as thought leaders - Ways social media can be used to promote your passions - How pet social media can continue to thrive in a technology-driven space

- How fans of pets can assist pet owners to grow the online community - Steps pet owners can take to showcase our community to the world Panelists: Facilitator: Diane Silver, @CosmoHavanese James Andrews, Everywhere and CNN Contributor, @keyinfluencer Lynn Haigh,, @FrugalDougal Carie Lewis, HSUS, @cariegrls, @humanesociety Dr. Robert Forto, Denver Dog Works, @denverdogworks Tamika Goins, Doggie Aficionado and Pooch City 12:00 PM Lunch, Exhibits & Demos 3:15 PM Contest Giveaways 3:30 PM Keynote 1:1 Conversation with Lynn Haigh, founder of, @frugaldougal Hear the compelling and inspirational story from Lynn Haigh, founder of which is the original virtual fundraiser on Twitter, and hear how she was able to raise over $30,000 for pet shelters and animal charities all over the world via social media. Learn how you can “pawticipate” in the monthly “pawties” on Twtter and you and your pet can assist in her cause for action. 4:15 PM The Dog Park Anipal Show & Tell Join this fast-paced, barcamp style, session to peek into the online world of pets! Pet owners will have 5-10 minutes to show off the cool and clever things their pet is doing online. Pet books, a Twitter band, charity fundraising pups, YouTube sensations and more will all be showcased! You and your pet can join this interactive session by signing up onsite at registration! Scheduled Pets Showcased: - The Shibbering Cheetos – The first-ever Twitter band! @ShibberingC - Spencer Quinn – New York Times Bestselling Author for the Chet the Dog Series, @ChetTheDog - Cheryl Lawson – Self-published pet author & Twitter rockstar! @ImaJackRussell - The Anipal Times – Heather King & Brutus the Dane Managing Editor of the first-ever newspaper written by pets, for pets! @AnipalTimes - Sherrelle Kirkland-Andrews & James Andrews discussing their Facebook doggy Chili Dawg 5:30 PM Day 2 Wrap Session 5:30 PM BarkUp Reception featuring the Shibbering Cheetos Sponsored by WellPet

B8 - Anipal Times

BarkWorld Expo Speaker Information Speaker Name: Carie Lewis Session: Keynote Speaker – Dealing With Social Media Meanies: Risks and Benefits of Putting Yourself Out in Cyberspace (8/20/10); Saturday: Yes My Rabbit Tweets. No, I’m not crazy Company: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Twitter: @cariegrls; @HumaneSociety Blog:

Speaker Name: Lynn Haigh Session: Keynote Speaker (8/21/10) Saturday - Yes My Rabbit Tweets. No, I’m not crazy Company: Twitter: @frugaldougal

Speaker Name: Sloane Kelley Session: Keynote Speaker – I See Fido… On Twitter?!?! (8/21/10) Company: BFG Communications Twitter: @SloaneKelley; @jamesbondthedog

Speaker Name: Natalie Malaszenko Session: Keynote Speaker – The Awww Factor & Beyond (8/20/10); Saturday – Making Money in Social Media Company: PETCO Twitter: @NatalieatPETCO, @PETCO

Speaker Name: Catherine Ventura Session: Friday - Creating a Distinctive Social Media Voice Company: Venn Diagram and Huffington Post Contributor Twitter: @catherineventura; Blog:

Speaker Name: Charlotte Reed Session: Friday – Q&A with Published Pet Expert, Charlotte Reed Company: Charlotte Reed, Pet Expert Twitter: @CharlotteReed

Speaker Name: Emily Lux Session: Friday – Promo a No-Go? How to Create Click-Generating Promotions with Meaningful Results Company: EHL Creative LLC Twitter: @ehlcreative Blog:

Speaker Name: Leslie May Session: Friday – Using Social Media to Market Your Pet Business, or Similar Company: Pawsible Marketing Twitter: @pawsiblemktg

Speaker Name: Shameeka Ayers Session: Friday- It’s A Dog Eat Dog World: How Blogging Can Distinguish Your Brand Company: Blogger & Social Media Consultant – The Broke Socialite Twitter: @brokesocialite Blog:

