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FEEL GOOD TO SLEEP BETTER Do you always have trouble falling asleep at night? One of the keys to a good night’s sleep is to pay attention to your feelings.

FEATURE 10 SUPERFOODS THAT WILL HELP YOU LIVE LONGER Most people believe that living till a ripe-old age these days either takes a miracle or the discipline of a hibernating monk. Both steps are unnecessary especially if you include these 10 super charged easy-to-eat foods daily in your diet.





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In this crowded and fast paced city, insomnia is a

common problem. Once in a while, you might hear your friend say, “I couldn’t sleep last night.” There could be many reasons: stress, caffeine intake, vigorous exercise before bedtime, irregular sleeping hours, and so on. In this issue, our Cover Story (page 8) tells you that feeling good would help you to sleep better. Feel better, Sleep better. Research findings show that your emotions play a part in affecting your quality of sleep. Thus, it is important that you don’t bring your negative feelings to bed. Engage in activities that make you feel good during the day. Whether you are married, or in a relationship, you would need to spice up your love life once in a while. Use your creativity to give your partner a small but pleasant surprise. Think of a new activity to do together. Read our Relationships column (page 26) to get more ideas. Our Travel Time column (page 18) introduces Mt. Sinai in Egypt. This place, otherwise called the Moses Mountain, is still a virgin territory. As the photos show, it is a magnificent view. We hope that you find the article a good read. Anima is a platform for sharing knowledge and experience related to health and wellness. Feel free to send us your letters and questions. Our experts are happy to answer any questions related to health, career, relationships, nutrition or personal growth in the Question of the Month column. Send your e-mails to editorial@ Last but not least, if you want to read our online version and digital magazine, simply go to and get a free online subscription. Have a good day!

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MAILBOX Dear Editor, It is very easy to get lost and feel stressed out in this modern city we live in where people are constantly bombarded with what to consume and how to consume. It is a society where we are constantly being told on what we should wear and how we should look. It really is about time that we have a magazine like Anima, for you guys encourage and advise readers on looking after the spirit as well as the physical self. I think wellbeing is a subject that is overlooked in a city like Hong Kong where people tend to be more focused on money and material goods. It is also very refreshing to see that you are based in Hong Kong as it's comforting to know that the people behind the magazine understand what it is like to live in a city like Hong Kong. After reading through some of the suggestions and opinions in your magazine, I feel that you take your readership very seriously. I look forward to more of it in the future and keep up the good work guys! RACHEL JANE

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Anima for the launch of a magazine I am sure will be of great interest to Hong Kong people in the years to come. The British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said that ‘healthy citizens are the greatest assets a country can have.’ I believe that has never been truer. The problem in Hong Kong with its increasingly appalling air pollution is that the government here does not seem to realise that health is more important than wealth. Property prices and stocks may make us all richer but if we do not have our health we have nothing else. My wife and I are constantly concerned about the impact of air pollution on the health of our two-year-old son – some days we dare not take him to the park because of the smog. Maybe that is why one-in-four Hong Kongers are thinking of leaving the city, according to one survey. The unhealthy, disgusting air we are being forced to breath makes it doubly important we protect our health in other ways. That may explain why organic food is becoming increasingly popular. Free of pesticides and grown with-



out chemicals, organic food is one way my family keeps itself healthy and wards of the impact of an increasingly hostile environment when we walk on the streets of Hong Kong every day. I believe all Hong Kongers needs to take a stand against the government and say ‘enough is enough’ and that the poor air we breathe year in year out has to improve. In the meantime, I am sure Anima will be of vital interest in providing interesting articles on being healthy and improving our wellbeing. GLEN NORRIS

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How can we find mental peace in this busy world with so much information going around, so many schedules to meet, and so much of expectations to fulfill? CATHERINE YAU

Dear Catherine, This is a good question that arises in the hearts of many. Truly our minds are often carried away by tasks to be done in the future and things that happened in the past. The practice of mindfulness can anchor our minds in “the here and the now” even in the hurly burly of our busy schedules. Mindfulness practice is to train the mind to cultivate compassionate attention. With daily practice, this compassionate attention will grow and embrace our stress, our worries, our sadness, and our anger, which is our habitual energy. This attention enables us to become increasingly aware of the early signs of our habitual energy before our minds slide into the familiar pathway of worry, anger or sadness. Awareness, like shafts of light that penetrate through our minds can enlighten us as to how we fall into our mental traps. When we are aware, we are no longer stuck in our internal habitual energy; we can pause and stop ourselves from getting onto the habitual pathways of distress. We can make choices in our everyday life that will eventually lead us to peace of mind and avoid those choices, which multiply our distress. The practice of mindfulness breathing can be done by focusing our attention non-judgmentally on our breath in the present moment. We can sit down, get comfortable, and focus our attention on our breath. When our minds wander off during the practice, we can try to gently come back and pay attention to the breath. Try practicing for 10 or 15 minutes and you may notice something different. Oftentimes, when our minds are focused on the breath, the mind and the body are united together in the present moment and the by-product of this unity is a sense of calmness and peace. Mindfulness is a scientifically studied practice, and its main goal is to train our minds to be in the present moment. If you belong to a spiritual tradition, prayer can be a powerful way of freeing you from internal habitual energy. When we pray, we lay down our worries and our deepest fears to a Higher Power, to the Divine One who loves us most unconditionally. When we experience this love in the very depths of our hearts, we come to trust in the will of the Divine One and our ego, which is always so eager to achieve and control what’s around us, can finally let go and surrender its strivings. We then find ourselves left with a sense of peace. Prayer can be a way of freeing up our hearts to make room for peace. NATALIE TONG, LMFT, REG. PSYCHOL.

Natalie Tong is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the US and a Registered Psychologist (HKPS) in Hong Kong. She offers psychotherapy, consultation and training in her private practice. She is also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong where she teaches and supervises counselors in training. Her email is

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“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind.” SAMUEL JOHNSON (ENGLISH POET, CRITIC AND WRITER, 1709-1784)


“I don’t want to idle my time. I want to either have fun or be productive. This is my personal motto.”



