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hirty years ago I made my first mask, twenty years ago I moved to Ramsay, ten years ago CAOS was born. It’s a milestone of sorts, and we’re celebrating with the biggest, craziest lineup ever. I acknowledge each and every one of you for the role you’ve played in building this uniquely Calgarian festival. The most delicious part for me is pitting our shooting stars, Western Canada’s emerging talent, against epic superstars of international renown from Mexico, France, the UK, USA, and MontrÊal. Rejoice as their mad brilliance shines upon us. —  Xstine Cook

2 Luchador Finger Puppets By Lush Newton 3 Curator’s Welcome 4 Thanks to Our Sponsors 5 Letters of Welcome 6 Little Orange Man & WHITE LIKE ME 7 Ubu on the Table & Potato Needs A Bath 8 L'apres-mid d'un foehn Version 1 & Gruff 9 Astrid Hadad 9 Dolly Wiggler Cabaret starring Mooky Cornish & Phillip Huber 10 Prairie Puppet Underground & Canadian Animation Rocks 11 Animovies, Handmade Puppet Dreams & Scary Secret Cinema

ç photo: Sean Dennie

13 Schedule and Ticket Information 15 Conflict / Resolution Animated

About CAOS


Calgary Animated Objects Society is the producer of the International Festival of Animated Objects and has been ruffling feathers since 2003, creating original art works like The Device to Root Out Stink (a giant flame-throwing dead chicken), Spirit of the Bluebird, an award-winning animated video, and Spirit of White Buffalo, a giant bison puppet built in Jail. Check out our new Media Art Residency CAOS in the House on page19.

Xstine Cook  Curator & Artistic Director Sharon Stevens  Assistant Producer Samantha Hindle  Production Manager Johanna Schwartz  Media Relations Lyle Pisio  Animovies Curator Heather Cook  Volunteer Coordinator Andra Louie  Ads & Sponsorships Jacques Krzepkowski  Graphic Design Ty Semaka  Poster & T-shirt Art Sean Dennie  Photography Neil Evenson  Videography

Board of Directors

Volunteer Team Leaders

John Holt  President Sean Dennie  Vice-President Poul Bay  Treasurer Juanita Dawn  Secretary Kerry Clarke  Director Jesse Glasnovic  Director Mooky Cornish  Director Kyle Hinton  Director Xstine Cook  Founding Director

Catherine Cartmill  Concession Megan Evans  DĂŠcor Juanita Dawn  Online Auction Adele Sanoy  Single Volunteers Youth Central “CAOS’s mission and festival is built on a bit of primordial magic, the ability for humans to believe something inanimate lives.â€?

Hungry as a Bear?

Installation 17 Workshops 18 Artist Talks 19 Mini Theatre Arcade & Media Art Residency 22 Ads 23 Ventrilophant by Paul Spooner

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Contact Us CAOS Calgary Animated Objects Society 1030 20 Avenue SE Calgary, AB, T2G 1M6 Phone: 403-266-1503

Box Office đ&#x;“žâ€‚ 403-266-1503 Shoponline  Tickets available at venue one hour before show time.

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Cover photo: Sean Dennie | Illustration: Ty Semaka | cover Mask: Xstine Cook | Bear Mask: Victor Reece & Xstine Cook

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Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13

Message from Honourable Heather Klimchuk Minister of Culture As Minister of Culture, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the 2013 International Festival of Animated Objects. With the help of gifted hands and an imaginative mind, a handful of wool, a bit of clay and a coating of paint can magically transform a collection of inanimate objects into a living creature. This sixth biennial festival celebrates creating the illusion of life through puppetry, mask and all things animated. The festival’s workshops, stage performances, film screenings and exhibition will captivate the imaginations of children and adults alike, demonstrating the spellbinding power of inventive storytellers. My thanks to the event organizers, artists, sponsors and volunteers for presenting Calgarians with this opportunity to be immersed in the charming world of animated objects. Best wishes for a mesmerizing festival!

Heather Klimchuk Minister

March 2013 March 2013


A MESSAGE FROM MAYOR NENSHI On behalf of my City Council colleagues and the people of Calgary, I am pleased to welcome the artists, On behalf of myand Citysupporters Council colleagues and the people ofFestival Calgary, I am pleased to welcome the artists, patrons, of the sixth biennial International of Animated Objects.

patrons, and supporters of the sixth biennial International Festival of Animated Objects.

Over the past year we have been celebrating a wide variety of cultural enterprises in Calgary. We are fortunate to have this unique opportunity to watch some incredibly creative and innovative performers

Over the past year we have been celebrating a wide variety of cultural enterprises in Calgary. We are transform the ancient art forms of mask and puppetry. fortunate to have this unique opportunity to watch some incredibly creative and innovative performers I commend the people of theofCalgary Objects Society for organizing this festival and for transform the ancient art forms maskAnimated and puppetry. contributing to Calgary's evolving reputation as a progressive artistic community.

I commend the people of the Calgary Animated Objects Society for organizing this festival and for Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable festival and for many more years of enlightening contributing to Calgary's evolving reputation as a progressive artistic community. entertainment. Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable festival and for many more years of enlightening Sincerely, entertainment. Sincerely, Naheed K. Nenshi MAYOR

Naheed K. Nenshi MAYOR


Little Orange Man

A playdate with Destiny Music, shadow puppets, edible puppets, and dark Danish fables. Prepare yourself for Kitt the Kinder-Whisperer, a high-octane Danish girl who fires up homemade technology to extract and reenact the audience’s dreams.  What emerges through the fast-paced humour is the honest efforts of an outcast child, who entrusts a group of strangers to help fight her darkest battle.  Rated E for Everyone.

WHITE LIKE ME: A Honky Dory Puppet Show

Tuesday, March 12, 7:00pm Wednesday, March 13, 9:30pm Festival Hall 1215 10 Avenue SE All ages $30 regular / $25 members 70 minutes

The sort of girl that director Terry Gilliam might have dreamed up. — The Calgary Herald

The white man cometh …

Paul Zaloom (USA)

A satirical exploration of the archetypal Caucasian, White Like Me tells the tale of White-Man from the planet Caucazoid, who travels through space to enjoy many adventures on Earth; spreading his ‘civilizing’ across the United States and becoming the philanthropist Santa Claus. After joining the Tea Party, White-Man comes to the startling realization that, by 2042, he will be the minority in the U.S. What will White-Man do?