Speaker Name: Melissa Libby Session: Friday – Being “Social” to Help Your Non-Profit Company: Melissa Libby & Associates; Adopt-A-Golden Twitter: @MelissaL

Speaker Name: Taryn Pisaneschi Session: Friday – Networking Session & Activity Company: TSP Marketing; Women Intelligently Networking Twitter: @tarynp

Speaker Name: Lauren Spencer Session: Friday - All Dog Parks Are Not Created Equal: Finding the Best Social Media Platform for You Company: Fetching Communications Twitter: @FetchingLauren

Anipal Times - B9

BarkWorld Expo Speaker Information Speaker Name: Dana Runimas-Plazyk Session: Saturday – Pets on the Move: Utilizing Mobile Marketing to Enhance Your Virtual Presence; Anipal Show & Tell Company: Business Owner; FBD Worldwide, Inc. Twitter: @niqqi Blog:

Speaker Name: Kimberly Turner Session: Saturday – When 140 Characters Just Isn’t Enough: How a Pet Tweeter Can Become a Successful Blogger Company: Regator; Co-Founder Twitter: @kimber_regator Blog:

Speaker Name: Caroline Golon Session: Saturday – All I Need to Know About Social Media (and Life) I Learned From My Cat Company: Co-Founder of Twitter: @romeothecat Blog:

Speaker Name: Spencer Quinn Session: Saturday Company: Author; New York Times Bestselling Author Twitter: @chetthedog

Speaker Name: James Andrews Session: Saturday - A Kitchen Table Discussion with Social Media Experts: Growing Pet Social Media in a Technology Driven Space; Anipal Show & Tell Company: Co-Founder of Everywhere; Huffington Post & CNN Contributor Twitter: @keyinfluencer Blog: james-andrews

Speaker Name: Da Shibbering Cheetos Session: Saturday – BarkUp Social; Anipal Show & Tell Company: First Ever Twitter Band Twitter: @ShibberingC

Speaker Name: Cheryl Lawson Session: Saturday – Anipal Show & Tell Company: Founder & CEO of The Perfect Date Twitter: Partyaficionado

Speaker Name: Rick Rockhill Session: Saturday – Making Money is Social Media Company: SVP Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. Twitter: @rickrockhill Blog:

Speaker Name: Dr. Robert Forto Session: Saturday - A Kitchen Table Discussion with Social Media Experts: Growing Pet Social Media in a Technology Driven Space Company: Denver Dog Works Twitter: @denverdogworks

Speaker Name: Tamika Goins Session: Saturday - Yes My Rabbit Tweets. No, I’m not crazy! Company: Doggie Aficionado and Pooch City Twitter: @DAMagazine, @PoochCity

Speaker Name: Sherrelle KirklandAndrews Session: Saturday - Anipal Show & Tell Company: Blogger Twitter: @funkidivagirl Blog:

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2010 BARKWORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO ADVISORY COMMITTEE Hiya pals! When I started on this journey with my mom, Denise Quashie, I never knew the friendships I’d make along the way. My dog pound has been super helpful giving me tips and ideas for the first-ever social media conference! With their tireless efforts they assisted in crafting a phenomenal package of conference offerings. When you see them please thank them for their dedication, support and creativity!


Frankie Beans

Brutus the Dane with the help of his mom Heather King

Mattie the Dog with the help of his mom Becky Kikukawa

Da Shibbering Cheetos – The first ever Twitter Band – and they just happen to be dogs

Trailer Park Dogs with the help of their mom Mimi Chan

Frugal Dougal with the help of Lynn Haigh

Yoda the Dog with the help of his mom Nancy Heltman

Hank the Dog with the help of his mom Erin Monigold

Thank you for attending the 2010 BarkWorld Conference & Expo. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the event post conference and as well as your ideas for the 2011 BarkWorld Conference & Expo.

Thanks for attending BarkWorld! See you next year!