“Our love must not be a thing of words and fine talk. It must be a thing of action and sincerity” (1 JOHN 3:18) BIBLE

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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” ALBERT EINSTEIN

“True love begins when nothing is looked for in return. ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY (FRENCH PILOT, WRITER AND AUTHOR OF THE LITTLE PRINCE, 1900-1944)

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything has to be perfect. It means that you have chosen to look beyond the imperfections.” WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

“Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.” (William Shakespeare)

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sleep better to

Do you always have trouble falling asleep at night? NATALIE TONG, a Registered Psychologist, tells you that one of the keys to a good night’s sleep is to pay attention to your feelings.

Numerous articles have been published on sleep hygiene and

behavioral strategies to promote a good night’s sleep. Yet emotions, our physiological and psychological responses to stress in everyday life, have not received much attention on its contribution to insomnia. Research findings published in the Annual review of Psychology have concluded that heightened emotional reactivity as one of the factors that maintain chronic insomnia. WHY PEOPLE CAN’T SLEEP Societies that value patriarchal values often view feelings as weak, vulnerable, and deficient. According to this perspective, emotions are seen as blockades to achieving higher productivity and efficiency. That explains why emotions are often discarded and even devalued to the extent that we fear them and cannot tolerate them. Yet this type of feared attitude only gives a biased and distorted view of emotions, which directly affects the way, we regulate our feelings. Research informs us that people who suffer from chronic insomnia often have a strong tendency to internalize their problems by suppressing, denying, and inhibiting their emotions. In the evening, when there is less external stimulation and distraction, our attention tends to turn inward. These previously repressed resentments, sadness, and angry thoughts break through the defenses

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MAY 2011

and intrude into our consciousness. People who suffer from chronic insomnia struggle with the emergence of these suppressed feelings physiologically or psychologically (without even being aware of it) find it difficult to simply sleep. These unresolved feelings interfere with the regions of the brain that govern sleep. There is a boomerang effect to suppressing our feelings as these pent-up feelings always come back to us in a more powerful manner and haunt us. SLEEP WORRY AND CHRONIC INSOMNIA What makes matters worse is that people who suffer from insomnia for long periods of time often develop a fear of sleeplessness. They worry over not getting sleep even before they go to sleep and as a result they no longer rest naturally in their sleep. Sleep becomes a kind of test or a performance, which they dread and they feel pressure in “accomplishing sleep.” This type of sleep worry leaves the insomniacs highly aroused even before they go to sleep. When they lie on their beds, they become preoccupied by anxious thoughts like, “If I don’t get enough sleep tonight, I won’t be able to handle the meeting tomorrow.” “If I can’t sleep tonight, it will be the second night I can’t sleep, I am going to get a nervous breakdown” “My health is going to get worse if I can’t sleep tonight.” “Why am I still awake now, I need to stay in bed and try my best to fall asleep.” “Oh... I have been trying hard to sleep for so long…. Am I ever going to get


MAY 2011

over sleeplessness?!” These kinds of anxious thoughts leave insomniacs cognitively aroused before sleep. Their minds become too alert and preoccupied by these worries, which make it difficult for them to relax naturally into sleep. A chronic vicious cycle is then developed and the less they sleep, the more they worry which in turn feeds into their sleeplessness. Fortunately, there is a form of therapy specifically tailored to help people overcome their sleep worry, an important factor that maintains chronic insomnia. EMOTIONS: WHAT WE KNOW AND WHAT WE DON’T KNOW When we fear our emotions, we might not realize that our emotions can actually help us function and survive. Healthy anger tells us that our boundaries are being violated and propel us to protect ourselves. Our sadness lets us know that something we value is lost and motivates us to seek comfort and solace in order to recover and move on. Our fears tell us that something is threatening us and our anxieties motivate us to take concrete actions to protect ourselves. When we are happy and filled with joy, we know that a very important need in us is fulfilled. Perhaps it is the need to be recognized, or the need to be connected, or even the need to be accepted. Emotions are like the dashboard to a car. When we drive, we rely on the information on the dashboard to tell us the speed we are running, when we need WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM


emotions than good sleepers. Good sleepers, on the other hand, experience an increase of positive emotions both in the morning and in the evening, an interesting finding published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. Instead of suppressing our feelings, there is a healthy way of processing them during the day so they won’t be carried over to the evening when they interfere with our sleep. We can turn our attention to our feelings, listen to them, and patiently stay with these feelings. When we feel pressured or overwhelmed by work during the day, take a moment for yourself and pause. Then ask yourself what’s bothering you. The wise voice of self-reflection within us can give us a clue. It might say, “I am pushing myself again, I am being too hard on myself, that’s why I feel so stressed out.” Or, “I am trying to do more than I can, which is simply not possible, I need to slow down and look at what’s realistically possible without feeling overwhelmed.” If we feel resentful towards someone, give time to stay with the feelings of frustration. Try to symbolize the feelings with words, like “I resent the fact that he said that.” “I feel so small when he said that to me.” “I am really hurt when she did that.” “It makes me sad that he thinks so negatively of me.” Don’t try to intellectualize them or rationalize them, try to find the courage to stay with the feelings, even when they feel “yuckie.” When we allow ourselves to stay with our feelings and understand them, even the ones we feel compelled to run away from, we will only experience them for just a few minutes and then they naturally go away, and we can then move on. To feel good, to sleep better, we need to learn ways to handle our feelings without getting stuck in them or swept away by them. Stay with them, process them, understand them and they will eventually be “digested.” We need to redesign our lives in ways that allow us to experience more positive emotions such as feeling joyous, hopeful, grateful, blessed, and loved. Feed ourselves with spoonfuls of good feelings during the day and these positive feelings will act as an antidote to insomnia. Allow ourselves to engage in activities that make us feel good. Spend time with people we love and people who love us, that will naturally make us happy. Let go of hurts and unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others. This will help reduce our negative feelings. Repair broken relationships because we find ourselves happiest only when we are connected with people. And also because feeling good helps us sleep better.