Starting out at age 19 with the renowned Bread and Puppet Theater, Paul Zaloom began making avantgarde solo shows in 1978. As a comedic puppeteer, political satirist, filmmaker, and performance artist, Zaloom tours his work all over the world and lives and works in Los Angeles. Zaloom has written, designed and performed 12 full-length solo spectacles. Gen X fondly remember him as Beakman, the wacked-out, weirdo scientist who answered viewers’ questions about science, nature and various bodily functions.

SNAFU Dance Theatre (Victoria) SNAFU creates and produces original live theatre and dance that give voice to those communities and individuals who have been marginalized, oppressed, ignored or forgotten. Ingrid Hansen does ongoing work with the inmates at William Head Prison Theatre, and is also a puppeteer on the children’s series Tiga Talk on APTN.  Kathleen Greenfield works with new playwrights, puppeteers and community activists in Victoria BC.  * Turn to page 17 for SNAFU’s Viewpoints workshop.

At once haunting and hilarious, Little Orange Man offers both heart and thought. An enchanting, fantastical theatre dream.  —  Culture Vulture Victoria

Half the time I was bawling, the other half I was laughing out loud. — The Craig

Zaloom employs the drawing room medium of toy theatre with his gigantic collection of knick-knacks, brica-abrac, tiny toys, and other weird junk, plus his creepy Ventriloquist dummy sidekick, Butch Manly. White Like Me uses hi-def video projections so that the audience can clearly experience the tiny puppet mayhem. Created by Paul Zaloom, directed by Randee Trabitz, designed, rigged and cowritten by Lynn Jeffries. (Butch Manly travels in the passenger section of the airplane, by the way).

* Turn to page 16 & 17 for workshops with Lynn Jeffries and Paul Zaloom.

Tuesday, March 12, 9:30pm Wednesday, March 13, 7:00pm Festival Hall 1215 10 Avenue SE Recommended for ages 14+ $30 regular / $25 members 65 minutes


Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13

UBU on the Table

Anything goes as Poland's fate lies on a tabletop! Two armies of French baguettes face each other in a stand-off. Tomato bombs explode, an eggbeater hovers over fleeing troops and molassesblood splatters on fork-soldiers charging Père Ubu. A small-scale fresco of grandiose buffoonery plays out in the hands of two skilled performers, with multiple film references to spice things up.

Potato Needs a Bath

imagination and explorers of the dramatic narrative, seeking to craft a relationship of complicity with their audiences. They have toured internationally, clocking over 1,400 performances. Critics’ awards abound, with UBU on the Table garnering “best show” at the International Puppet Festival in Bulgaria. * Turn to page 17 for Pire Espèce’s workshop.

Onion is practicing his guitar, Aubergine is wearing her new necklace and Peach is bouncing on the bed with excitement, but don’t wake the sleeping baby carrots. Potato needs a bath - but he has other ideas (because Potato loves mud!).

Recommended for ages 14+ $30 regular / $25 members 60 minutes

The work of art is a stuffed crododile

Co-created with Andy Manley with original music by Dave Trouton.

Thursday, March 14, 9:00pm Friday, March 15, 7:00pm Festival Hall 1215 10 Avenue SE

grad diploma in Stage Design at the Welsh College of Drama in Cardiff. Shona Reppe Puppets was established in 1996 to create visual theatre for children. Shona recently won a London Theatre Management Association award for Best Children’s Theatre Show for The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean.

As fruits and vegetables come to life in exquisitely rendered detail, young ones will be captivated by an intricately crafted miniature world on stage. A gifted performer in her own right, Reppe engages imagination and creativity by creating a fully invested world where loveable edibles reveal private lives and detailed personalities. Sly puns and meticulous production values will be appreciated by adults in this lighthearted, visual show for 3–5 year olds.

Based on Alfred Jarry’s infamous Ubu Roi, a work that inspired a riot and the theatre of the absurd, UBU on the Table is a frenetic retelling of antihero King Ubu, a vulgar and infantile man who inhabits a cowardly and cruel world. The ribald pace of the story is enhanced by the puppeteers, who, standing in full view, provide the expressions of agony and rage that the common object actors are unable to convey.

There is going to be a party and everyone is ready — except Potato.

Friday, March 15, 1:00pm Saturday, March 16, 10:00am, 12:00pm Sunday, March 17, 3:30pm, 5:30pm Festival Hall 1215 10 Avenue SE For 3–5 yr olds and their families $15 regular / $10 members 35 minutes

— Alfred Jarry

Théâtre de la Pire Espèce (Montréal)

Shona Reppe Puppets (UK)  

Théâtre de la Pire Espèce, (The Worst Species) are enthusiasts of the unusual, celebrators of unbridled

Visit animatedobjects. ca

    é Photo: Djeyo

The “Fairy Godmother of Puppetry,” Shona Reppe studied Theatre Studies and History of Art at Glasgow University before completing a post



L'après-midi d'un foehn — Version 1


What is the life expectancy of a plastic bag?

Who’s that clip-clopping across my bridge?

The journey of a plastic bag extends far beyond its trip from the grocery store. Once thrown away, straying across the planet, this is where its real life begins; its autonomous life. Little anonymous plastic bag amongst the world’s countless little plastic bags, on its way to a rot-proof eternity. What if we humans, so firmly anchored to the ground, could escape the pull of gravity and fly with the wind, free at last, carried along by the arbitrary waltz of the air?

Compagnie Non Nova (France) Created in 1998 by Phia Ménard, this unique company’s repertoire is in its essence a study on audiences’ perceptions of juggling. From large scale cabaret works to one-man shows, Non Nova explores the outer edges of object manipulations, blending science and art. L'après-midi d'un foehn — Version 1 was originally commissioned by the Natural History Museum in Nantes, France as part of their Science Festival.

A performance without words, featuring the manipulation of objects and elements, L'après-midi d'un foehn — Version 1 (Afternoon of a Foehn) uses simple turbines to create a vortex. Manipulated by the flow of air, swirling and twirling, the little plastic bag characters dance to Claude Debussy’s most famous work, the timeless Afternoon of a Faun, itself inspired by Mallarmé’s poem of the same name.