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Barking Out Loud For Marmaduke

Book Review: The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

originally published 27 June 2010

originally published 29 June 2010

by @brutusthedane

is headed up by William H. Macy as Phil’s boss and Judy Greer as Debbie Winslow. While the movie is definitely made for kids, what we didn’t ased on the Marmaduke comic strip begun understand was why the cool group of dogs at the dog park in 1954, featuring a were called the pedigrees loveable Great Dane named Marmaduke and the Winslow but are led by the alpha male family, the movie plot involves Bosco who is supposed to be a Rottweiler but bears no rethe Winslow family moving semblance to any rottie we’ve from Kansas to California so dad (Phil, played by Lee Pace) seen (maybe a rottie mixed with a collie or something). can take a job at an organic All this while the outcasts, dog food company. “the mutts”, are all purebred Most of the movie is based around the dog park (which is dogs including a dachshund surprisingly like high school) and Chinese crested hairless. Reviewers have panned the and highlights Marmaduke making furiends and enemies movie for potty humor and more than one has taken parand finding himself a girlticular issue with the special furiend. There is Dane surfing, Dane dancing (my slinky fart scenes at the beginning Scooby dance is far superior) and end of the movie. Being a Great Dane, these scenes and Dane swimming to keep are reenacted on a daily if not viewers mildly entertained. hourly basis in our house so The film features a starthose reviewers just haven’t studded cast (Owen Wilson, been around Dane farts before Kiefer Sutherland, Fergie, clearly. This is one of the and George Lopez to name a most honest parts of this Holfew) who give Marmaduke lywood movie. Most reviewers and his furiends and enemies also found the lines corny but their voices. The human cast

Release Date: 4 June 2010 My Rating:   (2 paws out of 4)


by @MaggieTKat you can surely expect me to adopt some of the cooler ones like “let’s get our bark on” and “cowabarka dude.” Overall, mom and I felt that Marmaduke the character was very true to the Great Dane breed. (Which is good because he was played by two great Great Danes by the names of George and Spirit.) Danes are very sensitive creatures and you can tell a lot about how we are feeling based on our ears. Marmaduke did a good job showing expression through his ears and I’ve already told you about the expressions from the other end! Unfortunately, so far the only movies featuring Great Danes (Scooby Doo and Marmaduke) haven’t been that great and don’t give us much credit for being the gentle giants we are. But, while we are lukewarm on the movie itself, mom and I had tons of fun playing the games on the Marmaduke website and we highly recommend you check out the site if not the movie.

One of the selections for May #readpawty was The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert A. Heinlein. The male character is Richard Ames who witnesses an assassination. He weds the companionable Gwen Novack. They try to escape legal entanglement by traveling to the Moon and on to Tertius. The story is as much a romance as science fiction. Gwen is an amazing female character with many hidden talents. Conversations between Gwen and Richard were witty, snappy and fun to follow. Of all the books we have read, this one generated the most discussion, both good and negative. I am not a science-fiction aficionado, so I don’t know if it was representative of Heinlein’s works, but I cannot recommend the book. Richard, who narrates the story, is officious and likes to hear himself talk. It also bothers me that Heinlein

brought in the thought experiment of Schrodinger’s cat at the end of the book and didn’t give the experiment adequate treatment. To give due, Heinlein’s development of Gwen’s character was outstanding.

A24 - Anipal Times

Reptiles Rising by @AylaLab


originally published 1 July 2010

eptiles seem to be everywhere in the news right now: turtle genocide in the Gulf and 800-lb alligators loping across little old ladies’ back yards…you would think that reptiles as a species had decided it’s time to be noticed. On a warm Tuesday night, 1 June 2010, in Trenton, Michigan, residents of Riverside Drive noticed a small crocodile walking up the street. They called police who grabbed the croc and threw her (yes, ends up she was a little girl crocodile) into a plastic container donated by one of the neighbors. The officers then took the little croc to the city’s animal shelter, and shelter employees immediately called Mark Rosenthal, the owner of Animal Magic, a non-profit exotic animal education center. “This female crocodile is definite-