EED OURSELVES WITH SPOONFULS OF GOOD FEELINGS DURING THE DAY AND THESE POSITIVE FEELINGS WILL ACT AS AN ANTIDOTE TO INSOMNIA. to refuel, and the engine’s temperature. Just as we need the information on the dashboard to navigate the car, we need our emotions to navigate our lives. Befriending and listening to our feelings enable us to know when to do what and it also helps us understand our deepest needs. It is when we acknowledge our emotions and needs that we can manage them well without suppressing them or acting them out. FEEL BETTER, SLEEP BETTER Research findings published in the Archives of General Psychiatry linked certain personality traits and insomnia. People who suffer chronic insomnia tend to be perfectionist, depressive, self-deprecating, and prone to guilt. They worry excessively and have a strong need for control. These “ways of being” leave an individual experiencing more negative emotions during the day. Feeling tense, preoccupied, anxious, resentful, and unable to relax during the day is then carried over into the night. It is not surprising to find that research showed insomniacs experience more negative WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

Natalie Tong (LMFT, Reg. Psychol.) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the US and a Registered Psychologist (HKPS) in Hong Kong. She offers psychotherapy, consultation and training in her private practice. She is also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong where she teaches and supervises counselors in-training. MAY 2011



Most people believe that living till a ripe-old age these days either takes a miracle or the discipline of a hibernating monk. Both steps are unnecessary especially if you include these 10 super charged easy-to-eat foods daily in your diet. BY NEHA GHOSH

Eating healthy is a tricky and time-consum-

ing task these days. The super-markets are stocked with so called ‘healthy foods’ and every health magazine propagates a new diet or a so called recently discovered rare fruit from the depths of the Amazon that will help an 80-year-old live till 180. As many do not have the time or the resource to taste the elusive fruit that guarantees the elixir for long life, one wonders if there is an easier and more attainable option for longevity? Thankfully, the answer is yes and it lies in your kitchen. Superfoods are not imaginary creations that promise magical results but specific everyday items, packed with nutrients that invariably promote overall wellness. Mumbai based Alternative Therapist Dr Asha Patyal believes that superfoods provide multiple illness fighting nutrients and as they are low in calories, portion control is optional. “Specific superfoods should be included in your meals everyday as they multi-task and ensure that you live a long and healthy life”, she added. Now that one is aware of the fact that superfoods have unbelievable health benefits, on your next trip to the supermarket, make sure you pick up the items mentioned below.


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MAY 2011

Even though it’s an unconventional produce, this creamy, succulent item is the superman of fruits when it comes to helping the body block bad fats (cholesterol). According to London based Nutritionist Dr Pamela Joy, avocado as a fruit is generally avoided because it is considered to be high in fat. “Not only is it a myth but avocados are loaded with iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and together they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and regulate blood pressure,” she said. “The fruit also contains high amount of Glutathione, an important antioxidant which prevents aging, heart WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

ailments, breast cancer and also promotes excellent overall health,” Dr Joy added. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: If you don’t like eating the fruit

as a whole, chop it finely and use it to garnish soups or mix it with salad.



Tomatoes are low-calorie food with great benefits. Though thought as a vegetable, tomatoes are also classified as a fruit and contain the antioxidant: lycopene. “This particular antioxidant is responsible for fighting against the formation of cancerous cells in the stomach, prostate and lung, it prevents aging and keeps the pancreases healthy”, said Dr Asha Patyal. Tomatoes also strengthens the immune system, slows the process of degenerative diseases and “aids in dissolving gallstones,” she added. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: Unlike any other fruit or veg-

etable, tomatoes are more effective when they are hot or cooked.

BROCCOLI Kids hate it, adults avoid it yet everyone loves it when it’s covered with cheese. One of the most underrated and misunderstood vegetable, this list cannot be complete without mentioning broccoli. This cruciferous vegetable (member of the cabbage family) is loaded with vitamin C, folic acid, carotenoids and vitamin A. Dr Anjuna Johnson says that the capacity to multitask makes broccoli a superstar vegetable. “Just one serving (1 medium stalk) provides 175 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin K, which helps build strong bones and plays an important role in blood clotting,” she commented. Also, if science and research is to be believed, half a cup of broccoli per day is said to help prevent a number of cancers, particularly cancers of the lung, colon, rectum and stomach. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: You will get the most benefit

from broccoli by having it steamed or raw. Avoid getting it micro waved as it reduces its antioxidant levels.


SWEET POTATOES Although sweet potatoes might be an essential part of the thanksgiving traditions across the globe, Nutritionist Dr Asha Patyal suggest that you add it to your diet throughout the year as this scrumptious member of the orange family leads the pack in Vitamin A content. “Besides being a great source of nutrition, they carry high amounts of beta carotene, iron and phosphorus which make it a great immunity booster”, she said. Simply put, if one consumes more items like sweet potatoes and less sodium laded ingredients, one can blunt the effect of blood pressure and reduce bone loss. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: Freshly baked or boiled sweet

potato is not only delicious but also extremely high in antioxidants. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM


MAY 2011




Unless one is lactose intolerant and advised to avoid it by doctors, fat free yogurt is high in calcium than most other dairy products. When asked about the health benefits of this product Dr Pamela Joy commented, “Low fat yogurt is enriched with probiotics which keeps the bowel movements smooth. The high vitamin D level keeps the bones strong and prevents arthritis,”. No other food has this combinaton and regular use of this economical food in everyday diet ensures glowing skin and hair and a healthy gut. “A steady eating habit which includes lots of zero fat yogurt boosts the body’s fat burning capacity and reduces the risk of obesity,” she concluded. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: Frozen flavoured yogurts make

a great dessert and are much more nutrient packed than a cup of ice-cream.