Saturday, March 16 3:00pm, 4:30pm & 6:00pm Sunday, March 17 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:30pm Festival Hall 1215 10 Avenue SE

The grass really is greener on the other side. But a hideous troll has taken up residence under the bridge, and the Promised Land is forever unattainable – if you’re a goat born on the wrong side of the craggy chasm. But is the troll really what he seems? Why does he live under the bridge? Could there be a way across to the land of plenty, after all? GRUFF is a rollicking musical for two goats and a troll, co-written by artistic director of Puente Theatre, Mercedes Bátiz-Benét, and Judd Palmer, acclaimed children’s author and coartistic director of Calgary’s Old Trout Puppet Workshop. Starring Izad Etemadi, Jana Morrison & David MacPherson. Directed by Mercedes Bátiz-Benét.

Puente Theatre (Victoria, BC) Puente Theatre's mandate is to use theatre as a bridge between cultures. Endeavoring to foster respect for the cultural heritage that immigrants bring to their new Canadian homeland, Puente focuses on creating and presenting theatre from the many cultures that form the Canadian mosaic, with goals to integrate newcomer artists into the local theatre environment, and to employ immigrant theatre professionals.

Sunday, March 17, 4:00pm Lantern Church Sanctuary 1401 10 Avenue SE (Upper Hall) All Ages $15 regular / $10 members 60 minutes

All Ages $15 regular / $10 members 25 minutes

Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13

Mysterious Land: The Bizarre Cabaret of Astrid Hadad

Dolly Wiggler Cabaret starring Phillip Huber in Suspended Animation

More surrealistic than André Breton, more colourful than Frida Kahlo.


Mooky Cornish (Canada)

Book your tickets early. Fresh from touring the world with Cirque Du Soleil and La Soirée, grand compére Mooky Cornish returns to Calgary with her side-splitting physical comedy, playing hostess to stunning and hilarious work from Ingrid Hansen, Paul Zaloom, Théâtre de la Pire Espèce and local star Jamie Tea. Headliner Phillip Huber takes the stage with his jaw-dropping Suspended Animation marionettes to close the evening.

One of the funniest ladies working on the international circuit today, this quirky comedienne has entranced over a million spectators worldwide. Among her many talents, Mooky is a pianist, puppeteer, mask maker, accordion squeezer and chicken trainer.

Conquest, colonization, machismo, revolution! A cultural icon in her homeland, singer Astrid Hadad`s stage presence is spectacular. During seamless on-stage costume changes, Hadad morphs from a life-sized sacred heart to the Aztec goddess of life and death, to more, unbelievably more. With a comedic flair, and a powerhouse voice, Hadad blends the lines between surrealism and kitsch, using the art of cabaret to skewer Mexico`s sacred cows in an exuberant performance that will leave you breathless. Astrid Hadad (Mexico) An accomplished vocalist and an early student of cabaret, Hadad discovered the historical Mexican art of teatro de revista, a combination of political and satirical theatre and music. In her hands, this teatro is a dizzying combination of outrageously over-the-top costumes and songs, embodied with sexuality, sensuality, and human desires. * Turn to page 17 for a Panel Discussion with Astrid Hadad.

Visit animatedobjects. ca

Hers could be one of the most provocative stage acts since the Weimar Republic was in bloom. It’s a swirl old songs turned inside out, performance art, political barbs and clothes so surreal they make Salvador Dali look like Norman Rockwell. — The New York Times

Friday, March 15, 8:30pm Saturday, March 16, 9:30pm Lantern Church Sanctuary 1401 10 Avenue SE

Phillip Huber (USA) Recommended for ages 14+ $55 regular / $45 members 90 minutes

*Turn to page 16 for Mooky’s workshop & page 18 for Phillip Huber’s artist talk

An internationally recognized artist, Phillip Huber has created rock operas and art installations for the Whitney Biennale, and tours internationally. With a strong flavour of classic vaudeville, Huber’s highly characterized marionettes are performed with a subtle artistry, revealing humour, pathos and grace. Most widely known for his marionette manipulation in Academy Award nominated film Being John Malkovich, Huber’s latest creation is featured in the newly released Disney film Oz The Great and Powerful.

Saturday, March 16, 7:00pm Sunday, March 17, 7:00pm

é photo: Sean Dennie

é photo: Sean Dennie

Lantern Church Sanctuary 1401 10 Avenue SE Recommended for ages 14+ $55 regular / $45 members 90 minutes



Prairie Puppet Underground

Premiere Screening A mysterious corpse, a T-Rex romance, a Perpetual Motion machine … Inspired by a screening of Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams at our 2011 festival, multi-disciplinary artist Chrystene Ells embarked on a year-long experiment in puppet filmmaking with established and emerging artists. Working in Regina’s new Underground Puppet-Film Works at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative in Regina, filmmakers explored live-action puppet techniques and drew on Saskatchewan history from the Prairie History Room at the Regina Public Library. That labour bears fruit in Ells’ curated collection of strange, dark, comedic and lovely new puppet films, that delve into family secrets, First Nation legends, and the powerful pull of the prairies. *Turn to page 16 for workshops by Chrystene Ells and Berny Hi. We Remain Long After We’re Gone (4:00) Tyler Banadyga; It Was a Circus (3:30) Chrystene Ells; Musphobia (2:00) Amber Christensen; Scotty (4:00) KellyAnne Reiss; Siberian Maneater (5:50)


Canadian Animation Rocks

Noelle Duddridge / Sarah Huber; My Great Grandmother's Flowers (6:30) Kristen Smith; Qu'Appelle (2:00) Jessica Generoux; A Place for You (4:00) Angela Edmunds; MacNutt: A Tale of Revenge (5:00) Eric Kanius; Love In Any Colour (2:00) Jessica Reiss; Saskatchewan is Boring (2:35) Sylvia Ziemann; Mike and the Goose (4:00) Rowan Pantel; Joshua (2:00) Janine Windolph; George Bassler's Perpetual Motion Machine (3:30) Berny Hi; A Gentlemen's Quarrel (4:00) Noelle Duddridge; Kathleen's Diary (5:45) Chrystene Ells. * Special screening of Skeleton Girl

Wednesday, March 13, 5:30pm Lantern Church Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE All Ages $15 regular / $10 members 75 minutes

Three free family screenings from the National Film Board. NFB 1 & 2: Wapos Bay (Saskatoon) The kids of Wapos Bay love adventure. T-Bear, Talon and Raven star in lighthearted stop-motion animation episodes about growing up in a remote Cree community.

