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Communication Design for Sustainability 1st LEVEL MASTER DEGREE AA. 2012 / 2013

The Master in Communication Design for Sustainability is organized by the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning (DADU) of the University of Sassari, in collaboration with its scientific partner, the design school ELISAVA and it is based in Alghero and Barcelona. The Master is part of a wider project, supported by the Government of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (RAS), which has decided to invest in postgraduate high end education directed to its young graduates. Last year RAS asked our Department to manage three different PostGraduate Masters in Design, Architecture, Planning, with Sustainability as a common general theme. Our Master in Communication Design for Sustainability, part of this program, is a 1st degree Master lasting one year and credited 60 ECTS. The key idea behind our Master is that although nowadays the vast majority of the general public has been somehow exposed to the ‘idea’ of environmentally sustainable development, people still lacks a comprehensive understanding and awareness of its overall implications on the lives of any of us, opening the way to a great role to be played by communication. Based on this assumption, the Master is designed as a way to respond to the growth in the demand or new ways of representing, explaining, making more understandable, and hence accessible, the increasing of complexity typical of complex contents.

Architetcture At Alghero .Master

In this perspective the Master pivots on two main facts: • The emerging of a new visual language that is the product of elements coming from disciplines such as graphic design and visualization, animation, design communication, interaction design and journalism. • The dramatic transformation of the traditional information space, that until recently was dominated by a relatively limited number of players (newspapers, radio, TV) and is increasingly turning into an ubiquitous, distributed and collaborative space, capable of reaching new audiences via the new territories of the web, digital television, mobile communication and portable devices. The Communication Design for Sustainability Master aims at responding to the communication challenges of the actual scenario providing a new educational/professional profile. Ninenteen sardinian students, admitted to the project at the end of a selection process, are currently attending the Master; the minimum requirements are holding a MA Degree, with backgrounds ranging from communication design, design, media studies, architecture, art.

The Master is structured in five two-month units, three of which are managed by our Department and take place in Alghero, one is in charge of ELISAVA and takes place in Barcelona. The remaining unit is a two-month international professional internship to be held in selected companies, studios and firms in the area of graphic design, visual communication, animation and multimedia, interactive design. Within the Master program students have so far attended successfully courses and design workshops in a variety of topics including: photography, video, typography, graphic design, stop-motion animation, conceptual design.

Communication Design for Sustainability


Architetcture At Alghero .Master


Courses and workshops have been taught by teaching staff from our University, as well as from international professionals and experts. Among them, to list a few: animator Chris Gavin (Tandem Films, London), clay-motion master Fusako Yusaki (Japan/Milano), industrial designer Mark Anderson (USA/Milano), graphic designer and typographer Claude Marzotto (Barcelona/Milano), web & interaction designer Alfredo Calosci (Madrid). These will be soon joined by other teaching staff including graphic designer Emilio Gil (Tau Design, Madrid), animator and graphic designer Dave Daniels (London), graphic designer Letizia Bollini (AIAP, Milano) and the visual design collective Bonsai-Ninja (Milano). The Master is directed by Nicolò Ceccarelli, Professore Associato at the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sassari, Italy.



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SARDEGNA 2013 venerdì 22-26 26/04aprile educazione e sensibilizzazione

MAN_Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro Via Sanna, 54 - Nuoro


22-26 aprile 2013

Tutti i giorni dalle 10:00 alle 23:00


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Communication Design for Sustainability

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educazione e sensibilizzazione tutti i giorni, ore 10-23

MAN Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro Via e Piazza Sanna Nuoro, Sardegna info: www. SustainableWeekSardegna.

Communication Design for Sustainability / Master Presentation  

2012/2013 edition presentation: goals, courses, teachers, info.