Nuts have a bad reputation because of their high fat content. But they are also an extremely potent source of protein, contain heart-healthy fats and high fibre. The trick to avoid consumption of excess calories is by applying portion control. Dr Anjuna Johnson believes all nuts are nutritious and beneficial in small doses, and the right amount everyday helps “lower cholesterol levels and encourages weight loss,” she says. So next time you are at the supermarket, don’t hesitate to pick up packets of pistachio, almonds, peanuts or pecans. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: Soak 10 nuts overnight and

have them blanched the first thing in the morning for the much needed energy boost.

DARK CHOCOLATE Never thought of chocolates to have actual health benefits other than acting as a mood elevator? You can’t be more further away from the truth as dark or bitter chocolates provide considerable amount of health benefit. Dr. Anjuna Johnson, California based health practitioner, says that dark chocolates contains a special antioxidant which lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, improves overall digestion and helps stimulate the kidneys. “Dark chocolates are high in flavonoids, a substance which has been shown to improve blood flow, suppress coughs, improve memory, and also gives you hydrated, smooth skin,” she said. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: You can have a bite straight

from the bar but avoid washing it down with milk as many nutritionists believe that milk kills the antioxidants in the chocolates.


MAY 2011


BERRIES Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherries...there are umpteen number of berries to choose from! Low in calories yet high in taste, berries pack an incredible amount of nutritional goodness in a small package. “They’re loaded with phytonutrients, water and fiber which in turn controls the blood sugar and keeps you feeling full longer,” said Nutritionist Dr. Pamela Joy. Next time you have a sweet craving; she recommends that you opt for a handful of berries instead of the candy bar for in comparison, they have a fraction of the calories. “Blueberries lead the pack because they are among the best source to slow the aging process and reduce the cells that cause cancer,” she added. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: Berries are best when eaten


fresh and without any additions.

CHAMOMILE Wondering what this garden herb is doing in this list? Though soothing in taste, the potent power of chamomile cannot be underestimated as for over thousands of years it has been used medically across Europe and America. Ask Dr Pamela Joy and she will say that just like other members of the daisy family, chamomile holds healing properties. “Its acts like a muscle relaxant which helps decrease stress and tension,” she adds. And it’s natural to assume that the less stress you have, the lower your chances of having a stress induced heart attack and the longer you live. “Chamomile also helps detoxify the body by helping the kidneys clear out waste products,” Dr Johnson concludes.


THE BEST WAY TO HAVE IT: The leaves of chamomile are

extremely versatile and they can be consumed dried and boiled in hot water as a tea.

SALMON For many years, salmon has been touted as a super food by nutritionist and doctors because of its incredible health benefits. So most probably, you might have been consuming this fish baked, fried or grilled not knowing its properties. “Salmon is a super food because of its omega-3 fatty acid content,” believes Dr Asha Patyal. The omega-3 fatty acid helps protect the heart. Dr Patyal recommends eating salmon twice a week since it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron and contains very little saturated fat. “Besides protecting the heart, omega-3 fatty acids is known to increase the efficiency of the brain, reduce inflammation of the arteries, improves the digestive system and also lowers blood sugar level,” she added. THE BEST WAY TO EAT THEM: Baked salmon with a little olive

oil and sprinkled herbs taste the best.

Neha Ghosh has been working as a writer/editor for the last six years. Besides politics and sports, she has written on every genre possible. Her happiest times are when she is travelling to a new place and writing. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

10 MAY 2011



Fixing Your


“I heard a Brennan Healer can fix things in chakras and auras. That’s why I’ve come to you,” she said. “Yes”, I answered, “we’re trained to do that”. As beings of energy and consciousness, we’re at our best when our system is in perfect balance. Brennan Healing Science works with the living dynamics of our energy consciousness system to transform our life into the balanced, enlightened experience we’ve always wanted. It is a system of energy work that combines hands-on

By Carolyn Hansen, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

healing with spiritual and psychological processes, touching every aspect of our life. Brennan healers send energy from their hands in any of 7 frequencies of the first 7 levels of the human energy field (aura). Brennan healers can also determine where that energy is going and its effect. The 7 frequencies support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Brennan techniques restructure and clear the 7 levels in the main chakras of the human body and the aura. The energy levels alternate between knit lines of light


and flowing energy and the techniques vary according mospheric Physics from the University of Wisconsin and to the level. Clearing stagnant energy from the fluid 2nd worked as a research physicist at Goddard Space Labs and 4th levels after anesthesiology, in the US National Aeronautics and chemotherapy or radiation treatSpace Administration (NASA). The ments speeds recovery. Brennan Barbara Brennan School of HealHealing can also reduce or eliminate ing®,, pain, prevent swelling and bruising, has been training healers for over diminish symptoms, permit lower 25 years and is the only school of medication and restore balance its kind that offers a Bachelor of and homeostasis. Science in healing science. It also When the Dean of the Brenoffers an in-depth 4-year course in nan School of Healing was head of the US, Japan and Austria in energy nurses in the intensive care unit of a healing and the psychodynamics large US hospital, she told of healof energy consciousness. Barbara ing the first level, lines of light in Brennan’s first two books, Hands of the human energy field. Her sisterLight® and Light Emerging, are conin-law had suffered a severe burn sidered classics in the field of energy over much of her arm and the hoshealing. pital decided that due to the seBrennan training includes verity of the burn, skin grafting developing high sense perCarolyn will be offering individual would be needed. Surgery ception: intuition, ability to healing sessions at Shakti Healing Circle was scheduled for the next receive guidance, kinesand will also present a Fundamentals morning and the patient’s thetic awareness, images of Brennan Healing Science workshop. arm was wrapped for the on the mind screen, or The workshop will teach Brennan healing night. All night the Dean smell, taste and hearing. skills; grounding, clearing chakras and aura, sent first level energy from Information may be literal a healing called the “Chelation”, Hara her fingers to her sister-inor symbolic. alignment and High Sense Perception. The law’s arm and repaired the More advanced workshop is also suitable even if you lines of light damaged by Brennan students are able have had no training in any healing the burns. The next mornto work with all 7 frequendiscipline before. ing, when the wraps were recies and heal the energy cords moved, her sister-in-law’s arm from one person’s chakras to had healed so well that skin grafts another, or even to a beloved pet. weren’t needed. The first time I practiced this with The second and fourth leva classmate, I connected with the els of the aura are fluid and relate heart cord between her and her respectively to relationship with beloved horse, which had suddenly oneself and with others. The fourth died. In the course of the healing, I level represents the transition bewas able to relate to her messages tween this life (levels 1, 2 and 3) from her horse, that the horse was and divine energy (levels 5, 6 and OK, and that it was sorry it had eat7), where configurations from past en the wrong thing and died so fast lives may be held that may have it didn’t get to say “Goodbye”! physical, emotional or mental efIn the final year of the course fects. A Brennan Healer learns to the Brennan healer learns Hara clear these configurations, to sense healing. Hara is pure knowing and the configurations, to connect and includes the intention to incarnate. transform it to divine energy. The Dan Tien is located on it. Hara The school’s founder, Dr. Bar- bara Brennan, healing can repair the Dan Tien and also profoundly heal was first a scientist. She has a Master’s Degree in At- the physical body and the human energy field.




