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Honda’s Efficient Power Technology In a bid to increase the larger Accord Coupe’s fuel efficiency without sacrificing any power, Honda Motors has incorporated a variable cylinder management (VCM) technology in the 3.5ltr V6 coupe. The VCM ensures that all six cylinders operate only when starting from standstill or under acceleration. At high-speed cruising only four of the six cylinders remain active while this is further reduced to just three active cylinders during mid-speed cruising.

ALL SIX CYLINDERS At start or under acceleration


FOUR OF SIX CYLINDERS During high-speed cruising

THREE OF SIX CYLINDERS During mid-speed cruising

Although the front wheel driven Accord Coupe is also available as a 3.5ltr V6 variant which produces 271hp at 6,200rpm and 339Nm at 5,000rpm, the test drive vehicle featured a 2.4ltr iVTec engine, mated to a five-speed automatic transmission. The smaller spec engine, which is redlined at 7,000rpm, pumps out 191hp at maximum revs and maximum torque is 222Nm at 4,400rpm. While the larger version would surely add to the car’s fun factor, the 2.4ltr variant is no slouch either. It moves quickly enough from standstill and the needle on the speedometer keeps climbing at a reasonably rapid pace. What is a disappointment is the transmission. In this day and age of the continuously variable transmission (CVT), where shift shocks are negligible enough to be not felt

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