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JUNE 25, 2008

BMW 1-Series, now in two new forms


The BMW Group has announced the introduction of two new models, set to take the compact class segment by storm, the 1-Series coupé and convertible. The BMW 135i coupé and convertible models are powered by a twin turbo 3ltr straight six engine featuring high precision

injection with a maximum output of 306bhp and a 0 to 100kmph acceleration in just 5.3 seconds, a press release said. They also feature a lightweight aluminum front suspension that offers a good combination of superior stiffness and low weight and a five link rear axle that provides

optimum traction, safe handling and directional stability. Phil Horton, managing director, BMW Group Middle East, said, “The new models add an exciting and contemporary dimension to the range and are expected to make a marked contribution to our 2008 sales figures.”

A faster Fireblade OMASCO has recently launched Honda’s 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade, considered one of the biggest advancements in the superbike class of motorcycles, a press release informed. Featuring a new engine, chassis and a MotoGP-style exhaust, the latest version of the Fireblade handles like a middleweight despite its litre class displacement. Cosmetically the 1000RR is sharper with a stubby exhaust pipe that looks like it

is fused with the swingarm. The new engine is lighter and more compact with a bigger cylinder bore and a shorter stroke and pumps out more power than before. It also sports a slipper clutch, mass-centralised fuel tank, Unit ProLink rear suspension, radial front disc brakes and Honda’s revolutionary electronic steering damper from the famed RC211C. For further details, call 99555926

!BCDE FDGHC Twenty four hours of Peugeot Le Oman The first Peugeot Le Oman 24 hour Challenge, from Muscat to Salalah and back, was completed successfully last week. A press release said that the challenge required a six member team, driving a Peugeot 308 and a Peugeot 407 coupé, to complete the 2,400km trip in 24 hours. The cars, which had been flagged

off from the European Motors showroom in Azaiba at 7am on Saturday, returned at 7am the following day. The Le Oman 24 hour Challenge was run in honour of Peugeot’s participation in the famous Le Mans 24 hour race in France and was the first such event of its kind to be held in Oman.

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Land Rover G4 Challenge in Mongolia The finals of the current edition of the Land Rover G4 Challenge, inaugurated in 2003, will take place in the remote regions of Mongolia. According to a press release, a blend of terrain, ranging from arid steppes to rugged mountains, combined with extreme climate, made Mongolia a fitting location for the finalé of the

event. Since September 2007, when it was announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, reconnaissance teams have been exploring Asia’s toughest terrain to find a suitably demanding environment for the grand finale. For further details, log on to

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%ODFN%HUU\ 6PDUWSKRQH off from the European Motors showroom in Azaiba at 7am on Saturday, returned at 7am the follow- ing day. The Le Oman...