This pristine place otherwise called the Moses Mountain is still a virgin territory that fills the fortunate few with a soul stirring experience BY ELSIE SZE Travelers to Egypt most likely have on their agenda the Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Luxor, perhaps a Nile cruise, or even a taste of the Sahara. But there is a jewel of a place that is often overlooked, on the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el Sheikh, just a short flight from Cairo, is a popular resort town on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, protruding into the Red Sea. It has inviting beaches, streets lined with shops selling souvenirs, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment, and restaurants boasting of fresh catch from the Red Sea. An attractive tourist joint, but nothing too different from other seaside resort towns. But, it is Sharm’s backyard that is unique, indeed physically, culturally and spiritually uplifting: Mount Sinai. I’d like to share my experience there.


MAY 2011


On the day of our arrival, a bus picked me and Mike up from our hotel at midnight for a three-hour ride to Mount Sinai, and the Monastery of Saint Catherine situated at the foot of the mountain. This Greek Orthodox monastery, is said to contain the original burning bush mentioned in the Old Testament, where in God appeared to Moses. The bus ride was a bumpy one across rocky terrain. Surprisingly, it was full; the passengers were mostly young folks on holiday from Europe. At a checkpoint, a couple of Egyptian border guards came onto the bus to inspect travel documents, even though we were traveling within Egypt. Security was apparently tight on the Sinai Peninsula. As we continued, it was pitch dark outside. At three in the morning, we arrived near the Monastery. All the other passengers alighted and, equipped with flashlights and hiking sticks, scurried toward the starting point of a mountain path winding uphill. “Where are they all going?” Mike asked the bus driver. “To the top of Mt. Sinai. Moses Mountain, we call it,” the driver answered. “Sunrise at six. Very beautiful.” “I don’t think we are equipped for that,” I said, kicking myself for not having a flashlight and hiking boots. “Bedouins can take you up on camels.” The minute we got out of the bus, as if knowing our intention, a bunch of Bedouin boys, in turbans and long robes, and no more than thirteen or fourteen years of age, came up to solicit business. “Camel ride up Moses Mountain?” Mike and I were soon safely ensconced each on a camel. The ride was easy, actually pleasant, as we ambled up the mountain path, our camel boys leading the way. The summer night air was chilly but refreshing. In the pitch darkness of the wilderness, a thousand bright stars sparkled in the heavens, like glittering diamonds on a bed of black velvet. I took in deep breaths, and closed my eyes. Here I was, in the Sinai Peninsula, at four in the morning, on a camel going up Moses Mountain - things we would never imagine doing in our lifetime. The sensation of calm, peace, and self-satisfaction could not be explained, only experienced. Just as I was thinking how effortless and pleasurable it was going up Mount Sinai, our camel boys came to a halt, and shouted orders for our camels to kneel so that we could alight. We were on a flat landing about three quarters up the WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

mountain and in front of us were rocky steps. “Camels don’t go up steps. You walk from here. 750 steps to top. Get to top before sunrise. It is very hot when sun comes out, no shade,” Ali, my camel boy, said. There was a small chapel at the top, we were told, in commemoration of Moses receiving the Ten Commandants from God. 750 steps. Surely we could make it up there before sunrise. The steps, however, turned out to be high, steep, jagged blocks, roughly hewn out of the rocks, often hazardous, not groomed for an easy ascent. Without proper shoes and a flashlight, even though the sky was gradually lightening, the road less traveled was turning out to be a

strenuous climb. Then, as luck would have it, I twisted my ankle. Still, we pushed on, stopping many times to catch our breath, and resting my injured foot. We were going up at a snail’s pace, while racing against time. The stars had faded. Then the first streak of orange appeared in the eastern sky. We could not tell how far we were from the summit. Should we continue to the peak, or watch the sunrise from where we were, and make our way downhill before we got roasted by the scorching sun? Our destination was so near and yet so far. Meanwhile, my sprained foot was hurting more. Mike and I finally found a rocky ledge on the mountainside to sit, and we waited for the MAY 2011



miracle of sunrise on Mt. Sinai from our vantage point. Within moments, the sky had assumed all shades of vermilion and red. Before long, the sun peeped above the distant horizon, like a glowing ping-pong ball, gradually but surely rising above the distant hills, unraveling the rugged country all around. In front and below were hills, valleys and deserts, golden at the break of dawn. A moment of revelation. The sunrise could not have been more spectacular from the summit, we told ourselves. Though regretting that we did not reach our initial goal, we were thankful for what we had seen. After a while, we got up, and slowly made our way downhill, towards the Monastery of St. Catherine. I glanced back many times at Mount Sinai, daunting and magnificent, bathed in sunlight, glowing in a desert of parched hills and sparse vegetation, a mega monument to the history and faith of mankind. At nine, we entered the Monastery. Within its fortressed walls were imposing architecture


