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‘Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be’ Karen Ravn, Author

Hispano DĂŠcor International

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Hispano DĂŠcor International The following pages, albeit briefly, portray the capabilities we instil within all those involved in what we do, our sense of ego and our confidence in extending our service to you, our worthy and distinguished clients.

‘Acompanyofexceptionalquality,experience andreputation,wasformedwiththeaimofoffering completeandcustomiseddecorationprojectstothe elite community of the Arabian Gulf’

behind any endeavour. Realising this, Hispano Décor International consistently aims to select and recruit the very best multinational talent and experience available and, in doing so, continues to combine innovative technology with a flexible approach to business that brings about consumer satisfaction. It is this that forms the basis symbolising the continuous success experienced by the company to date. Knowing that attention to detail is what makes a quality design project stand out in such a competitive industry, Hispano Décor International recognises and embraces the link between competency, success, innovation and experience and continuously endeavours to use its own experience throughout the Gulf region, distinguishing between the tangible and intangible to satisfy the needs of the client, to help create the ultimate difference.

Above: Private, Royal Majlis

Hispano Décor International, a company of exceptional quality, experience and reputation, was formed with the aim of offering complete and customised decoration projects to the elite community of the Arabian Gulf. Interior design is, at its best, a ‘synthesis of visionary concepts, architecture and site.’ It is with this belief that the designers, along with technical professionals, strive to bring it all together in order to satisfy the myriad needs and fantasies of Hispano Décor International’s clients. With new technology spreading around the world, trade barriers coming down and financial markets being deregulated, consumer tastes have crossed many borders. The need for change continues to accelerate, forming the driving force

Hispano Décor International specialises in interior decoration concept designs that range from styles that have stood the test of time to those of the modern day. The company also carries out the contracting and execution of all their projects. The structure of the company enables Hispano Décor International to carry the full process, from the development of the designs to the completion of the projects. For the ultimate details that require professional specialised skills and talents, Hispano Décor International counts on a select group of top specialists and its sister concerns from Spain that have been working with the company for decades. Hispano Décor International is proud to be associated with a number of ongoing projects throughout the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Europe. Each project is uniquely defined in terms of originality and the diverse blends of materials and styles used in creating visual experiences and ambiences previously unimagined. We, at Hispano Décor International, hope that the following pages can portray, albeit briefly, the capabilities we instil within all those who are involved in what we do, our sense of ego and our confidence in extending our service to you, our worthy and distinguished clients.

The values we cherish “To strive to create a difference by working with integrity�

Above: Private, Master Suite

We believe that every Hispano Décor employee has something to contribute. Originality and creativity, set against the backdrop of evolving trends in interior design, are of paramount importance to our success as a company. In order to improve the experience of interior design, the visions, aspirations and knowledge of our clients in achieving cultural and environmental authenticity, along with our own expertise, is used to their greatest advantage. Our company’s philosophy - “To strive to create a difference by working with integrity” outlines our most valuable asset: Integrity. Our reputation for integrity is a fundamental part of our heritage, encompassing all that defines and sustains us as a company:The values we believe in, the high ethical standards by which we live, our honesty and behaviour in dealing with others and our commitment to deliver the very best to our clients. By bringing our individual talents and perspectives to bear on the challenges we face in our every day lives, we each play a part in making a lasting difference...

Our People and Our Standards As part of our professional approach to interior or architectural design in providing turnkey solutions, we have developed specialised processes in order to provide our clients with solutions that cover all aspects of their imaginative requirements.

Professional Management: Our Key to Success As par t of our professional approach to interior or architectural design in providing turnkey solutions, we have developed specialised processes in order to provide our clients with solutions that cover all aspects of their imaginative requirements. Stage 1: Operational Programming The first stage includes the pre-design analysis and evaluation of our client’s requirements, along with a review and analysis of the site. Feasibility studies and growth projections are made and a repor t advising the client is prepared. Preliminar y cost evaluations are submitted, along with time projections, and the contract is signed. Stage 2: Conceptual Design The development of conceptual designs begins. Efficiency of space is evaluated, while both perspective and freehand sketches of the proposed designs are made, along with alternative designs. Sample boards for all aspects of the work are prepared; these include furniture, fabrics, lighting, etc. Workflow analysis is done and preliminar y estimates are submitted, along with a programme of works. Stage 3: Preliminary Design Following the development of the conceptual design, the sample boards are revised, styles are developed and design drawings are prepared. A preliminar y bill of quantities, budgeting and cash flow analysis are made, material and completion periods are evaluated, suppliers are contacted and arrangements with them are finalised and all works are submitted for approval. Creating a rich variety of styles and tastes

Our People Hispano Decor International is a firm of Architects and Interior Designers. Its dedicated team has been based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates since 1996, however, its outstanding reputation goes back over 60 years when Al-Andalus group of companies was established by Prof. Salvador Carreres Urena in Spain Prof. Carreres was born in 1928 into an industrial family from Valencia, Spain that had a long tradition in interior dĂŠcor and fine furniture craftsmen. He specialized in manufacturing of antique furniture, sculpture and interior decoration. His talent early recognized, was soon commissioned to restore national monuments and private luxury residences. In 1963 he led the restoration of Al-Hambra in Granada and become one of Spain most sought after interior architects. His fascination for Islamic art took him to be recognized as one of the modern interpreters of Islamic art.The international experience, unparallel creativity and great vision of Prof. Carreres had already been passed on to the 4th family generation, his sons, Salvador and Joaquin Carreres, who in 1998 joined Ghantoot Group in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Stage 4: Final Design During this stage, much is finalised: designs and workshop drawings, the bill of quantities and pricing, actual orders and contracts and the shipping and clearance of materials. Sub-contractors are negotiated with, insurance for the materials is arranged and the programme of works enters project management. Stage 5: Site Execution and Project Management This stage is where co-ordination and liaison occurs between the contractors and the client’s representatives and between management and labour. Logistics and quality control is also managed and workflow analysis is carried out again as the designs are turned into reality. Stage 6: Contract Administration and Handing-Over With the project coming to an end, finishing touches are made to the various areas of work, quality control is checked and ensured and the site is cleaned up. Post-contract evaluations are made and the relevant cer tificates are handed over, along with the keys of the project.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Weaspiretodeliverstateoftheartinteriordecorationsolutions usingmoderntechnologyandeffectiveoutsourcingofourprocesses to competent agencies Valueformoneytoourcustomerswillbedeliveredthrough continualreviewofperformanceandpromptactionsondeviations Wewilltakeproactivemeasurestoidentifyandcontrolrisk,thereby preventingpollution,injuryandillhealthonourworksitesatalltimes It’sourresponsibilitytoenurethatwecomplywithallapplicable legislationsandotherrequirementsandinvolveoursubcontractorsinall ouractivitiespertainingtoQuality,Health,SafetyandEnvironment Ourcommitmentwillbeassuredthroughaneffectiveverification mechanism at identified stages of each project Serviceprovidersareourprimarystrengthandwewillnurture them for mutual benefit

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Hispano Decor Corporate Brochure  

Hispano Décor International Corporate Profile Part of ‘Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I...