Huffington Post, BBC, and others — carried the announcement that a group of Australian ecologists including the late Steve Irwin had just published in the British Ecological Society’s Journal of Animal Ecology their Crocodiles of the Serengeti sleeping discovery that the ly not from around here! Crocodiles world’s largest reptile, the saltwater crocodile, regularly “surfs” river can’t survive Michigan winters,” and ocean currents — sometimes Rosenthal told the News-Herald. for hundreds of miles — for reasons “I was asked if I would release her back into the wild, and the answer is that remain complete mysteries. ‘No’. This crocodile has never lived For hundreds of years, sailors have recounted tales of crocodiles swimin the wild; she’s probably from a pet store. She wouldn’t know how to ming in the open ocean. Scientists have considered these stories myths survive in the wild.” because crocodiles are not good The three-foot-long female swimmers, especially the giant saltcrocodile has probably lived her entire three years of life in captivity water (estuarine) croc that can grow and will be given to a zoo or reptile to 23 feet long and more than 2200 pounds. At the same time, it was habitat. This past week, every major news noticed that the same strains of giant organization — MSNBC, CNN, the croc, Crocodylus porosus, are found

in many far flung areas of Southeast Asia. The group of ecologists began their study with the goal of explaining how saltwater crocodiles divide up territories. They tagged 27 saltwater crocs and followed them for a year. The scientists discovered that both male and female saltwater crocs regularly traveled 35 miles downriver and back, and sometimes out into the ocean. One male crocodile traveled 367 miles down river, out into the ocean, and into another river system where he lived for 7 months until he returned to his starting place. Another male traveled 255 miles complete with a layover in a bay while he apparently waited for the current to change. The scientists now believe that new strains of saltwater crocodiles have not developed primarily because the crocs regularly travel to faraway locations and mate with members of their own species.

Anipal Fashion: Origin Of The Cone

Anipal Jokes: You Just Might Be An Anipal If...


originally published 21 June 2010

by @pepismartdog

originally published 22 June 2010 local madman and his skinny dog were shuffling along the roadside when to his surprise, the ‘Royal Carriage’ passed them by.  To the man’s astonishment he saw some expensive fabric thrown from the carriage, so he ran and grabbed the beautiful fabric, then carefully attached it around his beloved dog’s neck.  Now his own dog looked like royalty too. The man’s heart was bursting with pride at how handsome the expensive fabric made his dog look, but as the days went on, the fabric filled with all manner of crumbs and food scraps and the once beautiful fabric began to stiffen.  More days passed, and the stiffened fabric was restricting his beloved dog from many of his normal practices, so the time had come for the man to consider removing the contraption from his dog’s neck. On this particular day, the mad man and his skinny dog were shuffling along the roadside again when an expensive looking carriage was heading toward them.  With the clanging of the harness and the heavy thud of the team of hooves, it caught the man’s eye.  As the carriage passed, the passenger yelled from inside the carriage for the driver to ‘Halt’.  The carriage door opened, the steps dropped down, and the shiny shoes of a wealthy person appeared.  Out stepped the famous French veterinarian  Dr. Jean Paul Goat. He approached the madman and offered him several gold coins for the ‘contraption’ around the skinny dog’s neck.  The man was overjoyed and gladly made the exchange! Jean Paul Goat reboarded his car-

riage, clasping the ‘contraption’ to his heart. TheVeterinarian Cone Collar was born.  Jean Paul Goat went on to have several sons, but one in particular went into the fashion industry where he became famous after Madonna wore one of his creations during her worldwide stage show.  His creation is better known as:  The Cone Bra. People know this son as Jean Paul Gaultier and the humble cone made him famous.  Whenever you wear a cone, you are dressed in haute couture, and wearing a cone collar can make you feel fierce.  Every runway in every fashion capital demands ‘fierceness’ so own it and strut your own fierce style.  What you are wearing has royal roots, so when your human looks at you with watery eyes,  strike a pose and hold your head high. wearing your cone collar and remember what Jean Paul Goat says:  “Cardboard IS the new black !” Suggestion: practice your own fierce style strut to this song:  Bad Romance = PepiRama & LadyGaGa: Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah,  Rama, PepiRama GaGa oh la la,  Want your stinky toy bad romance! Walk, walk fashion baby, Work it, move that kibble crazy Walk, walk fashion baby, Work it, move that kibble crazy. Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah,  Rama, PepiRama GaGa, ooh la la,  Want your stinky toy bad romance. Note: (The veterinarian cone collar contraption is still being used on animals throughout the world today.)