MAY 2011

from Byzantine and later periods, priceless icons, frescoes, mosaics, manuscripts, artifacts from different eras, the Well of Moses where he was supposed to have met his future wife, Zipporah, and the ever luxuriant burning bush, around which the Monastery was built in the sixth century. Regardless of one’s religious orientation, it was a spiritual experience, and a cultural treasure with no comparison. Mt. Sinai, with the Monastery, is one of the most gratifying and inspiring experiences in my travels. Cradled in one of the hottest trouble spots in the world, the place breathes peace, harmony and tranquility. While undeniably a holy place for pilgrims of various faiths, it is also a paradise for lovers of nature, hiking, history, period architecture and artifacts. It is a sanctuary for travelers, no matter of what faith or none, in search of peace and quiet, away from the madding crowd, and earthly concerns. It is not for the noisy, excitement-thirsting tourist. Miraculously, it has remained the way it always was, untouched by war, revolution, and ethnic, political and religious conflicts prevalent through the centuries in the region. Perhaps, Mt. Sinai’s message to the world is there is hope for humankind yet. Elsie Sze is the author of two novels, Hui Gui: a Chinese story, published in 2005, and recently, The Heart of the Buddha, a finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for Multicultural Fiction, 2009. A native of Hong Kong, she now resides in Toronto, Canada. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM



CELEBRATE LIFE Mourning for the dead may be just one of the many options but honouring the dead is only possible when we strive to celebrate life. BY JULIA KWONG October 21 is my memorial day. Three close friends died on that day, not in the

same year but on the same day nevertheless. One committed suicide after her husband passed away, another died of testicular cancer, and the most recent one from pneumonia while she was away from home attending her niece’s wedding in Washington. Penning this article, on this day, is my personal commemorative ceremony in their honor. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

MAY 2011



Occurrences of death and dying become more frequent as we grow older, but the young are not immune from this. The morning grandmother died, my great grandmother woke me up and reminded me “not to make noise.” I was eleven then. I was sedate as I watched the funeral services in awe. I remember the life size maids and pages, the miniscule mountains of gold and silver, the toy like houses, cars and boats all made out of paper. I wanted so much to play with them and sighed when all these were destroyed in the huge incinerator. I did not cry for my grandmother, though I looked longingly many times at where she used to stand on the balcony watching life going by on the street below. Soon I was too engrossed preparing for the public high school entrance examination to miss grandmother. According to the popular selfhelp books on dealing with death and loss, I probably missed out on the stages of guilt and anger and vacillated between denial, acceptance and grief. In the stages of disbelief and denial, we are really saying we do not like what is happening. There is no escape and sooner or later reality hits home. We accept it. But we have to take remedial action when we feel anger and guilt because these feelings can be translated into destructive actions that could ruin our life. There is an element of denial in anger too. We do not like the turn of events we cannot control; but this feeling of helplessness mutates into something negative and perhaps even destructive. We become irritable and vent our anger sometimes on the amorphous target of those around us. The religious may ask why God has taken away their loved ones and sometimes even turn their backs on religion.



MAY 2011

Some people are more likely to be haunted by feelings of guilt; and more often than not this feeling is irrational. When my friend jumped to her death, the first words her son uttered were, “I did not see the suicide note” as if finding that note would have prevented it. I could only console him saying, “No one can watch her twenty four hours a day.” When someone dies, we often ask “What if?” and wonder if we could have done more. Under WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

the circumstances, we have to be rational; and trust our brain instead of our heart. We have to ask if this guilt is justified or unjustified. More often than not, the answer is no. When the sense of guilt is ungrounded; we should dispel it as quickly as possible before it consumes us. It hurts greatly when the answer is yes. A friend really regretted holding back and not reconciling with his mother before she died. Even in this situation, it is futile to dwell on it. Blaming oneself will not correct the problem. Neither does it help to feel low and mope about it. A better and more constructive way to deal with the issue is to learn from the mistake and change our attitude towards the living. In this case, making amends means practicing forgiveness and tolerance with those around us. Improving our behavior will make these people WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

happy and I am sure the loved one who passed on would smile from on high too. Grieving is normal with the passing of a loved one. We are humans with emotions and will mourn the loss. It is natural to feel sad and to cry. Some people may withdraw into themselves; others put on a brave front as if nothing has happened and some others become irritable and express their grief as anger. Here the advice of self-help books is right – we have to deal with the stress, eat right, exercise, listen to music, engage in activities we enjoy, and relax. And more importantly, we need to articulate our feelings or they will be vented through inappropriate channels. We have to talk about how we feel and if necessary shed a few tears in front of our friends and loved ones. It may be to admit to them that we are sad or simply share with them our painful or happy memory of those who have left us. These encounters are as cathartic as paying a psychiatrist or psychologist to listen to our troubles. Only they cost nothing and can even help bond relationships with our listeners. A friend recently berated her daughter for laughing and watching TV while her father lay dying. The daughter retorted, “You’re weak. What’s wrong with laughing at a comedy.” This ten-yearold girl is right. We cannot avoid or prevent these things from happening. They happen whether we like them or not, and life goes on. We do our best to take care of the dying; but being depressed and moaning about it won’t heal the dying or bring back the dead. It is better for ourselves, for the loved ones who are passing or have passed on, and for those who care about us if we look after ourselves and take life in its stride. Perhaps the eleven-year-old in me unwittingly did just that. I loved and missed my grandmother, but I worked hard preparing for the public exam to get into a good school. I found solace in work, benefited myself, and did something that grandmother would be proud of. To honor the deceased, strive to celebrate life - our life and the lives around us. Julia Kwong is a writer and she has taught at the University of Manitoba. MAY 2011