Hoedeman immigrated to Canada in 1965 from Holland on the chance that the National Film Board of Canada might hire him. Lucky for us, they did. Hoedeman has produced a body of work that spans four decades and promotes strong humanitarian and Canadian values: ecology, social inclusion, respect for diversity, and peace.

Award-winning writers, producers and directors Dennis Jackson (Cree) and Melanie Jackson (Métis/Saulteaux) combine their talents for creative storytelling and finely-honed production skills at Dark Thunder Productions, in Saskatoon, Northern Saskatchewan.

NFB 3: Co Hoedeman Retrospective (Montréal/Holland) Enjoy classic NFB animation by prolific stop-motion animator Co Hoedeman. An entertaining collection of timeless works includes Owl and Lemming, Ludovic and The Sand Castle, which earned the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 50th Academy Awards.

Films courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada. To see great Canadian animation and social interest documentaries, visit

NFB 1: Wapos Bay: There’s No I in Hockey & Journey Through Fear Thursday, March 14, 4:30pm NFB 2: Wapos Bay: Something to Remember & A Time To Learn Friday, March 15, 4:30pm NFB 3: Co Hoedeman Retrospective Saturday, March 16, 4:30pm Lantern Church Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE All Ages FREE 60 minutes

Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13


HMPD Handmade Puppet Dreams

Mundane office supplies spring to life, while plastic toys dance and experience existential angst.

Monkeys in space, scary clowns, hoarders and Meryl Streep.

These dazzling shorts provide an excellent opportunity to see a diverse range of superb work from around the world. Curated by Lyle Pisio as part of Emmedia Production & Gallery Society’s HomeGrown Curator series. Sleight of Hand (Stop-motion, Michael Cusack, Australia); Jamón (Hand-drawn, Iria Lopez, Spain); Under Cold Bright Stars (Cut-outs/drawing on photos, Jeremy Rourke, USA); Distraction of a Stationary Nature (Stop-motion, Shyra De Souza, Calgary); El Delerio Del Pez León (Stop-motion, Quique Rivera, Puerto Rico); Me, My Wife and Our Cow (Hand-drawn, Azadeh Moezzi, Iran); Hinterland (Stop-motion, Linda McCarthy, UK); Neighbors (Stopmotion, Frederic Chagnard, France); Choreography For Plastic Army Men (Stop-motion, David Fain, USA); Double Fikret (Hand-drawn, Haiyang Wang, China); Elvis: The Lonely Hunter Of Circle Beach (Live-action puppets, Matt Hulse, USA).

Lyle Pisio (Calgary) An artist, musician and animator, Lyle’s award-winning films have screened at international film festivals and on T.V. His unique style of stop-motion animation uses puppets carved from basswood, held together by fishing line and bits of bicycle tires.

Thursday, March 14, 7:00pm Lantern Church Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE Recommended for 14+ $15 regular / $10 members 75 minutes

Visit animatedobjects. ca

é photo: Sean Dennie

Lantern Church Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE All ages $15 regular / $10 members 99 minutes

Scary Secret Cinema

Heather Henson (USA) The youngest of Jim and Jane Henson’s five children, Heather curates and distributes the Handmade Puppet Dreams film series, produces the annual Orlando Puppet Festival and creates original environmental theatre spectacles. Heather is also involved in Puppet Slam, an online networking resource connecting puppeteers and venues.

*Special screening of Skeleton Girl

Curated by Heather Henson (yes, that Henson), Handmade Puppet Dreams celebrates independent animators working in the DIY tradition, with a focus on crafting works specifically for film. This series of 14 shorts features marionettes, shadow puppetry, digital animation and good ol’ fuzzy puppets, in works that are whimsical, thoughtful and bizarre. Catch the voice talent of Meryl Streep, Forest Whitaker and Spike Jonze in a re-telling of Maurice Sendak’s Higgley Piggley Pop.

Sunday, March 17, 5:00pm

Puppets… Puppets… Puppets Come and see a SCARY MOVIE!

SSC1: Wednesday, March 13, 10:30pm SSC2: Thursday, March 14, 10:30pm Lantern Church Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE Recommended for ages 18+ $15 regular / $10 members 90 minutes é photo: Sean Dennie


Event Schedule

Friday, March 15 Mainstage


Shona Reppe Puppets

Shona Reppe Puppets

Potato Needs a Bath

Potato Needs a Bath

1:00 pm Festival Hall

10:00 am & 12:00 noon Festival Hall

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€… 3–5 yr olds & families

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€… 3–5 yr olds & families

Pricetag  $15/$10 | � 35 min

Pricetag  $15/$10 | � 35 min

February 1 – March 30

Tuesday, March 12

Wednesday, March 13

Thursday, March 14


Artist Talk

Artist Talk


Brian Batista, Louise Johnson, Lindsay Sorell, Ryan Von Hagen

Peter Balkwill, Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Jesse Gouchey, Filmmaker

Chrystene Ells

From Tagging to TIFF

Hands on Hands

12:00 noon Festival Hall Lobby

4:00 pm Festival Hall Lobby

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All Ages |  Pricetag

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ | Pricetag $55/$45 | â?˛ 2 HRS

1:30 pm Lantern Church Basement


đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag $55/$45 |  â?˛ 2 HRS

NFB 1: Wapos Bay Episodes


4:30 pm Lantern Church Basement

NFB 2: Wapos Bay Episodes

Conflict / Resolution Animated Installation 4 artists create animated media art in 4 tiny galleries. Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm +15 window galleries in Epcor Centre đ&#x;‘Ľ  All ages |  Pricetag


The Accidental Puppeteer, the Journey of an Old Trout 12:00 noon Festival Hall Lobby đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All Ages |  Pricetag â?˛


Mooky Cornish

45 min


Prairie Puppet Underground


SNAFU Dance Theatre

Physical Expression and Comedy 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Festival Hall đ&#x;‘Ľ 18+ |  Pricetag