by @bizbeekitty

You walk into a bar & ask the bartender if they have Bacon Beer on tap. You find yourself accidentally using “MOL, BOL or QOL” when IM’ing with your co-workers. You get funny looks at the office when you reply to a “Good Morning” with a “Happy Tootsday!” You often use the word “pawty” but not as a cutesy bathroom reference. You’re dating or married to someone of a different species. At the polls, you voted to have catnip legalized. It’s quite the norm to be a female with amazingly long whiskers, but yet not be employed by the traveling circus. You’ve worn more outrageous, flamboyant costumes in the last month than Liberace ever wore in his entire lifetime. Your friends understand when you laugh so hard that food shoots out your nose or a toot escapes your heiney (this also applies to “You Might Be A Frat Boy If…). Your friends have no problem with the fact that you seldom wear pants (this also applies to “You Might Be A Tart If…). Some of your dearest friends have REALLY hairy backs, tails, or may even be stuffed with polyester fiberfill. You have lots of laughs, spend time with a bunch of wonderfully colorful folks from around the world, party like a rockstar more often than even rockstars party, and are an avid reader of The Anipal Times. (Ok, this last bit wasn’t a joke but most definitely an anipal indicator!)

Lexie’s Lex-i-con by @dogstoyevsky

originally published 6 June 2010 BOL: Bark Out Loud — Well of course dat is one for all us doggies!

GOL: Growl Out Loud — We all knows dat bears dus love to has a growl but sometime is friendly like when ma friend @ollyted dus av a growl is becoz he loves me – i opes anyway! I might av to come back to you on dat.

MOL: Meow Out Loud — Dis is for dem lovely kittykats like Lady Penelope herself @jazzydacat. QOL: Quack Out Loud — Dat is jus like wot our lovely pal @georgetheduck dus.

LOL: Laugh Out Loud — Dat is from da hoomins and boy they dus love to larf! Just ask ma great pal Kafleen best known to you as @pasikas. She is a ray of sunshine dat is for sure.

SOL: Squawk Out Load or Squeak Out Loud — Dis for if you dis be guinea pig like ma great friend Mookie – @Schnille.

WMT: Wag/Wagging My Tail. — You can also do WMTO there to indicate you is rilly rilly enjoyin dat wag. Now as you can see for dogsies dis dus be a brilliant way to show you is very appy. I has it on good aufority from a pal of mine wot is a cat dat when cats waggin they tail, you betta make like a tree and get the ell outta there! WMBO: Wag my bum off (some of you might wanna replace bum wif da inter-continental version of that – wot we over ere calls a donkey! ASS!) BMAO: Bark My Ass Off (BMBO for dose of us wot says bum instead of ass)

Anipal Times - A25

The Anipal Times is a daily online newspaper founded in March 2010 for twitter anipals to have a central place to write, share and link to content, news, announcements and events in the anipal community and beyond. We’ve expanded to include all animal lovers from all Internet and social networking platforms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise money for animal charities via ad space, to educate, entertain and serve the online animal loving community.

Our Staff

There are over 30 writers (reporters, columnists, and reviewers) plus editors, managers and designers working on The Anipal Times.

Advertising Opportunities

We offer one prime banner ad and we also have two tall column ads and four smaller spots that appear on the margin side of We also offer classified ads. For pricing and other details, contact Publisher, Snick the Dog. Email Twitter @Snick_the_Dog

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Anipal Times - A27

Zack Rabbit, Our Favorite Twitter Chef!

Best Banana Bread

by @javathecat


originally published 17 April 2010

e have a meowvalous guest chef this week. He’s inspired me to be more involved with the anipals, and has given us all many Saturdays of laughter and enjoyment! I’m talking about the modest and talented Zack Rabbit! As a special treat, he is sharing one of his favorite recipes with us. Bon Appetit! What inspired you to become a world famous Twitter chef? HAHA! Hardly. I just wanted to do something that made people smile. It started because we have a cousin who only comes by once in a while, so we’d make these great meals and then take pictures so that he’d know what he’s missing — in hopes that he’ll come by more often! Haha! — and somehow that turned into a weekly cooking show!

serts I make because I live with a horde of bunnies who eat everything before it’s done! Haha!! As you can see by Rufus’ and BG’s waistline! *snickers* If I had to choose, I guess I would say it was bittersweet chocolate (sorry, doggies & kitties). I guess it’s the Easter Bunny gene in me! Hehe!