ARE YOU DRESSED FOR SUCCESS? If you need a career boost then it’s not Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel that all the hours that you’ve been putting in at just the skills that need to be fine tuned despite work, your career seems to be going nowhere? If but also the wardrobe. BY LISA-ANN LEE this sounds familiar, perhaps the solution lies not in continuing to work harder but going in for a personal rebranding exercise. Given the competition in the work place, it’s no longer sufficient these days just to have the right academic credentials if you’re looking to advance your career. Cultivating the right personal brand and image is equally important. Indeed, studies have shown that a few seconds is all it takes for someone to form an impression of your character, social background and credibility. So why not use this knowledge to your own advantage? As a wise man once said, only a fool doesn’t judge by appearances. That said, getting a leg up in your career is not the only thing that a confident self-image can give you. There’s also the matter of a confidence boost, which has led Sweden’s largest makeover company to set up shop in Asia. Observes Sauman Ng-Beckett, co-owner of The Studio, “After years of working with models in the industry and seeing for myself how low self-esteem affects many, I thought, ‘Why is the limelight only given to size-zero models? What about giving the same opportunities to ordinary people? The idea behind The Studio is to allow everyone to look and feel gorgeous...and help them build and increase their self-esteem.”

HIRING AN IMAGE STYLIST: WHAT TO EXPECT For many, the notion of having someone tell them what to wear is an unsettling one. After all, isn’t style a matter of personal taste? What qualifies someone to tell them how they should dress? Veteran fashion stylist and image consultant Vik Lim wants people to know that there’s more to an image stylist’s job than helping clients shop for clothes. “When I perform this service,” says Lim, “I don’t just tell my client what I think he or she needs to


MAY 2011


60-SECOND STYLE GUIDE 1. Anna Wintour isn’t always right. Just because gladiator sandals are hot right now doesn’t mean that they will necessarily look good on you. It’s important to know what suits you instead of blindly following trends since they may not be targeted at your age group.

ABOVE: The Studio

wear. First, I need to understand their lifestyle, their profession and the kind of activities it entails. For example, is he or she an active person? It’s important that the wardrobe matches the person’s lifestyle.” However the work doesn’t end there. Lim’s image styling services also include grooming, hygiene and skin care. According to him, one’s image encompasses all these things as well. “You can’t be stylish in half measures. I believe that if you want to be stylish, you should be stylish all the way. You can’t dress well and not bother about your skin.”

GOING BEYOND WHAT’S IN FASHION Moira Coops, a makeup artist and image consultant who works with numerous major TV networks, adds that dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean following fashion trends. Rather, it’s knowing what your assets are and wearing clothes that fit your body type. And this is where the professional comes in. Coops says she frequently advises her male clients to get their suits tailored as opposed to just buying a ready-made one off the racks. “One of the things about men is that they do need to have their colours done beWWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

cause many of them don’t know what suits them,” she explains. “For example, if your skin has bluish undertones, you should avoid autumn colours. But this is just a generalisation because there are so many other things that you have to consider, such as eye and hair colour. That’s why having a professional to help you is so important.”

HOW TO CHOOSE AN IMAGE STYLIST Considering that hiring an image stylist is an investment, it’s essential that you do your research first. Different image stylists have different areas of expertise; for example, some have more experience working in television or with magazines while others may cater primarily to corporate clients. Coops says that once you have narrowed your choices down, you should ask to see examples of his or her work. Don’t be shy about asking for references. “If you were going to a new dentist, you’d do that wouldn’t you? So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same with image stylists,” she says.

2. Dress your age. This doesn’t mean you should throw out all the clothes in your wardrobe when you hit a certain age. Rather, it means that we should acknowledge that our bodies change as we get older and that certain clothes such as miniskirts don’t suit us anymore. 3. Invest in smart wardrobe staples. Trends may come and go but certain looks will always be in style. Says Lim, “When in doubt, just go back to the basics and keep it classic—a shirt, a black skirt, a tailored jacket, a cardigan. You can never go wrong with these kinds of things.” 4. Don’t use the weather as an excuse to dress sloppily. The heat does not give you a pass to dress in T-shirt and shorts all the time. Lim says that it helps to have a basic knowledge of fabric. For example, you can beat the heat and still look presentable by wearing a tailored shirt or pants made from a light cotton weave such as voile.

Lisa-Ann Lee writes about food, travel and lifestyle trends for several magazines including Time Out and Priority. She is currently based in Singapore. MAY 2011



SPICE UP YOUR LOVE LIFE WITH CREATIVITY If monotony has crept in your After being married for few years – sometimes ten, and in some cases, a far shorter period of time – couples love life, it is high time you get fifteen, often experience a kind of monotony. You feel as if you are stuck in creative to keep the relationship the relationship. If boredom has set in into your love life after years buzzing before it is too late. of marriage, it is high time you do something about it. BY MANISHA MONGA

“Taking love for granted is the biggest factor that makes it diminish,” says Dr Sanjay Chugh India’s leading psychiatrist who specializes in relationship counselling. “The moment we take it for granted and we are no longer appreciative or grateful for it in our lives, then at that very moment, it starts seeping out of our lives. It is very important to keep the flame of love glowing. When we shift our focus to the actions that tell us that the partner doesn’t love us, our mind only sees the lack of love,” he added.

LOVE AND ROMANCE ARE TWO IMPORTANT PILLARS FOR A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COUPLES These are two things that keep the vitality intact in a couple’s life. Love is by far the most essential element of any relationship. If


MAY 2011


there is no love, the relationship will definitely wither away. Love nurtures the two individuals in a relationship; it makes them more involved and complete. So, appreciate whatever you have got in your life and you owe it to yourself and your marriage to spice things up a little. And you, as a couple, have to make a concerted effort to keep the relationship buzzing. All you need is to show some initiative and keep an open mind. In order to be happy and satisfied, one has to constantly renovate oneself and become more creative. For any category of transformation, it must start with you; this is simple because when you truly want to make changes in your life no one knows you better than you know yourself. Take time to make yourself more loving, joyful and romantic to make a general transformation towards whatsoever you know is lacking in your life. This is not only confined to your inner self, but even your appearance. Take time to work out so that you appear more attractive, the more you appear good, the more positive you are. There are many ways through which you can rejuvenate your love. More creative you get with these romantic ideas - the better your results will be. Try out some romantic couple games. This is a great way to spend a few hours just being together, talking and having fun. Try some romance quizes with each other and it will throw some light on your love life. You get an insight on how much you know about your partner and it also helps you figure out how to make it better than ever. Watching romantic movies together is a great way to rekindle your love. These movies set the mood right for love - a few laughs, a few tears and some good cuddling and it surely take you back to old happy days. Whether you resonate to Garth Brooks or Johan Bach, Vanessa Williams or Vivaldi, Enya or Ella, romanWWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

tic music too helps in spicing up your love life.