$350 | � 2 days

Sunday, March 10 Workshop

Mooky Cornish Physical Expression and Comedy 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Festival Hall đ&#x;‘Ľ 18+ |  Pricetag

$350 | � 2 days


Shadow Puppetry with Lynn Jeffries Puppet Power 2013 Conference 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre đ&#x;‘Ľ 18+ |  Pricetag

$175 | � 7 HRS

Tickets through Puppet Power and


đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag

5:30 pm Lantern Church Basement đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag $15/$10

7:00 pm Festival Hall â?˛

45 min


Little Orange Man

Saturday, March 9





WHITE LIKE ME, a Honky Dory Puppet Show

WHITE LIKE ME, a Honky Dory Puppet Show

7:00 pm Festival Hall

9:30 pm Festival Hall

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag

$30/$25 | � 65 min

Cinemagic Projector Art

Initiation to Object Theatre

â?˛ 54 min

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag FREE

Paul Zaloom

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag


ThÊâtre de la Pire Espèce

4:30 pm Lantern Church Basement

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag FREE


Paul Zaloom Mainstage


Berny Hi

$30/$25 | � 65 min


SNAFU Dance Theatre Little Orange Man 9:30pm Festival Hall đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag $30/$25 â?˛ 70 min


Scary Secret Cinema 1 10:30 pm Lantern Church Basement đ&#x;‘Ľ 18+ | Pricetag $15/$10 | â?˛ 90 min

11:00 am The Lantern Basement đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag $55/$45 |  â?˛ 2 HRS

â?˛ 75 min

70 min

Saturday, March 16

â?˛ 60 min

Animovies! Mainstage

Artist Talk

Bleeding Art 3D and Stop Motion 1:00 pm Festival Hall Lobby đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All Ages |  Pricetag $20/$15 â?˛ 60 minÂ

7:00 pm Lantern Church Basement

ThÊâtre de la Pire Espèce


đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ | Pricetag

Ubu on the Table

Paul Zaloom


7:00 pm Festival Hall

Theatre of Trash

Random Collective with The Bum Family

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag $30/$25 |  â?˛ 60 MIN

Mini Theatre Arcade


$15/$10 | â?˛ 75 minÂ

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm, ongoing The Bat Cave đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages, some 14+ Pricetag $2 – $5 per show â?˛â€…2 – 9 min per show


ThÊâtre de la Pire Espèce

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag $55/$45 |  â?˛ 2 HRS

Astrid Hadad

Panel discussion

Mysterious Land, the Bizarre Cabaret of Astrid Hadad

Shona Reppe, Yvonne Jobin, Astrid Hada, Xstine Cook & Sharon Stevens

8:30Â pm Lantern Church Sanctuary

Regalia/Costume & Ceremony/Performance

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag $55/$45 |  â?˛ 90 MIN

2:30 pm Lolita’s Lounge


UBU on the Table

2:00 pm The Lantern Basement

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag $20/$15 |  â?˛ 90 MIN

Random Collective with The Bum Family

9:00 pm Festival Hall

Mini Theatre Arcade

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ | Pricetag $30/$25 | â?˛ 60 min


Scary Secret Cinema 2 10:30 pm Lantern Church Basement

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm, ongoing The Bat Cave đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages, some 14+ Pricetag $2 – $5 per show â?˛â€…2 – 9 min per show

đ&#x;‘Ľ 18+ | Pricetag $15/$10 | â?˛ 90 min

Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13

Saturday, March 16

Sunday, March 17

Sunday, March 17




Artist Talk

The Bat Cave

Non Nova Company

Non Nova Company

Phillip Huber

1216A 9 Avenue SE, location 

Afternoon of a Foehn Version 1

Afternoon of a Foehn Version 1

Behind the Strings

3:00 pm, 4:30 pm & 6:00 pm Festival Hall

10:00Â am & 11:30 am & 1:30 pm Festival Hall

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All Ages |  Pricetag $15/$10 â?˛ 25 min

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag $20/$15 â?˛ 60 min

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All Ages |  Pricetag $15/$10 â?˛ 25 min


NFB 3: Co Hoedeman Retrospective

9:00 pm Lantern Church Sanctuary


SNAFU Dance Theatre

Random Collective with The Bum Family

Festival Hall & Lobby

Mini Theatre Arcade

location  1215 10 Avenue SE,

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag FREE

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Lantern Church Basement

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm, ongoing The Bat Cave

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ |  Pricetag $55/$45 |  â?˛ 3 HRS

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages, some 14+ Pricetag $2 – $5 per show

Mainstage Mainstage

Phillip Huber & Mooky Cornish

Shona Reppe Puppets

Dolly Wiggler Cabaret

Potato Needs a Bath

7:00Â pm Lantern Church Sanctuary

3:30 pm & 5:30pm Festival Hall

đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ | Pricetag $55/$45 | â?˛ 90 min

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€… 3–5 yr olds & families Pricetag  $15/$10 | â?˛ 35 min

location 1316 33 St NE, T2A 6B6 phone  (587) 325-5757


� 2 – 9 min per show

T2G 0W6 phone  (403) 233-0904

Lantern Church, Sanctuary location  1401 10 Avenue SE,

T2G 0X1 phone  (403) 234-9116

location 1401 10 Avenue SE,

T2G 0X1


Puente Theatre

Lolita’s Lounge

Mini Theatre Arcade


location 1413 9 Ave SE, T2G 0T4

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm, ongoing The Bat Cave

4:00 pm Lantern Church Sanctuary

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages, some 14+

â?˛ 60 min

đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag $15/$10

Pricetag $2 – $5 per show

Astrid Hadad Mysterious Land, the Bizarre Cabaret of Astrid Hadad 9:30 pm Lantern Church Sanctuary đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ | Pricetag $55/$45 | â?˛ 90 min

Become a member of CAOS to receive member pricing and benefits. Sign up at the CAOS info booth at festival venues. $10 Non-Voting, $25 Voting.

Lantern Church, Basement

Random Collective with The Bum Family


CAOS Membership

phone  (403) 234-9116


� 2 – 9 min per show

Support the Festival and win fabulous art! Bid on cool puppets, tantalizing deals and more. Online at Bidding starts Feb 25, closes March 19.

Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre


4:30 pm Lantern Church Basement â?˛ 60 min

T2G 0T1 , In the Alley behind Sugo

Online Auction


Hand Made Puppet Dreams

phone  (403) 265-5739

Plus 15 Window Galleries The New Gallery, Untitled Art Society, Marion Nicholl & Stride gallery, Epcor Centre location 2nd Floor, 220 8 Avenue

SE, T2G 5C4

Book Your Tickets Phone (403) 266-1503 or visit Also through Events on Festival Hall website. Tickets available at Festival Venues one hour before showtime.

5:00 pm Lantern Church Basement đ&#x;‘Ľâ€…All ages |  Pricetag $15/$10 â?˛ 99 min


Phillip Huber & Mooky Cornish Dolly Wiggler Cabaret 7:00 pm Lantern Church Sanctuary đ&#x;‘Ľ 14+ | Pricetag $55/$45 | â?˛ 90 min

Visit animatedobjects. ca

Festival Swag Fabulous Skully T’s by Ty Semaka: $25. Buffalo Caps: $25. Pins: $2. Get them from the CAOS Info Booth at every venue.



Conflict / Resolution Animated Installation

The artist making the art is the art. Four local artists inhabit +15 gallery windows animating the theme of Conflict/Resolution, bringing the process of animating into the public realm, peeling back the layers of what it takes to create this labour intensive form of media art, and displaying the process as the artwork itself. In this digital age of perceptual deception, fakery through special effects software gives almost anyone the ability to make artificially generated images look more real than real with the mere click of a pixel. There is something magical about real, tangible objects being brought to life by the unseen hand of a skilled animator and storyteller. There is a hunger to see the trace of human fingerprints on art. For all six festival incarnations CAOS has partnered with the artist-run galleries and Epcor Centre to put on group exhibitions & installations in the +15 Window Galleries. We appreciate their support and sense of adventure.

Ciclo Vital Ryan Von Hagen

Inside Voice Louise Johnson

Exploring the idea of people worshipping nature by representing it with man-made symbols and objects, Ryan Von Hagen incorporates numerous digital animations projected on threedimensional painted objects in a process that slowly builds over the weeks in Marion Nicoll +15 Gallery. A looping narrative of several morphing animations depicts confusion, suffering, emotion, and faith. This piece is a further exploration of Von Hagen's interest in the way spirituality and hope can become imbued in man-made creations, such as the Holy Ka'aba, or Noble Cube in Mecca

Leon and Dennis are two highly opinionated gentlemen who disagree on almost everything, though their discussions are extremely civil. The idea for this film emerged from a thread of abusive comments on a blog post; one commenter ‘shouted,’ “NOBODY EVER CHANGED ANYONE’S MIND BY CALLING THEM A F***ING IDIOT!!”

Ryan Von Hagen has a BFA in Media Arts + Digital Technology from ACAD. He is a collaborator with many other artists and musicians, and explores the importance of fusing video projections to sonic environments. He focuses on the linear narrative aspect of video-making, believing that every scene has the potential to portray an over-arching emotional theme in many different ways.

Using a Canon SLR with Take5 capture software in the Stride +15 Gallery, Johnson expertly animates sand on and around the objects, using its texture, limited palette and malleability for fluid transitions between objects as they go from speech to thought during the discourse of the characters.

Both the words and thoughts of the characters are represented visually with object animation in order to draw a sharp contrast between the civility of their behaviour and the incivility of their thoughts.

Louise Johnson has worked as an animator/director in many animation techniques and media. She has directed two films for the National Film Board of Canada and animated on television series, commercials, documentaries and most recently on the world’s first sand animation TV series The Sand Pixies. film/?id=51132


Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13

A Lonely Mountain Lindsay Sorell Examining the universal conflict of romance, Lindsay Sorell animates a heart-aching love story between a mountain and the sky, night and day. Animating in The New Gallery +15 window with a pile of dirt in a space the width of your shoulders, Sorell’s mountain searches for a resolution, her night tries to become one with day. In Sorell’s world, there is finality in the separation, mutuality in the difference. There is nowhere to go. Conflict is something, a constant and beautiful oscillation, resolution is nothingness.

Lindsay Sorell studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design, received her BFA in Drawing from the Alberta College of Art and Design, and currently lives and works in Calgary, AB. She recently interned with ACAD’s Artist-in-Residence Travis Kirton developing the coding umbrella C4, and participated as an artist in the Calgary Biennial, Emmedia’s BYOB 2, and the EPCOR CENTRE’s Soundasaurus. She also writes websites and video games.

A Calgary-based Film and Animation Director and Producer, Michael Welchman brings a wealth of experience to his role as Technical Producer for Conflict/Resolution. He has done work for GIRAF Animation Festival, Quicktrack Animated City, 6 Degrees Sound and Production, and most recently acted as animation director for a feature length documentary coproduced by Enrique Poe Productions, Corkscrew Media, and the National Film Board of Canada. Visit animatedobjects. ca

In the Beginning Brian Batista Exploring themes of conflict/resolution, chaos and order, birth and death, Brian Batista invites you to peek into his light-controlled studio environment in Untitled Arts +15 Gallery. Batista's interest in myth, storytelling and folklore is expressed in a fusion of east meets west, depicting images of the sacred. Emphasizing creation mythology and cyclical transformation, Batista uses a complex system of layered stop motion puppetry and time-lapse photography to illuminate themes from his sacred painting series.

February 1 – March 30, All Day The New Gallery, Untitled Art Society, Marion Nicoll & Stride +15 Window Galleries at Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts Second Floor, 220 8 Avenue SE All Ages FREE

* Reception Thursday, March 21, 7:00pm

Brian Batista aspires to create works of ultimate beauty, beauty that elevates and illuminates our everyday existence. His artistic inspiration stems from a deep and profound curiosity in spirituality and mysticism. He has a passion for the history, art and science of animation and is an educator in animation techniques and After Effects motion graphics with ACAD and Quickdraw Animation Society.


