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Affordable style Honda’s new Accord Coupe looks stunning and would be one of the options for those on the lookout for a stylish set of wheels without having to pay too much, says Aninda Sardar Without doubt the Honda Accord Coupe looks good. Look at it from whichever angle you wish to but the impression remains unchanged. It is a very good-looking car, especially in red, the colour of the vehicle we received for our test drive, courtesy OMASCO. The headlamps that resemble a hawk’s eyes, the swooping roofline and the muscular belt and shoulder lines work wonders for this two-door avatar of the car that began life as a four-door sedan. Meanwhile, a generous overhang at the front and a slightly raised rear end appears to make the car lower than it really is, adding to its sporty stance. The rear end of the vehicle may take a bit of time getting used to, and seen from a distance it gives the impression that the boot lid may have been slightly squashed by something heavy. This, however, is not enough to mar


the overall effect of the exterior design of the Accord Coupé. And the addition of 17-inch aluminium alloys as standard fitment only helps earn it more brownie points in the looks department. Rest assured, a majority of people will give it a second look should it pass by or stop at a traffic light. Inside, from the steering wheel to the centre console, the coupé is trademark Honda. The steering wheel mounted volume controls feel nice and intuitive, as do the buttons for the cruise control function. The same cannot be said of the buttons for adjusting the wing mirrors. Located on the door panel just beyond the handle, they are difficult to reach. The wing mirrors though are large and give a good view of the road behind. The centre console features no less than 30 buttons, including the switch for the hazard and

excluding the four knobs for air conditioner and stereo system controls! Needless to say, the driver and passengers might need a bit of time to familiarise themselves with these buttons. The instrument panel, however, is easy to read and requires no familiarisation, dominated by a large tachometer on the left and a speedometer on the right that is graduated to 260kmph. The trim seems a bit plasticky and some brushed aluminium or even faux wood on the dashboard would have suited the Accord Coupe nicely. Fit and finish, however, remains top-notch with no unwanted gaps between panels. The seats provide enough support to make even long journeys comfortable, while room too is never an issue. There is enough leg and headroom in front, for even those touching six feet and beyond. Although the

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