MAKE THE EFFORT Enjoying a crackling love life isn’t something that just happens. You have to put in a little effort and show some initiative. Set some time aside to spend time together. Don’t feel bad about taking the occasional break without the kids or enjoying some quiet time together. Romantic vacation does wonders for overworked couples. Take a short vacation or an elaborate one depending on what your time and budget allows. It can be a simple weekend just for the two of you. These vacations transport you to a different world all-together, away from work and monotony. After years together, couples stop celebrating special occasions or doing

things they used to do, like going for long walks. Yet, there was a time when you looked for reasons to celebrate. Exchanging small gifts could be a refreshing way of revitalizing your relationship; all in all it’s important that one should never wait till the relationship gets to the repairing stage. Do things together, whether it is going for trekking, jogging or cooking. Couples who do things together stay together. Rejuvenate your mind by joining yoga classes or dance to each other’s tune by enrolling in a salsa or ballroom dancing class. This does not mean that you always have to stick with each other, instead give some space to each other at the same time. Talk to each other about your problems, your needs and desires. Surprise your partner by setting up a romantic dinner and this old school of thought never goes wrong. No mat-

MAY 2011



ter how old you are, you are always young for these things. Dr Chugh gives some tips to rekindle love.

° Look back each day and notice the smallest moment of love you experienced in the day. ° Make sure you do at least one thing every day that makes you love yourself. ° Tell your partner often about your love for him / her. ° Appreciate the smallest of things your partner does for you. NEVER EVER TAKE YOUR PARTNER FOR GRANTED Make a note of the small or big things that make your partner happy and do these things, when you feel like it. Set up popcorn and drinks and settle him in his chair before his favorite program begins. Serve her breakfast in bed, cuddle up and enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. Place an ‘I love you’ placard in his briefcase so he sees it and thinks of you as soon as he opens it. Call each other up during the day, even if it’s


MAY 2011

TAKING LOVE FOR GRANTED IS THE BIGGEST FACTOR THAT MAKES IT DIMINISH. only for a couple of minutes, or leave cute messages on the voicemail. Love is about intimacy, care and all that you can imagine or wish to be done to you. Tell your partner how much you love him/ her, it doesn’t have to be verbal only and small billet-douxs can work as well. Our lives are not only surrounded by people, but also things that are material, a new bed can bring back some love energy and a new paint in the bedroom can bring back that sunshine in your bedroom that can make the difference. Sexy clothes, make up and all positive changes done between couples

could mean and make a very big difference in general.

FEW THINGS YOU MUST AVOID… Don’t be lazy and postpone doing something special to make your spouse feel a little happy. Don’t be selfish and only be a taker, give as much and more than the measure in which you receive. Never assume that you know exactly what turns your partner on. Ask occasionally if you can do something different and you might be surprised by the answer. Our lives need to be serviced in order to be revitalized now and then so that we don’t need to go for repairs. So service your life and don’t wait for it to break down. Just fine-tune yourself and see the change that it will bring in your relationship. Manisha Monga studied Applied Psychology and completed a master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. She currently works for one of the top publishing houses in Singapore. During her spare time, she writes on various topics related to human behavior. WWW.ANIMAMAG.COM

CAREER CORNER person that makes the most. The math behind this is simple: Your Salary = A % of your total sales Your Sales = The amount of customers you talk to * Your close %

This means that if you double the amount of customers you contact every day, without lowering the quality of those calls, you will double your salary. As an added tip, if you call twice as many customers your close percentage will usually go up by about 15% as you are so much more prepared for each customer, having just practised on another before.

2. Habits stick. If you get into the

4 REASONS TO WORK HARD EVERY DAY An article that gives you all the right reasons and spurs you on to work hard and achieve your goals. BY DANIEL WOOD

Once in while, everyone faces motivational prob-

lems and usually it is because you do not really have a reason to work hard. People are by nature very simple. We don’t do anything if it doesn’t benefit ourselves. Now I know that a lot of people do amazing things and are very selfless, but they do it because they like doing it and it feels good. The same thing applies to you: If you don’t have a reason to work hard, you won’t! And honestly, why should you? So today I am going to give you four reasons to work hard. Four things you can think about when all you want is for the day to be over.

habit of working hard every day, it won’t feel like you are working hard anymore. It will feel as if you are working at a regular tempo, as it now is. By creating these types of positive habits you can really improve you effectiveness. I just found a site called www. and it really has helped me forge some new habits.

3. Your day will be a lot more fun! Being successful is fun, being the best is fun and getting things done makes you feel satisfied. If you work hard and things keep happening around you, your day will be a lot more fun. Think of how many people you can talk to as a salesman; you can try out lots of new fun techniques and can learn a lot of new things. By doing twice as much, you will have at least three times as much fun. (It beats the hell out of looking at the clock every 5 minutes waiting to go home!)

4. Your day will go a lot faster!

1. You will make a lot more money. In any job, if you

As you have things preoccupying your mind, time will go faster and as they say “time flies when you are having fun”.

excel you will make a career and a lot more money. If you work hard every day, in a smart and structured manner, you will get more done than your peers and your superiors will recognize this fact. In sales it is usually the hardest working

This article is written by Daniel Wood. It first appeared in www.lookingtobusiness. com and is reprinted with permission.


MAY 2011


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