Physical Expression and Comedy

Shadow Puppetry

Hands on Hands

Cinemagic Projector Art

Mooky Cornish (CDN)

Lynn Jeffries (USA) at Puppet Power Conference 2013

Chrystene Ells, Special Effects Creator (Regina)

Berny Hi, Filmmaker (Regina)

In this hands-on workshop with the puppetry genius and technical wizard behind Paul Zaloom’s shows, you will build a working, jointed shadow puppet of your own design, and learn some basic puppet manipulation techniques. Lynn Jeffries designs puppets, sets and costumes for theaters around the United States. She has created shadow puppets for nightclub performances with The Ditty Bops, a regional theater production of To Kill a Mockingbird, and pretty much everything in between. She has an ongoing artistic partnership with puppeteer Paul Zaloom.

Using recycled and low-cost materials like cardboard, strings, straws, and elastic this workshop guides participants in the construction of a creepy puppet hand with realistic finger movements. Caution! Hot glue will be used to its fullest potential. Chrystene Ells spent nearly 20 years working as a traditional special effects artist, fabricating creatures, models, and stop motion puppets for George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic and on films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Currently the Artistic Director of the first International Puppet Underground Film Festival in Regina, Chrystene was artistin-residence at the Filmpool’s Puppet Lab, (see page 10 for screening on Wed March 13).

Explore range and depth of emotion, and how to convey those states using the body. Posture, gesture, breath, point of focus: how do these correlate with puppetry? Mooky shares some rules of comedy and tips on trips, slips and falls, both Physically and Metaphysically. A natural and experienced teacher, Mooky’s generosity, enthusiasm for the form and genuine affection for communion make training a positive and memorable experience for aspiring clowns. Mooky was lead clown in Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai, and has taught clown, character, slapstick and physical comedy at the Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre, the San Francisco Circus School and in countless workshops. Space is extremely limited. Register early.

Presented by Puppet Power 2013, sponsored by WP Puppet Theatre, tickets through Eventbrite only.

Saturday, March 9, 11:00am – 5:00pm Sunday, March 10, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday, March 10, 9:30am – 4:30pm

Festival Hall 1215 10 Avenue SE

Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre 1316 33 St NE

Adults $350

Recommended for 18+ $175 event/4348827460?ebtv=C#

é photo: Sean Dennie


Explore the roots of moving image artistry before the digital age with handcrafted effects created in-camera, or live on-camera. Develop a visceral connection to your film by manipulating the essences of cinema: light and perspective. Cinemagician Berny Hi demonstrates unique, organic and evocative effects through manually controlled camera and projection techniques, augmented with warped glass and other cinemagic tricks. Berny Hi focuses on a unique approach to storytelling involving the manipulation of multiple projected moving images on Super 8mm / 16mm celluloid through warped glass and prisms. Recent screenings include Véronique à Vélo, a multi-award winning b&w 16mm film that pays homage to the French New Wave Cinema.

Thursday, March 14, 4:00pm

Friday, March 15, 1:30pm

Festival Hall Lobby 1215 10 Avenue SE

The Lantern Church, Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE

Recommended for ages 14+ $55 regular / $45 members 120 minutes

Recommended for ages 14+ $55 regular / $45 members 120 minutes

Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13

Initiation to Object Theatre

Theatre of Trash

Regalia/Costume Ceremony/Performance

Viewpoints Workshop

Théâtre de la Pire Espèce (Montreal)

Paul Zaloom (USA)

Astrid Hadad (Mexico), Yvonne Jobin (Cree), Xstine Cook (Calgary)

Ingrid Hansen, SNAFU Dance Theatre

Powerhouse female artists from very different traditions share thoughts, cultures, and influences in the fabulously renovated Lolita’s Lounge.

Viewpoints is a movement-based technique about awareness of the body. Learn to use actions and gestures to access the emotions that are at the heart of effective acting. Awaken your own creativity to respond and direct yourself, enabling you to react more truthfully and effectively to your fellow actors. The Viewpoints theory was adapted for acting by directors Anne Bogart and Tina Landau, and grew out of work Bogart did with choreographer Martha Graham, combining elements of Asian martial arts. SNAFU Dance Theatre was founded in 2007 by Ingrid Hansen, Victor Dolhai, and Sarah Jane Pelzer in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Object Theater is a peculiar form of puppet theater in which the characters or sets are everyday objects manipulated with the performer in full view of the audience. The challenge for the actor-manipulator is to give such life to these objects that one forgets their primary function. Théâtre de la Pire Espèce performers Olivier Ducas and Francis Monty impart precise techniques, sharing how to give life to things that are unanimated, and how to suggest feelings to objects, covering the use of fixed points, changes of dynamic and counter-movements. * Catch UBU on the Table. See page 7 for details.

Saturday, March 16, 11:00am The Lantern Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE Recommended for ages 14+ $55 regular / $45 members 120 minutes

Visit animatedobjects. ca

Bring six objects: toys, appliances, packaging materials, and other ordinary or extraordinary rubbish to explore Zaloom’s world of puppetry. Zaloom discusses object theater and invites participants to operate the assembled junk as puppets and environments. Zaloom shares how he invents his own foundobject work, and covers improvisation, free association, humor, child’s play as process, the nature of objects, and puppetry in general. Zaloom has taught at Cal Arts, R.I.S.D., the O’Neill Theater Center, N.Y.U., Emerson College, George Mason University, the Omega Institute, and Institut Internationale de la Marionette, Charlesville-Meziers, France, amongst many others. * Catch WHITE LIKE ME. See page 6 for details.

Join social activist and artist Sharon Stevens (Calgary), as she moderates a conversation about the role of the sacred in each artist’s work.

Saturday, March 16, 2:30pm Lolita’s Lounge 1413 9 Avenue SE Recommended for ages 14+ $20 regular / $15 members 90 minutes

* See page 6 for SNAFU’s Little Orange Man.

Saturday, March 16, 2:00pm

Sunday, March 17, 1:00 pm

The Lantern Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE

Lantern Church Basement 1401 10 Avenue SE

Recommended for ages 14+ $55 regular / $45 members 120 minutes

Recommended for 14+ $55 regular / $45 members 3 hours


The Accidental Puppeteer, From Tagging to TIFF Journey of an Old Trout

3D and Stop Motion Animation

Behind the Strings

Peter Balkwill (Calgary)

Jesse Gouchey (Calgary)

Bleeding Art Industries (Calgary)

Phillip Huber(USA)

Come hear how this veteran of the U.S. Navy made his way into one of Canada's most prolific puppet companies. Discussion will venture into the mysterious realm of the Old Trouts and their remarkable work. Peter Balkwill is a co-Artistic Director at the Old Trout Puppet Workshop in Calgary. He holds an MFA in Acting from University of Washington, and a BFA in Theatre from University of Victoria where Balkwill taught as head of movement. He has facilitated workshops in institutions across Canada and the U.S. An outdoor experiential educator for ten years in the Canadian Rockies, Peter is also the drummer of the boot stomping, hollar band, The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir.