What are your favorite recipes from your show? For my anipal furrends that can’t eat chocolate, I’d say Banana Bread because this is the recipe I recommend for anyone who’s a beginner or scared to try baking. You can’t mess it up. I like easy recipes. As much as I like fancy desserts, the easiest recipes somehow taste the best! Hehe!

Do those other rabbits actually help out as sous chefs? Well, they don’t do much cooking, but they do help in eating. We have a camera-bunny, lighting-bunny, prop-bunny and a costume-bunny. Our crew is all bunnies and one bear, so they do help in other ways behind the scenes. But, I do most of the editing, directing, and script writing.

When is your show on, and what is the best way for your fans to Are there any famous chefs who see it? influenced you? Like Cat Cora, My show is called “Cooking With Woof Goldman, Rabbit Rae, or Rabbits – Rabbits are the CHEF; Meowrio Batali? NOT the Meal,” and it is on every Hmm… can’t think of any. I’m not Saturday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. particularly a fan of Martha Stewart EST/EDT on Twitter or at least I I’ve been using a lot of my recipes try to be. The problem with balancor anything, but I do admire that she’s got a show for cooking, crafts for a while, and like including my ing a career and also taking care of all-time favorites in my show. But and gardening, all things I enjoy your human, is that sometimes the having said that, many fans/furdoing. Now, if I could combine that human has to come first *sigh*. rends also send me recipes, so I like Older shows can be viewed at zackwith video-game playing, I would to try new ones and include those in have the perfect show! Haha! my show as well. Is your specialty baking or Zack, thanks so much for joining My, that does look delickable! cooking? us today. I am very excited to try Any favorite ingredients? I prefer to bake. I have meal reciout this banana bread recipe. I pes too, and I enjoying making all Hmm…that’s tough. I try to use as love the smell of bananas! kinds of food for my furrends. But much organic ingredients as possible. To be completely honest, I baked goods seem to be the ones don’t really eat much of the desthat most peeps ask for over and over! Haha!!

Conversation with @TeenysFriends

Serves 16. Estimated Preparation Time 15 minutes Estimated Cooking Time 1 hour Ingredients: ½ cup butter ½ cup packed brown sugar ½ cup white sugar 4 bananas, mashed 2 eggs 1 ½ cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon vanilla ½ cup chocolate chips (optional) ½ cup nuts (optional) – walnuts or almonds or pecans crushed (blueberries can also be substituted instead of chocolate chips or nuts) Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 9x5x3 loaf pan; set aside. In a large bowl, cream butter with white sugar and brown sugar. Beat in bananas and eggs. Add chocolate chips and/or nuts. Combine well. In another bowl, sift flour, baking soda and salt. Mix with a spatula in to cream mixture with vanilla. Pour into prepared loaf pan. Bake for about 60 minutes. Check that banana bread is done by sticking a skewer in the center. If it comes out clean, it is ready. If it is still wet, bake for another 15 minutes and check again. Remove and cool on a wire rack. Enjoy. Follow Zack on Twitter @zackrabbit, or on his blog

community as much as do I? by @jazzydacat I love all mai online originally published 30 June 2010 anipals so furry much. When mai @TeenysFriends was christened our website  ( mom signed Teeny’s “Marteeny” but “Teeny” is his pet where when sumbody buys one, we Friends up fur a name.  Teeny is a 6-year-old mixed donate one. Twitter account she breed who lives in Austin, Texas wiff had no idea how many his mom, dad and lil sister Tootsie Do you have any most-favouriteother kittehs and (who is a miniature schnauzer).  Teeny things-in-the-world to do? doggies were waiting really lives up to his name as he really My favorite things in da world are: fur her. I took over is teeny-weeny but has a heart as big when mai dad creates a nook wiff his da Twitter account as his body!!! legs fur me to lay in, cuddling wiff mai and haff been haffin toys, napping, carrots, da whole family Teeny checking her Twitter account! so much fun with all So, Teeny, tell me a bit about snuggling in bed at night and playing mai new furriends! It yourself and how you and your mom wiff mai sister. Mai least favorite has also helped us to find new ways to started Teeny’s Friends anipal-friendly so mai sister and I get things are: mai sister being too perky Hai Jazzy, good to meet you!  I am to efurrywhere wiff mom and dad. Dey help provide toys fur even more needy and playful in da morning, water, animals ‘den ever! da mascot fur an organization dat mai lettuce (blech!) and being woken up also have lots of animal events. Da mom started called Teeny’s Friends. best thing, I fink, is da weather – it’s before I is good and ready to get up. What we do is provide toys fur needy nice out almost all year long so we can Thank you very much, Teeny for giving us an insight into your life dogs. Every month we haff a toy I know you live in Austin, so tell me play in our yard whenever we want! and in helping anipals get some drive at a local pet store or vet and a bit about life there! toys.  We love you lots, too! donate da toys to different shelters, Being a dog in Austin is furry fun. Lots Finally, do you enjoy being on rescues, etc. We also sell a toy on Twitter and part of da anipal of places and restaurants in town are

