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comfortable. There is also a provision for heating in the seats, which is quite useless in the sultanate but would be a great feature in other colder parts of the world where Audi is selling the A5. What is not useless is the fantastic Bang and Olufsen sound system that the car comes kitted with, making listening to music or even dry and drab news a sheer pleasure. The centre console is clean and uncluttered, with quite a few switches positioned around the leather wrapped gearshift lever. Although buttons and switches are userfriendly and do not take much time getting used to, a touch-screen perhaps would have been a better idea when it comes to operating the satellite-navigation and the multi-function LCD display. The position of the hazard switch is also not too ergonomic being

Inside-Outside PARKING BRAKE SWITCH The parking brake is operated by a switch instead of a lever or foot pedal. It needs getting used to but looks tidier and chic.

VOLUME CONTROL Steering wheel mounted controls allow the driver to adjust the volume without removing his hands from the wheel.



The multi-function display between the rev tachometer and speedometer provides information that is easy to read.

The adaptive brake lamps automatically activate the hazard warning lights in the event of emergency braking.


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