Cree artist Jesse Gouchey talks about his trajectory from graffiti artist to award winning filmmaker. Discussion will include a live demonstration of spray paint techniques, (weather permitting). Gouchey grew up drawing and sketching as a hobby in Red Deer, which evolved to contemporary street art and graffiti. Training at Quickdraw Animation’s Aboriginal Youth Animation Project led to creating CAOS’s multi-award-winning spray-paint animated short “Spirit of the Bluebird” with Xstine Cook. After participating in the NFB’s Hothouse animation program, Gouchey was commissioned by ImagineNATIVE Film Festival to create a video about missing and murdered women. Catch the next Infamous mural in progress at the Feed Mill on 11 St SE.

Join the makers of the film “Skeleton Girl” for a lively Q&A. Get an insider’s view of puppets and sets from their upcoming Through the Looking Glass. Founder, President and CEO of Bleeding Art Industries, Leo Wieser’s love for pyrotechnics and special effects led him from a successful theatre career into the film industry. Wieser was recently honoured with AMPIA Awards for Best Special Effects Creator for his work on Broken Trail and Ginger Snaps: Unleashed. Co-owner Becky Scott oversees the development of new works, marketing, and producing of the company’s creative content.

Join marionette master Phillip Huber for an up close and personal presentation about his astonishing creations. Obtain an intimate glimpse into Huber’s fabulous career on stage and screen, and learn about what has made him one of America’s most successful puppeteers. This entertaining lecture incorporates video clips, vignettes, and Huber himself, revealing his inspirations and techniques. Questions are welcome as the man famous for his work in Being John Malkovich and Oz The Great and Powerful breaks down the complexity of his acts with live demonstrations using several marionettes. Bring your best smile and a camera for a picture taking session at the close of the lecture.

Tuesday, March 12, 12:00 noon Festival Hall Lobby 1215 10 Avenue SE All Ages $20 regular / $15 members 45 minutes

é photo: Sean Dennie


* Special screening of “Skeleton Girl” on March 13, 5:30 pm, and March 14, 7:00 pm, Lantern Church.

* Turn to page 9 for Huber’s Suspended Animation.

Wednesday, March 13, 12:00 noon

Saturday, March 16, 1:00pm

Sunday, March 17, 9:00pm

Festival Hall Lobby 1215 10 Avenue SE

Festival Hall Lobby 1215 10 Avenue SE

The Lantern Church, Sanctuary 1401 10 Avenue SE

All Ages $20 regular / $15 members 45 minutes

All Ages $20 regular / $15 members 60 minutes

All Ages $20 regular / $15 members 60 minutes

Ticket Information & Schedule on Pages 12–13


Mini Theatre Arcade

Media Art Residency

Thank You A festival is but a notion in the wind until a delicately woven net of dedicated gracious souls breathes it to life. To each and every one of our volunteers, sponsors, venues, public funders & partner organizations, thank you.

Who knows what lurks beneath the cellar door? Duck down the alley, and brave the spooky stairs to enter a secret underworld arcade of miniature theatres. Cross the palm of each show’s operator with a toonie or a fiver and find out. Peek inside each individual box for a tiny puppet show or twisted movie. Marvel at the tragedy of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, rejoice in The Ice Cream Man,or giggle at Bee Bomb. Then settle in for a scare with Suckathumb, and walk off wondering When I Met Dottie. Most shows suitable for families. But not all. Random Collective with the Bum Family This troupe of odd sorts joined forces one All Hallow’s Eve in Inglewood, (always a dangerous and magical time). After battling drunken louts afflicted with a hatred of teddy bears and druids, our heroes narrowly escaped down an alley. Stumbling into The Bat Cave, they startled its former occupant, a puppeteer’s ghost named “Frank.” A treasure of ancient suitcases was revealed, and so the Mini Theatre Arcade was born. Watch your step.

We gratefully acknowledge Pumphouse Theatre and the generous donation from The Calgary Foundation that helped make the use of “The Calgary Foundation World Stage” possible. Thanks to Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary Opera, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Springboard Dance and Fluid Festival, Theatre Calgary, Theatre Junction, Vertigo Mystery Theatre, Earl Grey, and Western Canada High School for being such wonderful neighbours.

Nightly Thursday – Sunday March 14–17, 8:00pm–11:00pm The Bat Cave 1216A 9 Avenue SE (Ongoing in the alley behind Sugo) Majority of shows – All Ages $2 to $5, payable at door only 2 min – 10 min per show

Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not. — Vaclav Havel

Thank you for dreaming the impossible dream, for helping bring it all together, and for throwing one helluva party!

CAOS in the House Tap into your creative talents with CAOS in the House, a ridiculously fun media arts residency. Create short videos using animation, puppetry, music and live action. Tackle curriculum while gaining hands-on experience with technology. CAOS arts residencies run from 1 day to 3 months, and are tailor-made for any age range.

— Charles Bukowski

It’s amazing how students who rarely engage could hardly wait for another class with CAOS. — Patricia, a teacher Moving the stuff and taking pictures was fun. — Medina, age 8 For more information contact CAOS.

Visit animatedobjects. ca

Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live.

é photo: Sean Dennie


supported by:

Calgary 93.7 fm Edmonton 94.9 fm


Proud to be the home of many fine Latino shops and services 26-61 Street on 17 Avenue


Paul Spooner

U.K. automata and mechanical artist Paul Spooner’s delightful and intriguing mechanisms have baffled the world since 1966. Over 40 of Paul’s machines inhabited the legendary Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in Covent Garden, London between 1985 and 2000, and his works now tour globally.  After years of hounding, Mr. Spooner donated the marvelous paper Ventrilophant, created especially for International Festival of Animated Objects.

2013 Festival Program  

Program for the 2013 International Festival of Animated Objects, presented by the Calgary Animated Object Society.