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inspire. set. create. events | social media | consulting canvasllc

custom photography for your pampered pet

Anipal Times - A29

Ask Brutus: Why Do Animals Do What They Do? by @AskBrutus

originally published 23 June 2010 video of an alligator sneezing so I think the answer to that question is yes, alligators sneeze. I also found a report in one of my local newspapers about Answer: Because you are sucrocodiles getting ill in per cute! Oh, and because it’s China because of coolprobably a reflex reaction. The er temperatures and other reasons could be that sneezing a lot, so there your mom is actually either you go. They get colds tickling you slightly or not hitand allergies just like ting the right spot so you are we and our humans do. trying to move your leg to get (I just wouldn’t advise trying her to itch in the good spot!   One study found that the pitch to wipe their noses like moms of the hoot was deeper the are prone to do.) “We have 2 hooty owls in more the male owl weighed. our neighborhood. One (So, if I were an owl I’d sound All research says that spiders hoots differently. Do you like Barry White!) Another do not sneeze as they do not think they are a boy and a observer found that female have the same lung/breathing girl? Do girl owls look like tawny owls cannot make a boy owls?” genuine male hoot but some- structure that mammals do. Since I have good hearing and @MaggieTKat thing that sounds more like “u-wee”. Given the timeframe I love to eat spiders, I’ll pay Answer: Maggie, it turns out more attention next time I’m that you heard them and that not all owls hoot and tracking one just to be sure asked the question, it was those that do make different likely mating calls. Cool, little though. sounds. However, you are owlets! correct in guessing that it Anyone is welcome to could be a male and a female “Duz aligators and spiders submit questions of any communicating with each sort by tweeting them to sneeze?” other. Owls also hoot as a @AskBrutus, and I’ll do some @AylaLab territorial warning, to call research, tell you what I think HSStartsWithYou_BarkWorld_AnimalTimes_07_10:Layout 1 7/22/10and3:08 their young, or to find a mate. Answer: I found a YouTube we’llPMall Page have 1a great time. “I wanna know why I spin my back legs in circles when mom scratches an itchy spot : 0 )” @OatieDog

a humane society starts with you Every act of kindness counts. Join our 11 million supporters, one in every 28 Americans, who are making a difference for animals. Visit to find out what you can do.

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Movies & the Market. Now Showing:


AUGUST 19 & 20

“Best In Show” is presented as a documentary of five dogs and their owners destined to show in the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. Who will be best in show?


THURSDAY, AUGUST 19 & FRIDAY, AUGUST 20 Join us Thursday and Friday evenings in Central Park for

Sponsored by:

a free movie, restaurant specials, prize giveaways and The Atlantic Station Artist Market. Dining discounts start at 6pm, then at dusk, sit back and enjoy the show.

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Atlantic Station Market

Volunteers provided by Midtown Bridge Follow Atlantic Station on Twitter @ ATLStation. Find us on Facebook @ Atlantic Station. I-75/I-85 @ 17th Street • 2 Hours of Free Parking •

The big guys want to look good too!

7/23/10 4:34:16 PM

Tree Parlor’s dog-wear is constructed with your dog’s comfort in mind – wether it’s running, playing or lying down. By using durable stretchy light-weight breathable fabrics, our clothing will last as long as your dog can, and for some, that’s a long time.

Tree Parlor’s clientèle ranges in weight from 20 pounds to really really really big.

saddle wags winter coats with drawstring snoods mommy & me matching headbands and collars donation coats

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